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(Barbara) Dee Dee Friedman (Barbara) Dee Dee Friedman
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
a. sayeeda moreno a. sayeeda moreno
Sin Salida Productions
Abbe Raven Abbe Raven
Producer, Production Executive, Television Executive
AE Television Networks
Abby Finer Abby Finer
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Personal Manager
A Finer Prod Co
Abigail Disney Abigail Disney
Corporate Executive, Producer, Writer
Fork Films LLC
Adela Bolet Adela Bolet
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Bolet Language Services
Adnaan Wasey Adnaan Wasey
American Documentary/POV
Aimee White Aimee White
BBC Worldwide
Aimiende Negbenebor Sela Aimiende Negbenebor Sela
Actor, Director, Writer
Sela Films LLC
Alana Blaylock Alana Blaylock
Production Coordinator
National Geographic Wild Channel
Alden Schell Alden Schell
Associate Producer, Marketing Executive
Alexandra Curtis Alexandra Curtis
Camera Operator, Educator, Programming
FOX Sports Florida/Sun Sports
Alexandra Gil Alexandra Gil
Attorney, Editor: Film/Video, Programming
Gold Coast International Film Festival
Alexandra Hsie Alexandra Hsie
Production Coordinator, Stunt Person/Coordinator, Writer
Silvergate Media
Alexandra Isles Alexandra Isles
Director, Producer, Writer
Chalice Well Productions
Alexandra Leclere Alexandra Leclere
Consultant, Producer, Writer
AOM International, Inc.
Alexandra Lucia Alexandra Lucia
Actor, Creative Director, Writer
Azotea Production
Alexandra Pearson Alexandra Pearson
Consultant, Publicist, Researcher
Picture Motion
Alexandra Pina Alexandra Pina
Valuable Technologies Inc.
Alexis Alexanian Alexis Alexanian
Consultant, Coordinating Producer, Production Supervisor
Elixir Films
Post-Production Supervisor
Ali Cotterill Ali Cotterill
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Astro Films
Alice Elliott Alice Elliott
Consultant, Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
Welcome Change
Alice Mintzer Adler Alice Mintzer Adler
Executive Producer
Alicia Arinella Alicia Arinella
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Executive Producer
On The Leesh Productions Inc.
Alisa Coleman Alisa Coleman
Art Director, Corporate Executive, Music Supervisor
ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.
Alison Guss Alison Guss
Director, Producer, Writer
True Aim Productions
Alison McMahan Alison McMahan
Director, Producer, Writer
Homunculus Productions
Alka Khushalani Alka Khushalani
Producer, Writer
Allie Ryan Allie Ryan
Post-Production Services, Producer
Dedicated Lane Productions, Inc.
Allyson Shields Allyson Shields
Actor, Executive Producer, Production Manager
Alyssa Carroll Alyssa Carroll
Editorial Assistant
Fox 2000
Amalie Rothschild Amalie Rothschild
Director, Producer, Still Photographer
Anomaly Films
Amanda Costa Amanda Costa
Director, Producer, Writer
Creative Wool Media
Amanda Moore Amanda Moore
Attorney, Consultant, Researcher
Amber Edwards Amber Edwards
Director, Producer, Writer
Hudson West Productions
Amelie Tseng Amelie Tseng
Corporate Executive
The Travel Channel
Amy Lemon Olson Amy Lemon Olson
Amy Nicholson Amy Nicholson
Creative Director, Director, Producer
Myrtle & Olive
Amy Olson Amy Olson
Amy Rapp Amy Rapp
Producer, Television Executive
Meredith Vieira Productions
Amy Schewel Amy Schewel
Development Executive, Producer, Researcher
Amy Sewell Amy Sewell
Amy Sprecher Amy Sprecher
Consultant, Executive Producer, Programming
The Sprecher Company, LLC.
Amy Stevens Amy Stevens
Showtime Networks
Amy Strongin Amy Strongin
Director, Producer, Writer
The History Channel
Ana Breton Ana Breton
Camera Assistant, Researcher, Script Supervisor
Breton Films LLC
Andrea Cummis Andrea Cummis
Consultant, Television Executive, Video Engineer
AC Video Solutions
Andrea Fleischer Andrea Fleischer
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Andrea Girard Andrea Girard
Executive Producer, Programming, Television Executive
Panache Communications/Girard Communications
Andrea Miller Andrea Miller
Producer, Production Executive
Anthos Media
Andrea Rhodes Andrea Rhodes
Marketing Executive, Production Executive, Sales
tangent arts
Andrea Sporer Andrea Sporer
Business Affairs Executive
Scholastic Entertainment Inc.
Andrea Trillo Andrea Trillo
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Andrea Weeks Andrea Weeks
Creative Director, Marketing Executive, Producer
Zealot Inc
Andrea Williams Andrea Williams
Attorney, Director, Writer
Angela Hariche Angela Hariche
Actor, Executive Producer
Angela Quilala Angela Quilala
Anita Ratner Anita Ratner
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive, Music Supervisor
Viacom Media Networks
Anita Thacher Anita Thacher
Black Hat Productions, Inc.
Ann Bennett Ann Bennett
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Ann Deborah Levy Ann Deborah Levy
Director, Producer
Resonant Images
Ann Gray Ann Gray
Post-Production Supervisor
Ann Mariager Ann Mariager
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Media Madness
Ann Osmond Ann Osmond
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Anna Gerb Anna Gerb
Washington Square Films
Anna Ray-Jones Anna Ray-Jones
Vice President
Donley Communications Corp.
Anna Takayama Anna Takayama
Distributor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Sony Pictures Classics
Anne Beatts Anne Beatts
Director, Producer, Writer
Anne Beatts Inc.
Anne Dillon Anne Dillon
Producer, Writer
Clerestory Pictures
Anne Hubbell Anne Hubbell
Regional Account Manager
Anne Johnson Anne Johnson
Production Finance
Annetta Marion Annetta Marion
Director, Producer, Showrunner
Annette Beatrice Annette Beatrice
Director, Producer, Writer
The Nickel Series
Annette Haywood-Carter Annette Haywood-Carter
22 Whitestone
Annie Loring Annie Loring
Freelance Producer
Annie Marter Annie Marter
Producer, Writer
Annie Taylor Annie Taylor
Creative Director, Editor: Film/Video, Executive Producer
SeventhArt Inc.
Annika Andersson Annika Andersson
Anchor/Reporter, Consultant, Festival Administrator
Stockholm International Film Festival
April Boddie April Boddie
Actor, Associate Producer, Producer
April Hattori April Hattori
Expeditionary Learning
April Patrick April Patrick
Corporate Executive, Director, Producer
Atypical Pictures
Arlene Gail Arlene Gail
Lucky 13 Films, Inc.
Aroon Shivdasani Aroon Shivdasani
Casting Director, Corporate Executive, Development Executive
Indo American Arts Council
Arthel Neville Arthel Neville
Fox News
Ashton Clay Ashton Clay
Wardrobe Stylist/Co-Producer
Audre Johnston Audre Johnston
Actor, Writer
Audrey Rapoport Audrey Rapoport
Actor, Writer
Barbara Abel Barbara Abel
Casting Director
Abel Intermedia
Barbara Benedict Barbara Benedict
Producer, Writer
Barbara Berney Barbara Berney
Hunter College
Barbara Centrone Barbara Centrone
Consultant, Sales
Barbara Cramer Barbara Cramer
Critic, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
Barbara Hoffman Barbara Hoffman
The Penthouse
Barbara Meyer Barbara Meyer
Actor, Producer, Writer
Black Jaguar Films
Barbara Michelson Barbara Michelson
Executive Producer, Producer
Barbara Miller Barbara Miller
Production Finance, Production Services
Miller Productions Corporation
Barbara Pokras, A.C.E. Barbara Pokras, A.C.E.
Consultant, Editor: Film/Video
The Waterfall House LLC
Barbara Rodell Barbara Rodell
Actor, Producer, Writer
Barbie Leung Barbie Leung
Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Bat-Sheva Guez Bat-Sheva Guez
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Becky Burkhard Becky Burkhard
Actor, Producer, Writer
Beth Cohen Kirsch Beth Cohen Kirsch
Executive Director
Tribeca Film Center
Beth Collins Beth Collins
Management Consultant
Beth Newell Beth Newell
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Beth-Ellen Keyes Beth-Ellen Keyes
Managing Director
Speaker Space
Bethany Nightingale Bethany Nightingale
Actor, Writer
Betsy Aaron Betsy Aaron
Beverly Miller Beverly Miller
Local USA 829
Bill Black Bill Black
Jaba Entertainment, Inc.
Bob Bailin Bob Bailin
Feature Systems Inc.
Bonnie Dennis Bonnie Dennis
B.U.M Productions LLC
Bonnie Hammer Bonnie Hammer
Executive Producer, Programming, Television Executive
SyFy Channel
Bonnie Zindel Bonnie Zindel
Briana Berry Briana Berry
Brigitta Joachim Brigitta Joachim
Creative Director, Director, Educator
Media for the XX's
Bronwyn Berry Bronwyn Berry
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Ruby Rocket Media
C.J. Leonard C.J. Leonard
Interactive Media, Production Coordinator
Caprice Crane Caprice Crane
Cara Gargano Cara Gargano
Development Executive
Cara G Casting
Cara Perlman Cara Perlman
Director, Producer, Writer
Seaperl Productions
Caren Spruch Caren Spruch
Corporate Executive
Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc.
Carla Charny Carla Charny
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Carol Ciancutti Carol Ciancutti
Producer, Production Manager
Amaranth Productions, Inc.
Carol Lehti Carol Lehti
Associate Producer, Producer
Larkspur Lane Productions
Carol Mackey Carol Mackey
Consultant, Marketing Executive, Writer
Self Employed
Carol Mintz Carol Mintz
Post-Production Services, Sales
Carol Oditz Carol Oditz
Costume Designer
c/o Keller & Vandernoth
Carol Thornhill Carol Thornhill
Executive Vice President
Robertson Taylor Intl. Insurance Brokers Inc.
Carole Chazin Carole Chazin
Director, Producer, Writer
Kayla Productions/Gramercy Park Towers
Carole DiTosti Carole DiTosti
Carole Di Tosti
Carole Hart Carole Hart
Producer, Writer
The Laughing Willow Company, Inc.
