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Pabon, Edwin Pabon, Edwin
Costume Designer
Pabst, Jacob Pabst, Jacob
Chairman and CEO
Pacacha, Claire Pacacha, Claire
Head of Development, Film
Crossoads Films
Pace, Ann Marie Pace, Ann Marie
Production Services
Pace, Rashaan Pace, Rashaan
Script Editing Intern/ Casting Director
Olive Tree TV
Pacheco, Cierra Pacheco, Cierra
Editor: Film/Video
Pacifico, Carol Pacifico, Carol
Calendar of Events Coord.
New York Daily News
Pacino, Al Pacino, Al
Chal Productions
Packard Luks, Joan Packard Luks, Joan
Managing Partner
The Serenata Group
Packer, Minna Packer, Minna
Packer Productions
Packett, Kaila Packett, Kaila
On-Air Marketing
NBC Universal
Padob, Wendy Padob, Wendy
Film, Video, Advertising and Sales Promotion
WP Creative Synthesis
Padolf, Judy Padolf, Judy
Hadassah, The Women's Zionist Organization of America, Inc.
Padovani, Lisa Padovani, Lisa
Costume Designer
Padro, Tania Padro, Tania
Luvlife Productions
Pagan, Edwin Pagan, Edwin
Pagan, Edwin Pagan, Edwin
Nalip - New York
Pagano, Chris Pagano, Chris
Women Executives in Public Relations
Pagano, Christina Pagano, Christina
Pagano & Company Public Relations
Pagano, Michelina Pagano, Michelina
Bulldog Courage Pictures
Page, Barbara Page, Barbara
Department of English
Page, Diana Page, Diana
Creative Director, Curator, Development Executive
Page, Mary-Anne Page, Mary-Anne
Original Network Programming
Plum TV
Page, Nicole Page, Nicole
Attorney, Development Executive
Reavis Parent Lehrer LLP
Paget, Dennis Paget, Dennis
Educator, Producer, Writer
Paget Enterprises, Ltd.
Pagoulatos, Panayiota Pagoulatos, Panayiota
sales Executive
Pague, Patrick Pague, Patrick
CBS This Morning" CBS-TV
Pahle, Rebecca Pahle, Rebecca
The Mary Sue
Pahle, Rebecca Pahle, Rebecca
The Mary Sue
Paige, Sheila Paige, Sheila
Director, Producer
Painter, Devon Painter, Devon
Costume Designer
Pairsh, Jan Pairsh, Jan
Senior Sales Representative
RR Donnelley
Paitakes, Linda Paitakes, Linda
Marketing Coordinator
Taste of Crete
Pajor, Christine Pajor, Christine
Independent Broadcast Media Professional
Pak, Ming J Pak, Ming J
Hollywood Reporter
Pakledinaz, Martin Pakledinaz, Martin
Costume Designer
Pakman, Lev Pakman, Lev
Pakulski, Jill Pakulski, Jill
Nutrition Edu-tainer
Jumping Jacks with Jill
Pal, Melanie Pal, Melanie
Associate Producer, Educator
Paladino, Nancy Paladino, Nancy
Art Director, Producer, Titles
Palarz, Heidi Palarz, Heidi
Producer, Television Executive
Palavicini, Miroslava Palavicini, Miroslava
Capitalist Visualizer
Local Project
Palefsky, Marci Palefsky, Marci
M&M Corp
Palestrini, John Palestrini, John
Chief Executive Officer
The Blue Rock Editing Company
Palewski, Stephanie Palewski, Stephanie
Producer, Editor
CBS News
Palgon, Erica Palgon, Erica
Casting Director
Erica Palgon Casting & Beyond
Palladino, Michael Palladino, Michael
Director of Client and Studio Services
Henri Bendel
Palley, Steven Palley, Steven
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
Palma, Annabel Palma, Annabel
Council Member
Palma, Jennifer Palma, Jennifer
Production Finance
Palmer, Don Palmer, Don
Director Individual Artists Program
New York State Council on the Arts
Palmer, Dorothy Palmer, Dorothy
Dorothy Palmer Agency
Palmer, Elaine Palmer, Elaine
Director, Business Development
Refinery New York
Palmer, Linda Palmer, Linda
Writer / Director / Producer
Runaway Productions
Palmer, Marti Palmer, Marti
Palmer, Renee Palmer, Renee
Palmer, Renee Palmer, Renee
Palmer, Stephanie Palmer, Stephanie
Marketing Executive, Post-Production Services, Sales
Elrom, Inc.
Palmese, Jane Palmese, Jane
92nd St. YMCA
Palmucci, Gary Palmucci, Gary
VP, Theatrical Distribution
Kino International/Lorber Films
Palombo, Ami Palombo, Ami
Business Affairs Executive, Executive Producer, Post-Production Services
Fortress of Evil
Palughi, Frank Palughi, Frank
Supervisor AV Services Information Technology Services
Time Warner INc
Palumbo Johnson, Laura Palumbo Johnson, Laura
Magilla Entertainment
Palumbo, Rob Palumbo, Rob
Lamp Operator
Pamon, Steve Pamon, Steve
JP Morgan Chase
Pan, Bertha Pan, Bertha
slew pictures inc.
Panariello, Albert Panariello, Albert
Territory Manager, NYC & New Jersey
Chase Paymentech
Panaro, Tim Panaro, Tim
Rhinoceros Editorial
Panchal, Mona Panchal, Mona
Beachwood Drive
Panchenko, Kyra Panchenko, Kyra
Make Up Artist
Pancrazi, Ronald Pancrazi, Ronald
Subito Productions
Pancrazi, Suzanne Pancrazi, Suzanne
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Subito Video, LLC
Panday, Purva Panday, Purva
Acting Executive Director
The Lower Eastside Girls Club
Pande, Ritu Pande, Ritu
Actor, Producer
Durga Films LLC
Pandiscio, Richard Pandiscio, Richard
creative editor-at-large
Interview Magazine
Pandolfino, Domenic Pandolfino, Domenic
Manhattan Transfer/Edit Inc.
Pane, Daniel Pane, Daniel
Executive VP and General Manager
Pang, Danny Pang, Danny
Palm Pictures - "The Eye"
Pang, Oxide Pang, Oxide
Palm Pictures - "The Eye"
Panico, Alison M. Panico, Alison M.
NTV International Corp.
Pankratz, Jonathyn Pankratz, Jonathyn
Panzer, Lisa Panzer, Lisa
Panzera, Lisa Panzera, Lisa
panzera, maureen panzera, maureen
sanpan design
Paolillo, Marcello Paolillo, Marcello
Papadakos, Dorothy J. Papadakos, Dorothy J.
