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S. Ankhra, Pi-Isis S. Ankhra, Pi-Isis
Director, Producer, Writer
ShepardPeach 314
Saban, Lena Saban, Lena
Grosso Jacobson/The Producers Group
Sabater, Amanda Sabater, Amanda
Director, Producer, Writer
NextRound Productions
Sabino, Nancy Sabino, Nancy
Sabinson, Allen Sabinson, Allen
Exective VP, Original Programming
Turner Pictures Worldwide & TNT Originals
Sable, Lynn Sable, Lynn
Assistant Editor, Editor: Sound
Sabo, Amy Sabo, Amy
Amy Sabo PR
Sabourin, Isabelle Sabourin, Isabelle
Beauty Director
Zink Magazine
Sabowski, Jocelyn Sabowski, Jocelyn
Assistant to Executive Vice President, Gary Levine
Sacco, Noah Sacco, Noah
A24 Films
Sachs, Greg Sachs, Greg
Lightning Copy and Printing Centers
Sachs, Joanne Sachs, Joanne
Manager of Sales
Millennium Broadway
Sachs, Linda Sachs, Linda
Director, Producer, Writer
Sackler, Molly Sackler, Molly
Director, Producer, Writer
Finca Blanca Media, LLC
Sacklow, Jeanne Sacklow, Jeanne
Sr. Director Product Dev.
Marketing Innovations International
Sackman, Jeff Sackman, Jeff
Sadeghy, Mary Sadeghy, Mary
Executive Director of Marketing
Sadek, Sherif Sadek, Sherif
Sadofsky, Christine Sadofsky, Christine
Ventura Insurance Brokerage Inc
Sadofsky, Christine Sadofsky, Christine
Ventura Insurance Brokerage
Sadofsky, Christine Sadofsky, Christine
Corporate Executive
Ventura Insurance Brokerage
Sadove, Steve Sadove, Steve
Saks Fifth Avenue
sadowski, Julianne sadowski, Julianne
Advertising/marketing Coordinator
Sadurni, Isabel Sadurni, Isabel
Director, Producer, Writer
Saetre, Linda Saetre, Linda
Producer, Writer
Saetre Films
Saffer, Judith Saffer, Judith
Broadcast Music, Inc
Saffranek, Barbara Saffranek, Barbara
Managing Director, Business Development
The 1794 Commodore Funds
Safian, Robert Safian, Robert
Fast Company
Safro, Nola Safro, Nola
ABC News
Sagan, Margaret Sagan, Margaret
NMAI: Film and Video Center
Sage, Jan Sage, Jan
Disney ABC
Sagenkahn, Samuel Sagenkahn, Samuel
Actor, Production Finance
Sager, Jill Sager, Jill
Camera Department, Camera Operator
sagona, chris sagona, chris
National Press & National elections Director
Unite Women
Sagona, Chris Sagona, Chris
Sah, Shyam Sah, Shyam
District Co-ordinator - Women Human Right Defender
WOREC Nepal Siraha
Saint-Vil, Martine Saint-Vil, Martine
Senior Manager
Saintonge, Stephani Saintonge, Stephani
Camera Operator, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Sainvil, Martine Sainvil, Martine
Television Executive
Scripps Networks
Sainz, Katherine Sainz, Katherine
The Connect
Sakai, Maiko Sakai, Maiko
Sakamoto, Izumi Sakamoto, Izumi
Associate Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Nemi Entertainment
Sakash, Evelyn Sakash, Evelyn
Production Designer
Evelyn Sakash
Saks, Eva Saks, Eva
Director, Producer, Writer
Life of Riley Productions
Sakurai, Kitao Sakurai, Kitao
Synapse Productions
Sakya, Sapana Sakya, Sapana
Media Fund Director
Center for Asian American Media
Sala, Anri Sala, Anri
Barbara Gladstone Gallery
Salama, Sherine Salama, Sherine
Writer/ Director
Salamon, Julie Salamon, Julie
Film Critic
Wall Street Journal
Salamone, Jennifer Salamone, Jennifer
Coordinating Producer
As the World Turns, Proctor and Gamble Prods.
salazar, judy salazar, judy
Salazar, Monique Salazar, Monique
Producer, Writer
Salazar, Raquel Salazar, Raquel
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Salb, Brian Salb, Brian
Manager, Original Programming
Sale, Anna Sale, Anna
Sale, Anna Sale, Anna
Host of Death, Sex & Money Podcast
Saleh Hunt, Jessica Saleh Hunt, Jessica
Consultant, Festival Administrator
Saleh, Angelika Saleh, Angelika
Distributor, Producer
Angelika Entertainment Corporation
Saleh, Donna Saleh, Donna
Saleh, Eva Saleh, Eva
Acquisitions, Agent, Producer
Premier Entertainment
Salem, Tarek Salem, Tarek
Business & Legal Affairs
Argot Pictures
Salembier, Valerie Salembier, Valerie
Esquire Magazine
Salerno, Jaclyn Salerno, Jaclyn
Client Coordinator
Post Factory NY
Salerno, Mary Beth Salerno, Mary Beth
American Express Foundation
Salierup, Fernando Salierup, Fernando
Puerto Rican Workshop
Salik, Julie Salik, Julie
Ogilvy & Mather
Salik, Norman Salik, Norman
VP Advertising/Event Marketing
Bausch & Lomb
Salinas, Cynthia Salinas, Cynthia
Development Executive, Producer, Showrunner
Salinger, Amy Salinger, Amy
Wardrobe Stylist/Personal Shopper
Sallorenzo, Gaetano Sallorenzo, Gaetano
Giorgio Armani Corp
Salomon, Anat Salomon, Anat
Camera Operator, Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services
Salomon, Vanessa Salomon, Vanessa
VS Entertainment
Salovaara, Sarah Salovaara, Sarah
Contributing Web Editor
Salsich, Annie Salsich, Annie
Associate Producer
AOMA Sunshine Films (c/o Warner Music Group)
Saltarelli, Marc Saltarelli, Marc
Writer, Director, Film Editor
Line 9 Productions
Salter, Erika Salter, Erika
Executive Producer/ Owner
Salter Entertainment Group (S.E.G.)
Salter, Mary Salter, Mary
Production Executive
Saltman, David Saltman, David
Saltman, Janeen K. Saltman, Janeen K.
JKS Events
Saltus, Leslie H. Saltus, Leslie H.
Camera Goddess Productions, Inc.
Saltzman, Joanne Saltzman, Joanne
Live/Regis & Kathie Lee
Saltzman, Stacey Saltzman, Stacey
Costume Designer
USA Local 829
Salum, Lorís Salum, Lorís
Visual Media Consultant
Literal Magazine
Salvatore, Diane Salvatore, Diane
Ladies Home Journal
Salvino, Jill Salvino, Jill
Salzer, Michael Salzer, Michael
MacGuffin Films
Sam, David Sam, David
Office Manager
Entertainment Services & Technology Association
Samama, Vera Samama, Vera
Samara, Patrice Samara, Patrice
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Writer
Triumph Communications Group
Samet, Jessica Samet, Jessica
Sr. VP, Reality Programming
Lifetime Television
Sammarco, Jennifer Sammarco, Jennifer
Associate Director of Catering
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
Sams, Alicia Sams, Alicia
Tailslate Pictures
Samsudeen, Rajathi Samsudeen, Rajathi
Tamilnadu Social Welfare Board
Samuel, Jennifer Samuel, Jennifer
Cinematographer, Director, Producer
Fine Grain Films
Samuel, Robert C. Samuel, Robert C.
Coppos Films
Samuels, nayo Samuels, nayo
Mikan Productions
Samuels, Nicole Samuels, Nicole
Department manager, second floor accessories
Henri Bendel
Samuels, Paulette Samuels, Paulette
Direct Response
Samuelson, Debbie Samuelson, Debbie
Executive Producer
San Tomero, Angela C. San Tomero, Angela C.
Blues Clues
Sanabria, Cindy Sanabria, Cindy
Writerscene and Bloodstained Films
Sanabria, Cindy Sanabria, Cindy
Intern NYWIFT as of 1/28/2011
Sanchez, Alba Sanchez, Alba
Latina Talks
Sanchez, Axel Sanchez, Axel
Store Mayor
Park Avenue Liquor Shop
Sanchez, Diego Sanchez, Diego
Dancing Diablo, Inc
Sanchez, Jennifer Sanchez, Jennifer
NBC Universal Cable
Sanchez, Larilyn Sanchez, Larilyn
Interactive Media
sanchez, mara sanchez, mara
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Associate Producer
Mara Sanchez
Sanchez, Yolanda Sanchez, Yolanda
Marketing Representative
Entertainment Partners
Sanchez-Martinez, Maria Sanchez-Martinez, Maria
1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds
Sanchez-Warner, Megan Sanchez-Warner, Megan
Director, Producer, Production Supervisor
Pinnacle Pictures, Inc.
Sancho, Agueda Sancho, Agueda
Cultural Attache
embassy of Spain
Sandefur, Patrick Sandefur, Patrick
Location Assistant
Bootleg Production, Inc
Sandefur, Patrick Sandefur, Patrick
Location Assistant
Bootleg Production, Inc
Sanders, Amanda Sanders, Amanda
Costume Designer
Sanders, David Sanders, David
Corporate Executive, Creative Director
Ping Media
Sanders, Helen Sanders, Helen
Theatre Teacher
NYC Department of Education
Sanders, Judy Sanders, Judy
Producer, Writer
Sanders, Marlene Sanders, Marlene
Educator, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Sanders, Safirra Sanders, Safirra
Elle Magazine
Sanders-Alcantara, Gisela Sanders-Alcantara, Gisela
Ojo de Agua
Sanderson, Austin Sanderson, Austin
Costume Designer
Sanderson, Kent Sanderson, Kent
Director of Alternative Content/Distribution
Focus Features
Sanderson, Kent Sanderson, Kent
President, Acquisitions and Ancillary Distribution
Bleecker Street Media
Sandler, Joan D. Sandler, Joan D.
Executive Director
Romare Bearden Foundation Inc.
Sandler, Kathe Sandler, Kathe
Director, Producer, Writer
Film Two Productions
Sandler, Susan Sandler, Susan
Faculty Advisor
Fusion Film Festival
Sands, Elizabeth Sands, Elizabeth
Sands, Janet Sands, Janet
Sands, Jill Greenberg Sands, Jill Greenberg
VP, Talent and Casting
Nickelodeon Casting and Talent Relations
Sands, Karen Sands, Karen
Creative Director, Executive Producer, Television Executive
Sands, Katharine Sands, Katharine
Literary Agent
Sarah Jane Freymann Agency
Sands, Nicole Sands, Nicole
Television Executive
Sci-Fi Channel
Sands, Svetla Sands, Svetla
IFC Entertainment
Sands, Tibor Sands, Tibor
Camera Service Center, Inc.
Sandy, Shani Sandy, Shani
Creative Director
Sanford, Kate Sanford, Kate
Bootleg Productions, INC
Sanford, Kate Sanford, Kate
Bootleg Productions, INC
Sangari, S. Nicole Sangari, S. Nicole
Development Executive, Sales, Writer
Sanger, Elizabeth Sanger, Elizabeth
Managing Editor
sangra, baljit sangra, baljit
vivamantra films inc.