Carole Ricciardelli Carole Ricciardelli
VP, Co-Founder,Board Member
Magikal Charm 22, Inc.
Carole Ryavec Carole Ryavec
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Carmic Productions
Caroline Berler Caroline Berler
Camera Operator, Director, Producer
Riverhouse Pictures
Caroline Coleman Caroline Coleman
Executive Producer, Producer
Caroline Kava Caroline Kava
Actor, Director, Writer
University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Caroline Lieberman Caroline Lieberman
Carolyn Bernstein Carolyn Bernstein
TV Guide Magazine
Carolyn Hepburn Carolyn Hepburn
Firelane Digital Ltd.
Carrie Hawks Carrie Hawks
Animator, Illustrator, Video Graphics
Catherine Eaton Catherine Eaton
Actor, Director, Producer
Stir, a production house llc
Catherine Polin Catherine Polin
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Thomas Sires
Catherine Tambini Catherine Tambini
Actor, Director, Producer
Catherine Tatge Catherine Tatge
Director, Producer
Tatge/Lasseur Productions
Cathy Fisher Cathy Fisher
Publicist, Television Executive
Cathy Perifimos Cathy Perifimos
Smithsonian channel
Cathy Runyan Svacina Cathy Runyan Svacina
Board Member/Programmer
Cathy Tankosic Cathy Tankosic
Caytha Jentis Caytha Jentis
Director, Producer, Writer
Fox Meadow Films
CC Lindh CC Lindh
Singing Trees Productions
Charina Espino Charina Espino
Director, Business Development
Bread and Butter Post
Charisse Lillie Charisse Lillie
Comcast Corporation
Charlotte Schioler Charlotte Schioler
Actopus Inc.
Charzette Torrence Charzette Torrence
Curator, Executive Producer, Still Photographer
Jillian's Peak LLC
Chelsea Randall Chelsea Randall
Production Services
Cherrie Shepherd Cherrie Shepherd
Director, Producer
Cherrie Shepherd Media & Entertainment
Cheryl Davis Cheryl Davis
Cheryl Halpern Cheryl Halpern
Corporate Executive
HQ Creative
Cheryl McCarron Cheryl McCarron
Costume Designer
Cheryl Quarantiello-Schnitzler Cheryl Quarantiello-Schnitzler
Producer, Production Manager
Cheryl Rozier Cheryl Rozier
Marketing Executive
Hachette Book Group
Cheryl Williams Cheryl Williams
Nonprofit Administrator
The Womanist Project, Inc.
Chickie Bucco Chickie Bucco
Fundraising/Development, Sales
Chihiro Amemiya Chihiro Amemiya
Director, Producer, Writer
Chloe Lenihan Chloe Lenihan
Actor, Director, Writer
Buds of May Productions
Chris Holliday Chris Holliday
Actor, Producer, Writer
Christie Clements Christie Clements
SinoVision English Channel
Christina Brown Christina Brown
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Journalist
Consultant, Line Producer, Producer
Tisch School of the Arts, UGFTV
Christina Kotlar Christina Kotlar
Consultant, Producer, Writer
March Hare Media & Entertainment
Christina Marouda Christina Marouda
Director of Development
Museum of the Moving Image
Christina Thomas Christina Thomas
Fundraising/Development, Nonprofit Administrator
BAFTA New York
Christine Bragan Christine Bragan
Vice President, Communications & Marketing
AMC Networks Inc.
Christine Champagne Christine Champagne
Critic, Journalist, Writer
Christine Lubrano Christine Lubrano
Producer, Production Executive
Christine Sadofsky Christine Sadofsky
Corporate Executive
Ventura Insurance Brokerage
Christopher Allen Christopher Allen
Artistic Director
UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art
Christy Park Christy Park
Assistant Director
Cindi Becker Cindi Becker
Consultant, Coordinating Producer, Production Finance
Cindy Despaquale Cindy Despaquale
Strong Island Films
Cindy Kleine Cindy Kleine
Director, Editor: Film/Video
CJ Harris CJ Harris
Creative Director, Producer, Writer
CJ Simpson CJ Simpson
Art Director
Clara Fernandez-Vara Clara Fernandez-Vara
Educator, Interactive Media, Writer
NYU - Game Center
Clara Peterson Clara Peterson
Assistant Director, Line Producer, Producer
Claudia Luongo Claudia Luongo
Artist, Actress, Singer, Songwriter
Colleen Donahue Colleen Donahue
Union/Guild Staff
IA 161
Constance Marks Constance Marks
Constance Marks Productions
Cooper Wright Cooper Wright
Cornelia Ravenal Cornelia Ravenal
Wilderness Films
Courtney Nicolson Courtney Nicolson
Producer, Writer
Sportsman Channel
Courtney Penn Courtney Penn
Director, Producer, Writer
Boundless Pictures
Camera Department, Camera Operator, Writer
Crystal Hall Crystal Hall
VP, creative director network branding and design
Cyndee Readdean Cyndee Readdean
Director, Producer
Cynthia Griffin Cynthia Griffin
Director, Producer, Writer
Utopia Parkway Arts, Inc.
Cynthia Lopez Cynthia Lopez
NYC Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment
Dafina Roberts Dafina Roberts
Choreographer, Producer, Writer
Dana Kuznetzkoff Dana Kuznetzkoff
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Producers Guild of America
Dana Offenbach Dana Offenbach
CinemaStreet, LLC
Daniela Dakich Daniela Dakich
Actor, Caterer, Writer
Daniela Francois Daniela Francois
Editor: Film/Video
Magnet Media, Inc.
Dara Selbert Dara Selbert
Daryl Roth Daryl Roth
Daryl Roth Productions
David Ott David Ott
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Lucana Productions
Dawn Siff Dawn Siff
Executive Producer, Journalist, Marketing Executive
Dawn Young Dawn Young
Actor, Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
Young & Running Productions
Deana Speck Deana Speck
Post-Production Services, Producer
Major League Baseball Network
Debbie Gleason-Barlok Debbie Gleason-Barlok
Production Manager
Miz Doo Productions
Debbie Lang Debbie Lang
Executive Producer
Lang Entertainment LLC
Debbie Morgan Debbie Morgan
Actor, Publicist
Debi Becker Debi Becker
Production Accountant
Speakeasy Productions, Inc.
Deborah Forte Deborah Forte
Executive Producer, Producer
Scholastic Entertainment, Inc.
Deborah Hrbek Deborah Hrbek
Hrbek Law LLC
Deborah Jensen Deborah Jensen
Art Director, Production Designer
Deborah Meyers Deborah Meyers
Corporate Executive
Showtime Networks, Inc.
Deborah Reinisch Deborah Reinisch
Director, Producer
DBR Films Ltd
Deborah Shaffer Deborah Shaffer
Director, Producer
Debra Kirschner Debra Kirschner
Director, Educator, Writer
Kirschearian Productions
Debra Kozee Debra Kozee
Consultant, Production Finance
C&S International Insurance Brokers, Inc
Debra Wells Debra Wells
Acquisitions, Programming, Still Photographer
Debra Zarne Debra Zarne
Director, Producer, Writer
Zarne Productions
Debra Zimmerman Debra Zimmerman
Acquisitions, Distributor
Women Make Movies
Deidre Connolly Deidre Connolly
Embassy Row
Deirdre Towers Deirdre Towers
Choreographer, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Denise Dragiewicz Denise Dragiewicz
Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video
Eyes of the World Films
Denise Goins Denise Goins
Production Designer, Titles, Video Graphics
Denise Widman Denise Widman
Festival Administrator
Boston Jewish Film Festival
Desiree Elle Desiree Elle
Diana Berman Diana Berman
Business Affairs Executive, Interactive Media, Marketing Executive
Diana Deldeo Diana Deldeo
Line Producer
Diana Laskaris Diana Laskaris
Attorney, Development Executive, Executive Producer
Food Travel Network, Inc.