c/o Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Papadelias, Angelique Papadelias, Angelique
Director, Producer, Writer
Little Screen Big Screen
Papageorgiou, Katherine Papageorgiou, Katherine
Office Manager
IATSI Local 161
Papagoerge, Missy Papagoerge, Missy
The Godmother
Papale, Sandy Papale, Sandy
Senior Vice President
Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Paparella, Annette Paparella, Annette
Artists Entertainment Agency, LLC
Papay, Pamela Papay, Pamela
Director of Grants
Newman's Own Foundation
Pappas, Andrea Pappas, Andrea
Founder & Editor in Chief
Pappas, Catherine Pappas, Catherine
Writer / Director / Producer
Pappas, Chris Pappas, Chris
Costume Designer
Pappas, Jessica Pappas, Jessica
Jessica's A List, Inc
Pappas, Nick Pappas, Nick
Circulations Marketing Director
The Hollywood Reporter
Parache, Alexa Parache, Alexa
Alex Parache
Paragas, Diane Paragas, Diane
Cinematographer, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Civilian Studios
Paraschis, Aliki Paraschis, Aliki
Line Producer, Producer, Production Services
Adiuvo Productions
Paraschis, Aliki Paraschis, Aliki
Paray, Paul Paray, Paul
Technology and Media Product Manager
Pardo, Davina Pardo, Davina
Assoc. Producer
Journey To Freedom
Paredes Saez, Patricia Paredes Saez, Patricia
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
PPS Film and Video
Parella, Elizabeth Parella, Elizabeth
Consultant, Marketing Executive, Writer
Parente, Lisa Parente, Lisa
Script Supervisor
Chorion Silver Lining
Paris, Francesca Paris, Francesca
Department Head Hair
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Paris, Gail Paris, Gail
Grip, Narrator/Voice-Over
Paris Multimedia
Paris, Gary Paris, Gary
Paris Studios & Locations
Paris, Laura Paris, Laura
NY State Education Department: Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities
Paris, Michele Paris, Michele
Department Head Make-Up
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Pariseau, Marcel Pariseau, Marcel
True Public Relations
Parish, Heather L. Parish, Heather L.
Business Manager
40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks
Parisi, Julia Parisi, Julia
Recording Room Engineer
Parisi, Paula Parisi, Paula
Hollywood Reporter
Park, Brian Park, Brian
New York Magazine
Park, Christy Park, Christy
Assistant Director
Park, Hye-Jung Park, Hye-Jung
Director, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Park, Pearl Park, Pearl
Producer, Video Graphics
Light Fish Arts
Park, Regina Park, Regina
Producer / Director
Single Drop Films
Park, Suzanne Park, Suzanne
Marketing Executive
Parkan, John Parkan, John
Providence Entertainment
Parker Harris, Judith Parker Harris, Judith
Worldwide Entertainment Corp.
Parker, Forrest Parker, Forrest
Chief Financial Officer
Lachappelle & Whittington Real Estate Development Group, LLC
Parker, Forrest Parker, Forrest
Chief Financial Officer
Parker, Heidi Parker, Heidi
Parker, Jennifer Parker, Jennifer
Business Affairs Executive
Parker, Lauren Parker, Lauren
Executive Editor
Parker, Lewis Parker, Lewis
Aspen Travel
Parker, Mary Louise Parker, Mary Louise
c/o William Morris Agency, Inc.
Parker, Matt Parker, Matt
Matt Parker
Parker, Sarah Parker, Sarah
Parker, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Jessica
Pretty Matches Productions
Parker, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Jessica
c/o Ms. Ina Treciokas
Parker-Frazier, Sharon Parker-Frazier, Sharon
Development Executive, Educator, Producer
NYC Department of Education
Parkes-Cirignano, Susan Parkes-Cirignano, Susan
Time Inc. Style & Entertainment Group
Parkinson, Beverley Parkinson, Beverley
Producer, Writer
Parkinson, Carol Parkinson, Carol
Nonprofit Administrator
Harvestworks Digital Media Arts
Parks, Amy Parks, Amy
Actor, Consultant, Production Manager
American Express
Parks, Barbara Parks, Barbara
Editor: Sound, Post-Production Services, Sound Mixer
Splash Studios
Parks, Karen Parks, Karen
Television Executive
BBC Worldwide Americas
Parlagreco, Kierra Parlagreco, Kierra
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor, Video Graphics
Filmworks, Inc.
Parlapiano, Maria Parlapiano, Maria
Postpartum Place
Parle, Bethanne Parle, Bethanne
Parmar, Deependra Parmar, Deependra
Senior Quality Analyst
BNY Mellon
Parmar, Vinit Parmar, Vinit
Brooklyn College
Paron, Katina Paron, Katina
Editorial/Program Director
Chidren's PressLine
Parra, Diana Parra, Diana
Director of Communications, Region II
Parramore, Jennifer Parramore, Jennifer
Film Commissioner
St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commision
Parris, Anthony Parris, Anthony
Lane Associates
Parris, Joy Parris, Joy
Parrish, Mitch Parrish, Mitch
General Manager
Milford Plaza, 3rd Floor
Parrish, Pat Parrish, Pat
Polaris Musiq Works
Parrott, Julia Parrott, Julia
Editor: Film/Video
Parrs, Marianne Parrs, Marianne
Executive Vice President & CFO
International Paper Co.
Parry, Carol Parry, Carol
Executive Vice President
Chase Manhattan Bank NA
Parry, Nance Parry, Nance
Parry, Nance Parry, Nance
Parseghian, Gene Parseghian, Gene
Parseghian Planco
Parsia, Mark Parsia, Mark
Senior Technical Assistant
Parson, Gisele Parson, Gisele
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
Parsons, Cynthia Parsons, Cynthia
In Style Magazine
Parsons, Kelli Parsons, Kelli
Account Executive
PC Nametag
Parsons, Laure Parsons, Laure
Consultant/ Filmmaker
Parsons, Laure Parsons, Laure
Acquisitions, Distributor, Sales
Parsons, Margaret Parsons, Margaret
Head, Department of Film Programs
National Gallery of Art
Pascale, Amy Pascale, Amy
Interactive Media, Producer, Writer
Pascale, Cathy Pascale, Cathy
Director, Sales and Marketing
Holiday Inn Downtown
Pasciscia, Joseph Pasciscia, Joseph
Rental Technician
Technological Cinevideo Services, Inc.
Pasicov, Stephanie Pasicov, Stephanie
Make Up Artist
Pasinkoff, Jacqueline Pasinkoff, Jacqueline
LeNoble Lumber Co., Inc.
Pasquale, Elyse Pasquale, Elyse
Elyse Pasquale Productions
Passanante, Tracy Passanante, Tracy
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc.
Passe, Sarah Passe, Sarah
Content Development Manager
Pasztor, Anna Pasztor, Anna
Corporate Executive, Director
Prisma Photo-Video-New Media, LLC
Patel, Mayur Patel, Mayur
Vice President Strategy and Assessment
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Patel, Nilay Patel, Nilay
Managing Editor
The Verge
Patel, Nita Patel, Nita
Production Finance
RHI Entertainment
Patel, Ricken Patel, Ricken
Executive Director
Patel, Vibhuti Patel, Vibhuti
Paterni, Travis Paterni, Travis
Assistant Manager
Paternot, Stephen Paternot, Stephen
Sales Contact
Reelhero Films
Paterson, Michelle Paterson, Michelle
Production Manager
Uniworld Group Inc.
