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Nachlis, Gayle Nachlis, Gayle
Executive Director
Women in Film
Nathaniel, Afia Nathaniel, Afia
Director, Producer, Writer
Negri, Victoria Negri, Victoria
Actor, Director, Writer
Gold Star Film LLC
Nelson, Jane Nelson, Jane
Associate Producer, Director, Producer
Nero, Katherine Nero, Katherine
Director, Writer
Ness, Elisabeth Ness, Elisabeth
Actor, Producer, Writer
Good Porpoise Productions, LLC
Neville, Arthel Neville, Arthel
Fox News
Nevins, Alexandra Nevins, Alexandra
Interactive Media, Producer
Nevins, Sheila Nevins, Sheila
Production Executive
Newman, Eileen Newman, Eileen
Nonprofit Administrator
Hostos Community College
Newman, Geraldine Newman, Geraldine
Creative Director, Director, Writer
Newman Communications
Newman, Julia Newman, Julia
Director, Producer
Exemplary Films, Inc
Newman, Talibah Newman, Talibah
Complex Media
Newton-Boyd, Sehiya Newton-Boyd, Sehiya
Production Assistant
AMC Networks
Ng, Sylvia Ng, Sylvia
Ngo, Michelle Ngo, Michelle
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor, Writer
Nicholson, Amy Nicholson, Amy
Creative Director, Director, Producer
Myrtle & Olive
Niedland, Suzanne Niedland, Suzanne
Actor, Director, Producer
BusEye Films, LLC
Nightingale, Bethany Nightingale, Bethany
Actor, Writer
Nishimoto, Christine Nishimoto, Christine
Actor, Consultant
Timepiece Entertainment
Nolan, Tricia Nolan, Tricia
Director, Producer, Writer
Fort Nolan Filmworks
Nordstrom, Lisa Ann Nordstrom, Lisa Ann
Writer, Director, Curator
FOAD Productions
Norkus, Elaine Norkus, Elaine
Producer, Writer
Cheshire Productions
Norton, Heather Norton, Heather
Camera Department
Noschese, Christine Noschese, Christine
Director, Producer, Writer
Novack, Ellen Novack, Ellen
Casting Director, Director, Producer
Marigold Films, LLC
Novack, Nancy Novack, Nancy
Editor: Film/Video, Educator, Producer
Cowgirls Are Forever llc.
Nugent, David Nugent, David
Curator, Festival Administrator, Nonprofit Administrator
Hamptons International Film Festival
Nugent, Patricia Nugent, Patricia
Producer, Production Manager, Television Executive
Peacock Productions, NBC Universal
Nunez, Jane Nunez, Jane
Corporate Executive
Nyahay, Rebecca Nyahay, Rebecca
Actor, Producer, Production Coordinator
ReelMavens, LLC
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