Diana Shapiro Diana Shapiro
Actor, Writer
Diane Bainton Diane Bainton
Celebrity Hair/Makeup Artist
Diane Best Diane Best
Executive Producer Original & Development
Tru TV
Diane Bradshaw Diane Bradshaw
Actor, Attorney, Producer
Helfand and Helfand
Diane Fraher Diane Fraher
Director, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
American Indian Artists Inc. (AMERINDA)
Diane Glass Diane Glass
Diane Sokolow Diane Sokolow
Executive Producer, Producer
Sokolow & Company
Diane Tryneski Diane Tryneski
Television Executive
Didi Goldenhar Didi Goldenhar
Consultant, Writer
Dina Corsetti Dina Corsetti
Dondrie Burnham Dondrie Burnham
Actor, Coordinating Producer, Nonprofit Administrator
Rules of Engagement
Donna Bertaccini Donna Bertaccini
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Molesworth Enterprises, Inc
Donna Gross Donna Gross
WNET, Channel 13, PBS
Donna Zaccaro Donna Zaccaro
Dazzling Media
Donnalldson Brown Donnalldson Brown
Attorney, Writer
Running B Productions, LLC
Doris Vogelmann Doris Vogelmann
Acquisitions, Television Executive
Vme Media Inc
Dorothy Rompalske Dorothy Rompalske
Director, Educator, Writer
Doug Block Doug Block
Copacetic Pictures
Drake Stutesman Drake Stutesman
Educator, Researcher, Writer
Duana Butler Duana Butler
Program & Events Coordinator
New York Women in Film & Television
Easmanie Michel Easmanie Michel
Assistant Editor, Director
Ebony Harding Ebony Harding
Consultant, Interactive Media, Writer
Ed Askinazi Ed Askinazi
Associate Producer
Eileen Douglas-Israel Eileen Douglas-Israel
Producer, Writer
Douglas/Steinman Productions
Eileen Newman Eileen Newman
Nonprofit Administrator
Hostos Community College
Eileen Weiss Eileen Weiss
Tweiss Productions
Eilhys England Eilhys England
Producer, Writer
England & Co. Entertainment
Ela Thier Ela Thier
Director, Producer, Writer
Elaine Charles Elaine Charles
Pennsylvania Governor's Office
Elena Roulenko Elena Roulenko
Journeyman Hair Stylist
Iatse Local 798, The Americans
Elisa Goore Elisa Goore
Broadcast Producer
Elisabeth Berg Elisabeth Berg
Corporate Executive
City National Bank
Elisabeth Henry Elisabeth Henry
Actor, Writer
Elisabeth Yapp Elisabeth Yapp
Consultant, Producer, Writer
Media Coaching Strategists
Elise Nakhnikian Elise Nakhnikian
Critic, Journalist, Writer
Girls Can Play
Elizabeth Corradino Elizabeth Corradino
Moses & Singer LLP
Elizabeth Hemmerdinger Elizabeth Hemmerdinger
Producer, Writer
Providence Productions
Elizabeth Kaiden Elizabeth Kaiden
Acquisitions, Critic, Writer
Elizabeth Kilroy Elizabeth Kilroy
Creative Director
Callan Design
Elizabeth Santeix Elizabeth Santeix
Interactive Media
Amazon Pixels
Elizabeth Solomeina Elizabeth Solomeina
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services, Video Graphics
Elizabeth Wagner Elizabeth Wagner
Consultant, Development Executive, Producer
Boardwalk Entertainment
Elizabeth Weatherford Elizabeth Weatherford
Curator, Festival Administrator, Nonprofit Administrator
National Museum of the American Indian
Ellen Christiansen Ellen Christiansen
Set Decorator
Ellen Falguiere Ellen Falguiere
Costume Designer, Creative Director, Stylist
Falguiere Designs
Ellen Kroner Ellen Kroner
EVP, Chief Communications Officer
AMC Networks
Ellen Lovejoy Ellen Lovejoy
AE Networks
Ellen Meckler Ellen Meckler
Script Supervisor, Writer
Ellen Novack Ellen Novack
Casting Director, Director, Producer
Marigold Films, LLC
Ellen Ripstein Ellen Ripstein
Journalist, Researcher
Ellen Trost Ellen Trost
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant, Sales
New Video Group
Ellen Weisman Ellen Weisman
Business Affairs Executive
Kaufman Astoria Studios
Ellen Zalk Ellen Zalk
Corporate Executive, Production Coordinator, Production Supervisor
Show and Tell
Ellyn Kusmin Ellyn Kusmin
Assistant to James Taylor
James Taylor
Elsie Stark Elsie Stark
Casting Director, Consultant, Talent Coordinator
Stark Naked Productions, Inc./Elsie Stark Casting
Emi Soekawa Emi Soekawa
Producer, Still Photographer, Writer
Emily Harrold Emily Harrold
Associate Producer, Production Manager, Researcher
Lynnwood Pictures
Emily Mode Emily Mode
Assistant Editor, Director, Researcher
Emily Sheskin Emily Sheskin
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Emma Koh Emma Koh
Production Designer
Erana Stennett Erana Stennett
Erica Fae Erica Fae
Actor, Director, Writer
Erica Gold Erica Gold
Interactive Media, Producer, Writer
Erica Palgon Erica Palgon
Casting Director
Erica Palgon Casting & Beyond
Erica Rowe Erica Rowe
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
Erica Solano Erica Solano
Production Coordinator, Talent Coordinator
Erika Howard Erika Howard
Festival Administrator
Gold Coast International Film Festival
Erika Munro-Kennerly Erika Munro-Kennerly
Business Affairs Executive
Erin Day Erin Day
Festival Director
New York Television Festival
Erin Gee Erin Gee
Associate Director
CBS News
Erin Harkes Erin Harkes
Erin Harkes Inc.
Erin Moore Erin Moore
Good Eye Video
Erinnisse Heuer Erinnisse Heuer
Editor: Film/Video, Line Producer, Writer
Tupelo Productions
Esmee Einerson Esmee Einerson
V.P. Digital Media and Content Producer
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Esther Krivda Esther Krivda
Actor, Writer
Etta Yuki Etta Yuki
Marketing Executive
Eva Zelig Eva Zelig
Eve Pomerance Eve Pomerance
Casting by Eve
Felicia Behr Felicia Behr
Executive Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Felicia Shapiro Felicia Shapiro
Shapiro Marketing
Felicia Wong Felicia Wong
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Showtime Networks Inc
Flo Ankah Flo Ankah
Actor, Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
Simple Production
Florence Mitchell-Brown Florence Mitchell-Brown
Entertainment Partners
Fran Gully Fran Gully
Actor, Writer
Francelina Perdomo Francelina Perdomo
Perdomo, Klukosky and Associates, LLC
Frances McGarry Frances McGarry
Actor, Educator, Producer
First Online with Fran
Francesca Francois-Grimaldi Francesca Francois-Grimaldi
Plaza 7 Talent Agency NY
Francia White Francia White
Producer, Writer
Francine Pellegrino Francine Pellegrino
Director, Producer, Writer
Pellegrino Productions
Frankie Stein Frankie Stein
Consultant, Costume Designer, Set Dresser
Frankie Steinz Costumes
Gabri Christa Gabri Christa
Choreographer, Director, Producer
Danza Isa film & performance
Gabrielle Lansner Gabrielle Lansner
Choreographer, Director, Producer
gabrielle lansner & company, inc.
Gail Barringer Gail Barringer
Producer, Production Finance, Production Manager
Gail Gendler Gail Gendler
AMC/Sundance Channel, LLC
Gail Segal Gail Segal
Assistant Arts Professor
New York University
Gayle Kirschenbaum Gayle Kirschenbaum
Kirschenbaum Productions
Gayle Maurin Gayle Maurin
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive
The Golden Goose Unlimited
Gayle Nachlis Gayle Nachlis
Executive Director
Women in Film
Gemma Gracewood Gemma Gracewood
Director, Producer, Publicist
Gemma Sherry Gemma Sherry
Director of Music Licensing
Freeplay Music LLC
Geneva Kellam Geneva Kellam
Creative Director
Geneva Kellam's Right Now
Georgette Blau Georgette Blau
On Location Tours
Geraldine Newman Geraldine Newman
Creative Director, Director, Writer
Newman Communications
Geri Gourley Geri Gourley
Gina Alfano Gina Alfano
Editor: Sound
Gina Charbonnet Gina Charbonnet
Corporate Executive, Producer
Gina Riggi Gina Riggi
Make Up Artist
Charlie Rose show
Gina Russo Gina Russo
Director, Programming
Syfy, NBC Universal
Ginger Brown Ginger Brown
Consultant, Coordinating Producer, Executive Producer
Mermaid Media, LLC
Ginger McGuire Ginger McGuire
Corporate Executive
Original Media LLC
Gini Reticker Gini Reticker
Constant Communications
Gita Kaufman Gita Kaufman
Actor, Educator, Writer
Gloria Pitagorsky Gloria Pitagorsky
Heard City
Golzar Selbe Naghshineh Golzar Selbe Naghshineh
Director, Fundraising/Development, Producer
Just The Tip of Feminism
Grace Blake Grace Blake
Coordinating Producer, Executive Producer, Producer
Greg Rhem Greg Rhem
Acquisitions, Programming, Television Executive
HBO Documentary Films
Gretchen Poulos Gretchen Poulos
Actor, Producer
Hakimah Shah Hakimah Shah
Hanna Hemila Hanna Hemila
Consultant, Executive Producer, Producer
Whooper, LLC
Hannah Leshaw Hannah Leshaw
Director, Producer, Writer
Courtlandt Avenue Productions
Harriet Leve Harriet Leve
Heather Buchanan Heather Buchanan
HHB Media
Heather Clayton Heather Clayton
Associate Producer, Researcher, Stylist
Heather DiRubba Heather DiRubba
AE TV Networks
Heather White Heather White
Who Pays the Price Film
Heidi Brod Heidi Brod
Heidi Philipsen-Meissner Heidi Philipsen-Meissner
Actor, Director, Writer
Personae Entertainment Ltd.
Helen Cantu Helen Cantu
Personal Manager, Researcher
MPL Communications
Helen Young Helen Young
Producer, Writer
Helen Young Productions Inc.
Helene Lerner Helene Lerner
Creative Expansions, Inc.
Hilary Vartanian Hilary Vartanian
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive, Development Executive
IFP and Filmmaker Magazine
Hillary Dann Hillary Dann
Hillary Hughes Hillary Hughes
Garvey Schubert Barer
Hillary Nussbaum Hillary Nussbaum
Associate Producer, Development Executive, Writer
Holly Carter Holly Carter
Nonprofit Administrator, Production Executive, Writer
Holly Eardley Holly Eardley
Director of Development
Lucky Duck Productions
Holly Hardman Holly Hardman
Director, Researcher, Writer
Gobbo Films, LLC
Holly Rymon Holly Rymon
Production Manager
Ian Stimler Ian Stimler
Associate Director, Producer, Writer
Vassar Street Entertainment
Iman Hobbs Iman Hobbs
Media Relations Specialist
Imelda OReilly Imelda OReilly
Fazinate Productions
Ingrid Kasper Ingrid Kasper
Director, Producer
United Nations Dept. of Public Info/Video
Ingrid Price Ingrid Price
Costume Designer
Ingrid Rudefors Ingrid Rudefors
Film/Television Commissioner, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
free lance
Innes Smolansky Innes Smolansky
Attorney at Law
Entertainment Lawyer
Iquo B. Essien Iquo B. Essien
Editi Films
Iris Sroka Iris Sroka
Consultant, Educator, Researcher
Paradigm Research & Consulting
Isa Cucinotta Isa Cucinotta
Film Society Lincoln Center
Ivette De Jesus Ivette De Jesus
Actor, Production Coordinator, Writer
J. Daniel Martin J. Daniel Martin
Line Producer, Production Executive
Chimney Cottage Productions
Jacci Jaye Jacci Jaye
Costume Designer, Stylist, Wardrobe
Jacci Jaye
Jacki Ochs Jacki Ochs
Director, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Human Arts Association
Jacqueline Bussey Jacqueline Bussey
Producer, Writer
Jacqueline Pine Jacqueline Pine
Nonprofit Administrator, Producer, Script Supervisor
Early Stages Program, Inc.
Jae Je Simmons Jae Je Simmons
NY Division Executive Director
James Janowsky James Janowsky
Director, Educator, Writer
AOA Productions LLC
Jamie Bendell Jamie Bendell
Composer, Producer
Jamie Kohen Jamie Kohen
Casting Director, Development Executive, Post-Production Services
Bright-Eyed Media, Inc.