Patik, Vickie Patik, Vickie
Producer, Writer
Simpatiko Film Works
Patinkin, Mandy Patinkin, Mandy
ICM c/o Susan Anderson
Patkanian, Irina Patkanian, Irina
In Parenthesis
Patkin, Ruth Patkin, Ruth
Patkunas, Mike Patkunas, Mike
Prudential Investments
Paton, Chris Paton, Chris
SVP, Acquisitions & Development
Fortissimo Films
Patrick, April Patrick, April
Corporate Executive, Director, Producer
Atypical Pictures
Patrick, Michelle Patrick, Michelle
Producer, Writer
Patrick, Sharon Patrick, Sharon
Martha Stewart Living Television
Patsis, Louiza Patsis, Louiza
Actor, Journalist, Narrator/Voice-Over
LP Enterprises
Patsos, Adrienne Patsos, Adrienne
Sales Representative
Barbizon Electric Company
Patten, LaCheun Patten, LaCheun
Graphic Artist
Patten, Tim Patten, Tim
Executive Producer/Writer/Director
Patterson, Barry Patterson, Barry
Director, Marketing & Communications
Patterson, Carol Patterson, Carol
Ventura Insurance Brokerage
Patterson, Earlette Patterson, Earlette
Earlette R. Patterson
patterson, miranda patterson, miranda
senior producer writer
nbc universal
Patterson, Pat Patterson, Pat
Actor, Executive Producer, Producer
Pate Productions
Patterson, Philana Patterson, Philana
Patterson Media Ventures
Patterson, Ralph Patterson, Ralph
Camera Operator, Technical Director
Patterson, Tricia Patterson, Tricia
Development Executive
Forensic Films LLC
Patterson, Trina Patterson, Trina
Costume Designer
Patton, Ginnie Patton, Ginnie
Costume Supervisor - Principal
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Paul, Colleen Paul, Colleen
Office Administrator
Paul, Molly Paul, Molly
video editor
Music Choice
Paul, Patricia Paul, Patricia
Still Photographer, Writer
Paul, Richard Paul, Richard
Senior Editor
Twin Goat Media
Paul, Suzanne Paul, Suzanne
Aon Corporation
Pauley, Jane Pauley, Jane
NBC-TV Dateline
Paull, Craig Paull, Craig
Martha Stewart Omnimedia
Paulsen, Jon Paulsen, Jon
Chief Underwriting Officer
St. Paul Travelers
Paulsen, Kathryn Paulsen, Kathryn
Director, Educator, Writer
Paulsen, Nancy Paulsen, Nancy
Zeitgeist Films
Pavia, Lauren Pavia, Lauren
Licensing Executive/Music Supervisor
De Wolfe Music
Pavlick, Kathi Pavlick, Kathi
Vice President, Arts and Culture Program
Chase Manhattan Bank
Pavlow, Bruce Pavlow, Bruce
Leisure Time Features
Payano, Giovanna Payano, Giovanna
Project Coordinator
Time Warner
Payes, Robin Payes, Robin
Creator and writer
Out of Time Media
Payne, Aaron Payne, Aaron
Gallery Director
Aaron Payne Fine Art
Payne, Andrea Payne, Andrea
The Write Stuff!
Payne, Carol Payne, Carol
Press Library Assistant
MTV Networks
Payne, Rachel Payne, Rachel
FEM, Inc
payne, rhonda payne, rhonda
prof cert Int council of shopping centers
Payne, Susan Payne, Susan
JAY Just About You
Payson, Caroline Payson, Caroline
Director of Education
Smithsonian Institution
Payson, Caroline Payson, Caroline
Director of Education
Smithsonian Institution Cooper- Hewitt, National Design Museum
Pazmino, Claudia Pazmino, Claudia
Associate Producer, Researcher
Pazmino, Johnny Pazmino, Johnny
Executive Car & Limousine
Paznik, Megan Paznik, Megan
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Esprit de Corps
Peake, Elaine Peake, Elaine
Pearce, Kathleen Pearce, Kathleen
Fundraising/Development, Producer, Writer
Mediagroup Films
Pearl, Eve Pearl, Eve
Make-up Artist / Stylist
Pearl, Sandy Pearl, Sandy
Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
LLillywild Productions
Pearlman, Diane Pearlman, Diane
Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative
Pearlman, Judith Pearlman, Judith
Director, Producer, Writer
Pearlman, Karen Pearlman, Karen
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Sound Recordist
Hudson Sound
Pearson, Alexandra Pearson, Alexandra
Consultant, Publicist, Researcher
Picture Motion
Pearson, Cathy Pearson, Cathy
Ferndale Films
Pearson, Molly Pearson, Molly
Table Ten Films
Pearson, Patricia Pearson, Patricia
Educator, Festival Administrator
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
Peck, Ellie Peck, Ellie
New York Public Library Dance Collection
Peck, Rhonda Peck, Rhonda
Creative Director
Peckel, Linda Peckel, Linda
Crooked Mile Productions, LLC
Peckosh, Tiffany Peckosh, Tiffany
Anker Productions
Pecoraro, Maria Pecoraro, Maria
Creative Director, Executive Producer, Production Executive
Pedanou, Jean Luc Pedanou, Jean Luc
Corporate Executive
Reebok Sports CLub/NY
Pedatella, Kate Pedatella, Kate
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Pederson, Laurie Pederson, Laurie
Capital Film Arts Alliance
Pederson, Mark Pederson, Mark
Peel, Bettina Peel, Bettina
Children's Media Specialist
Peers, Alexandria Peers, Alexandria
Wall Street Journal
Peete, Richard Peete, Richard
Peevey, Nancy Peevey, Nancy
Adjusting the Lens
Peguero, Leticia Peguero, Leticia
Associate Director of Adult Education
Planned Parenthood of New York City
Peleto, Joe Peleto, Joe
Comedy Central
Pellegrino, Francine Pellegrino, Francine
Director, Producer, Writer
Pellegrino Productions
Pelletier, Margo Pelletier, Margo
Thin Edge Films
Pelletier, Margo Pelletier, Margo
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Thin Edge Films
Pellett, Gail Pellett, Gail
Director, Producer, Writer
Gail Pellett Productions
Pelligrini, Dave Pelligrini, Dave
Sales & Support
Pelton, Steven Pelton, Steven
Film/Television Commissioner
Peluso, Christine Peluso, Christine
Tax Credits, LLC
Pelz-Paget, Nancy Pelz-Paget, Nancy
Consultant, Educator, Production Executive
Aspen Institute Program on Education
Pelzer, Chemene Pelzer, Chemene
NBC Today
Pena, Richard Pena, Richard
Associate Director
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Penagos, Ryan Penagos, Ryan
Executive Editorial Director
Marvel Digital Media
Penaloza, Akiva Penaloza, Akiva
Scorpyo Films
Pence, Denise Pence, Denise
Actor, Assistant Director, Writer
Pendharkar, Leena Pendharkar, Leena
Pener, Degen Pener, Degen
Editor, "The Dossier
Elle Magazine
Peng, Linda Peng, Linda
Senior Trial Attorney
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Penn, Courtney Penn, Courtney
Director, Producer, Writer
Boundless Pictures
Penn, Laura Penn, Laura
Executive Director
Stage Directors and Choreographers Society
Penn, Molly Penn, Molly
The Consulting Collaborative
Penn, Molly Penn, Molly
Penn Consulting
Pennant, Kimberly Pennant, Kimberly
Associate Producer
Pennebaker, D.A. Pennebaker, D.A.
Pennebaker Hegedus Films, Inc.
Pennick, Faith Pennick, Faith
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Organized Chaos Mediaworks Inc.
Pennypacker, Jennifer Pennypacker, Jennifer
WIFT Florida
Penotti, John Penotti, John
GreeneStreet Films, Inc.