Sangster, Jane Sangster, Jane
Executive Producer, Producer, Television Executive
Sanko, Alana Sanko, Alana
Producer, Writer
sanson, kathy sanson, kathy
Boricua College
Sansone, Jill Sansone, Jill
The Women's Media Group
Santana, Al Santana, Al
Al Santana Productions
Santana, Luisa Santana, Luisa
Client Advisor
Santangelo, Mary Santangelo, Mary
The Artists Company
Santangelo, Patricia Santangelo, Patricia
Marketing Executive, Sales, Writer
Patricia Santangelo & Associates
Santangelo, Vincent Santangelo, Vincent
Actor, Producer
Pixel Marsala
Santeix, Elizabeth Santeix, Elizabeth
Interactive Media
Amazon Pixels
Santella, Teri Santella, Teri
Two Lips
Santiago, Danny Santiago, Danny
Costume Designer
Santiago, Pat Santiago, Pat
Santistevan, Bernadine Santistevan, Bernadine
Director, Producer, Writer
Santonas, Gina Santonas, Gina
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Writer
J Walter Thompson
Santopadre, Frank Santopadre, Frank
Santopolo, Jill Santopolo, Jill
Penguin Random House
Santos, Alicia Santos, Alicia
Creador Pictures, LLC
Santos, Nelson Santos, Nelson
Associate Director
Visual AIDS
Santos, Nelson Santos, Nelson
Associate Director
Visual AIDS
Santos-Miller, Kelly Santos-Miller, Kelly
Assistant Director
Santry, Phyllis Santry, Phyllis
First Vice President
Ambac Assurance Corp
Sapan, Joshua Sapan, Joshua
American Movie Classics
Sapers, Rachel Sapers, Rachel
iPLUGiN Corporation
Saperstein, Saundra Saperstein, Saundra
Marketing Director
State of Utah Film Commission
Sapin, Leah Sapin, Leah
Manager, Film Programming
Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Sarada, Uma Sarada, Uma
Writers Guild of America, East
Sarch, Oren Sarch, Oren
Editor/Managing Partner
Sardinas, Gloria Sardinas, Gloria
Retreat NYC
Sardone, Amanda Sardone, Amanda
Associate Director, Producer, Still Photographer
Sardone, Francine A Sardone, Francine A
Contract Analyst
Sargeant, Geoffrey Sargeant, Geoffrey
VP Investment & Trust Consultant, Wealth Management
City National Bank
Sargent, Ali Sargent, Ali
Sargent, Nyna Sargent, Nyna
Director, Producer, Writer
Sarkar, Vinanti Sarkar, Vinanti
Voices of Women Worldwide & Vow-TV
Sarkin, Jane Sarkin, Jane
Vanity Fair
Sarlin, Peggy Sarlin, Peggy
Producer, Writer
Sarlin, Ruth Sarlin, Ruth
Shine Global
Sarmiento, Milton Sarmiento, Milton
Catering Event Manager, Campus Services/Eastern Region
Sarmova, Nadia Sarmova, Nadia
Creative Director, Director, Writer
Moment Entertainment
Sarnoff, Dorothy Sarnoff, Dorothy
D. Sarnoff Speech Dynamics, Inc.
Sarnoff, Rosita Sarnoff, Rosita
Senior VP of Marketing & Business Development
Stribling & Associates Ltd.
Sarpola, Jeannette Sarpola, Jeannette
Production Coordinator, Production Finance
RHI Entertainment
Sarrica, Robert Sarrica, Robert
VP Development and Productions
Tobin Productions, Inc.
Sarrow, Daniel Sarrow, Daniel
Development Coordinator
Open City Films
Sartorious, Pamela Sartorious, Pamela
Advertising Sales Coordinator
Sasaki, Megumi Sasaki, Megumi
executive producer
Fine Line Media Inc.
Sassa, Scott Sassa, Scott
President of Hearst Entertainment and Syndication
Hearst Entertainment
Sassi, Cecilia Sassi, Cecilia
Associate Producer
Sasson, Ami Sasson, Ami
Personal Banker
HSBC Bank USA, Natonal Association
Sathe, Shrihari Sathe, Shrihari
Infinitum Productions
Satorius, Dan Satorius, Dan
Satorius Law Firm, PC
Satrina, Carole Satrina, Carole
Director, Producer, Writer
South Brooklyn Picture Company, Inc.
Satter, Michelle Satter, Michelle
Sundance Institute
Sauder, Julia Sauder, Julia
Chapman Concierge
Saunders, Byron Saunders, Byron
Executive Director
The Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum
Saunders, Christopher Saunders, Christopher
Camera PA
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Saunders, Lyle Saunders, Lyle
Voyager Entertainment
sausto, Christine sausto, Christine
Susan Rockefeller
Savage, Steve Savage, Steve
New Video/ Docudrama
Savan, Leslie Savan, Leslie
Village Voice
Savare, Matthew Savare, Matthew
Chubb Group
Savarese, Gail Savarese, Gail
Marketing Director
Paramount on Location
Savarese, Gail Savarese, Gail
Accounting Manager
Savin, Helena Savin, Helena
Vice President Marketing
BreakintoShowbiz, Inc.
Savin, Nancy Savin, Nancy
Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer, Writer
ArtsVideo, Inc.
Savinon, Mildred Savinon, Mildred
Acquisitions, Distributor, Television Executive
NBC Universal
Savisky, Andrea Savisky, Andrea
Make Up Artist
Savitt, Brandi Savitt, Brandi
Senza Pictures
Savjani, Anish Savjani, Anish
Savoca, Nancy Savoca, Nancy
Director, 24 Hour Woman
Savoy, Minerva Savoy, Minerva
Savva, Nick Savva, Nick
Director of Acquisitions
Tribeca Film Festival
Sawicki, Marie Sawicki, Marie
Business Affairs Executive
DDB Worldwide Communications Group, Inc
Sawka, Hanna Sawka, Hanna
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Peppercat Productions
Sawyer, Diane Sawyer, Diane
ABC News
Sawyer, Paul Sawyer, Paul
Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin & Krim
Sax, Jodi Sax, Jodi
Attorney, Interactive Media
Sax, Wendy Sax, Wendy
Consultant, Development Executive, Producer
Moving Stories Inc.
Saxon, Ross Saxon, Ross
Head of Delevopment
Braven Films
Saydam, Esra Saydam, Esra
Director, Line Producer, Production Services
Sayet, Jaymie Sayet, Jaymie
Line Producer, Production Manager
Sayge, Rema Sayge, Rema
Production Manager / Line Producer
Tigerlily Productions
Saylor, Nikki Saylor, Nikki
Actor, Director, Producer
Saylor, Stephanie Saylor, Stephanie
Festival Manager
The Hamptons International Film Festival
Scancarella, Jennifer Scancarella, Jennifer
Scanlon, Frances Scanlon, Frances
Attorney, Producer, Writer
Law Offices of Frances E. Scanlon
Scannell, Herb Scannell, Herb
BBC Worldwide America
Scannell, Herb Scannell, Herb
Scarano, Marc Scarano, Marc
Hello World Communications
Scarfe, Su Scarfe, Su
WIFT - Vancouver
Scarlet, Peter Scarlet, Peter
Executive Director
Tribeca Film Festival
Scarola, Lisa Scarola, Lisa
New York Branch President
Scarvalone, Maria Scarvalone, Maria
Anchor/Reporter, Director, Producer
Maria Scarvalone Productions
Scarville, Tsadiqwah Connie Scarville, Tsadiqwah Connie
Editor: Film/Video, Journalist, Production Coordinator
Schaaf, Jill Schaaf, Jill
The Donna Karan Company
Schadow, Karen Schadow, Karen
The Voice of Success
Schadow, Karen Schadow, Karen
The Voice of Success
schaechter, moselio schaechter, moselio
san diego state university
Schaefer, Celia Schaefer, Celia
Actor, Producer, Writer
Schaefer, Leslye Schaefer, Leslye
SVP Marketing
Scholastic Media
Schaefer, Leslye Schaefer, Leslye
Senior VP, Marketing & Consumer Products
Scholastic Entertainment, Inc.
Schaefer, Michael Schaefer, Michael
VP, Production
The Weinstein Company
Schaefer, Terry Schaefer, Terry
Saks Fifth Avenue
Schaeffer, Heidi Schaeffer, Heidi
Schaer, Valerie Schaer, Valerie
Executive Vice President & CEO
Worldwide Pants Incorporated
Schafer, Nancy Schafer, Nancy
Tribeca Film Institute
Schafer, Nancy Schafer, Nancy
Executive Director
Tribeca Film Festival
Schafer, Nancy Schafer, Nancy
Corporate Executive, Festival Administrator, Producer
8750 Films
Schaffer, Lorraine Schaffer, Lorraine
Consultant, Producer
Schaffler, Rhonda Schaffler, Rhonda
Bloomberg News
Schafran, Lynn Schafran, Lynn
Director, National Judicial Education Program
Schait, Brenda Schait, Brenda
Freelance writer/producer
Schamus, James Schamus, James
Focus Features
Schapiro, Miriam Schapiro, Miriam
Art Department Coordinator
Scharfman, Sheila Scharfman, Sheila
Counselor/ Pres
Dumbo Mental Health Counseling
scharping, susanne scharping, susanne
Editor: Film/Video, Titles, Video Graphics
Schatz, Amy Schatz, Amy
Director, Producer
Schatz, Randi Schatz, Randi
Corporate Executive, Marketing Executive, Sales
Schatzer, Leslie Schatzer, Leslie
Classic Resdience by Hyatt
Schauder, Till Schauder, Till
Partner Pictures
Schaum, Michael Schaum, Michael
Lic. Real Estate Broker
Royal Slope Realty, Inc.
Schechter, Betsy Schechter, Betsy
Four Seasons Productions
Schechtman, Evan Schechtman, Evan
Outpost Digital
Schecter, Ellen Schecter, Ellen
Consultant, Producer, Writer
Schecter, Susie Schecter, Susie
Back to Ideal Beach
Scheer, Jollaine Scheer, Jollaine
Actor, Writer
Scheer, Peter Scheer, Peter
Cinematographer, Director, Producer
Pilotlight Films, Inc.
Schein, Elissa Schein, Elissa
Director of Public Programs
Museum of Jewish Heritage
Scheinman, Catherine Scheinman, Catherine
Executive Producer, Film/Television Commissioner, Television Executive
Schell, Alden Schell, Alden
Associate Producer, Marketing Executive
Schell, Connor Schell, Connor
Executive Producer
ESPN Films
Schelp, Michael Schelp, Michael
Manager, Business Development
Fujisankei Communications Int'l, Inc.
Schenck, Sarah Schenck, Sarah
Director, Producer, Writer
Fresh Films
Schenk, Sabine Schenk, Sabine
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Schenk Productions, Inc.
Scher, Adam Scher, Adam
Art Director
Scher, Avra Scher, Avra
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Writer
Scherer, Larry Scherer, Larry
SAG member
Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein
Scherl, Nancy Scherl, Nancy
Nancy Scherl Photography
Schewel, Amy Schewel, Amy
Development Executive, Producer, Researcher
Schibani, Nicholas Schibani, Nicholas
Schieman, Arnold Schieman, Arnold
Restoration House Film Group
Schierholz, Peg Schierholz, Peg
Hair Stylist Department Head
Schietinger, T. Carl Schietinger, T. Carl
executive and sales
TCS/Technological Cinevideo Services, Inc.
Schiff, Beth Schiff, Beth
Casting Director, Talent Coordinator
You Choose Creative
Schiffer Zucker, Holly Schiffer Zucker, Holly
VP of Post Production
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Schiffer, Julanne Schiffer, Julanne
SVP, Client Partnerships, Media and Entertainment Insights
Schiffman, Keren Schiffman, Keren
Executive Producer, Producer
Pumba Productions LLC
Schiffman, Keren Schiffman, Keren
Pumba Productions LLC
Schildhause, Chloe Schildhause, Chloe
Film Editor
The Rumpus
Schiller, Greta Schiller, Greta
Jezebel Productions
Schiller, Marc Schiller, Marc
BOND Strategy and Influence
Schiller, Marc Schiller, Marc
Bond 360
Schimke, Joan Schimke, Joan
Director, Writer
Schindelheim, Ramona Schindelheim, Ramona
Our Little Film Company
Schindler, Aaron Schindler, Aaron
Financial Representative
Wealth Advisory Group LLC
Schindler, Deborah Schindler, Deborah
Schioler, Charlotte Schioler, Charlotte
Actopus Inc.
Schlager, Ken Schlager, Ken
Schlecht, Matt Schlecht, Matt
Editor in Chief
New York Art Beat
Schleider, Linda Schleider, Linda
Immediate Media, Inc
Schleiff, Henry S. Schleiff, Henry S.
Viacom International Inc.
