What Do You See When You Look At Me?

 Lithe, middle class, damaged, poor, bratty, judgmental, female… the list goes on and on.  How do we perceive others at first glance and what burdens are they secretly carrying?  WE ARE GIANTS is a universal story about the growing pains associated with the teenage years and the struggles teenagers face as they straddle the fence between childhood and adulthood.  Besides creating a funny, sad and poignant film, this film is starting point for a discussion between parents and teens, or educators and students about their issues.

What is this About?

WE ARE GIANTS tells the story of Violet, a troubled, loner high school student dealing with a past tragedy.  Violet, is forced to attend the school lock-in, Awareness Weekend, to fix her rebellious ways or face the consequences.  The school lock-in is built upon a collection of students and educators who help facilitate a weekend based on fostering an environment of understanding of one’s racial, social and personal issues. 

While Violet devises a plan to escape from the school lock in, undetected, she incidentally learns about the fears, hopes, insecurities and dreams of the small group to which she has been assigned. With each revelation, Violent reluctantly gets to know each member of her assigned group and their secrets: Gabe (bullying); Lance (parental expectations); Chase (unfavored child syndrome); Bianca (transgender issues) and Madison (cutter, sexual pressure).  By learning about the issues of each group member, Violet is able to come to terms with the past tragedy that has been causing her so much anguish.  Each group member comes into the weekend feeling small, insecure and insignificant, but leave feeling like giants.

Social Media is Where It’s At.

WE ARE GIANTS is not just a film, it is an online campaign.  This campaign asks people, in high school and out, about their experiences.  Questions are asked of participants such as: “Describe yourself in high school in one word? What is your most embarrassing moment in high school?  What was your greatest fear in high school?  What was your greatest joy in high school?”  We are creating a film that sparks discussion amongst high schoolers and those well beyond their high school years.  We plan to use this social media campaign to spread word about our project, garner followers and to encourage everyone that they too can be a giant.  Be a Giant and out more about the filmmakers - become a part of the discussion at wearegiantsfilm.tumblr.com or follow us on twitter at @wearegiantsfilm.

A Message From Us.

Help us tell a story of overcoming fears and self acceptance.  Whether you are friend, foe, family  member, stranger, colleague, or acquaintance your contribution is vital to our success.  It cannot happen without you.  Any donation you make is gratefully appreciated. We also ask that you spread the word to other friends, family, and fellow fans to help us make WE ARE GIANTS.  All donations will be acknowledged on our social media sites or in our film credits.

One More Thing.

We’d love to hear from you.  Contact us at wearegiantsfilm@gmail.com.

Joy and Liz


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