Penraat, Noelle Penraat, Noelle
Noelle Penraat Negative Matching
Pensiero, Christopher Pensiero, Christopher
Editor: Film/Video
Pentecost, Lyn Pentecost, Lyn
Founder and Capital Project Director
Pepe, Anthony Pepe, Anthony
Programming Director
The New York City Horror Film Festival
Pepper, Tracy Pepper, Tracy
Spin Magazine
Peralta-Ajemian, Jennifer Peralta-Ajemian, Jennifer
Casting Director
Jennifer Ajemian Casting LLC
Perdomo, Stephanie Perdomo, Stephanie
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive, Technical Director
Perdziola, Robert Perdziola, Robert
Costume Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Decorator
Perego Moreno, Louis Perego Moreno, Louis
Skyline Features
Perego Moreno, Louis Perego Moreno, Louis
Skyline Features
peress, lorca peress, lorca
Artistic Director
Pereths, Joy Pereths, Joy
Consultant, Distributor, Sales
Essential Media LLC
Peretsman, Nancy Peretsman, Nancy
Managing Director
Allen & Company
Pereyra, Annie nywif Pereyra, Annie nywif
Fundraising/Development, Sales
Perez, Amanda Perez, Amanda
Journalist, Producer
Transit Transit News Magazine
Perez, Hugo Perez, Hugo
M30A Films
Perez, Janice Perez, Janice
Administrative Director
IndioBravo Film Foundation
Perez, Jorge Perez, Jorge
Without Limits Productions
Perez, Marilyn Perez, Marilyn
Producer, Writer
HAND MADE By Cuban Film Productions
Perez, Marnie Perez, Marnie
People Magazine
Perez, Rosie Perez, Rosie
Agent: Jodi Gottlieb, VP Talent (Asst. Rachael Wesolowski)
Perez, Susana Perez, Susana
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Production Manager
Perez-Brown, Maria Perez-Brown, Maria
Attorney, Producer, Writer
SiTV Inc.
Peric, Suzana Peric, Suzana
Music Editor
Perifimos, Cathy Perifimos, Cathy
Smithsonian channel
Perinchief-Brown, Tichaona Perinchief-Brown, Tichaona
Actor, Business Affairs Executive, Writer
Fox News, Fox Business Channel, News Corporation
Peritz, Jo Ann Peritz, Jo Ann
Marketing Executive
JP Consulting
Perkins, James Perkins, James
Veras Films
Perl Migdol, Sheri Perl Migdol, Sheri
Composer, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
The Migdol Organization
Perl, Maurie Perl, Maurie
Senior VP, Chief Communications Officer
Conde Nast Publications
Perla, Susan Perla, Susan
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Perlbinder, Sandy Perlbinder, Sandy
Director, Producer, Writer
Sequences Inc.
Perlgut, Sue Perlgut, Sue
Perlin, Jake Perlin, Jake
Assistant Film Curator
BAM Cinematek/The Brooklyn Academy of Music
Perlman, Cara Perlman, Cara
Director, Producer, Writer
Seaperl Productions
Perlman, Cara Perlman, Cara
Seaperl Productions
Perlman, Rebecca Perlman, Rebecca
BH Photo
Perlmutter, Alvin H. Perlmutter, Alvin H.
Alvin H. Perlmutter , Inc.
Perlmutter, Diane Perlmutter, Diane
Vice Chairman, CEO/New York
Cohn & Wolfe
Perlmutter, Diane Perlmutter, Diane
Cohn & Wolfe
Perlmutter, Sandi Perlmutter, Sandi
Sandipearl Production, LLC
Perlo, Ms. H. Perlo, Ms. H.
Perloff, Carey Perloff, Carey
Artisitic Director, CSC Repertory
Perna, Nicole Perna, Nicole
Baker Winokur Ryder Public Relations
Pero, Simone Pero, Simone
Marketing Executive, Producer, Television Executive
For Impact Productions, LLC
Perrette, Virginie-Alvine Perrette, Virginie-Alvine
2 Spot Digital
Perri, Scott Perri, Scott
Senior VP
Cast and Crew Ent.
Perrin, Charles Perrin, Charles
Perrone, Madeline Perrone, Madeline
Agent, Development Executive, Producer
Literary Artists Representatives
Perrot-Johnson, Celine Perrot-Johnson, Celine
Dir., Corp Development
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
Perrote, Dianne Perrote, Dianne
Mending Fences
Goddess Works Media Group, LLC
Perrotto, Anthony Perrotto, Anthony
Anthony Perrotto Films
Perrotto, Sue Perrotto, Sue
Animator, Director
Perry, Gayle Perry, Gayle
Media Manager
The Donna Karan Company
Perry, Jill Perry, Jill
Greenberg Traurig
Perry, Katherine Perry, Katherine
Camera Operator, Director, Producer
Perry, Laura Perry, Laura
Consultant, Nonprofit Administrator, Production Coordinator
Perry, Lisa Perry, Lisa
Sloane Road Productions
Perry, Pamela Perry, Pamela
Perry, Patrizia Perry, Patrizia
Educator, Producer, Writer
Perry, Sean Perry, Sean
Alternative and Reality Department Head
Perry, Stephaine Perry, Stephaine
Theatrical & Television Contracts
Perry, Stephanie Perry, Stephanie
Attorney, Director, Union/Guild Staff
Perry, Tulina Perry, Tulina
Scripps Networks
Persaud, Mona Persaud, Mona
Flat Tire Productions
Persinger, Marshall Persinger, Marshall
Executive Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Fresh Produce Films
Persky, Katherine Persky, Katherine
Marketing Executive
Pesce, Brenda Pesce, Brenda
Director of Marketing
Pesce, Robert Pesce, Robert
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant
Marcum, LLP Accountants & Advisors
Peschka, Geneva Peschka, Geneva
Production Coordinator
Pesci, Joe Pesci, Joe
Jay Julien
Peskay, John Peskay, John
Director of IT
Fund for the City
Pessin-Ringel, Greta Pessin-Ringel, Greta
Line Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Peter, Ashley Peter, Ashley
Assistant to Director
Sikelia Productions
Peterkin, Karen Peterkin, Karen
Vice President, Development
Simmons-Lathan Media Group
Peters, Carol Peters, Carol
Recording Secretary
Film Finances, Inc.
Peters, Celia Peters, Celia
Director, Producer, Writer
Artistic Freedom, LLC
Peters, Diana Peters, Diana
VP Publicity
The Weinstein Company
Peters, Elizabeth Peters, Elizabeth
Nonprofit Administrator
Peters, Jill Peters, Jill
Executive Producer, Children's Programming
Peters, Kevin Peters, Kevin
Sync Sound
Peters, M.E. Peters, M.E.
Supervisor, Program Planning & Scheduling
Showtime Networks
Peters, Michelle Peters, Michelle
Producer and Actor
Snacks n Subways Productions
Peters, Muriel (Mike) Peters, Muriel (Mike)
Executive Producer, Producer
Peters Productions, Inc.
Peters, Shani Peters, Shani
Shani Peters' Projects
Petersen, Christine Petersen, Christine
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Petersen, Sarah Petersen, Sarah
Alliance for the Arts Calendar
Petersen, Tera Petersen, Tera
Video Graphics
Peterson, Chris Peterson, Chris
Producer / Director of Business Development
Post Factory New York
Peterson, Clara Peterson, Clara
Assistant Director, Line Producer, Producer
Peterson, James Peterson, James
Executive Vice President & CEO
World Wide Pants
Peterson, Jeremy Peterson, Jeremy
Actor, Choreographer
Peterson, Lowell Peterson, Lowell
Executive Director
Writers Guild of America East
Peterson, Mary Peterson, Mary
Costume Designer
Peterson, Shakira Peterson, Shakira
Founder & CEO
Peterson, Stacey Alison Peterson, Stacey Alison
Peterson, Valerie Peterson, Valerie
Peterson-McCoy, Hannah Peterson-McCoy, Hannah
Premier Relationship Banker
Peterzell, Lori Peterzell, Lori
Manager, Consumer Advertising
A&E Television Networks
Petit, Caroline Petit, Caroline
United Nations, News and Media Division
Petit, Elizabeth Petit, Elizabeth
Twentieth Century Fox
Petit, Nelly Petit, Nelly
Babel Networks US Ltd.