Schleifstein, Ellen Schleifstein, Ellen
Special Advisor - Legal Councel
Greenberg Traurig LLP
Schlicter, John Schlicter, John
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Schlieff, Henry Schlieff, Henry
Chairman and CEO
Court Television
Schloss, Gleen Schloss, Gleen
Composer/Sound Designer/Owner
Schluter-Ford, Michelle Schluter-Ford, Michelle
Video Graphics
Schmalz, George Schmalz, George
Director of Marketing anf Publicity
Oscilloscope Pictures
Schmid, Belinda Schmid, Belinda
Director, Producer, Writer
Delinquent Films LLC
Schmid, Susan Schmid, Susan
English Dept.
Pace University
Schmidt, Diana Schmidt, Diana
30 Rock
Schmidt, Judylynn Schmidt, Judylynn
Angel Wings NYC LLC
Schmidt, Mark Schmidt, Mark
A Camera Operator
Schmidt, Marty Schmidt, Marty
WNET Thirteen
Schmidt, Mary Beth Schmidt, Mary Beth
Keeble, Cavaco & Duka
Schmidt, Mechthild Schmidt, Mechthild
Animator, Educator, Titles
Digital Communications and Media
Schmidt, Michael Schmidt, Michael
Communications Strategist
VCU Brandcenter
Schmidt, Sally Schmidt, Sally
Executive Producer, Interactive Media, Music Supervisor
TMP Worldwide
Schmitt, Jerome Schmitt, Jerome
Building Communications Manager
Broadview Networks
Schmon, Daphne Schmon, Daphne
Cinematographer, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Seek Films
Schnedecker, Eric Schnedecker, Eric
Head of Sales and Acquisitions
UDI - Urban Distribution International
Schnee, Paul Schnee, Paul
Barden/Schnee Casting
Schnee, Sonia Louise Schnee, Sonia Louise
Editor: Film/Video
Sonia Louise Creations, LLC
Schneider, Andrew Schneider, Andrew
Co-Executive Producer/Writer
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Schneider, Ellen Schneider, Ellen
Executive Producer
P.O.V. - The American Documentary
Schneider, Helen Schneider, Helen
Production Executive
MiTerre Productions, Inc.
Schneider, Jacqueline Schneider, Jacqueline
Account Executive
Chesky Records
Schneider, Jill Schneider, Jill
Mu-nan Pictures
Schneider, Juliet Schneider, Juliet
Animation, Production Design
Iridium Productions
Schneider, Katherine Schneider, Katherine
Business Development
Schneider, Loretta Schneider, Loretta
President and CEO
Schneider, Stacy Schneider, Stacy
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Publicist
The Huffington Post
Schniebolk, Beth Schniebolk, Beth
Production Coordinator, Production Finance
Schniebolk, Stephanie R. Schniebolk, Stephanie R.
Director of Production
Schnipper, Margaret Schnipper, Margaret
Director, Producer, Writer
Schnitzler, Peter Schnitzler, Peter
Panavision New York
Schnitzler, Peter Schnitzler, Peter
Panavision New York
Schoenberg, Robert Schoenberg, Robert
The Tape House
Schoenbrun, Dan Schoenbrun, Dan
Communications and Programming Coordinator
Schoenbrun, Dan Schoenbrun, Dan
Film Partnerships Lead
Schoenfeld, Dana Schoenfeld, Dana
Development Executive, Producer, Writer
Writers Boot Camp
Schoenthaler, Linda Schoenthaler, Linda
Financial Decisions, Inc.
Costume Designer
Scholl, Roger Scholl, Roger
Schomburgh-Sam, Jacqueline Schomburgh-Sam, Jacqueline
Production Finance
Scholastic Entertainment
Schon, Joelle D. Schon, Joelle D.
c/o Living Books
Schon, Joelle D. Schon, Joelle D.
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor
c/o Living Books
Schoneveld, Anneke Schoneveld, Anneke
Director, Director of Photography, Writer
Schonfeld, Victor Schonfeld, Victor
SPI 1980 Ltd.
Schoonmaker, Thelma Schoonmaker, Thelma
Editor: Film/Video
TCS 2 Inc.
Schoonover, Jean Schoonover, Jean
Schor, Ed Schor, Ed
Viacom International Inc.
Schott, Tracy Schott, Tracy
Director, Producer, Writer
Schott Productions
Schrader, David Schrader, David
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive
Disney Teatrical Group
Schram, Jessica Schram, Jessica
Director, Comedy Central, Spike & Logo Standards & Practices
MTV Networks
Schramm, Nadine Schramm, Nadine
Production Services
Budd Enterprises, Ltd.
Schreiber, Catherine Schreiber, Catherine
Peter and the Star Catcher
Schreiber, Nancy Schreiber, Nancy
Schreyer, Maureen Schreyer, Maureen
Schrier Kafshi, Daniela Schrier Kafshi, Daniela
Schrier, Katherine Schrier, Katherine
Director of Actors Fund work program
The Actors Fund
Schroeder, Joseph Schroeder, Joseph
Marabella Productions
Schroeder, Liz Schroeder, Liz
Nonprofit Administrator
Advertising Women of NY
Schu, Marie Schu, Marie
Researcher, Writer
Schubert, Lisa Schubert, Lisa
Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation
Schuka, Dee Schuka, Dee
Production Finance
Trevanna Post
Schuler, Anna Schuler, Anna
McGraw Hill Financial
Schulhof, Annie Schulhof, Annie
Pipedream Productions, Inc.
schuller, catherine schuller, catherine
Schulman, Barry Schulman, Barry
V.P. Programming & Strategic Planning
A&E Television Networks
Schulman, Bob Schulman, Bob
Resourceful Associates
Schulman, Cathy Schulman, Cathy
Cathy Schulman Entertainment
Schulman, Nina Schulman, Nina
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Schulman, Susan Schulman, Susan
Susan Schulman Literary Agency, Inc.
Schulson, Susan Schulson, Susan
Executive Producer/Sales
The Cutting Vision
Schulster, Kim Schulster, Kim
Production manager
Schultz, Andrea Schultz, Andrea
Managing Director
Parasol Marketing
Schultz, Kristen Schultz, Kristen
c/o Joanne Roberts
Schultz, Marla Schultz, Marla
Mas Media Relations, Inc.
Schultz, Rebecca Schultz, Rebecca
Director of Development
Bay Area Video Coalition - bavc
Schulz, Frank Schulz, Frank
IATSE Local 52 / Motion Picture Studio Mechanics
Schulz, Susan Schulz, Susan
New York Women in Communications
Schulz, Susan Schulz, Susan
New York Women in Communications
Schumacher, Amy Schumacher, Amy
Assistant Producer
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Schumann, Patricia Schumann, Patricia
Head of Post Production
Numeric Pictures
Schumer, Charles Schumer, Charles
NY State Senate
Schur, Joshua Schur, Joshua
Park Avenue Creative
Schur, Kenneth Schur, Kenneth
Post-Production Services
Park Avenue Post, Inc.
Schure, Adrienne Schure, Adrienne
Interactive Media
Keys to Learning
Schurkamp, Richard Schurkamp, Richard
Costume Designer
Schwab, Amy Schwab, Amy
Marketing Executive, Producer, Still Photographer
Atlantic Video, Inc.
Schwab, Lori Schwab, Lori
2020 Perspectives.net
Schwadron, Patricia Schwadron, Patricia
Career Counselor Supervisor, AWP
The Actors Fund
Schwager, Istar Schwager, Istar
Creative Parents, Inc.
Schwalbenberg, Ann Schwalbenberg, Ann
Royal Bank of Canada
Schwally, John Schwally, John
JFS Films, LLC
Schwam, Gene Schwam, Gene
Hanson & Schwam PR
Schwartz, Adele Schwartz, Adele
Research Director
STARS for kidz, Inc.
Schwartz, Andy Schwartz, Andy
Associate Director
Sony Classical Music, A&R Administration
Schwartz, Bonnie Schwartz, Bonnie
Communications Manager
Lowel-Light Manufacturing, Inc.
Schwartz, David Schwartz, David
Museum of the Moving Image
Schwartz, Daylle Schwartz, Daylle
Project Self-Empowerment
Schwartz, Esq., Rose Schwartz, Esq., Rose
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C.
Schwartz, Evan Schwartz, Evan
Director of Storytelling
Schwartz, Gil Schwartz, Gil
Senior V.P. Corporate Communications
CBS Broadcasting Group
Schwartz, Howard Schwartz, Howard
Howard Schwartz Recording
Schwartz, Jenna Schwartz, Jenna
Schwartz, Jonathan Schwartz, Jonathan
Washington Square Films
Schwartz, Judson Schwartz, Judson
Post Supervisor
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Schwartz, Judy Schwartz, Judy
Service Manager
Empire Safe
Schwartz, Lacey Schwartz, Lacey
Attorney, Executive Producer, Producer
Truth Aid
Schwartz, Leslee Schwartz, Leslee
Financial Specialist
National Financial Network
Schwartz, Lisa Schwartz, Lisa
Television Executive
IFC Entertainment
Schwartz, Lyn Schwartz, Lyn
Fair Mirror
Schwartz, Lynda Schwartz, Lynda
Makeup Artist
Schwartz, Pamela Schwartz, Pamela
New York Law School
Schwartz, Randy Schwartz, Randy
Camera Assistant
Schwartz, Richard Schwartz, Richard
Richard Schwartz Corporation
Schwartz, Robbin Schwartz, Robbin
RCS Consulting
Schwartz, Stephanie Schwartz, Stephanie
Self employed actor
Schwartzman, Karen Schwartzman, Karen
Director, Strategic Marketing & Special Issues
Schwartzman, Karen Schwartzman, Karen
Creative Axis International
Schwartzman, Nancy Schwartzman, Nancy
The Line Pictures
Schwartzreich, Lauren Schwartzreich, Lauren
Outten & Golden
Schwarz, Sarah Schwarz, Sarah
FilmAid International
Schwarzkopf, Tommy Schwarzkopf, Tommy
Schwarzman, Jori Schwarzman, Jori
Schwarzman, Teddy Schwarzman, Teddy
Founder/ Principal
Black Bear Pictures
Schweitzer, Adam Schweitzer, Adam
Talent Agent-Motion Pictures
ICM/ International Creative Management
Schweitzer, Arthur Schweitzer, Arthur
Senior Vice President, Television, MILIA & US Operations
Reed Midem
Schweitzer, Jenny Schweitzer, Jenny
Notable Features
Schweitzer, Jenny Schweitzer, Jenny
Notable Features
Schwimmer, Alexandra Schwimmer, Alexandra
Water Tower Productions
Schwindeman, Marian Schwindeman, Marian
Sr. Vice President of Global Marketing
Ralph Lauren
Schwindeman, Marion Schwindeman, Marion
Marketing Director
Entertainment Weekly
Sciancalepore, Maryann Sciancalepore, Maryann
Production Services
Sciarra, Jennifer Sciarra, Jennifer
Actor, Casting Associate, Producer
FoxDog Films
Scibarassi, Vincent Scibarassi, Vincent
General Manager
Milford Plaza, 3rd Floor
Scibona, Meghan Scibona, Meghan
Actor, Director, Producer
Small Media Extra Large, LLC
Sciretta, Peter Sciretta, Peter
Sclafani, Margaret Sclafani, Margaret
Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Sclatani, Dito Sclatani, Dito
Vasco Accounting
Scochemaro, Nick Scochemaro, Nick
Scofield, Emilia Scofield, Emilia
Design Assistant
Scofield, Karen Scofield, Karen
Scofield, Pamela Scofield, Pamela
Costume Designer
Scola, Lindsay Scola, Lindsay
Office of film, Theatre and Broadcasting
The City of New York Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment
Scolaro, Jesse Scolaro, Jesse
The 7th Floor
Scordamaglia, Elizabeth Scordamaglia, Elizabeth
Associate Producer
Make Believe Productions
Score, Robert Score, Robert
Recording-Corresponding Secretary
Local One IATSE
Scorsese, Catherine Scorsese, Catherine
Property Shopper
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Scorsese, Martin Scorsese, Martin
Executive Producer
c/o Sikelia Productions
Scorsese, Martin Scorsese, Martin
Executive Producer
Sikelia Productions
Scotland, Cirse Scotland, Cirse
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services
Broadway Video Inc.