Jamie Wallace Jamie Wallace
Film Editor
Jamie Zelermyer Jamie Zelermyer
Line Producer, Production Executive, Production Manager
Jan Lisa Huttner Jan Lisa Huttner
Critic, Journalist, Writer
Films for Two
Jana Bennett Jana Bennett
Director, Producer
A&E Networks
Jane Applegate Jane Applegate
Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
The Applegate Group Inc.
Jane Klain Jane Klain
The Paley Center for Media
Jane Nunez Jane Nunez
Corporate Executive
Jane Raab Jane Raab
Producer, Production Manager, Production Supervisor
Jane Rose Jane Rose
Raindrop Services
Jane Rosenthal Jane Rosenthal
Partner & Co-Founder
Tribeca Productions
Jane Sangster Jane Sangster
Executive Producer, Producer, Television Executive
Jane Stevens Jane Stevens
Janet Forman Janet Forman
Director, Producer, Writer
Forman/Houghton Pictures, Inc.
Janet Gardner Janet Gardner
Director, Producer, Writer
The Gardner Group
Janet McCreesh Janet McCreesh
Production Manager
Masterpieces Unfolded
Janet Roberts Janet Roberts
Television Executive
Janice Gambino Janice Gambino
Business Affairs Executive
Janine McGoldrick Janine McGoldrick
Jayne Pliner Jayne Pliner
Consultant, Development Executive
c/o Tolley & Associates
Jean Doumanian Jean Doumanian
Producer, Writer
Jean Doumanian Productions
Jean Lane Jean Lane
Executive Producer, Post-Production Services, Post-Production Supervisor
Jean Marie Connolly Jean Marie Connolly
Corporate Executive
BNY Mellon Wealth Mgmt.
Jeanine McLean Jeanine McLean
Corporate Executive
MBK Entertainment Inc./MBK Films Inc.
Jeanne Applegate Jeanne Applegate
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Jeanne Bowerman Jeanne Bowerman
Script Magazine
Jeanne Suggs Jeanne Suggs
Director, Producer
Suggs Media Productions
Jeannette Hektoen Jeannette Hektoen
Anchor/Reporter, Associate Producer, Television Executive
JH Media & Marketing
Jeffry Gitter Jeffry Gitter
NY 411
Jen Caserta Jen Caserta
President and General Manager
Jen Fish Jen Fish
Business Affairs Executive, Marketing Executive, Post-Production Services
Jen Rudin Jen Rudin
Casting Director/Author
Jen Rudin Casting LLC
Jendra Jarnagin Jendra Jarnagin
Cinematographer, Director of Photography
Floating Camera, LLC
Jenette Kahn Jenette Kahn
Corporate Executive
Double Nickel Entertainment
Jennifer Askin Jennifer Askin
Corporate Executive, Sales
Askin & Company, Inc.
Jennifer Freed Jennifer Freed
Corporate Executive, Post-Production Services
Trevanna Post, Inc.
Jennifer Hahn Jennifer Hahn
Cinematographer, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Bridgeseeker Productions LLC
Jennifer Kranz Jennifer Kranz
Marketing Executive
WE tv
Jennifer Phillips Jennifer Phillips
Development Executive, Programming, Researcher
Crown Media Family Networks
Jennifer Quainton Jennifer Quainton
Development Executive, Television Executive
Food Network and Cooking Channel
Jennifer Scancarella Jennifer Scancarella
Jennifer Shaw Jennifer Shaw
Production Manager
Jnine Media
Jennifer Silverman Jennifer Silverman
Actor, Writer
Jennifer Sklias-Gahan Jennifer Sklias-Gahan
self employed
Jennifer Snowdon Jennifer Snowdon
Make Up Artist
Jennifer Solorio Jennifer Solorio
Media Management Acquisitions Coordinator
AMC Networks
Jennifer Wollan Jennifer Wollan
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Reel Biography
Jenny Schweitzer Jenny Schweitzer
Notable Features
Jessica Josell Jessica Josell
Corporate Executive, Marketing Executive, Publicist
Josell Communcations, Inc.
Jessica Ransom Jessica Ransom
Associate Producer, Executive Producer, Producer
JLR Media, Inc.
Jessica Sherr Jessica Sherr
Actor, Writer
Jessica Weiner Jessica Weiner
Editor: Film/Video
Specific Broads Productions
Jevonne Bowman-Bullock Jevonne Bowman-Bullock
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
JAB New York, LLC
Jill Campbell Jill Campbell
Producer, Production Supervisor, Writer
Seagullink, LLC
Jill Wisoff Jill Wisoff
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Fantasy Creature films LLC
Jillian Maslow Jillian Maslow
Costume Designer, Props, Wardrobe
Jillian Maslow Design
Joan Brooker-Marks Joan Brooker-Marks
Director, Producer, Writer
Midtownfilms, inc
Joan Caspi Joan Caspi
Producer, Writer
Joan Kron Joan Kron
Executive Producer, Journalist, Writer
Parvenu Ventures LLC
Joan Micklin Silver Joan Micklin Silver
Director, Writer
Joan Schimke Joan Schimke
Director, Writer
JoanAnn Natola JoanAnn Natola
Coordinating Producer, Production Finance
Element Financial Group
Joanna Baldwin Mallory Joanna Baldwin Mallory
Corporate Executive, Executive Producer, Producer
Science and Society Center/Weldon Communications
JoAnna Rhinehart JoAnna Rhinehart
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
JJ Films LLC
Joanne Cassidy Joanne Cassidy
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Writer
Law Offices of Joanne Cassidy
Joanne Roberts Joanne Roberts
Interactive Media, Producer
Joanne Roberts Productions
Joelle Downes Joelle Downes
Marketing Executive
Joelle Downes
Joelle Garguilo Joelle Garguilo
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Producer
NBC News
Jos Duncan Jos Duncan
Producer, Writer
Mile Media LLC
Josefa Jaime Josefa Jaime
Associate Producer, Researcher
JJaime Research
Josh Alexander Josh Alexander
Group Effort Films
Joshua Schur Joshua Schur
Park Avenue Creative
Joy Lane Joy Lane
Director, Script Supervisor
Joy Reed Joy Reed
Editor: Film/Video
Oh MY Productions
Joyce Dollinger Joyce Dollinger
Dollinger, Gonski and Grossman
Jude Ray Jude Ray
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Unshakable Productions, L.L.C.
Judee Wales Judee Wales
Actor, Producer, Writer
Judith Barnett Judith Barnett
Actor, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
Judith Gordon Judith Gordon
Still Photographer/Music Producer/Assoc Producer
Judith Lit Judith Lit
Consultant, Director, Producer
Lit Productions
Judith Sleed Judith Sleed
The Play Is the Thing
Judy Copeland Judy Copeland
Julia Morgan Julia Morgan
Assistant Director, Development Executive, Producer
Julia Morrison Julia Morrison
Producer, Writer
Paper Chain Productions, LLC
Julia Newman Julia Newman
Director, Producer
Exemplary Films, Inc
Julia Reeves Julia Reeves
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
New York University School of Law
Julie Angell Julie Angell
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C.
Julie Christeas Julie Christeas
Tandem Pictures
Julie Fontaine Julie Fontaine
Distributor, Publicist
Julie Galdieri Julie Galdieri
Actor, Producer, Writer
Julie Gillis Julie Gillis
Casting Director, Educator, Executive Producer
Julie Gillis Video Productions and Casting
Julie Gribble Julie Gribble
Director, Producer, Writer
Julie Poll Julie Poll
Julie-Ann Marshall Julie-Ann Marshall
Producer, Production Manager, Production Services
J Marshall Events Inc
Julienne Tondreau Julienne Tondreau
Associate Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Juliet Packer Juliet Packer
Woofstar LLC
June Cross June Cross
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Producer
SecretDaughter Productions
June Vutrano June Vutrano
Post-Production Supervisor
Seeking Truth Productions, LLC
Kahane Cooperman Kahane Cooperman
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Kaitlyn Plum Kaitlyn Plum
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Kali Karagias (Theofanous) Kali Karagias (Theofanous)
Actor, Producer, Writer
Karen Cooper Karen Cooper
Exhibitor, Nonprofit Administrator, Programming
Film Forum
Karen Katz Karen Katz
Executive Producer
After Five Productions, Inc.
Karen Kohlhaas Karen Kohlhaas
Director, Educator
Big & Slow, Inc.
Karen Sands Karen Sands
Creative Director, Executive Producer, Television Executive
Karin Shiel Karin Shiel
Executive Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Karyn Feiner Karyn Feiner
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant
Chloe Productions, Inc
Kate Farrell Kate Farrell
Producer, Television Executive, Writer
WE tv
Kate Wood Kate Wood
Producer / Partner
Burkewood Films
Katharine Sands Katharine Sands
Literary Agent
Sarah Jane Freymann Agency
Katherine Brewster Katherine Brewster
Corporate Executive, Fundraising/Development, Production Coordinator
BC Voices, Inc.
Katherine Huang Katherine Huang
Camera Assistant, Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
B-Train Films
Katherine Wenning Katherine Wenning
Consultant, Editor: Film/Video
Kathleen Da Silva Kathleen Da Silva
Director, Producer, Writer
Kathrin Lausch Kathrin Lausch
Executive Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Pink Pony Productions
Kathryn Barnier Kathryn Barnier
Editor: Film/Video
Kathryn Bayer Kathryn Bayer
Producer, Publicist, Writer
KB Marketing and Communications Consulting, Inc.
Kathryn Moore Kathryn Moore
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Video Graphics
Kathryn O'Kane Kathryn O'Kane
Director, Producer, Showrunner
Kathryn Paulsen Kathryn Paulsen
Director, Educator, Writer
Kathy Atkinson Kathy Atkinson
Talent Coordinator
Washington Square Arts & Films
Kathy England Kathy England
Taylor & Taylor Ltd.
Kathy Karp Cohen Kathy Karp Cohen
Producer, Writer
Katie Irish Katie Irish
Costume Designer, Stylist
Katie Irish Design
Katie Jacobs Katie Jacobs
Production Services
Onomatopoeia Inc. and Bridge Multimedia Inc.