Petrie, Dorothea G. Petrie, Dorothea G.
Legacy Series/Co-Chair
Dorothy Petrie Productions
Petrillo, Christine Petrillo, Christine
Inside TV
Petrokubi, Marilyn Petrokubi, Marilyn
Producer, Researcher, Writer
TimeSteps Productions, Inc.
Petrones, Kathleen Haley Petrones, Kathleen Haley
Partner: Marketing Director
Petrosino, Salvatore Petrosino, Salvatore
Director of Operations, Film/Video/Animation Dept.
School of Visual Arts
Petrus, Jason Petrus, Jason
Business Development Representative
Chase Paymentech
Petterson, Lauren Petterson, Lauren
Executive Producer
CW 11 Morning News
Petti, Kylie Petti, Kylie
Executive Sales Assistant
Morton Jankel Zander
Pettiford, Kim Pettiford, Kim
Actor, Casting Director, Production Services
KLP Entertainment & Production Inc
Pettit, Suzanne Pettit, Suzanne
Nonprofit Administrator
Pettus, Laura Pettus, Laura
McGraw Hill Financial
Petulla, Maria Petulla, Maria
Strategic Non-Profit Consultant
Petzinger, Rachel Petzinger, Rachel
Production Services
Petzke, Diane Petzke, Diane
Producer, Writer
Petzold, Roxana Petzold, Roxana
Line Producer, Producer, Writer
Arcade Productions- Sony Music Entertainment
Peurye, Marc Peurye, Marc
Peyronnin, Joe Peyronnin, Joe
Fox News
Pezzullo, Sam Pezzullo, Sam
28Twelve Productions
Pfaff, Heather Pfaff, Heather
Heather Pfaff
Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Pfeiffer,
Pfeiffer, Stephen Pfeiffer, Stephen
Development Coordinator
Phang, Philiane Phang, Philiane
Actor, Producer, Writer
Pharo, Agnes W. Pharo, Agnes W.
Vice Preisdent
AI Entertainment
Phelan Yoel, Mary Phelan Yoel, Mary
City National Bank
Phelan, Kate Phelan, Kate
Philbin, Regis Philbin, Regis
Attn: Vinny Rubino
Phildius, Diana Phildius, Diana
Casting Director, Producer, Writer
Astrommakers Productions
Philip, Dawad Philip, Dawad
The Daily Challenge
Philips, Marian Philips, Marian
Attorney at Law
Philipsen-Meissner, Heidi Philipsen-Meissner, Heidi
Actor, Director, Writer
Personae Entertainment Ltd.
Phillips, Alex Phillips, Alex
Development Executive, Writer
Seftel Productions
Phillips, Barbara Phillips, Barbara
Chance to Dance Entertainment
Phillips, Brent Phillips, Brent
Fales Library & Special Collections
Phillips, Graham Phillips, Graham
Ogilvy & Mather
Phillips, Holly Phillips, Holly
New York Post
Phillips, Jennifer Phillips, Jennifer
Director of Career Development
School of Visual Arts
Phillips, Jennifer Phillips, Jennifer
Development Executive, Programming, Researcher
Crown Media Family Networks
Phillips, Joyce Phillips, Joyce
Vice President
AIM Promotions
Phillips, makeba Phillips, makeba
Phillips, Maribeth Phillips, Maribeth
Production Executive
Phillips, Sandy Phillips, Sandy
Phillips, Suzannah Phillips, Suzannah
Legal Advisor
Women Enabled International
Phillips, Toyosi Phillips, Toyosi
New York Film Academy
Phillips, Wendy Phillips, Wendy
Casting Coordinator
Warner Bros.
Philogene, Edwin Philogene, Edwin
Vice President Marketing
BreakintoShowbiz, Inc.
Philpot, TaMarah Philpot, TaMarah
Director, Educator, Writer
Dark Star Films
Phipps, Cyrille Phipps, Cyrille
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Phok, Peter Phok, Peter
Slow Burn Films/Glass Eye Pix, Inc.
Phon, Abby Phon, Abby
Actor, Executive Producer, Narrator/Voice-Over
Phuan, William Phuan, William
Programs Manager
Asian CineVision
Pi'Eyro, Yvette Pi'Eyro, Yvette
WildChild Editorial, Inc.
Pianko, Elana Pianko, Elana
Full Glass Films
Piazza, Jennifer Piazza, Jennifer
Editor: Film/Video
Scholastic Media
Piccirillo, Olya Piccirillo, Olya
Health Addict LLC
Picco, Andrea Picco, Andrea
Pichardo, Annelise Pichardo, Annelise
Alp Horizons Publishing & Productions LLC
Pichhadze, Gloria Lora Pichhadze, Gloria Lora
Editor: Film/Video, Script Supervisor
Pichler, Sylvia Pichler, Sylvia
Picker, David Picker, David
Hallmark Entertainment
Picker, Jimmy Picker, Jimmy
The Age of Ignorance
Picker, Lauren Picker, Lauren
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Piechota, Pauline Piechota, Pauline
Head of Production and Development
Adirondack Pictures
Piecuch, Erik Piecuch, Erik
Business Affairs Executive
City National Bank
Pieczenik, Roberta Pieczenik, Roberta
S & R Literary, Inc.
Piel, Eleanor Piel, Eleanor
Pierce Nielsen, Dale Pierce Nielsen, Dale
Assistant Director, Director, Writer
Mbali Pictures
Pierce, Laura Pierce, Laura
Chelsea Truck Rental (Designing Hollywood 2001)
Pierce, Mary Ann Pierce, Mary Ann
MAP Digital: MetaMeetings
Pierpont, Linda Pierpont, Linda
Chief Pyrotechnician/Producer - independent contractor
Fireworks by Grucci
Pierre, Gilberte Pierre, Gilberte
Interactive Media
Pierson, Frank Pierson, Frank
Showtime - "Soldier's Girl"
Pierson, Joseph Pierson, Joseph
Cypress Films, Inc. - "EvenHand"
Pietaro, Melissa Pietaro, Melissa
Casting Associate
Pietkiwicz, Barbara Pietkiwicz, Barbara
WIFT - Warsaw
Pieyeri, Yanos Pieyeri, Yanos
Pilato, Rose Pilato, Rose
Director of Public Relations
Pilcher, Lydia Dean Pilcher, Lydia Dean
Director, Producer
Pilgrim, Diane Pilgrim, Diane
Musem Director
Cooper-Hewit Museum
Piliguian, Tro Piliguian, Tro
Ogilvy & Mather
Pilkington, Ed Pilkington, Ed
Chief Reporter, New York
Guardian NY
Pilla, Joseph Pilla, Joseph
Pillemer, Hannah Pillemer, Hannah
Director, Producer, Production Manager
Plum TV
Pilzer, Herbert Pilzer, Herbert
Preview Equipment Company
Pilzer, Neal R. Pilzer, Neal R.
Motion Picture Enterprises Inc.
Pimentel-Melo, Jesus Pimentel-Melo, Jesus
Cine Qua Non Lab
Pimienta, Mary Pimienta, Mary
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Basecamp Entertainment
Pimsleur, Julia Pimsleur, Julia
Producer, Production Services
Little Pim
Pina, Alexandra Pina, Alexandra
Valuable Technologies Inc.