Scotland, Shanida Scotland, Shanida
BBC Storyville
Scotolati, Gina Scotolati, Gina
Marketing Executive
MediaMark Spotlight, Inc.
Scotolati, Gina Scotolati, Gina
Media Mark Spotlight, Inc
Scott, A.O Scott, A.O
Film critic
The New York Times
Scott, Deborah Scott, Deborah
costume designer
London Calling
Scott, Jeremy Scott, Jeremy
Facility Manager
Goldcrest Post Production
Scott, Joan Scott, Joan
Joan Scott Management LLC
Scott, Josiah Scott, Josiah
Janney Montgomery Scott
Scott, Kelly Scott, Kelly
Spirit Led Films
Scott, Lauren Scott, Lauren
Newsletter Editor
League of Prof'l Theatre Women
Scott, Ralph Scott, Ralph
Independent Film Promoter
Social Cinema
Scott, Rochelle Scott, Rochelle
ipp Infinite Portal Productions
Scott, Rochelle Scott, Rochelle
Studio Manager/Director
Ramscale Productions, Inc.
Scott, Shirley Scott, Shirley
Dean of Student Affairs
Hunter College
Scott, Stephanie Scott, Stephanie
Consultant, Educator
scott, terry scott, terry
Associate Producer, Fundraising/Development, Production Services
Scott, Tracey Scott, Tracey
Administrator, Human Resources
A&E Television Networks
Scott-Perkins, Olivia Scott-Perkins, Olivia
Founder & Principal Consultant
Omerge Alliances
Scott-Perkins, Olivia Scott-Perkins, Olivia
Omerge Alliances
Scotti, Lawrence Scotti, Lawrence
JC Studios LLC
Scotti, Louise Scotti, Louise
Actor, Writer
Korine Venture Group
Scotto, Annmarie Scotto, Annmarie
VP Public Relations
Scotto, Rosanne Scotto, Rosanne
WNYW Fox- 5
Scoufaras, Sophie Scoufaras, Sophie
Editor: Film/Video
Food Network
Scranton, Annie Scranton, Annie
Associate Producer
Scrimenti, Salvatore Scrimenti, Salvatore
Program Officer
Scroop, Catherine Scroop, Catherine
Creative Maven
Pixink Design
Scully, Barbara Scully, Barbara
Elle Magazine
Scully, Erin Scully, Erin
SVP, Music
Warner Bros.
Scupp, Samantha Scupp, Samantha
Content Manager
Sealy, Camelia Sealy, Camelia
Make Up Artist
Sealy, Sasie Sealy, Sasie
Seaman, David Seaman, David
Entertainment Underwriter
Chubb & Son, Inc.
Sears, Debra Sears, Debra
Producer, Actor
Women in Film and Video Vancouver
Sears, Helen Sears, Helen
Council Member
Seavey, Ava Seavey, Ava
Executive Producer, Writer
Avalanche Creative Services, Inc.
Seavey, Nina Seavey, Nina
The Documentary Center
Sebastian-O'Brien, Lupita Sebastian-O'Brien, Lupita
Director, Production Coordinator, Writer
Triune Productions
Sebek, Anezka Sebek, Anezka
Director, Educator
Risa Entertainment
Sebring-Forman, Barbara Sebring-Forman, Barbara
Casting Associate, Choreographer, Composer
Dollface LLC
Sedgwick, Gabriel Sedgwick, Gabriel
Head of Production
Hard Working Movies
Sedita, Scott Sedita, Scott
Frontier Booking International
Sedman, David Sedman, David
Southern Methodist University
See, Joan See, Joan
Artistic Director
Three of Us Studios
Seeger, Beverly Seeger, Beverly
Interactive Media, Post-Production Services, Production Executive
Today Video, Inc.
Seeman, Marsha Seeman, Marsha
Writers Guild of America East
Seeman, Tanya Seeman, Tanya
Costume Designer, Set Decorator, Wardrobe
Seery, Mary Kay Seery, Mary Kay
Vogue Magazine
Sefakis, John Sefakis, John
Series Coordinator
Sefferman, Liza Sefferman, Liza
IDP Distribution
Segal, Gail Segal, Gail
Assistant Arts Professor
New York University
Segal, George Segal, George
c/o Starr
Segal, Max Segal, Max
HBO Archives
Segal, Yamin Segal, Yamin
The East Willy B Team
Segal, Yasmin Segal, Yasmin
The East Willy B Team
Segall, Lynne Segall, Lynne
Associate Publisher
Hollywood Reporter
Segarra, Beth Segarra, Beth
Television Executive
A&E Television Networks
Sehring, David Sehring, David
American Movie Classics
Sehring, Jonathan Sehring, Jonathan
IFC Entertainment
Sehring, Jonathan Sehring, Jonathan
IFC Entertainment
Sehring, Jonathon Sehring, Jonathon
IFC Films
Seidal, Lisa Seidal, Lisa
Avid Technology, Inc.
Seidel, Dena Seidel, Dena
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Seidel, Lorraine Seidel, Lorraine
Local 100
Seidelman, Susan Seidelman, Susan
Seiden, Elyse Seiden, Elyse
Kevin Smith's Smodcast Pictures
Seidenberg, Ivan Seidenberg, Ivan
Bell Atlantic
Seidenberg, Robert Seidenberg, Robert
Law Office of Robert A. Seidenberg
Seidman, Barry Seidman, Barry
Barry Seidman
Seidon, Robin Seidon, Robin
Coordinating Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Seifan, Galit Seifan, Galit
Sockeye Media
Seig, Matthew Seig, Matthew
Director of Programming
Pioneer Theater
Seigel, Josh Seigel, Josh
Film Curator
Museum of Modern Art
Seigel, Robert Seigel, Robert
Attorney, Consultant
Law Office of Robert L. Seigel
Seil, Judy Seil, Judy
Senior Economic Development Specialist
Monroe County Department of Planning and Development
Seiler, Cindy Seiler, Cindy
Sekita, Hidenori Sekita, Hidenori
Sekulovic, Dusan Sekulovic, Dusan
Producer/New Media
De Plano Group
Sekulovic, Dusan Sekulovic, Dusan
Producer/New Media
De Plano Group
Selby, Margaret Selby, Margaret
Director, Producer
Fireworks Entertainment
Seldes, Marion Seldes, Marion
c/o Promenade Theater
Seleck, Melisse Seleck, Melisse
Director, Producer, Writer
Selig, Bertelle Selig, Bertelle
Business Affairs Executive, Executive Producer, Producer
Selig, Roni Selig, Roni
Executive Producer
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
Selig, Susan Selig, Susan
Marketing Executive
Selig, Susan Selig, Susan
Communications Specialist
Seligman, Marvin Seligman, Marvin
Lowel Light Manufacturing
Seligman, Roberta Seligman, Roberta
Roberta Seligman Company
Sellars, Stephanie Sellars, Stephanie
Actor, Director, Writer
Immortality Productions
Sellars, Stephanie Sellars, Stephanie
Artistic Director
Immortality Productions
Sellers, Pat Sellers, Pat
Sellin, Allison Sellin, Allison
Deloitte & Touche
Seltz, Ellen Seltz, Ellen
Actor, Writer
Selwitz, Lisa Selwitz, Lisa
Art Director, Creative Director
Selz, Thomas Selz, Thomas
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein and Selz
Selz, Tom Selz, Tom
Frankfurt Kurnit
Semel, Matthew Semel, Matthew
Cowboy Bear Ninja
Semel, Mitch Semel, Mitch
Senior VP, Programming
Comedy Central
Semel, Terry Semel, Terry
President & CEO
Warner Bros. Inc.
Semmes, Anne Semmes, Anne
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Wingfield Productions
Semmunegus, Teresa Semmunegus, Teresa
Producer, Production Manager, Researcher
Semone, Gigi Semone, Gigi
VP, East Coast Publicity
Columbia Pictures
Sen, Rinku Sen, Rinku
Executive Director
Applied Research Center
Senat, Nate Senat, Nate
Sengupta, Somini Sengupta, Somini
The New York Times
Sengupta, Subir Sengupta, Subir
Chair Communication & Asst Dean
Marist College School of Communication and the Arts
Senk, Susan Senk, Susan
Consultant, Publicist
Susan Senk Public Relations
Senti, Bryan Senti, Bryan
Found Objects Music Productions
Seol, Keren Seol, Keren
Line Producer, Producer, Production Coordinator
Dream Rush Productions, Inc.
Seoprasad, Naresh Seoprasad, Naresh
Eclectic/Encore Properties, Inc.
Serabian-Arthur, Zara Serabian-Arthur, Zara
Manager of TV High
DCTV New York
Serafin, Steven B. Serafin, Steven B.
Senior Property Casualty Risk Engineer, New Jersey Loss Control
Chubb Insurance
Serafini, Dom Serafini, Dom
Movie/Video Age International
Serbrey, Pete Serbrey, Pete
USA Network/Sci-Fi Channel
Sergio, Michael Sergio, Michael
Serluca, Rosemary Serluca, Rosemary
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Writer
Rosedove Productions
Sermoneta, Susan Sermoneta, Susan
Serpa, Mindy Serpa, Mindy
American Museum of the Moving Image
Serper, Noelle Serper, Noelle
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
Serphos, Abbe Serphos, Abbe
Director, Public Relations
The New York Times Company
Serra, Letty Serra, Letty
Actor, Union/Guild Staff
Serra, M.M. Serra, M.M.
Executive Director
New American Cinema Group/Film-Makers' Cooperative
Serrano, Jose Serrano, Jose
Serrano, Tutti Serrano, Tutti
Make up artist
Serrao, Christine Serrao, Christine
Marketing Executive
Mac Cosmetics
Serure, Pamela Serure, Pamela
Nonprofit Administrator
Heart On
Service, Customer Service, Customer
Setbon, Julie Setbon, Julie
Interpreter, Narrator/Voice-Over, Post-Production Services
iProbe Multilingual Solutions
Setlow, Marcie Setlow, Marcie
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive
Setlow Media Inc.
Sevener, Kent Sevener, Kent
SVP, Film Acquisitions, East Coast
Showtime Networks
Sevier, Laura Sevier, Laura
Entertainment Clearance Inc.
Sevier, Viviann Sevier, Viviann
Makeup Artist
Sewall, Yvonne Sewall, Yvonne
Director, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Seward, Erika Seward, Erika
Marketing Executive, Programming
ESPN, Inc.
Seward, Zach Seward, Zach
Senior Editor
Sewell, Amy Sewell, Amy
Sewell, Leslie Sewell, Leslie
Executive Producer
History Project Productions
Sewell, Susan Sewell, Susan
ABC, Inc.
Sewrey, Laura Sewrey, Laura
Costume Designer
Seybert, Harold Seybert, Harold
Seybold, Liza Seybold, Liza
Seymour, Lesley Seymour, Lesley
Shabazz, Rashid Shabazz, Rashid
Campaign for Black Male Achievement (OSI)
Shabelewska, Silas Shabelewska, Silas
Director, Still Photographer, Writer
Anima Mundi Films, Inc
Shabi, Mojisola Shabi, Mojisola
Director, Producer
Shadwick, Emogene Shadwick, Emogene
Distributor, Sales
Warner Bros. Pictures
Shaer, Marc Shaer, Marc
Gotham Artists
Shaffer, Deborah Shaffer, Deborah
Director, Producer
Shafi, Rubina Shafi, Rubina
rubinaland productions
Shafrir, Doree Shafrir, Doree
Executive Editor
Shah, Amit Shah, Amit
Senior Vice President, Online, Mobile & Social
1800Flowers Inc.
Shah, Effie Shah, Effie
Cinema Manager
BAM - Rose Cinemas
Shah, H.R. Shah, H.R.