Katie Maguire Katie Maguire
Actor, Producer, Writer
Katie Orjonikidze-Casey Katie Orjonikidze-Casey
Creative Director
Katrina Kitsis Katrina Kitsis
Associate Producer, Location Department, Production Coordinator
Katty Biscone Katty Biscone
Comedy Writer/Actor
Kavery Kaul Kavery Kaul
Director, Producer, Writer
Kay Radtke Kay Radtke
Consultant, Marketing Executive
Keith Sherman Keith Sherman
Keith Sherman & Associates
Kelli Blake Kelli Blake
Sponsorship & Marketing Coordinator
Kelly Burke Kelly Burke
Interactive Media
Kelly DeVine Kelly DeVine
Consultant, Programmer, Producer
Kelly Duncan Kelly Duncan
Production Coordinator, Production Services
Kelly Sheehan Kelly Sheehan
Executive Producer
Rainlake Media
Kelsey Brewer Kelsey Brewer
Keren Seol Keren Seol
Line Producer, Producer, Production Coordinator
Dream Rush Productions, Inc.
Kerry Fulton Kerry Fulton
Out of the Box Features
Kerry Herman Kerry Herman
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Production Supervisor
Kiira Benzing Kiira Benzing
Actor, Director, Producer
Double Eye Productions
Kim Cummings Kim Cummings
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Siren's Tale Productions
Kim Surowicz Kim Surowicz
Producer, Production Manager, Production Supervisor
Kim Tricardo Kim Tricardo
Business Affairs Executive, Production Finance
CAPS Payroll
Kimberly Grocher Kimberly Grocher
Social Worker/ Freelance Media
Kimberly Levin Kimberly Levin
Writer, Director
Kimyetta Hill Kimyetta Hill
Fear Turned Passion
Kirsten Johnson Kirsten Johnson
Cinematographer, Director, Still Photographer
Kirsten Larvick Kirsten Larvick
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Kitty Leech Kitty Leech
Costume Designer
NYU - Tisch School of Drama
Kristen Hester Kristen Hester
Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
Hesterhouse Productions LLC
Kristi Zea Kristi Zea
Director, Producer, Production Designer
Rubyred Productions
Kristin Rodriguez Kristin Rodriguez
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services
Krisztina Danka Krisztina Danka
Director, Producer, Writer
Media Development International
Kyle Ann Stokes Kyle Ann Stokes
Kylie Garcelon Kylie Garcelon
Gladiolus Productions LLC
Lamonia Brown Lamonia Brown
Marketing Executive, Writer
Lamonia Brown Lamonia Brown
Program Coordinator
New York Women in Film & Television
Lamour Workman Lamour Workman
Lana Iny Lana Iny
VP Media Relations
Lara Stolman Lara Stolman
Director, Producer, Writer
Woodland Park Productions
Laura Congleton Laura Congleton
Assistant Editor, Consultant, Educator
Laura Fieber-Minogue Laura Fieber-Minogue
Attorney, Line Producer, Still Photographer
Laura Fowler Laura Fowler
Al Santana Productions
Laura Heckman Laura Heckman
Director of Artistic Operations
New York Television Festival
Laura Kane Laura Kane
Corporate Executive, Publicist
Aflac, inc.
Laura Kelber Laura Kelber
Paracosm Films
Laura LeBlanc Laura LeBlanc
Laura Palumbo Johnson Laura Palumbo Johnson
Magilla Entertainment
Laura Siegel Laura Siegel
Agent, Consultant
Creative Entertainment Connections, LLC
Laura Tomaselli Laura Tomaselli
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Laura Vigilante Laura Vigilante
Creative Executive
Candescent Films
Lauren Cooper Lauren Cooper
Associate Producer, Casting Associate
Lauren Cragg Lauren Cragg
Consultant, Executive Producer, Writer
L.C. Cragg and Associates, LLC
Lauren Graham Lauren Graham
Consultant, Fundraising/Development, Producer
Lauren Smith Lauren Smith
Actor, Producer
Lauren Versel Lauren Versel
Producer, Writer
Lucky Monkey Pictures
Lauren Williams Lauren Williams
Development Executive, Producer, Writer
Lauren Wimbush Lauren Wimbush
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Laurie Layton Schapira Laurie Layton Schapira
Director, Producer, Writer
Cassandra Productions
Laurie Weltz Laurie Weltz
Director, Writer
Laurita Shields Laurita Shields
Costume Designer
Laverne Berry Laverne Berry
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Producer
Leah Streetman Leah Streetman
Music Director, Music Supervisor, Talent Coordinator
Triton Creative Group, LLC
Leah Wagner-Stout Leah Wagner-Stout
Assistant to Talent Agent
About Artists Agency
Lee Eypper Lee Eypper
Actor, Director, Writer
Lee Hunkins Lee Hunkins
Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Lee Malecki Lee Malecki
Props, Set Decorator, Set Dresser
Lee Rolontz Lee Rolontz
Producer, Production Executive
Leigh Hampton Leigh Hampton
President, Writer, Producer
Mellon Row Productions, Inc.
Lenore DeKoven Lenore DeKoven
Director, Educator, Producer
Lesley Koustaff Lesley Koustaff
Lesley Starbuck Lesley Starbuck
Actor, Producer, Writer
Leslie Shreve Leslie Shreve
Actor, Make Up Artist, Narrator/Voice-Over
Circle Communications Group
LeVera Sutton LeVera Sutton
Actor, Camera Assistant, Writer
Lilian Mehrel Lilian Mehrel
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Liliana Gomez Liliana Gomez
Assistant Editor, Camera Operator, Programming
Lillian Thakuria Lillian Thakuria
Anchor/Reporter, Producer, Writer
Lilly Hartley Lilly Hartley
Founder and CEO
Candescent Films
Lily Neumeyer Lily Neumeyer
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Programming
A&E Television Networks
Linda Bennett Linda Bennett
Business Affairs Executive, Production Finance
Grey New York
Linda Bianchi Linda Bianchi
Actor, Corporate Executive, Producer
Ribico Inc.
Linda Ellerbee Linda Ellerbee
Producer, Writer
Lucky Duck Productions
Linda Glovitz Linda Glovitz
Corporate Executive, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Linda Kahn Linda Kahn
Acquisitions, Distributor, Television Executive
Linda Kahn Media LLC
Linda Kaplan Thaler Linda Kaplan Thaler
Creative Director, Writer
The Kaplan Thaler Group
Linda Kirby Linda Kirby
Actor, Producer, Production Finance
Relatively Redeemable Productions, Inc.
Linda Kline Linda Kline
Linda Maslow Linda Maslow
Maslow Media
Linda Miller Linda Miller
Production Finance, Production Supervisor
Miller Productions Corp.
Linda Mysel Linda Mysel
Production Finance, Production Manager
Linda Orton Linda Orton
Consultant, Marketing Executive, Producer
Intelligent Video Solutions
Linda Porto Linda Porto
Director, Producer, Writer
Linda Saetre Linda Saetre
Producer, Writer
Saetre Films
Linda Swenson Linda Swenson
Lindsey Krehel Lindsey Krehel
Festival Administrator, Production Services, Writer
Special Team Films
Lisa Aljian Lisa Aljian
Wells, Jaworski & Liebman LLP
Lisa Black Lisa Black
Executive Producer, Marketing Executive, Production Finance
Garnet Girl, LLC
Lisa Brigantino Lisa Brigantino
Composer, Music Director, Music Supervisor
Hidden Pond Productions, Inc.
Lisa Connor Lisa Connor
Lisa Crafts Lisa Crafts
Animator, Titles
Lisa D'Apolito Lisa D'Apolito
Actor, Director, Executive Producer
3 Faces Films
Lisa DiPasquale Lisa DiPasquale
Festival Administrator
Lisa Jackson Lisa Jackson
Director, Producer, Writer
Jackson Films Inc.
Lisa Kalb Schaffer Lisa Kalb Schaffer
Freelance Agency Producer
Lisa Melodia Lisa Melodia
Lisa Ramos-Carey Lisa Ramos-Carey
Corporate Executive
Phoenix Ensemble Theater Co.
Lisa Russell Lisa Russell
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Governess Films
Lisa St. Hill Lisa St. Hill
Actor, Choreographer, Costume Designer
Lisa Vincenzi Lisa Vincenzi
Liz Ortiz-Mackes Liz Ortiz-Mackes
Casting Director, Director, Producer
I Ain't Playin' Films/ Casting Solutions
Liz Ryan Liz Ryan
Assistant Director, Director, Producer
Liz Sterbenz Liz Sterbenz
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Green Means Go Productions, Inc.
Lizabeth Zindel Lizabeth Zindel
Lois Allen-Lilly Lois Allen-Lilly
Acquisitions, Business Affairs Executive, Producer
Lilly Global Media
Lori Cheatle Lori Cheatle
Hard Working Movies
Lori Hicks Lori Hicks
Make Up Artist
Lori Yoffe Lori Yoffe
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Narrator/Voice-Over
Lorraine Hack-Newman Lorraine Hack-Newman
Business Affairs Executive, Interactive Media
Heidrick & Struggles
Lorye Watson Lorye Watson
Educator, Writer
Louise Gikow Louise Gikow
Consultant, Writer
West Side Writer LLC
Louise Sommers Louise Sommers
Miller Korzenik Sommers LLP
Lu Ann Horstman Lu Ann Horstman
Music Supervisor, Producer, Writer
Ramblin' Gal Productions
Lucia Grillo Lucia Grillo
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Director
Calabrisella Films/CUNY TV
Lucy Bruell Lucy Bruell
Director, Interactive Media, Producer
L.A. Bruell, Inc.
Lyda Ely Lyda Ely
Producer, Writer
Lydia Dean Pilcher Lydia Dean Pilcher
Director, Producer
Lydia Tenaglia Lydia Tenaglia
Executive Producer, Television Executive
Zero Point Zero Production, Inc.