Pina, Porfirio Pina, Porfirio
Senior Director, Writer/Publisher Relations
Broadcast Music, Inc (BMI)
Pinckney, Lesley Pinckney, Lesley
Executive Producer, Interactive Media, Marketing Executive
Pinckney, Michael Pinckney, Michael
Managing Director & CEO
Blacknoise Media
Pine, Jacqueline Pine, Jacqueline
Nonprofit Administrator, Producer, Script Supervisor
Early Stages Program, Inc.
Pineda Feret, Cecilia Pineda Feret, Cecilia
Brasserie Julien/Allure Catering
Pineyro, Gloria Pineyro, Gloria
Editor: Film/Video
Pinfold, Dorothee Pinfold, Dorothee
WIFT - Wellington
Pingree, Cecily Pingree, Cecily
Pini, Robert Pini, Robert
New Line Cinema
Pinkenson, Sharon Pinkenson, Sharon
Film/Television Commissioner, Nonprofit Administrator, Production Services
Greater Philadelphia Film Office
Pinkerson, Daphne Pinkerson, Daphne
Blowback Productions
Pinkley, Denise Pinkley, Denise
Pino, Lisa Pino, Lisa
Pinto, Ellen Pinto, Ellen
Pinto, Joe Pinto, Joe
Director of Partnerships
The Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice
Pinto, Kim Pinto, Kim
Marketing Executive
Hearst Magazines
Pinto, Suzanne Pinto, Suzanne
Manager of Corporate Affairs
Home Box Office
Piperni, David Piperni, David
Cargo Film & Releasing
Pira, Ina Pira, Ina
Programming Coordinator
Hamptons International Film Festival
Pirani, Zahida Pirani, Zahida
Pires, Leigh Pires, Leigh
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Personal Manager
Pirrone, Carmelo Pirrone, Carmelo
Sony Pictures Classics
Pirrone, Carmelo Pirrone, Carmelo
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Sony Pictures Classics
Pirrone, Carmelo Pirrone, Carmelo
Sony Pictures Classics
Pisacane, Maggie Pisacane, Maggie
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein and Setz PC
Pisarcik, Kristin Pisarcik, Kristin
Senior Director of Development
NorthSouth Productions
Pisarcik, Kristin Pisarcik, Kristin
ABC Primetime
Pisarkiewicz, Mary Pisarkiewicz, Mary
Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co., Inc.
Pistor, Julia Pistor, Julia
Producer, Production Executive
Nickelodeon Movies
Pitagorsky, Gloria Pitagorsky, Gloria
Heard City
Pitt, Adina Pitt, Adina
Acquisitions, Corporate Executive
Turner Broadcasting Cartoon Network
Pitt, Ranesha Pitt, Ranesha
Executive Assistant
Pitt, Suzan Pitt, Suzan
Pittelman, Ira Pittelman, Ira
Heartland Music
Pittman, Bob Pittman, Bob
Quantum Media
Pittman, Robert Pittman, Robert
Time Warner Inc.
Pittman, Veronique Pittman, Veronique
Director and Chief Information Officer
Green Schools Alliance
Pitts, Kenitra Pitts, Kenitra
Freelance Editor
Piueyro, Yvette Piueyro, Yvette
Wild Child Editorial, Inc.
Pivovar, Perri Pivovar, Perri
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Pizarro, Anna Pizarro, Anna
Deep Focus / Miramax
Pizzarello, Gerarda Pizzarello, Gerarda
Scenic Artist
Pizzello, Steve Pizzello, Steve
American Cinematographer
Pizzo, Chris Pizzo, Chris
Head of Independent Films
Washington Square Films
Pizzo, Malika Pizzo, Malika
c/o Little Senegal
Place, Mary Kay Place, Mary Kay
c/o Brian Mann
Planalp, Ronnie Planalp, Ronnie
The Planalp-Trevor Charitable Trust
Planalp, Ronnie Planalp, Ronnie
The Planalp-Trevor Charitable Trust
Planco, Johnnie Planco, Johnnie
Parseghian and Planco
Plant, Sarah Plant, Sarah
Composer, Music Director, Musical Arranger
Orfeo Ensemble, Inc.
Plant-Price, Kerrie Plant-Price, Kerrie
Make Up Artist
Plante, Jennifer Plante, Jennifer
PMK/HBH - New York
Plath, Lina Plath, Lina
Director, National Publicity, East Coast
frank public relations
Platt, Janice Platt, Janice
Production Executive
Platt, Jennifer Platt, Jennifer
Director, Producer, Videographers
Los angeles WIFT Chapter
Platt, Neil Platt, Neil
20th Century Fox
Platt, Nicholas Platt, Nicholas
The Asian Society
Platt, Roberta Platt, Roberta
SAG Board Rep
Platzer, Robin Platzer, Robin
Plaza, Begonya Plaza, Begonya
Actor, Director, Writer
Izar Productions
Plenge, John Plenge, John
Composer, Music Editor, Sound Mixer
ToneFactory Music
Plepler, Richard Plepler, Richard
Senior V.P. corporate Communications
Pliner, Jayne Pliner, Jayne
Consultant, Development Executive
c/o Tolley & Associates
Plonsky, Karyn Plonsky, Karyn
Board of Directors Secretary, Officer, & SAG Rep 2006-07
The New York Coalition of Professional Women in the Arts & Media (www.nycwam.org)
Plotkin, Jerry Plotkin, Jerry
Headroom Digital Audio
Plotkin, Laura Plotkin, Laura
Lola Films
Plouffe, Matthew Plouffe, Matthew
Director of Production
Focus Features
Plum, Kaitlyn Plum, Kaitlyn
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Plummer, Amanda Plummer, Amanda
c/o Gersh Agency/Bob Duva
Plummer, Christopher Plummer, Christopher
c/o Milton Goldman, ICM
Plunkett, Kylie Plunkett, Kylie
Camera Assistant
Pober, Janice Pober, Janice
Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Pober, Janice Pober, Janice
Senior Vice President Global Corporate Social Responsibility
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Pocharski, Susan Pocharski, Susan
US Magazine
Podell, Carole Podell, Carole
Producer, Production Manager, Writer
Luminous Shoe Productions
Podell, Pat Podell, Pat
Actor, Executive Producer, Post-Production Services
Media Transcripts, Inc.
Poe, Amelia Poe, Amelia
Poehler, Amy Poehler, Amy
c/o Dave Becky,3 Arts Entertainment-WC
Pogorzelski, Michael Pogorzelski, Michael
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Poirot, Jeffrey Poirot, Jeffrey
Vice President, New York
Pokras, A.C.E., Barbara Pokras, A.C.E., Barbara
Consultant, Editor: Film/Video
The Waterfall House LLC
Polak, Vivian Polak, Vivian
LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & MacRae LLP
Polakoff, Carol Polakoff, Carol
Carol Polakoff Productions Inc.
Polakoff, David Polakoff, David
Media Business Strategies
Polan, Dana Polan, Dana
CNTV University of Southern California
Polanco, Wanda Polanco, Wanda
Project Management
WB Wood NY
Poland, Andi Poland, Andi
Actor, Casting Associate, Narrator/Voice-Over
Polansky, Autumn Polansky, Autumn
Television Executive, Writer
CBS Television Network
Polay, Macall Polay, Macall
Stills Photographer
Bootleg Production, Inc
Polcsa, Juliet Polcsa, Juliet
Costume Designer
Polese, Susan Polese, Susan
Critic, Journalist, Writer
Polidoro, Rose Polidoro, Rose
Marketing Executive
Rose Polidoro Enterprises, Inc.