Shah, Hakimah Shah, Hakimah
Shah, Sejal Shah, Sejal
Actor, Choreographer
Shahar, Guy Shahar, Guy
Director, Producer, Writer
Priority Films
Shahbazian, Pouya Shahbazian, Pouya
Fineprint Productions
Shahinfar, Jason Shahinfar, Jason
Shahinian, Sharon Shahinian, Sharon
Stable Films
Shahul, Yunus Shahul, Yunus
Studio Five Pictures
Shaife, Caroline Shaife, Caroline
c/o Woo Art
Shain, Rachel Shain, Rachel
Syfy Channel
shainberg, abe shainberg, abe
cohort productions inc.
Shakoor, Holly Shakoor, Holly
Shalit, Gene Shalit, Gene
The Today Show-NBC
Shalit, Shira-Lee Shalit, Shira-Lee
Director, Writer
Shalofsky, Stephanie Shalofsky, Stephanie
Marketing Executive, Production Executive
The Organizing Zone, Inc.
Shames, Jeff Shames, Jeff
Producer, Writer
Shames, Nancy Shames, Nancy
Executive Producer, Post-Production Services
Crew Cuts Film & Tape, Inc.
Shandle, Lori Shandle, Lori
Comedy Writer
Shandolow-Hassell, Annette Shandolow-Hassell, Annette
TBA Office Support Services
Shane, Robin Shane, Robin
Costume Designer
Shange, Thandekile Shange, Thandekile
School Support Team
UFT Teacher Center
Shani, Hila Shani, Hila
Actor, Producer, Script Supervisor
O.N.Y.O Literary & Talent Management
Shanks, Priscilla Shanks, Priscilla
Public Speaker
PsPublic Speaking
Shanley, Claire Shanley, Claire
Post-Production Services, Technical Director
Shanley, Claire Shanley, Claire
Shanley, Laura Shanley, Laura
Ernst & Young
Shannon, Dorothy Shannon, Dorothy
Premier Client Service Officer
Shannon, Elizabeth Shannon, Elizabeth
Production Finance, Production Manager, Television Executive
Shannon, Mary Anne Shannon, Mary Anne
Associate Producer
Shannon, Scott Shannon, Scott
WPLJ-FM/95.5 Radio
Shante, Ashley Shante, Ashley
Dear Diary Productions
Shapiro, Adam Shapiro, Adam
National Sales Manager
Shapiro, Alec Shapiro, Alec
Marketing Manager
Panasonic Broadcast & TV Systems Co.
Shapiro, Amy Shapiro, Amy
Acquisitions, Consultant, Programming
Compo Digital Group
Shapiro, Anita Shapiro, Anita
Shapiro, Barbara Shapiro, Barbara
Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs
DLT Entertainment, Ltd.
Shapiro, Barry Shapiro, Barry
Herman & Lipson Casting, Inc.
Shapiro, Diana Shapiro, Diana
Actor, Writer
Shapiro, Evan Shapiro, Evan
EVP and General Manager
Shapiro, Felicia Shapiro, Felicia
Shapiro Marketing
Shapiro, Felicia Shapiro, Felicia
Shapiro Marketing
Shapiro, Janet Shapiro, Janet
Associate Director, Editor: Film/Video
Brandenburg Productions, Inc.
Shapiro, Judith Shapiro, Judith
Professor Emerita, Anthropology
Barnard College
Shapiro, Karen Shapiro, Karen
New York Bureau Chief
Entertainment Tonight
shapiro, karen shapiro, karen
Sibling Rivalry Entertainment, Inc.
shapiro, ronnie shapiro, ronnie
Cardinal Communications
Sharee, Melanie Sharee, Melanie
Festival Director
American Black Film Festival
Sharenow, Robert Sharenow, Robert
SVP, Nonfiction & Alternative Programming
A&E IndieFilms
Sharf, Monica Sharf, Monica
Director, Producer
Sharif, Rauthan Sharif, Rauthan
Broadway Video Entertainment
Sharis, Stephanie Sharis, Stephanie
Sharis, Stephanie Sharis, Stephanie
Corporate Executive
SnagFilms Inc.
Sharma, Payal Sharma, Payal
Director of Events
Pranna Restaurant
Sharnoff, Daniel Sharnoff, Daniel
Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Sharp, Jennifer Sharp, Jennifer
World Media Entertainment
Sharp, Jim Sharp, Jim
Comedy Central
Sharpe, Jennifer Sharpe, Jennifer
Shaughnessy, Moira Shaughnessy, Moira
Shaver, Helen Shaver, Helen
c/o Gersh
Shaver, Judson Shaver, Judson
Marymount Manhattan College
Shaw, Adriana Shaw, Adriana
Curator, Distributor
Shaw, Adriana Shaw, Adriana
Shaw, Bob Shaw, Bob
Production Designer
Shaw, Elivia Shaw, Elivia
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator
Al Jazeera English
Shaw, Janet Shaw, Janet
Reach Networks
Shaw, Jenn Shaw, Jenn
Shaw, Jennifer Shaw, Jennifer
Production Manager
Jnine Media
Shaw, Kay Shaw, Kay
Director of Strategic Partnerships
National Black Programming Consortium
Shaw, Kay Shaw, Kay
Director, Public Media Corps
Shaw, Lisa Shaw, Lisa
Educational Specialist for Deaf/ Hard of Hearing Students aka TOD/HH
Monroe 1 BOCES Deaf/ASL Education Department
Shaw, Pamela Shaw, Pamela
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Shaw, Stephanie Shaw, Stephanie
VP, Human Resources
Petry Media Corporation
Shaw, Tara Shaw, Tara
OPEN Globe
Shaw-Olson, Mary Shaw-Olson, Mary
Org & Tilda
Shay, Wendy Shay, Wendy
Smithsonian Institute
Shaye, Robert Shaye, Robert
New Line Cinema/ Picturehouse
Shayne, Stephanie Shayne, Stephanie
Executive Producer
Bond Edit
Shayne, Stephanie Shayne, Stephanie
VP Development/Exec Producer
Shayne, William Shayne, William
Shayne Law Group, P.C.
Shea, John Shea, John
Shea, Susan Shea, Susan
director's assistant
HCD Media Group
Sheahan, Christine Sheahan, Christine
Networking Newspaper for Women
Shealy, Vanessa Shealy, Vanessa
Actor, Casting Associate, Writer
Shear, Dan Shear, Dan
WME Entertainment
Shearing, Leslie Shearing, Leslie
Director, Producer, Writer
Shechter, Therese Shechter, Therese
Director, Producer, Writer
Trixie Films
shechtman, rachel shechtman, rachel
Cube Ventures
Sheedy, Charlotte Sheedy, Charlotte
Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency, Inc.
Sheehan, Brian Sheehan, Brian
Assistant Marketing Manager
Sheehan, Kelly Sheehan, Kelly
Executive Producer
Rainlake Media
Sheehan, Richard Sheehan, Richard
Corporate Executive
East West Bank Entertainment & Media
Sheehy, Gail Sheehy, Gail
Author, Journalist
Vanity Fair Magazine
Sheehy, Matthew Sheehy, Matthew
Dance Notation Bureau
Sheiffele, Rob Sheiffele, Rob
E! Entertainment Television
Shein, Elizabeth Shein, Elizabeth
Costume Designer
Sheinman, Heidi Sheinman, Heidi
Account Executive
Tiffany & Co.
Shekter, Kathy Shekter, Kathy
Director, Casting Contract Adminstration
Warner Bros.
Sheldon, Amy Sheldon, Amy
Executive Producer
Sheldon, Amy Sheldon, Amy
Executive Producer/Partner
Pollen Music Group
Sheldon, Elizabeth Sheldon, Elizabeth
Acquisitions, Agent, Producer
Sheldon, Elizabeth Sheldon, Elizabeth
VP Acquisitions and Business Development
Kino Lorber
Sheldon, Karan Sheldon, Karan
Northeast Historic Film
Shelley, Dana Shelley, Dana
Director, Public Affairs/BLACK ENTERPRISE
Shelley, Karen Shelley, Karen
The College Board
Shelley, Teresa Shelley, Teresa
Agent, Consultant, Writer
Shellooe, Stephen Shellooe, Stephen
Camera Scenic
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Shelton, Elizabeth Shelton, Elizabeth
Costume Designer
Shelton, Marla Shelton, Marla
Consultant, Development Executive, Producer
Zeuxis Films LLC
Shemtoob, Dariush Shemtoob, Dariush
Transit wireless
Shen, Maxine Shen, Maxine
Syfy Channel
Shenfield, Lauren Shenfield, Lauren
Philanthropy Advisors, LLC
Sheng, Ada Sheng, Ada
Producer/ Reporter
The Chinese New Yorker
Sheng, Ada Sheng, Ada
President/ Producer
Sheng Productions
Shepard, Daniel Shepard, Daniel
Woodland View Productions
Shepard, Jane Shepard, Jane
Horse Films
Shepard, Richard Shepard, Richard
New York Times
Shepard, Sarah Shepard, Sarah
Start Media
Shepardson, Dia Shepardson, Dia
Actor, Director, Producer
Shepherd, Cherrie Shepherd, Cherrie
Director, Producer
Cherrie Shepherd Media & Entertainment
Shepherd, Cybill Shepherd, Cybill
Actor, Director
Shepherd, E. Donna Shepherd, E. Donna
Consultant, Editor: Film/Video
Milo/Grace Media
Shepherd, Heather Shepherd, Heather
Actor, Director
Fox Studios, Paramount
Shepherd, Meredith Shepherd, Meredith
Mgr. of Human Resources
Comedy Central
Shepherd, Valerie Shepherd, Valerie
Producer, Writer
Sheppard, Elena Sheppard, Elena
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Sheppard, J. Stephen Sheppard, J. Stephen
Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard LLP
Sheppard, J. Stephen Sheppard, J. Stephen
Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLP
Sheppard, Liz Sheppard, Liz
Sr. VP Marketing
Hallmark Entertainment/RHI
Sheppard, Sandra Sheppard, Sandra
Development Executive, Producer, Production Executive
Sheppard, Susan Sheppard, Susan
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive
DC Enterrtainment/Warner Bros.
Sheppard, Susan Sheppard, Susan
Senior Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs
Sonar Entertainment
Sherer, Betsy Sherer, Betsy
Shereshewsky, Jerry Shereshewsky, Jerry
Sheridan, Daisy Sheridan, Daisy
Kaufman Management
Sheridan, Jim Sheridan, Jim
Fox Searchlight Pictures - "In America"
Sheridan, Joan Sheridan, Joan
Group Publisher
Working Mother Media
Sherin, Ed Sherin, Ed
Executive Producer/Director
Law & Order Productions
Sherman, Caitlin Sherman, Caitlin
Acquisitions, Coordinator
E1 Entertainment U.S.
Sherman, Cindy Sherman, Cindy
c/o Metro Pictures Gallery
Sherman, Esq., Paul Sherman, Esq., Paul
Pryor, Cashman, Sherman & Flynn
Sherman, Esther Sherman, Esther
William Morris Agency, Inc.
Sherman, Joanna Sherman, Joanna
Artistic Director
Bond Street Theatre
Sherman, Keith Sherman, Keith
Keith Sherman & Associates
Sherman, Ken Sherman, Ken
Film and Media Coordinator
The Partnership for Jewish Life
Sherman, Lisa Sherman, Lisa
Senior Vice President
Sherr, Jessica Sherr, Jessica
Actor, Writer
Sherr, Lynn Sherr, Lynn
Author, Journalist
Outside the Box
Sherr, Sande Sherr, Sande
Actor, Educator, Narrator/Voice-Over
Sherrer, Tricia Sherrer, Tricia
Comedy Central
Sherry, Ellen Sherry, Ellen
Retiring Agnes
Sherry, Gemma Sherry, Gemma
Director of Music Licensing
Freeplay Music LLC
Sherwood, Claudia Sherwood, Claudia
Director, Producer
Sherwood, Roxanna Sherwood, Roxanna
Sheshmukhanova, Anar Sheshmukhanova, Anar
Consultant, Office of Fraction
Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Sheskin, Emily Sheskin, Emily
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Shevach, Julie Shevach, Julie
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Production Supervisor
Trollback & Company
Shia, Jean Shia, Jean
Hamilton, Rabinovitz & Alschuler, Inc.
