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Valenti Luckenbaugh, Laura Valenti Luckenbaugh, Laura
Associate Producer
B.Swibel presents Once Upon a Time Productions
Van Lierop, Toy Van Lierop, Toy
Consultant, Make Up Artist
Toy Russell, Inc.
Van Valin, Anna Van Valin, Anna
Actor, Producer, Writer
Van Jaeger Productions
Van Wicklen, Teja Van Wicklen, Teja
Choreographer, Stunt Person/Coordinator
Devi Protective Offense
Vanucchi Peacock, Michele Vanucchi Peacock, Michele
Actor, Casting Associate, Producer
Vartanian, Hilary Vartanian, Hilary
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive, Development Executive
IFP and Filmmaker Magazine
Vasilopoulos, Vicki Vasilopoulos, Vicki
Director, Writer
Orestes Films
Versel, Lauren Versel, Lauren
Producer, Writer
Lucky Monkey Pictures
Vigilante, Laura Vigilante, Laura
Creative Executive
Candescent Films
Vitali, Marisa Vitali, Marisa
Actor, Producer, Writer
Vogelmann, Doris Vogelmann, Doris
Acquisitions, Television Executive
Vme Media Inc
Von Brandenstein, Patrizia Von Brandenstein, Patrizia
Production Designer
Wurtzel/von Brandenstein Ltd.
Von Stein, Stephanie Von Stein, Stephanie
Director Development and outreach
Who Pays the Price
Vu, Tienne Vu, Tienne
Actor, Writer
Vutrano, June Vutrano, June
Post-Production Supervisor
Seeking Truth Productions, LLC