Polin, Catherine Polin, Catherine
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Thomas Sires
Polis, Matthew Polis, Matthew
Polite, Barrington Polite, Barrington
CEO and Founder
Disaster and Immediate Evacuation, LLC
Politi, Ellen Politi, Ellen
Director of Affiliate Marketing
Telemundo Network Group LLC
Polk, Jenny Polk, Jenny
Women in Film Chicago
Polkes, Julie Polkes, Julie
Poll, Julie Poll, Julie
Pollack, Randi Pollack, Randi
Assistant General Counsel
4Kids Productions, Inc.
Pollack, Sari Pollack, Sari
Corporate Communications
American Movie Classics
Pollack, Sharon Pollack, Sharon
Currently in Paris, France - re phone number
Pollack, Susanna Pollack, Susanna
BBC Worldwide
Pollak, Ruth Pollak, Ruth
Educational Film Center
Pollak, Sara Pollak, Sara
Big Beach Films
Pollard, Gary Pollard, Gary
Festival Administrator
New York Doc Fest
Polli, Janet Polli, Janet
Mentoring USA
Pollini, Jessica Pollini, Jessica
Assistant Director
Polney, Luciana Polney, Luciana
Pologianis, Terrie Pologianis, Terrie
Director, Corporate and Public Affairs
Poltrack, David Poltrack, David
Executive VP, Research, Planning
CBS Television Network
Poltzer, Patrice Poltzer, Patrice
Editor: Film/Video, Journalist, Producer
Polvino, Marisa Polvino, Marisa
Straight Up Films
Polye, Colleen Polye, Colleen
Area Manager
Freixenet USA Incorporated
Pomerance, Eve Pomerance, Eve
Casting by Eve
Pomerance, Ruth Pomerance, Ruth
Development Executive, Educator, Producer
Rockwell Group
Pomerantz, Edward Pomerantz, Edward
Zan Productions (Writer's Guild East)
Pomerantz, Ellen Pomerantz, Ellen
Technicolor East Coast, Inc.
Pomerantz, Fran Pomerantz, Fran
Client Partner
Pommer, Daisy Pommer, Daisy
Associate Producer, Producer, Researcher
Pon, Maria Pon, Maria
Post-Production Services
Magno Sound & Video
Ponce, Marie Ponce, Marie
Open Artist NYC
Pond, Steve Pond, Steve
Columnist Oscar Beat
The Wrap
Ponder, Lori Ponder, Lori
Ponto, Arya Ponto, Arya
Ponzo, Rosemary Ponzo, Rosemary
Costume Designer, Creative Director
The Atrium
Pool-Eckert, Marquita Pool-Eckert, Marquita
Journalist, Producer, Television Executive
Eckert Associates
Poole, Hadley Poole, Hadley
Manager, Creative Licensing
The Orchard
Poole, Josh Poole, Josh
Director of Development
Above Average Productions
Pooley, Pam Pooley, Pam
Laughing Lotus Films
Poolos, Alexandra Poolos, Alexandra
Managing Editor
Women's eNews
Pop, Liz Pop, Liz
Art Director
Pop Art
Pope, Amanda Pope, Amanda
A. Pope Productions, Inc.
Pope, Anne Pope, Anne
Editor: Sound, Music Editor, Sound Mixer
Popiel, Kat Popiel, Kat
Content & Community
Poplyk, Gregory Poplyk, Gregory
Costume Designer
Popova, Maria Popova, Maria
Poppe, Chris Poppe, Chris
Epic Records
Popper, Merva Popper, Merva
Lublinski Productions
Porath, Sara Porath, Sara
Producer, Programming, Television Executive
Portela, Pat Portela, Pat
Executive Producer
Nice Shoes
Porter Henderson, Sue Porter Henderson, Sue
Actor, Consultant, Writer
Henderson Enterprises, Inc.
Porter, Dawn Porter, Dawn
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Porter, Joseph Porter, Joseph
Richmond News, Inc.
Porter, Lisa Porter, Lisa
Twenty Words for Snow
Porter, Nancy Porter, Nancy
Nancy Porter Productions
Porter, Ruth Porter, Ruth
Special Education Teacher
Fairfax County Public Schools
Porterfield, Chris Porterfield, Chris
Time Magazine
Portillo, Lourdes Portillo, Lourdes
Director, Producer, Writer
Portman, Natalie Portman, Natalie
I/D Public Relations - WC
Porto, Linda Porto, Linda
Director, Producer, Writer
Porzio, Joanne Porzio, Joanne
Divina Media
Posman, Nanette Posman, Nanette
Time Warner Cable
Posner, Joe Posner, Joe
Director of Video
Posner, Mara Posner, Mara
Producer, Production Executive
Possessky, Laura Possessky, Laura
Gura & Possessky, PLLC
Post, Meredith Post, Meredith
Associate Producer, Writer
Post, Myrna Post, Myrna
Personal Manager, Publicist
Myrna Post Associates
Poster, Ariel Poster, Ariel
Art Department Pa
Poster, Judith Poster, Judith
BRIC Brooklyn Information
Poster, Meryl Poster, Meryl
Executive Producer, Producer
Poster, Randall Poster, Randall
Music Supervisor
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Poster, Steven Poster, Steven
National President
Local 600
Poster, Steven Poster, Steven
10061 Riverside Drive, Suite 1016
Poster's International Ltd.
Potochnik, Tracie Potochnik, Tracie
Potocki, Dina Potocki, Dina
Editor: Film/Video
Potopsky, Karen Potopsky, Karen
MacDonald Financial Group
Potrock, Eileen Potrock, Eileen
VP Marketing
Kenn Viselman
Potter, Brett Potter, Brett
Calavera USA
Potter, Elizabeth Potter, Elizabeth
Corporate Executive, Festival Administrator
New York Latino Film Festivsal
Potter, Lisa Potter, Lisa
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Potter, Michaela Potter, Michaela
Wanderlust Productions
Potter, Sally Potter, Sally
Adventure Pictures
Pou, Jackeline Pou, Jackeline
Journalist, Producer
Poucel, Paola Poucel, Paola
Actor, Journalist, Narrator/Voice-Over
Pouillon, Jacquie Pouillon, Jacquie
Chelsea Pictures
Poulos Mccamy, Elizabeth Poulos Mccamy, Elizabeth
EFilms/Metailles Productions
Poulos, Gretchen Poulos, Gretchen
Actor, Producer
Poulos, Gretchen Poulos, Gretchen
Actor, Researcher, Writer
Poux, Jim Poux, Jim
Poux Company
Povich, Lynn Povich, Lynn
Managing Editor, East Coast Programs
MSNBC on the Internet
Powell, Achebe Powell, Achebe
Betty Powell Associates
Powell, Jane Powell, Jane
Global Business Mgmt.
Powell, Rhonda Powell, Rhonda
Scripps Networks Inc.
Powell, Richard Powell, Richard
Vice-Consul (Trade & Investment)
Creative & Digital Media
Powell, Shirley Powell, Shirley
Cartoon Network Worldwide & TNT Int'l.
Powell, Sonia Powell, Sonia
Director, Producer
power, francis power, francis
Post Production Supervisor
Francis Power
Powers, Alisa Powers, Alisa
Development Assistant
Tribeca Film Festival and Tribeca Film Institute
Powers, Patricia Powers, Patricia
Director, Producer
Powers, Thom Powers, Thom
Programmer, International Documentary
Toronto International Film Festival
Powledge, Linda Powledge, Linda
Production Executive
Powlis, Annette Powlis, Annette
Soaring Elephant Productions, Inc.