Shiah, Lizzy Shiah, Lizzy
Lizzy Shiah
Shieh, Aimee Shieh, Aimee
Development Executive, Producer
Paramount Pictures
Shiel, Karin Shiel, Karin
Executive Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Shields, Allie Shields, Allie
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Shields, Allyson Shields, Allyson
Actor, Executive Producer, Production Manager
Shields, Laurita Shields, Laurita
Costume Designer
Shields, Margaret Shields, Margaret
Director of Scholarships
Hofstra University
Shields, Ruth Shields, Ruth
Shields, Van Shields, Van
Director of Support Services
American Museum of the Moving Image
Shigekawa, Joan Shigekawa, Joan
Associate Director
Rockerfeller Foundation
Shilling, Mary Kaye Shilling, Mary Kaye
Entertainment Weekly
Shin, Pat Shin, Pat
Screen Gems
Shipley, Walter Shipley, Walter
Chief Executive Officer
The Chase Manhattan Bank NA
Shipman, Susan Shipman, Susan
Shipp, Lynne Shipp, Lynne
Shipprack, Arnette Shipprack, Arnette
Focus Magazine
Shipsides, Andrew Shipsides, Andrew
Abel Cine Tech
Shire, Emily Shire, Emily
The Daily Beast
Shire, Esq., Lawrence Shire, Esq., Lawrence
Grubman, Indursky & Schindler, P.C.
Shire, Larry Shire, Larry
Grubman, Indursky & Schindler, P.C.
Shirkhan, Naghmeh Shirkhan, Naghmeh
Shivdasani, Aroon Shivdasani, Aroon
Casting Director, Corporate Executive, Development Executive
Indo American Arts Council
Shivdasani, Aroon Shivdasani, Aroon
Executive/Artistic Director
Indo-American Arts Council
shnapek, sabina shnapek, sabina
Business Developer
Shockey, Erin Shockey, Erin
Shoemaker, Jonathan Shoemaker, Jonathan
Centre Street
Shoemaker, Mike Shoemaker, Mike
Saturday Night Live
Shome, Debika Shome, Debika
Deputy Director
The Harmony Institute
Shome, Debika Shome, Debika
Deputy Director
The Harmony Institute
Shonz, Eric Shonz, Eric
AON/Albert Ruben
Shook, Lizzie Shook, Lizzie
Shopmaker, Susan Shopmaker, Susan
Casting Director
Susan Shopmaker Casting
Shore, Jeffrey Shore, Jeffrey
McGuffin Filmworks, Inc.
Shores, C ecily Shores, C ecily
Sr. Marketing Coordinator
Morrison & Forester LLP
Short, Thomas Short, Thomas
Shortt, Lauren Shortt, Lauren
Special Events
Shpak, Elena Shpak, Elena
Director, Writer
Fedotova Productions
Shreve, Leslie Shreve, Leslie
Actor, Make Up Artist, Narrator/Voice-Over
Circle Communications Group
Shreve, Lisa Shreve, Lisa
Lisa Shreve Productions
Shreve, Randy Shreve, Randy
Ogilvy & Mather
Shropshire, Tessa Shropshire, Tessa
USA Networks
Shuhmacher, Clara Shuhmacher, Clara
Serious Eats
Shukat, Jonathan Shukat, Jonathan
ShowKat Productions
Shukat, Jonathan Shukat, Jonathan
Shulman, Daniel Shulman, Daniel
Shulman, Stephen Shulman, Stephen
Shulman, Jacobson & Co.
Shulman-Cohen, Heidi Shulman-Cohen, Heidi
Shumaker, Nicholas Shumaker, Nicholas
Production and Acquisitions
Memento Films International/Paradise City
Shumny, Natasha Shumny, Natasha
Assistant Editor, Editor: Sound, Production Coordinator
Click 3X
Shure, Alice Shure, Alice
Amici Films
Shure, Carole Shure, Carole
Shutt, Buffy Shutt, Buffy
Shutt-Jones Productions
Shutt, Buffy Shutt, Buffy
EVP, Marketing
Participant Media
Shuttleworth, Thorpe Shuttleworth, Thorpe
EUE/Screen Gems
Shwer, Mikaela Shwer, Mikaela
Steeplechase Films
Sias, Rose Sias, Rose
Actor, Stunt Person/Coordinator
sibble, sam sibble, sam
The Film Sales Company
Siberell, Brian Siberell, Brian
Creative Artists Agency
Sicangco, Eduardo Sicangco, Eduardo
Costume Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Decorator
Siciliano, Rosemary Siciliano, Rosemary
Associate Producer, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
RS Communications and Media
Sidas, Zita J. Sidas, Zita J.
Assistant Director Broadcast Engineering
ABC TV Netowork
Sidawi, Sabine Sidawi, Sabine
Orjouane Productions
Sides, Patricia Sides, Patricia
Director, Producer, Writer
Patricia Sides Films (dba)
Siebel Newsom, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Jennifer
Producer, Miss Representation
Siegal, Peggy Siegal, Peggy
Peggy Siegal Company
Siegel, Fred Siegel, Fred
Fred Siegel, CPA
Siegel, Herb And Ann Siegel, Herb And Ann
Chris-Craft Industries
Siegel, Josh Siegel, Josh
Film Curator
MoMA - Museum of Modern Art
Siegel, Ku-Ling Siegel, Ku-Ling
Cinematographer, Director
Siegel, Laura Siegel, Laura
Agent, Consultant
Creative Entertainment Connections, LLC
Siegel, Lauryn Siegel, Lauryn
Flock of Siegel Productions
Siegel, Leah Siegel, Leah
NYU Library Video Production Center
Siegel, Lori Siegel, Lori
Executive Producer
Siegel, Robert Siegel, Robert
Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard
siegel, robin siegel, robin
Art Director, Educator, Video Graphics
Siegelbaum, Steven Siegelbaum, Steven
Columbia University
Siegler, Bill Siegler, Bill
Executive Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Sieling, Neil Sieling, Neil
Link TV
siemens, naomi siemens, naomi
columbia university
Sierra, Roman Sierra, Roman
Genepsis Media, LLC
Siess, Alice R. Siess, Alice R.
Blah, Blah, Blah...
Siff, Dawn Siff, Dawn
Executive Producer, Journalist, Marketing Executive
Siffert, John Siffert, John
Lankler, Siffert & Wohl
Sigal, David Sigal, David
Sigler, Jeanne Sigler, Jeanne
Fundraising/Development, Production Executive
Jeanne Sigler & Associates, Inc.
Signore, Nicole Signore, Nicole
Actor, Line Producer, Stunt Person/Coordinator
Siingh, Brahmanand Siingh, Brahmanand
Mobius Films
Sikes, Gini Sikes, Gini
Director, Producer, Writer
Sikiric, Inessa Sikiric, Inessa
East Coast Advertising Mngr
Warner Bros. Inc.
Silber, Glenn Silber, Glenn
ABC News
Silberman, Cori Silberman, Cori
Bandits Roost Entertainment
Silberman, Erica Silberman, Erica
DG Board Rep.
Silberman, Michael Silberman, Michael
IDP/Samuel Goldwyn Films
Silberman, Syrl A. Silberman, Syrl A.
Media Design
Silbert, Ryan Silbert, Ryan
PS Pictures
Silbert, Wendy Silbert, Wendy
Scott Waxman Agency
Silk, Marija Silk, Marija
Marketing & Distribution Manager
International Film Circuit
Sills-Levy, Ellen Sills-Levy, Ellen
President & CEO
Strategic Surveys International, Inc.
silva rodriguez, sara silva silva rodriguez, sara silva
director assistant
fundacion cine documental, colombia
Silva, Gail Silva, Gail
Advisor, Curator
Silva, Shayla Silva, Shayla
Clearview Chelsea Cinemas
Silver, Allison Silver, Allison
Corporate Executive
Silver, Barrett Silver, Barrett
Metropolitan Life
Silver, Catherine Silver, Catherine
Sales Director
Silver, Daniel Silver, Daniel
Director of Development
ESPN Films
Silver, Howard Silver, Howard
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
imaginary friend
Silver, Maria Silver, Maria
Executive in Charge of Production
Optomen Productions
Silver, Nikki Silver, Nikki
Executive Producer
On Screen Entertainment
Silver, Renee Silver, Renee
Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt llp
Silver, Sasha Silver, Sasha
ASsistant to Producer
Silver, Shelly Silver, Shelly
House Productions
Silver-Parker, Esther Silver-Parker, Esther
President/Corporate Affairs, VP for Northeast States
Silvera, Janine Silvera, Janine
Marie Claire Magazine
Silverberg, Miriam Silverberg, Miriam
Founder and President
Miriam Silverberg Associates
Silverfine, Debby Silverfine, Debby
Consultant, Fundraising/Development, Nonprofit Administrator
Silverling, Beth Silverling, Beth
Marketing & Public Relations
Silverman, Amanda Silverman, Amanda
Silverman, Amy Silverman, Amy
Camera Assistant
Silverman, Donald Silverman, Donald
Senior Researcher
Silverman Stock Footage
Silverman, Elinor Silverman, Elinor
Consultant, Marketing Executive, Publicist
Silverman, Joan Silverman, Joan
Attorney, Personal Manager, Talent Coordinator
Multi-Ethnic Talent
Silverman, Judy Silverman, Judy
IFC Entertainment
Silverman, Leon Silverman, Leon
Laser Edit
Silverman, Melissa Silverman, Melissa
Variety magazine
Silverman, Renee Silverman, Renee
Other Islands Films
Silverman, Renee Silverman, Renee
Silvernagel, Fern Silvernagel, Fern
Paragon Cable
Silvero, Alexandra Silvero, Alexandra
VIP Sharp Cleaning Service
Silverstein, Melissa Silverstein, Melissa
Consultant, Journalist, Writer
Silverstein, Pam Silverstein, Pam
Manager of Creative Affairs
Scholastic Entertainment Inc.
Silverstein, Rebecca Silverstein, Rebecca
MSN Entertainment
Silvestri, Melissa Silvestri, Melissa
Assistant Editor
Filmmaker Magazine
Silvey, Eric Silvey, Eric
Eric Silvey Entertainment
Simensky, Linda Simensky, Linda
VP Childrens Programming
PBS Kids
Simithraaratchy, Nicole Simithraaratchy, Nicole
Public Relations Manager
Simmons, Connie Simmons, Connie
Attorney, Writer
Simmons, Gail Simmons, Gail
Special Projects
Food & Wine Magazine
Simmons, Jae Je Simmons, Jae Je
NY Division Executive Director
Simmons, Jay Simmons, Jay
Film composer
Simmons, Kisshia Simmons, Kisshia
Simmons Grant, PLLC
Simmons, Nataya Simmons, Nataya
Project Coordiantor/ Associate Producer
iN Demand Networks
Simmons, Nina Simmons, Nina
Associate Director, Creative Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
Megillah Filmworks, LLC
Simmons, Rudd Simmons, Rudd
Executive Producer, Producer
simmons, sheila simmons, sheila
Actor, Director, Writer
'tis films,inc.
Simmons, Stacey Simmons, Stacey
Director of Marketing
Simmons, Sue Simmons, Sue
WNBC-TV News 4
Simon, Adair Simon, Adair
Simon, Alan Simon, Alan
Educator, Production Services
On Location Education
Simon, Andrea Simon, Andrea
Arcadia Pictures
Simon, Beth Simon, Beth
SVP, Sales
Ascent Media
Simon, Carrie Simon, Carrie
Ogilvy & Mather
Simon, Debra Simon, Debra
Sesame Workshop
Simon, Denise Simon, Denise
Story Analyst
Simon, Jenifer Simon, Jenifer
Thomas & Associates, Inc.
Simon, Jenille Simon, Jenille
Educator, Writer
Simon, Lisa Simon, Lisa
Director, Producer
simon-sez productions
Simon, Louise Simon, Louise
Executive Producer
Filmchicks, Inc.
Simon, Marc Simon, Marc
Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams Sheppard LLP
Simon, Michael Simon, Michael
Michael Simon Interiors, Inc.