Lyn Familant Lyn Familant
Consultant, Marketing Executive, Television Executive
Lynda Kaplan Lynda Kaplan
Director, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
American History Workshop
Lyndsey Read Lyndsey Read
Line Producer, Producer
Lynn Gardner Lynn Gardner
Senior Vice President, Publicity
History and H2 Networks
Lynn Grossman Lynn Grossman
Lynne Davis Lynne Davis
M. Asli Dukan M. Asli Dukan
Director, Producer
Mizan Media Productions
M. Blair Breard M. Blair Breard
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Mackenzie Reif Mackenzie Reif
Madeline Bavli Madeline Bavli
Production Finance
Mae Ryan Mae Ryan
Cinematographer, Editor: Film/Video, Journalist
The Guardian
Maegan Hayward Maegan Hayward
Soundtrack New York/Red's Vintage
Maggie Greenwald Maggie Greenwald
Director, Writer
Luma Pictures Inc
Maggie Snyder Maggie Snyder
Actor, Producer, Writer
Marigold Films LLC
Mai Kiang Mai Kiang
Event Manager
NYU/Department of Cinema Studies
Maira Shakhanova Maira Shakhanova
Studio Five Pictures
Maori Holmes Maori Holmes
Mara Einstein Mara Einstein
Educator, Marketing Executive, Television Executive
Mara Lesemann Mara Lesemann
Producer, Writer
Surviving Family Productions, LLC
Mara Wollong Mara Wollong
Editor: Film/Video
Marc Handelman Marc Handelman
Director of Marketing
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC
Marci Gruber Marci Gruber
Producer, Production Manager
Mind's Eye Productions
Marcia Haufrecht Marcia Haufrecht
Marcie Setlow Marcie Setlow
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive
Setlow Media Inc.
Margaret Burke Margaret Burke
Producer, Writer
Margaret Capossela Margaret Capossela
Business Affairs Executive, Production Finance
NeeD New York LLC
Margaret Cooper Margaret Cooper
Consultant, Writer
Word Right Communications
Margaret Crimmins Margaret Crimmins
Editor: Sound, Music Editor, Sound Mixer
Dog Bark Sound, Inc.
Margaret Galbraith Margaret Galbraith
Director, Producer
SeeScape Films
Margaret Sclafani Margaret Sclafani
Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Margarethe Baillou Margarethe Baillou
M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, LLC
Margo Pelletier Margo Pelletier
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Thin Edge Films
Marguerite Birnbaum Marguerite Birnbaum
Town Real Estate
Maria Daniela Blanchet Maria Daniela Blanchet
Distributor, Post-Production Services, Producer
Maria Ferrari Maria Ferrari
Business Affairs Executive
TeleNext Media, Inc.
Maria Lokken Maria Lokken
Production Executive
Jarrett Creative
Maria Miles Maria Miles
Maria Pon Maria Pon
Post-Production Services
Magno Sound & Video
Maria Pusateri Maria Pusateri
Actor, Director, Producer
Maria Scarvalone Maria Scarvalone
Anchor/Reporter, Director, Producer
Maria Scarvalone Productions
Marian Hunter Marian Hunter
Editor: Film/Video
Marian Masone Marian Masone
Curator, Exhibitor, Festival Administrator
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Mariann Aalda Mariann Aalda
Actor, Producer, Writer
Marianne Kanter Marianne Kanter
Actor, Producer, Writer
Marica Chacona Marica Chacona
Vice President, Program Planning and Scheduling
Showtime Networks Inc.
Associate Producer, Director, Writer
Marie Mompoint Marie Mompoint
Actor, Still Photographer, Writer
Marielle Zuccarelli Marielle Zuccarelli
AE Networks
Marilyn Casselman Marilyn Casselman
Director, Writer
Freeborn Entertainment
Marilyn Horowitz Marilyn Horowitz
Producer, Writer
ArtMar, Inc.
Marilynn Murphy Marilynn Murphy
Professional Artists Talent Agency
Marissa Kelton Marissa Kelton
Actor, Producer
Marivonne Basten Marivonne Basten
Attorney, Corporate Executive
MVB Media Consulting LLC
Mark Gasper Mark Gasper
Director, Producer, Writer
The Yankee-Oriole Company
Marlene Bartos Marlene Bartos
Producer, Production Executive
Marquita Pool-Eckert Marquita Pool-Eckert
Journalist, Producer, Television Executive
Eckert Associates
Marsha Brooks Marsha Brooks
Brooks & Distler
Marta Bautis Marta Bautis
Tiempo Azul Productions
Marta Ravin Marta Ravin
Television Executive
Embassy Row
Martha Burke-Hennessy Martha Burke-Hennessy
Consultant, Television Executive, Writer
Martine Sainvil Martine Sainvil
Television Executive
Scripps Networks
Mary Alfieri Mary Alfieri
Editor: Film/Video
Mary Ann Donahue Mary Ann Donahue
Mary Fassino Mary Fassino
Actor, Director, Producer
Mary Henry Mary Henry
Executive Producer
The American Side
Mary Kelly Mary Kelly
Director, Script Supervisor
Mary Lou Floyd Mary Lou Floyd
Mary O'Leary Mary O'Leary
The Young and the Restless
Mary-Ann Hobel Mary-Ann Hobel
Distributor, Producer, Writer
Hobel Productions/The Cinema Guild, Inc.
Maryann Fondulas Maryann Fondulas
Production Finance
Maryanne Grisz Maryanne Grisz
Partner, Producer
Onerock Moving Pictures
Maureen Cotter Maureen Cotter
Director, Program Planning & Scheduling
Maxi Cohen Maxi Cohen
Director, Producer
Maxine Chrein Maxine Chrein
Consultant, Corporate Executive
Master Sound Ventures, Inc.
Megan Cogswell Megan Cogswell
Producer, Writer
Megan Guinan Megan Guinan
Actor, Writer
Megan Marquis Megan Marquis
Post-Production Services, Post-Production Supervisor, Production Coordinator
Light Iron
Meghan Scibona Meghan Scibona
Actor, Director, Producer
Small Media Extra Large, LLC
Megin Boyles Megin Boyles
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Production Supervisor
Meissa Hampton Meissa Hampton
Actor, Director, Writer
Melanie Jones Melanie Jones
Marketing Executive
Eastman Kodak Company
Melanie Lentz-Janney Melanie Lentz-Janney
Executive Producer/Producer/Publicity/Marketing
Doverwood Communications, Inc.
Melissa Givey Melissa Givey
Director, Producer, Writer
M. Givey Entertainment
Melissa Hacker Melissa Hacker
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Bee's Knees Productions,Inc
Melissa Haizlip Melissa Haizlip
Corporate Executive, Director, Producer
Shoes In The Bed Productions, LLC
Melissa Jacobson Melissa Jacobson
Acquisitions, Development Executive, Producer
Five More Minutes Productions
Melissa Kinski Melissa Kinski
Cherry Pie Pictures
Melissa Silverstein Melissa Silverstein
Consultant, Journalist, Writer
Meredith Henderson Meredith Henderson
Production Executive
Meredith Post Meredith Post
Associate Producer, Writer
Meryl Zegarek Meryl Zegarek
Consultant, Festival Administrator, Publicist
Meryl Zegarek Public Relations, Inc.
Mia Bongiovanni Mia Bongiovanni
Ponte Sisto Productions LLC
Mia Jensen Mia Jensen
Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Michèle Stephenson Michèle Stephenson
Rada Film Group
Michael Johnson Michael Johnson
New York University/FIT
Michele Black Michele Black
2nd Asst Acct
Babylon Fields (Pilot)
Michele Dagle Michele Dagle
Michele Fillion Michele Fillion
Director, Producer, Writer
Hurry Up Sister Productions, LLC
Michele Ganeless Michele Ganeless
Television Executive
Comedy Central
Michelle Brooks Michelle Brooks
Michelle Byrd Michelle Byrd
Nonprofit Administrator
Run It By Byrd
Michelle Figlarz Michelle Figlarz
Actor, Director
Michelle Ortega Michelle Ortega
Director, Producer, Production Executive
mashNY productions, Inc.
Michelle Patrick Michelle Patrick
Producer, Writer
Michelle Wiley Michelle Wiley
Composer, Musical Arranger, Narrator/Voice-Over
Miho Aono Miho Aono
Actor, Interpreter, Narrator/Voice-Over
Milka Stanisic Milka Stanisic
Marketing Executive, Production Executive
CBS Corporation
Mira Spektor Mira Spektor
The Aviva Players
Miranda Childs Miranda Childs
Actor, Writer
Miriam Millan Miriam Millan
Yeshiva University
Mirra Brockman Mirra Brockman
Director, Producer, Writer
Mitchell Green Mitchell Green
Actor, Producer, Writer
Mitzie Rothzeid Mitzie Rothzeid
Nonprofit Administrator
PGA East
Mollie Mackenzie Mollie Mackenzie
Line Producer, Production Manager
Molly Bernstein Molly Bernstein
Editor, Producer, Director
Hopscotch Films Inc.
Muriel (Mike) Peters Muriel (Mike) Peters
Executive Producer, Producer
Peters Productions, Inc.
Myla Churchill Myla Churchill
Director, Producer, Writer
MyChurch Productions
Myrna Post Myrna Post
Personal Manager, Publicist
Myrna Post Associates
Nan Avant Nan Avant
Nancy Adams Nancy Adams
Production Finance
Adelman Katz & Mond
Nancy Dubuc Nancy Dubuc
President & CEO
A & E Television Networks
Nancy Knox Talcott Nancy Knox Talcott
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Researcher
INdependent Film Producer, Archival Research
Nancy Lefkowitz Nancy Lefkowitz
Festival Administrator, Producer
Senior Vice-President, Talent Relations
Nancy Novack Nancy Novack
Editor: Film/Video, Educator, Producer
Cowgirls Are Forever llc.
Nancy Rosenthal Nancy Rosenthal
Associate Producer, Festival Administrator, Producer
new york WILD film festival
Nancy Rubel Nancy Rubel
Actor, Make Up Artist, Writer
Nancy Tarr Nancy Tarr
Music Editor, Music Supervisor, Musical Arranger
Tarr Music Co.
Naoko Holst Naoko Holst
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Natacha Giler Natacha Giler
Assistant Editor, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Nelsa Gidney Nelsa Gidney
Acquisitions, Distributor, Programming
Gidney International, Inc.
Neri Tannenbaum Neri Tannenbaum
Line Producer
Lionsgate TV, Netflix
Nick Gura Nick Gura
Producer, Writer
NG156 Productions
Nicola Walter Nicola Walter
Production Designer
Nicola Walter Design and Decor Inc.