Poynton, Jerome Poynton, Jerome
Video Engineer
Swiss Effects
Pozefsky, Carol Pozefsky, Carol
Northeast Broadcasting
Pozo, Santiago Pozo, Santiago
Pozzi, Ana Pozzi, Ana
Prabhaker, Krupal Prabhaker, Krupal
Prada, Francesca Prada, Francesca
Director, Producer, Writer
Diana Films
Praeger, Jane Praeger, Jane
Director, Producer, Writer
Flatiron Films
Pranett, Sori Pranett, Sori
India Abroad
Prasow, Amanda Prasow, Amanda
Actor, Director, Producer
Nakavika FIlms
Prasow, Amanda Prasow, Amanda
Streeter Technologies
Prassis, Tom Prassis, Tom
Original Cinema
Prassis, Tom Prassis, Tom
Original Cinema
Pratt, Deborah Pratt, Deborah
Pratt Ent Inc
Pratt, Nina Pratt, Nina
Casting Director, Producer
Grey Advertising
Pratt, Raven Pratt, Raven
Duggal Visual Solutions
Pratt, Raven Pratt, Raven
Duggal Visual Solutions
Prattas, Demetra Prattas, Demetra
Production Services
Turon Travel
Prawer Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Ruth
Merchant Ivory Productioins
Pray, Mark Pray, Mark
Director of Sport Media Relations
Precht, Carla Precht, Carla
Director, Producer
Pregot, Kristine Pregot, Kristine
Music Supervisor, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Preiss, Lola Preiss, Lola
Director of Advertising and Public Relations
Hilton New York & Towers
Preminger, Beth Preminger, Beth
Kingsboro Community College
Presar, Barbara Presar, Barbara
Costume Designer
Prescott, Jennifer Prescott, Jennifer
Green Consultant
Jenny Green Jeans
Presnell, Donna Presnell, Donna
Trinity Television and New Media
Press, Darren Press, Darren
A May Sky Picture Entertainment, LLC
Press, Joy Press, Joy
TV Columnist
Village Voice
Press, Lauren Press, Lauren
Costume Designer
Press, Rob Press, Rob
Pressler, Ciara Pressler, Ciara
Founder & Executive Director
Pressler Collaborative
Pressman, Edward Pressman, Edward
Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation
Prestia, Christina Prestia, Christina
Rights Manager
Osho International
Prestininzi, Carla Prestininzi, Carla
Prestininzi, Carla Prestininzi, Carla
Preston, Cynthia Preston, Cynthia
Cynthia Preston
Preston, Hilary Preston, Hilary
Choreographer, Director
Preston, Sally Preston, Sally
Senior Vice President
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Pretolani, Luisa Pretolani, Luisa
PAHNI Productions
Pretsfelder, Danielle Pretsfelder, Danielle
Manager, Talent & Casting
Previd, Nevette Previd, Nevette
Consultant, Marketing Executive
Nevette Previd - NEVETTE PREVID INC.
Previti, John Previti, John
Prevost, Lauretta Prevost, Lauretta
Price, Catherine Price, Catherine
Managing Director / Executive Producer
Muse Film & Television
Price, Hannah Price, Hannah
Scenic Artist
Price, Holly Price, Holly
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Price, Ingrid Price, Ingrid
Costume Designer
Price, Jill Price, Jill
Post-Production Services
Pomann Sound
Price, Kirsten Price, Kirsten
Composer/ Producer
Big Sound Factory
Price, Kirsten Price, Kirsten
KPI Corp.
Price, Lisa Price, Lisa
Beverly Anderson Agency
Price, Margaret Price, Margaret
Price, Meryl Price, Meryl
Marketing Executive, Programming, Writer
Priceless Entertainment, Inc.
Price, Philip Price, Philip
Creative Director, Interactive Media, Video Graphics
Price Digital, Inc.
Price, Rhonda Price, Rhonda
The Gersh Agency
Pride, Nicole Pride, Nicole
Public Relations Specialist
Rutgers University
Prince, Lori Prince, Lori
Prince, Marylin Prince, Marylin
Principato, Greg Principato, Greg
Camera 1st assistant
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Prine, Alice Prine, Alice
Travelers Encore Entertainment
Priou, Emanauel Priou, Emanauel
Bonne Pioche Productions
Pritchard, Catherine Pritchard, Catherine
The Philadelphia Casting Co.
Pritzer, Gigi Pritzer, Gigi
Odd Lot Entertainment
Privett, Ray Privett, Ray
Cinema Purgatorio
Procope, Ernesta Procope, Ernesta
E. G. Bowman Company
Procopi, Barbara Procopi, Barbara
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Writer
Profusek, Robert Profusek, Robert
Producer, Founder
Toy Closet Films
Proimos, Helen Proimos, Helen
Actor, Producer
Projansky, Carolyn Projansky, Carolyn
Five Star Films, Inc.
Projansky, Diana Projansky, Diana
Senior Producer
Fisher Price
Promaulayko, Michele Promaulayko, Michele
Vice President and Editor-in-Chief
Women's Health Rodale Inc.
Prophet, Meghan Prophet, Meghan
Propp, Douglas Propp, Douglas
Propp Productions, Inc.
Props, Rene Props, Rene
As the World Turns
Prosperino, Jennifer Prosperino, Jennifer
Berdon LLP
Protter, Lisa Protter, Lisa
Marketing Director
Digital Arts
Prouse, Mark Prouse, Mark
Scenic Artist, Computer Artist
CBS Scene Shop
Pruce, Lorna Pruce, Lorna
Pryce, Jonathan Pryce, Jonathan
c/o Marc Thibodeau, Fred Mason Company
przypyszny, michele przypyszny, michele
ex dir
Leukemia and Lymphoma society
Psarakis, Esther Psarakis, Esther
Taste of Crete
Ptah, Nadhege Ptah, Nadhege
MAAT Films
Pucker Rivo, Sharon Pucker Rivo, Sharon
Executive Director
National Center for Jewish Film, Brandeis University
Puckette, Linda Puckette, Linda
Senior Producer
Pufky, Jennifer Pufky, Jennifer
Executive Assistant, Office of the President
The White House Project
Pugh, Casey Pugh, Casey
Pugliese, Charles Pugliese, Charles
Killer Films
Puleio, Steve Puleio, Steve
Willis Corroon Corporation of NY
Pun, Wei Pun, Wei
Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Still Photographer
Punter, Carolyn Punter, Carolyn
Executive Producer
Mango Tree Productions,LLC
Puntillo, Kimi Puntillo, Kimi
Interactive Media, Producer, Writer
President, KP Communications
Puri, Jitash Puri, Jitash
Relationship Manager
Purpura, Matthew Purpura, Matthew
NY State Manager
Tito's Handmade Vodka
Purtell, Meghan Purtell, Meghan
Director On Air Promotion
Pusateri, Maria Pusateri, Maria
Actor, Director, Producer
Pusateri, Nicole Pusateri, Nicole
@ Radical Media
Pushkine, Tanya Pushkine, Tanya
Clarins USA
Putnam, Keri Putnam, Keri
Putrelo, Christina Putrelo, Christina
Attorney at Law
Pyle, Kathryn Pyle, Kathryn
Honey Alley LLC
Pyne, Shyamoli Pyne, Shyamoli
Marketing Executive
Murray Hill Studios
Pyne, Solana Pyne, Solana
Senior Producer
Pypec, Dawid Pypec, Dawid
Pyronneau, Tamiko Pyronneau, Tamiko
Business Affairs Executive, Development Executive, Executive Producer
Film Business Advisors LLC
pyzel, Roberta pyzel, Roberta
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Act II Productions, Inc.