Simon, Paul Simon, Paul
c/o Ian Hoblyn
Simon, Roger Simon, Roger
Elite Couriers
Simon, Terry Simon, Terry
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Simon, William Simon, William
Vice President
Korn/Ferry International
Simon, William Simon, William
Department of Cinema Studies
Simon-Kennedy, Ani Simon-Kennedy, Ani
Bicephaly Pictures
Simone, Mary Anne Simone, Mary Anne
Chief Operating Officer
MediaMark, Inc. Spotlight
Simone, Renata Simone, Renata
Director, Producer, Writer
Renata Simone Productions
Simonet, Lucy Simonet, Lucy
Festival Productions, Inc.
Simonetta, Lisa Simonetta, Lisa
Creative Director
The BASIC Agency
Simonetti, Kimberly Simonetti, Kimberly
Tiffany & Company
Simonetti, Vanessa Simonetti, Vanessa
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs
Simoz, Jason Simoz, Jason
Focus Films
Simpkins, Will Simpkins, Will
Program Director, Community & Diversity Initiatives
Barnard College/Columbia University
Simpson, Benjamin Simpson, Benjamin
Assistant to Senior Vice President
HBO Entertainment
Simpson, CJ Simpson, CJ
film & television art direction
Simpson, CJ Simpson, CJ
Art Director
Simpson, Ed Simpson, Ed
Head of Development
Leftfield Pictures
Simpson, Fay Simpson, Fay
Adelphia Communications
Simpson, Janice Simpson, Janice
Administrative Coordinator
Assoc. of Moving Image Archivists
Simpson, Sammy Simpson, Sammy
Vice President, Daily News Marketing
NY Daily News
Sims, Lowery Sims, Lowery
Executive Director
Sinanian, Ruth Sinanian, Ruth
Actor, Producer, Writer
Sinclair, Sandra Sinclair, Sandra
Longmoor Productions
Sinclair, Sherona Sinclair, Sherona
Crushed Rockets Motion Pictures
Sinco, Carmela Sinco, Carmela
Composer, Music Director, Musical Arranger
Sinelov, Denise Sinelov, Denise
Required Viewing
Singel, Jo Singel, Jo
Managing Partner
JLA Partners
Singer, Bennett Singer, Bennett
Question Why Films
Singer, Carla Singer, Carla
Producer, Writer
Carla Singer Productions
Singer, David Singer, David
Radio City Music Hall Productions, Inc.
Singer, Jacqueline Singer, Jacqueline
Marketing Executive
Singer, Lynn Singer, Lynn
Educator, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Lynn Singer Voiceworks
Singer, Matt Singer, Matt
News Editor, host of podcast Filmspotting
The Dissolve/Filmspotting
Singer, Ramona Singer, Ramona
Corporate Executive
RMS Fashions Inc.
Singleton, Kimberly Singleton, Kimberly
Sing Sing 2000 Entertainment
Singleton, Tammy Singleton, Tammy
4 Pawz
Sinha, Vaishali Sinha, Vaishali
Director, Producer
Sinkins, Morrie (A.K.A. Morag) Sinkins, Morrie (A.K.A. Morag)
Actor, Personal Manager, Writer
Sinsel, Douglas Sinsel, Douglas
Producer, Production Executive, Television Executive
Alliance International LLC, A Multi-Media Company
Sintay, Liz Sintay, Liz
ABC Good Morning America
Siracusano, Lou Siracusano, Lou
Chief Executive Officer
Manhattan Transfer/Edit Inc.
Sirianni, Francine Sirianni, Francine
Costume Designer
Sirianni, Richard Sirianni, Richard
Development Executive, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Mulberry Street Entertainment, LLC
Sirken, Alec Sirken, Alec
Producer 48 Hours
CBS/ 48 Hours
Sisley, Yoav Sisley, Yoav
Balls Vodka
Sisul, Beatrice Sisul, Beatrice
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Sita, Alexis Sita, Alexis
SitaRam, Cathy SitaRam, Cathy
Corporate Executive, Director
SitaRam Studios
Sithole, Linda Sithole, Linda
Actor, Writer
Sitja, Nuria Sitja, Nuria
Make Up Artist
Skaggs, Jonina Skaggs, Jonina
Skaggs Design and Advertising
Skakun, Michael Skakun, Michael
Writer, translator
Skalski, Mary Jane Skalski, Mary Jane
Fortissimo Film Sales
Skalski, Mary Jane Skalski, Mary Jane
Next Wednesday Productions
Skerry, Kathie Skerry, Kathie
Give Me My Remote
Skiles, Amy Skiles, Amy
SVP New Business
Phoenix Design Works
Skiles, Jackie Skiles, Jackie
J&M Consulting
Women in the Arts Foundation
Skinner, Gordon Skinner, Gordon
Exec. Producer/Director
Lost Innocents, LLC
Skinner, Gordon Skinner, Gordon
Executive Producer
Running Dialogue Communications
Skinner, Mary Skinner, Mary
Twice Blessed Productions
Skinner, Nora Skinner, Nora
Consulting Producer
Indian Paintbrush
Skinner, Shelley Skinner, Shelley
Associate Producer, Executive Producer, Producer
Sleepygirl Productions
Skipper, Andrea Skipper, Andrea
Sklar, Robert Sklar, Robert
Department of Cinema Studies
Sklar, Sharan Sklar, Sharan
Sklar Media
Sklar, Susie Sklar, Susie
Account Executive
Sklaren, Robyn Sklaren, Robyn
Sony Pictures Television
Sklias-Gahan, Jennifer Sklias-Gahan, Jennifer
self employed
Skoler, Elizabeth Skoler, Elizabeth
Corporate Executive, Production Finance
Skolnik, Michael Skolnik, Michael
Kicked Down Productions
Skoog, Susan Skoog, Susan
Director, Producer, Writer
Montclair State University
Skorka, Paula Skorka, Paula
Executive Producer, Production Executive
Solley Group
Sky, Charlotte Sky, Charlotte
Cinema Arts Centre
Skyrme, kimberly Skyrme, kimberly
Casting Director/ Producer/Designer
Skyrme, Kimberly Skyrme, Kimberly
Casting Director, Producer
Wonder Wheel Entertainment, Kimberly Skyrme Casting
Slack, Kevin Slack, Kevin
Extras Casting Assistant
Slade, Georgia Slade, Georgia
Production Services
Seftel Productions
Slan, Heidi Slan, Heidi
Slater, Amanda Slater, Amanda
Assistant Director, Producer
Slater, Bret Slater, Bret
Assistant to Executive Producer
Slater, Jane Slater, Jane
Senior Producer
Knit1Purl2 Films
Slater, Jenny Slater, Jenny
Director, Producer, Writer
Slater, Linda Slater, Linda
Camera Assistant
Slaughter, Neill Slaughter, Neill
Slavin, Janet Slavin, Janet
Slavin, Neil Slavin, Neil
Slavin/Schaffer Films, Inc.
Slavin, Richard Slavin, Richard
Arenson Office Furnishings
Slavin, Susan Slavin, Susan
Actor, Educator, Writer
Carnegie Hall
Slawinski, Kamila Slawinski, Kamila
Journalist, Nonprofit Administrator, Publicist
Slawson, Judith Slawson, Judith
c/o Tirlok Malik
Slayter, Morning Slayter, Morning
Director, Producer, Sound Recordist
Morning Slayter Fine Art
Slebonick, Sara Slebonick, Sara
Assistant to Steve Rogers
Sleed, Judith Sleed, Judith
The Play Is the Thing
Slesin, Aviva Slesin, Aviva
Aviva Films
Slesin, Louis Slesin, Louis
The Roy and Niuta Titus Foundation
Slewinski, Christy Slewinski, Christy
New York Daily News
Slife, Lara Slife, Lara
Actor, Producer
Livin' Large Productions LLC.
Director, Producer, Writer
Creedmoria Productions LLC
Sloan, Bill Sloan, Bill
Film Curator
The Museum of Modern Art, Film Dept.
Sloan, Leslie Sloan, Leslie
BWR Public Relations
Sloan, Nina Sloan, Nina
Assistant Director, Line Producer, Production Services
Sloan Media, LLC
Sloben, Christine Sloben, Christine
Post-Production Services, Producer
Slomba, Elizabeth Slomba, Elizabeth
University of New Hampshire, University Library, Milne Special Collection
Slomski, Jamie Slomski, Jamie
Creative Director/Partner
Bombastic, inc.
Sloss, Esq., John Sloss, Esq., John
Partner, Founder
Cinetic Media
Slotnick, Amy Slotnick, Amy
Slingshot Films
Slovin, Rochelle Slovin, Rochelle
Executive Director
Slowey, Anne Slowey, Anne
Elle Magazine
Smack, Stephanie Smack, Stephanie
Sales Manager
Smaldone, Valerie Smaldone, Valerie
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Narrator/Voice-Over
Valerie Smaldone Media Worldwide
Smalheer, Katie Smalheer, Katie
Small, Carol Small, Carol
Sr. Account Exec
The Harlem Wizards
Small, Jennifer Small, Jennifer
Orchard Pictures
Small, Kimberly Small, Kimberly
Director, Marketing
Small, Lucia Small, Lucia
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Small Angst Films/Pincus & Small Films
Small, Micky Small, Micky
Actor, Writer
Smallberg, Diane Smallberg, Diane
Marketing Executive
Smalley, Tess Smalley, Tess
Writer, director, producer
Long Road Pictures
Smalls, Marva Smalls, Marva
Smaltini, Valerie Smaltini, Valerie
Magilla Entertainment
Smaltini, Valerie Smaltini, Valerie
SVP, Production Operations
Magilla Entertainment
Smart, Amy Smart, Amy
Smartt, Cindy Smartt, Cindy
Smartt Entertainment
Smelov, Elizabeth Smelov, Elizabeth
Broadcast Associate
Smelzer, Mark Smelzer, Mark
Associate Publisher
Smerling, Bob Smerling, Bob
City Cinemas
Smeureanu, Sebastian Smeureanu, Sebastian
Dacian Wolf Productions, LLC
Smeureanu, Sebastian Smeureanu, Sebastian
Dacian Wolf Productions, LLC
Smilow, Margaret Smilow, Margaret
Alternate Current Inc, Int'l.
Smirnova, Irina Smirnova, Irina
Owner, photographer
Sigen Photography
smith bellinger, cynthia smith bellinger, cynthia
Total Faith Network
Smith Franco, Cheryl Smith Franco, Cheryl
Composer, Producer
Songsmith Productions Inc.
Smith, Adrienne Smith, Adrienne
Harlem Hip-Hop Tours
Smith, Amanda Rose Smith, Amanda Rose
Composer / Audio Engineer
smith, amani smith, amani
Tribeca Film Fellows
Smith, Anna Smith, Anna
On Location Education
Smith, Arlyne Smith, Arlyne
Production Services
Smith, Becky Smith, Becky
Waterdog Films
Smith, Carmen Jean Smith, Carmen Jean
VP of Talent Development Programs
Smith, Carol Smith, Carol
Television Host/Anchor/Producer
Smith, Carol Smith, Carol
Anchor/Reporter, Narrator/Voice-Over
Smith Innovations Group/SIG Entertainment
Smith, Carole Smith, Carole
ABC Inc.
Smith, Carolyn Smith, Carolyn
Traviel Production
Smith, Cathryn Smith, Cathryn
RebelSamba Productions
Smith, Cathryn Smith, Cathryn
Director, Producer, Writer
Smith, Chris Smith, Chris
New York Magazine
Smith, Christine Smith, Christine
Smith, Cindy Smith, Cindy
Actor, Producer
Barefeet Films
Smith, DaMar Smith, DaMar
News Corporation
Smith, Damon Smith, Damon
Babel Networks US Ltd.
Smith, Damon Smith, Damon
Smith, Danielle Smith, Danielle
Key Costumer - Principal Even Episodes
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Smith, Darrell Smith, Darrell
Smith, David Smith, David
Vice President/Partner
King and Company
Smith, Deborah Smith, Deborah
Broadcast Rentals
Smith, Ellen Smith, Ellen
Costume Designer, Wardrobe
Smith, Gail Smith, Gail
General Motors Corporation
Smith, Gavin Smith, Gavin
Managing Editor
Film Comment
Smith, George Smith, George
Chief Financial Officer
Viacom International Inc.