Nicole Coady Nicole Coady
Baby's First Shakespeare
Nicole Meola Nicole Meola
Narrator/Voice-Over, Television Executive
Showtime Networks
Nicole Page Nicole Page
Attorney, Development Executive
Reavis Parent Lehrer LLP
Nicole Rose Nicole Rose
Nicole Signore Nicole Signore
Actor, Line Producer, Stunt Person/Coordinator
Nikki Coble Nikki Coble
The Willing Collective
Nillie Imura Nillie Imura
Editor: Film/Video
Nina Murano Nina Murano
Actor, Composer, Writer
Nina Pratt Nina Pratt
Casting Director, Producer
Grey Advertising
Nina Rosenblum Nina Rosenblum
Daedalus Productions, Inc.
Nina Streich Nina Streich
Festival Administrator, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Global Peace Film Festival
Nina Weber Worth Nina Weber Worth
Director, Line Producer, Producer
Nitza Wilon Nitza Wilon
Iris Productions
Noelle Serper Noelle Serper
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
Nora Brown Nora Brown
Festival Administrator
Rochester/Finger Lakes Film and Video Office
Norma Davidoff Norma Davidoff
Consultant, Executive Producer, Producer
Sante Communications
O. Valerie Nicolas O. Valerie Nicolas
Line Producer, Producer, Researcher
Ol' Soul Pictures
Octavia Taylor Octavia Taylor
Pagan Harleman Pagan Harleman
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Pam Huling Pam Huling
Fundraising/Development, Producer, Television Executive
Pamela Arnold Pamela Arnold
Editor: Film/Video
Pamela Cruz Pamela Cruz
Pamela Elam Pamela Elam
Consultant, Producer
Pamela Griffiths Pamela Griffiths
Pamela Shaw Pamela Shaw
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Pat Ceasar Pat Ceasar
A Little Taste of Ceasar Productions
Patrice Donnell Patrice Donnell
Consultant, Producer
Patrice Samara Patrice Samara
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Writer
Triumph Communications Group
Patricia Lomax Patricia Lomax
Acquisitions, Programming
Patricia Miller Patricia Miller
Television Executive
CBS Corporation
Patricia Nugent Patricia Nugent
Producer, Production Manager, Television Executive
Peacock Productions, NBC Universal
Patricia Pearson Patricia Pearson
Educator, Festival Administrator
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
Patricia Santangelo Patricia Santangelo
Marketing Executive, Sales, Writer
Patricia Santangelo & Associates
Patricia Schumann Patricia Schumann
Head of Post Production
Numeric Pictures
Patricia White Patricia White
Union/Guild Staff
Theatrical Wardrobe Union, Local 764 IATSE
Patricia Woodbridge Patricia Woodbridge
Art Director, Educator, Production Designer
Patricia Zablah Patricia Zablah
Educator, Interactive Media, Nonprofit Administrator
Hack it Back, LLC
Patrizia Von Brandenstein Patrizia Von Brandenstein
Production Designer
Wurtzel/von Brandenstein Ltd.
Paula Turanec Paula Turanec
Actor, Producer
Paulette Douglas Paulette Douglas
Director, Producer
Red Paw Productions
Peggy Daniel Peggy Daniel
Peggy Siegal Peggy Siegal
Peggy Siegal Company
Peggy Stern Peggy Stern
Gladeyes films
Peilin Chou Peilin Chou
Television Executive
Hare Hollow Productions
Penelope Karageorge Penelope Karageorge
Director, Journalist, Writer
Perla De Leon Perla De Leon
Director, Writer
Petol Weekes Petol Weekes
Actor, Producer
Orion Studios
Phyllis Bishop Phyllis Bishop
Marketing Executive, Producer, Production Executive
Bishop Group PR
princess hairston princess hairston
Actor, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Straight Path Pictures
Priscilla Mattison Priscilla Mattison
Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., P.C.
Rachel Fedde Rachel Fedde
Editor: Film/Video, Interactive Media, Video Graphics
Rachel Gordon Rachel Gordon
Director, Distributor, Marketing Executive
Rachel Petzinger Rachel Petzinger
Production Services
Rachel Watanabe-Batton Rachel Watanabe-Batton
Producers Guild of America East
Rae Stone Rae Stone
Wild Flower Productions
Raffaella Cuviello Raffaella Cuviello
Set Decorator, Set Dresser
Randi Hutton Randi Hutton
the RZ Connection
Raquel Levin Raquel Levin
Consultant, Nonprofit Administrator
Reeves Lehmann Reeves Lehmann
Director, Educator, Producer
School of Visual Arts
Regina Dolza Regina Dolza
Casting Associate, Director, Writer
Regina Gil Regina Gil
Nonprofit Administrator
Great Neck Arts Center
Rehema Trimiew Rehema Trimiew
Camera Operator, Editor: Film/Video, Still Photographer
Transformative Media
Reyna Boccio Reyna Boccio
Consultant, Fundraising/Development, Producer
Rhoda Glickman Rhoda Glickman
Corporate Executive
Empire State Development
Risa Korris Risa Korris
Animator, Cinematographer, Still Photographer
Rita Das-Mittal Rita Das-Mittal
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Interactive Media
Genesis Multimedia Communications
Rita Marchelya Rita Marchelya
Actor, Producer, Writer
Ritu Pande Ritu Pande
Actor, Producer
Durga Films LLC
Riva Freifeld Riva Freifeld
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Riva Productions
Robert Seidenberg Robert Seidenberg
Law Office of Robert A. Seidenberg
Robert Seigel Robert Seigel
Attorney, Consultant
Law Office of Robert L. Seigel
Roberta Findlay Roberta Findlay
President, Studio Manager
Sear Sound Recording Studios
Robin Kaver Robin Kaver
The Nielsen Company
Robyn Watson Robyn Watson
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive, Production Executive
Roe Bressan Roe Bressan
Corporate Executive
Lively Group
Roland Millman Roland Millman
Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Bright Screen Productions
Rosalie Muskatt Rosalie Muskatt
Executive Producer
Inwood Productions
Rosalind Murphy Rosalind Murphy
Consultant, Interactive Media, Marketing Executive
Rosalyn Williams Rosalyn Williams
Actor, Director
Red Wall Productions
Rosanne Limoncelli Rosanne Limoncelli
Coordinating Producer, Director, Educator
New York University
Rose Billings Rose Billings
Still Photographer
Rose Schwartz, Esq. Rose Schwartz, Esq.
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C.
Rosemary Cummings Rosemary Cummings
RCC Productions
Rosemary Ponzo Rosemary Ponzo
Costume Designer, Creative Director
The Atrium
Rosemary Serluca Rosemary Serluca
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Writer
Rosedove Productions
Rosemary Sykes Rosemary Sykes
Production Executive, Programming, Television Executive
Rosie Kasica Rosie Kasica
Journalist, Line Producer, Producer
Time Warner - HLN
Ruby Lerner Ruby Lerner
President and Founding Director
Creative Capital Foundation
Ruth Ann Harnisch Ruth Ann Harnisch
Nonprofit Administrator
The Harnisch Foundation
Ruth Mullen Ruth Mullen
Interactive Media, Producer, Production Coordinator
Ruth Pomerance Ruth Pomerance
Development Executive, Educator, Producer
Rockwell Group
Ruth Somalo Ruth Somalo
Horns and Tails Productions LLC
S. Casper Wong S. Casper Wong
Director, Producer, Writer
OO Media
Sabina Barach Sabina Barach
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Sabine Schenk Sabine Schenk
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Schenk Productions, Inc.
Sabrina McCormick Sabrina McCormick
Sally Fineburg Sally Fineburg
Producer, Writer
SLF Productions
Sally Schmidt Sally Schmidt
Executive Producer, Interactive Media, Music Supervisor
TMP Worldwide
Samantha Garland Samantha Garland
Actor, Director, Producer
Samuel Sagenkahn Samuel Sagenkahn
Actor, Production Finance
Sandi Perlmutter Sandi Perlmutter
Sandipearl Production, LLC
Sandra Breakstone Sandra Breakstone
Line Producer, Producer
Sandra Lefkowitz Sandra Lefkowitz
Actor, Producer, Writer
Sandra Luckow Sandra Luckow
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Line Producer
Ojeda Films, Inc.
Sandra Nixon Sandra Nixon
The Muse Source
Sandy Clark Sandy Clark
Consultant, Marketing Executive
Reed Midem
Sandy Perlbinder Sandy Perlbinder
Director, Producer, Writer
Sequences Inc.
Sara Enright Sara Enright
Sara Nichols Sara Nichols
Emotional Pictures Corporation
Sarah Barnett Sarah Barnett
EVP and General Manager
Sundance Channel
Sarah Frank Sarah Frank
Consultant, Executive Producer, Programming
Sarah Hanssen Sarah Hanssen
Curator, Director, Educator
Bronx Community College
Sarah Kim Sarah Kim
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Sarah Megan Thomas Sarah Megan Thomas
Founder and Executive Producer
13th Night Productions
Sascha Just Sascha Just
Director, Researcher, Writer
Fraulein Freytag Productions
Sejal Shah Sejal Shah
Actor, Choreographer
Selena Covington Selena Covington
Director, Producer, Writer
Meredith Corporation
Sergin Akyaz Sergin Akyaz
BaseUSA Productions
Shaipe Dokovic Shaipe Dokovic
Shannon Algieri Shannon Algieri
Managing Director
Candescent Films
Shannon Taggart Shannon Taggart
Director, Producer
Taggart Productions
Shanta Covington Shanta Covington
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Shari Cartun Shari Cartun
Sharmeen Azmudeh Sharmeen Azmudeh
Hair Stylist
Sharon Contillo Sharon Contillo
Director, Producer, Writer
Middle Center Productions, LLC
Sharon Hope Sharon Hope
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Sharon Parker-Frazier Sharon Parker-Frazier
Development Executive, Educator, Producer
NYC Department of Education
Sharon Pinkenson Sharon Pinkenson
Film/Television Commissioner, Nonprofit Administrator, Production Services
Greater Philadelphia Film Office
Shelley Giera Shelley Giera
Broadcast Producer
Sheril Antonio Sheril Antonio
Educator, Festival Administrator
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
Sherri Hollander Sherri Hollander
Sherrie Levy Sherrie Levy
Sherrie Levy Public Relations
Sherry Amatenstein Sherry Amatenstein
Journalist/Author/Media Personally
Shira Daniels Shira Daniels
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Zodiak New York
Shirley Abraham Shirley Abraham
Production Executive
Shirley Hatcher Shirley Hatcher
Actor, Educator, Stunt Person/Coordinator
Hatchett Productions
Shirley Jonas Shirley Jonas
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Shoshana Goldberg Shoshana Goldberg
Editor: Film/Video, Producer, Writer
Simi Linton Simi Linton
Metuffer Films
Simone Pero Simone Pero
Marketing Executive, Producer, Television Executive
For Impact Productions, LLC
Siobhan Dunne Siobhan Dunne
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Sofia Quintero Sofia Quintero
Interactive Media, Producer, Writer
Black Artemis Multimedia
Sona Jho Sona Jho
Production Executive
Sockeye Media LLC
Sona Robbins Cohen Sona Robbins Cohen
Producer, Writer
Actor, Post-Production Services, Talent Coordinator
SpeakEasy A Loop Group
Sonia Louise Schnee Sonia Louise Schnee
Editor: Film/Video
Sonia Louise Creations, LLC
Sonta Giamber-Frindt Sonta Giamber-Frindt
Executive Producer
Sontenish Myers Sontenish Myers
Freelance Production Assistant
Sorel Roget Sorel Roget
Consultant, Producer, Sales
Stacey Holman Stacey Holman
Director, Producer, Writer
Black Butterfly Productions
Stacey Smith Stacey Smith
Business Affairs Executive, Producer, Production Finance
The BA Department
Stacie Beiser Stacie Beiser
Programming, Television Executive
Showtime Networks Inc.