Smith, Harris Smith, Harris
Smith, Heather Smith, Heather
Room 5 Films
Smith, Heather Smith, Heather
Editor: Film/Video, Marketing Executive, Producer
Smith, James Smith, James
President and Chief Executive Officer
Smith, Jenna Smith, Jenna
Smith, Jennifer Smith, Jennifer
Producer, Gotham Independent Film Awards
Smith, Jeremy Smith, Jeremy
VP of Production
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Smith, Jerry Smith, Jerry
Westside Communications
Smith, John Smith, John
Director, Museum Of Art
Rhode Island School of Design
Smith, Jon Smith, Jon
Wildlight Productions, Inc
Smith, Kara Smith, Kara
President / Owner
Karasma Media Public Relations & Publicity
Smith, Kerry Smith, Kerry
Disney ABC
Smith, Lauren Smith, Lauren
Actor, Producer
Smith, Lauren Smith, Lauren
Smith, Lillian Smith, Lillian
Executive Producer
LS Production Works
Smith, Liz Smith, Liz
Syndicated Columnist
Smith, Loren Smith, Loren
Consulting producer
Smith, Luke Smith, Luke
Manager, Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Smith, Luke E.T. Smith, Luke E.T.
Film Maker
Smith, Mam Smith, Mam
Flying Star Entertainment
Smith, Marcia Smith, Marcia
Producer, Production Executive, Writer
Firelight Media
Smith, Marilyn Smith, Marilyn
Producer, Writer
Smith, Martha Smith, Martha
Iatse Local 764
Smith, Mary Smith, Mary
Media Arts Specialist
The National Endowment for The Arts
Smith, Mary Olive Smith, Mary Olive
Director, Producer
Flying Pup Productions
Smith, Maryann Smith, Maryann
Costume Designer
Smith, Meghan Smith, Meghan
Development Coordinator
Buena Vista Productions
Smith, Melissa Smith, Melissa
Deputy Director
Artists Space
Smith, Melissa Smith, Melissa
Plus A Digital
Smith, Miranda Smith, Miranda
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Writer
Antenna International
Smith, Naima Smith, Naima
Coordinator, Digital Services
Smith, Nancy Smith, Nancy
Young & Rubicam
Smith, Nancy Smith, Nancy
Sound Vision
Smith, Natasha Smith, Natasha
City National Bank
Smith, Nikki Smith, Nikki
Hollywood Reporter
Smith, Rachel Smith, Rachel
Producer, Production Executive, Television Executive
Smith, Rhonda Smith, Rhonda
Weather Girlz
Smith, Sabrina Smith, Sabrina
Smith, Sean Smith, Sean
Staff writer
Premiere Magazine
Smith, Shane Smith, Shane
Vice Media Inc.
Smith, Sharonann Smith, Sharonann
New Business Development
Advantage Human Resourcing
Smith, Spurgeon Smith, Spurgeon
Entertainment Partners
Smith, Stacey Smith, Stacey
Business Affairs Executive, Producer, Production Finance
The BA Department
Smith, Stanford Smith, Stanford
Smooth Skin Company
Smith, Susan Smith, Susan
The Susan Smith Co.
Smith, Tad Smith, Tad
Media Division President
Reed Business Information
Smith, Taigi Smith, Taigi
CBS News
Smith, Terril Smith, Terril
Art Director, Creative Director
Ogilvy & Mather
Smith, Tracey Smith, Tracey
Consultant, Publicist, Writer
Decorum Consulting
Smith, Vanessa Smith, Vanessa
Producer, Set Decorator
Smith, Victoria Smith, Victoria
Case Coordinator
Smith, Virginia Smith, Virginia
Calvin Klein
Smith, Wendy Smith, Wendy
City University of New York - Lehman College
Smith, Yvonne Smith, Yvonne
Director, Producer, Writer
Brazen Hussy Productions
Smith-Harris, Megan Smith-Harris, Megan
Director, Producer, Writer
Pyewackitt Productions, Inc
Smolansky, Innes Smolansky, Innes
Attorney at Law
Entertainment Lawyer
Smookler, Irene Smookler, Irene
SC Consulting, Strategic Alliances
Smul, Debra Smul, Debra
Senior Vice President, Corporate Media
Oxygen Media
Smyth, Aubrey Smyth, Aubrey
Creative Director, Director, Producer
Gingersnap NYC
Sneed, Elizabeth Sneed, Elizabeth
USA Today
snider, eileen snider, eileen
Postpartum Place
Snider-Stein, Teresa Snider-Stein, Teresa
Costume Designer
Sniegowska, Ula Sniegowska, Ula
Director of Programming
American Film Festival
Snitz, Randi Snitz, Randi
Snowden, Collette Snowden, Collette
WIFT - South Australia
Snowden, Dennis Snowden, Dennis
International Sales Manager
SMS Connectors
Snowden, Jennifer Snowden, Jennifer
Hi Def Make-up Artist
Snowdon, Jennifer Snowdon, Jennifer
Make Up Artist
Snyder, Andrea Snyder, Andrea
Nat'l Initiative to Preserve America's Dance
Snyder, Ashley Snyder, Ashley
Steiner Studios
Snyder, Dasha Snyder, Dasha
Producer, Writer
Snyder, Kim Snyder, Kim
Director, Producer
Loka Motion Productions
Snyder, Kimberly Snyder, Kimberly
President - Entertainment Imaging VP
Panavision NY
Snyder, Kit-Yin Snyder, Kit-Yin
Double Exposure
Snyder, Maggie Snyder, Maggie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Marigold Films LLC
Snyder, Patricia Snyder, Patricia
Rembrandt Films
Snyder, Patricia Snyder, Patricia
New York State Theatre Institute
Snyder, Patricia Snyder, Patricia
Rembrandt Film
Snyder, Patricia Di Benedetto Snyder, Patricia Di Benedetto
Director, Producer
New York State Theatre Institute
Soba, Taryn Soba, Taryn
Disney ABC
Sobel, Bill Sobel, Bill
SobelMedia LLC
Sobel, Bill Sobel, Bill
SobelMedia LLC
Sobel, Stacey Sobel, Stacey
SPI International
Sobel, William Sobel, William
Sobieraj, Cindy Sobieraj, Cindy
Executive Director
High Falls Film Festival
Sobotta, Steven Sobotta, Steven
Director of marketing
Sobrini, Daniele Sobrini, Daniele
Sobrino-Stearns, Michelle Sobrino-Stearns, Michelle
Soda, Kazuhiro Soda, Kazuhiro
Director, Producer, DP, Actor
Labratory X, Inc.
Sodano, Michael Sodano, Michael
Eventure, Inc.
Sodersten, Mikael Sodersten, Mikael
Wilderness Films
Soekawa, Emi Soekawa, Emi
Producer, Still Photographer, Writer
Soffer, Geoffrey Soffer, Geoffrey
Manager, Primetime Casting
ABC/Touchstone Television
Sohn, Christine Sohn, Christine
Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
GreenKat Productions
Sohnen, Roz Sohnen, Roz
Director, Educator, Producer
Roz Sohnen Productions/Skyline Video Productions
Sokolov, Raymond Sokolov, Raymond
Wall Street Journal
Sokolow, Diane Sokolow, Diane
Executive Producer, Producer
Sokolow & Company
Solano, Erica Solano, Erica
Production Coordinator, Talent Coordinator
solari, silvio solari, silvio
The Boss
Solberg, John Solberg, John
SVP, Public Relations
Solem, Wendy Solem, Wendy
Videotape/Server Operator
Soler-Williams, Zaida Soler-Williams, Zaida
Music Supervisor, Post-Production Supervisor, Technical Director
Viacom Entertainment Group
Soler-Williams, Zaida Soler-Williams, Zaida
Director of Post Production
MTV Networks
Solganick, Hyla Solganick, Hyla
Television Executive
HYLA media
Soljan, Tonko Soljan, Tonko
Executive Producer
Moving Image Entertainment
Solloway, Sylvan Solloway, Sylvan
Career Counselor
New York University
Solomeina, Elizabeth Solomeina, Elizabeth
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services, Video Graphics
Solomon, Brett Solomon, Brett
Executive Director
Access Now
Solomon, Debra Solomon, Debra
Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
Pharoh Films
Solomon, Diana Solomon, Diana
Make Up Artist
Solomon, Kelly Solomon, Kelly
Set Decorator
Solomon, Shana Solomon, Shana
Actor, Writer, Producer
Solomon, Shari Solomon, Shari
Producer, Television Executive
True Entertainment
Solomon, Sharon Solomon, Sharon
Solomon, Sharon Solomon, Sharon
Managing Director
Solomon, Steve Solomon, Steve
Hutton & Solomon
Solomon, Susan Solomon, Susan
Attorney, Corporate Executive, Interactive Media
Solomon Partners
Solorio, Jennifer Solorio, Jennifer
Media Management Acquisitions Coordinator
AMC Networks
Solorzano, Ed Solorzano, Ed
Patchett-Kaufman Entertainment
Solorzano, Frank Solorzano, Frank
Producing Artistic Director
Barefoot Theatre Company
Solovay, Margie Solovay, Margie
Dr. (psychologist)
Solowey, Terry Solowey, Terry
Consultant, Educator, Interactive Media
Solt, Susan Solt, Susan
Pakula Productions, Inc.
Soltz, Gil Soltz, Gil
Associate Project Manager
solyn, trisha solyn, trisha
Director of Photography
Waking Dreamz
Som, Monisha Som, Monisha
Senior Account Manager
Spitfire Strategies
Somalo, Ruth Somalo, Ruth
Horns and Tails Productions LLC
Soman, Leena Soman, Leena
Institute of International Education
Somani, Indira Somani, Indira
Crossing Lines
Somer, Jennifer Somer, Jennifer
Assistant to Tara Kromer
Caliber Media
Somerfeld, Gretchen Somerfeld, Gretchen
Sommer, Jeannine Sommer, Jeannine
Consultant, Sales
Sommer, Stacey Sommer, Stacey
Segment Producer
Sommers, Caroline Sommers, Caroline
Camera Operator, Producer, Writer
ABC News Productions
Sommers, Daria Sommers, Daria
Producer, Director
Sommers, Louise Sommers, Louise
Miller Korzenik Sommers LLP
Sommers, Rick Sommers, Rick
Broadcast Membership Liaison
Somogyi, Ilona Somogyi, Ilona
Costume Designer
Sondervan-Bild, Sofia Sondervan-Bild, Sofia
Dutch Tilt Film
Sondervan-Bild, Sofia Sondervan-Bild, Sofia
Dutch Tilt Film
Sondhi, Jason Sondhi, Jason
Short of the Week / Vimeo
Sondhi, Jason Sondhi, Jason
Sr. Manager of Curation
Sonoiki, Mojisola Sonoiki, Mojisola
Creative Director
Iyalode Productions
Sonstein, Shelli Sonstein, Shelli
Co-Host, The Jim Kerr Rock 'n Roll Morning Show
Clear Channel Radio - Q104.3
Soocher, Esq., Stan Soocher, Esq., Stan
Entertainment Law & Finance
Soper, Rochael Soper, Rochael
Chairwoman of the Board & Legal Advisor
Sorcher, Rob Sorcher, Rob
Senior VP of Programming and Production
SoRelle, MPSE, Skip SoRelle, MPSE, Skip
Editor: Sound, Music Supervisor
Sorensen, Philip Sorensen, Philip
Lighting Designer
Sorenson, MJ Sorenson, MJ
Exhibitor, Marketing Executive, Television Executive
Sori, Praneet Sori, Praneet
India Abroad
Sorrentino, Steven Sorrentino, Steven
Barnes & Noble
Sortito, Karen Sortito, Karen
Consultant, Marketing Executive
Sosa, Emilio Sosa, Emilio
Costume Designer
Sosa, Iliana