Stacie Gray Stacie Gray
Creative Director
In Demand
Stacy Schneider Stacy Schneider
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Publicist
The Huffington Post
Stefanie Alleyne Stefanie Alleyne
Anchor/Reporter, Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Stefanie Dworkin Stefanie Dworkin
Editor: Film/Video
Stephanie Adwar Stephanie Adwar
Attorney, Producer
Furgang & Adwar, L.L.P.
Stephanie Berman Stephanie Berman
Consultant, Publicist
SLB Communications
Stephanie Carroll Stephanie Carroll
Production Designer
Stephanie Domini Stephanie Domini
Actor, Producer, Writer
A Cool Dark Place Productins
Stephanie LaCapra Stephanie LaCapra
Actor, Marketing Executive, Writer
Stephanie Scott Stephanie Scott
Consultant, Educator
Stephanie Shalofsky Stephanie Shalofsky
Marketing Executive, Production Executive
The Organizing Zone, Inc.
Stephanie Von Stein Stephanie Von Stein
Director Development and outreach
Who Pays the Price
Steven B. Serafin Steven B. Serafin
Senior Property Casualty Risk Engineer, New Jersey Loss Control
Chubb Insurance
Suri Bieler Suri Bieler
Eclectic/Encore Properties
Susan Ades Susan Ades
Editor: Film/Video
Putting It Together Editing
Susan Barash Susan Barash
Shell Toss LLC
Susan Black Susan Black
Susan Brand Susan Brand
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Susan Ennis Susan Ennis
Television Executive
Susan Freel Susan Freel
Sirius Productions LLC
Susan Hess Logeais Susan Hess Logeais
Hot Flash Films
Susan Israel Susan Israel
Attorney, Television Executive, Writer
Susan Kim Susan Kim
Entertainment East Manager
Chubb Insurance
Susan Kouguell Susan Kouguell
Consultant, Producer, Writer
Su-City Pictures East, LLC
Susan Lacy Susan Lacy
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Thirteen/WNET New York - American Masters
Susan Lynton Susan Lynton
Eurica Media Lab
Susan Maclaury Susan Maclaury
Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Shine Global Inc.
Susan Margolin Susan Margolin
Acquisitions, Distributor, Sales
Cinedigm Entertainment Group/New Video
Susan Robbins Susan Robbins
Asterart Productions
Susan Rockefeller Susan Rockefeller
Director, Producer
Susan Schulman Susan Schulman
Susan Schulman Literary Agency, Inc.
Susan Shipman Susan Shipman
Susan Steiger Susan Steiger
Susan Wagner Susan Wagner
Executive Producer, Producer
Boardwalk Entertainment
Susanna Styron Susanna Styron
Eleventh Hour Films
Suzana Peric Suzana Peric
Music Editor
Suzanne Landau Suzanne Landau
Suzanne Pancrazi Suzanne Pancrazi
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Subito Video, LLC
Suzanne Smith Suzanne Smith
Sylvia Ng Sylvia Ng
Talibah Newman Talibah Newman
Complex Media
Tandameshia Hastings Tandameshia Hastings
Production Coordinator, Writer
Taneshia Laird Taneshia Laird
Marketing Executive, Publicist
Legacy Business Advisors LLC
Tanya Barringer Tanya Barringer
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Tanya Chuturkova Tanya Chuturkova
Assistant Director, Director, Production Manager
Taylor MacCrae Taylor MacCrae
Director, Producer, Writer
Teja VanWicklen Teja VanWicklen
Choreographer, Stunt Person/Coordinator
Protective Offense
Teresa Abbate Teresa Abbate
Associate Producer, Coordinating Producer, Producer
Teresa Cicala Teresa Cicala
Associate Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Teri Black Teri Black
Actor, Producer
Break A Leg Productions
Terry Greenberg Terry Greenberg
Producer, Publicist
Terry Sutton Terry Sutton
TSutton & Co. Inc.
Thelma Adams Thelma Adams
Critic, Writer
Yahoo Movies
Thelma Schoonmaker Thelma Schoonmaker
Editor: Film/Video
TCS 2 Inc.
Therese Steiner Therese Steiner
Consultant, Television Executive
Therese Steiner Consulting, LLC
Tiffany Tipton Tiffany Tipton
Choreographer, Programming, Researcher
Tiffany Tulba Tiffany Tulba
Acquisitions, Programming
Tina Chen Tina Chen
Actor, Director, Producer
TCJ Productions LLC
Tina Hong Tina Hong
Production Coordinator, Production Finance, Script Supervisor
Tina Redwine Tina Redwine
Toby Wertheim Toby Wertheim
Producer, Researcher
Toni Williams Toni Williams
Executive Producer
Brooklyn Savvy
Tony Dunoyer Tony Dunoyer
Development Executive, Writer
IncuBeta Films
Tony Wilkes Tony Wilkes
L.A.W. Productions Inc.
Tova Beck-Friedman Tova Beck-Friedman
Curator, Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video
Toy Van Lierop Toy Van Lierop
Consultant, Make Up Artist
Toy Russell, Inc.
Traci Campbell Harris Traci Campbell Harris
Acquisitions, Programming
Tracy Dennis Tracy Dennis
Tracy Schott Tracy Schott
Director, Producer, Writer
Schott Productions
Tricia Brouk Tricia Brouk
Choreographer, Director, Writer
Brouk Moves, Inc
Tricia Nolan Tricia Nolan
Director, Producer, Writer
Fort Nolan Filmworks
Trish Gray Trish Gray
Assistant Location Mgr/Scout
Tsu Tsu Stanton Tsu Tsu Stanton
Associate Producer, Casting Director, Personal Manager
Tsu Tsu Unlimited
Valerie Devon Valerie Devon
Actor, Writer
Valerie LoCascio Valerie LoCascio
Potomac Hudson Media
Valerie Martinez Valerie Martinez
Corporate Executive
Vanessa Bergonzoli Vanessa Bergonzoli
Director, Line Producer, Producer
Cynthia Wade Productions
Vanessa Cordova-Corwin Vanessa Cordova-Corwin
Producer, Production Manager, Writer
VCC Productions
Vanessa Domico Vanessa Domico
Acquisitions, Distributor, Production Executive
Outcast Films
Vanessa King Vanessa King
Consultant, Development Executive, Writer
Veronica Caicedo Veronica Caicedo
Corporate Executive, Director, Producer
Caicedo Productions Corp.
Veronica Fielding Veronica Fielding
Marketing Executive, Writer
Digital Brand Expressions
Veronique Doumbe Veronique Doumbe
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Ndolo Films,llc
Vesna Loney Vesna Loney
Acquisitions, Distributor, Sales
Terra Media.Inc.
Vicki Cherkas Vicki Cherkas
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Producer
Cherkas Strategic Consulting
Victoria Bennett Victoria Bennett
Director, Producer, Writer
Bennett Pictures
Victoria Clark Victoria Clark
Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Victoria Medina Victoria Medina
Actor, Still Photographer, Writer
Victoria Medina Photography
Victoria Miller Victoria Miller
Associate Producer
Merchant Cantos
Victoria Negri Victoria Negri
Actor, Director, Writer
Gold Star Film LLC
Vincent Santangelo Vincent Santangelo
Pixel Marsala
Virginia Kassel Virginia Kassel
Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Virginia Lazalde-McPherson Virginia Lazalde-McPherson
SVP, Business Affairs
Vivian Hernandez Ortiz Vivian Hernandez Ortiz
Verizon FIOS1, content
Wally Berger Wally Berger
Lucky Duck Productions
Wei Pun Wei Pun
Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Still Photographer
Wendi Lazar, Esq. Wendi Lazar, Esq.
Outten & Golden, LLP
Wendy Blackstone Wendy Blackstone
Sound For Images
Wendy Ettinger Wendy Ettinger
Chicken & Egg Pictures
Wendy Keys Wendy Keys
Coordinating Producer, Director, Festival Administrator
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Wendy Lidell Wendy Lidell
International Film Circuit, Inc.
Wendy Raad Wendy Raad
Marketing Executive, Production Manager, Sales
Food Network & Cooking Channel
Wendy Sax Wendy Sax
Consultant, Development Executive, Producer
Moving Stories Inc.
Wendy Solem Wendy Solem
Videotape/Server Operator
Wendy Stuart-Kaplan Wendy Stuart-Kaplan
Alan Kaplan Studio
Whitney Trower Whitney Trower
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services
Yael Melamede Yael Melamede
Salty Features
Ylana Kellar Ylana Kellar
Yumi Kaneko Yumi Kaneko
Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
EN films, LLC
Yunus Shahul Yunus Shahul
Studio Five Pictures
Yvonne Conza Yvonne Conza
Actor, Writer
Yvonne Ruggiero Yvonne Ruggiero
CBS Corp.
Yvonne Sewall Yvonne Sewall
Director, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Zaida Soler-Williams Zaida Soler-Williams
Music Supervisor, Post-Production Supervisor, Technical Director
Viacom Entertainment Group
Zeva Oelbaum Zeva Oelbaum
Director, Producer