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N'Daw-Spech, Diarah N'Daw-Spech, Diarah
General Manager
Artmattan Productions
N/A, Chris N/A, Chris
Good Hope Telecom, LLC
Nabasny, Emily Nabasny, Emily
Nabatoff, Diane Nabatoff, Diane
Interscope Comm., Inc.
Nachlis, Gayle Nachlis, Gayle
Executive Director
Women in Film
nacht, david nacht, david
nacht associates pc
Nadal, Harry Nadal, Harry
Costume Designer
Nadell, Carol Nadell, Carol
Casting Director
Selective Casting/ Internationally Speaking
Nader, Albert Nader, Albert
Nader, Amira Nader, Amira
Naderi, Amir Naderi, Amir
Alphaville Films NYC, Inc.
Nadig, Gabrielle Nadig, Gabrielle
Co Founder/Executive Producer
Buffalo Picture House
Nadler, Esq., Mike Nadler, Esq., Mike
Counselor at Law
Uncyk, Borenkind & Nadler
Nadler, Judy Kaye Nadler, Judy Kaye
Movie View/Movie Lines
Naegle, Sue Naegle, Sue
President - HBO Entertainment
Nagan, Justine Nagan, Justine
Kartemquin Educational Films
Nagel, Martina Nagel, Martina
Camera Assistant, Camera Department, Camera Operator
Naggar, Jean Naggar, Jean
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency
Nagle, Paul Nagle, Paul
Director of Communications and Cultural Policy
City Council
Nagler, Harvey Nagler, Harvey
Nahmany, Peggy Nahmany, Peggy
Directeur de la Communication Externe
Publicis Groupe
Nair, Mira Nair, Mira
Director, Producer, Writer
Mirabai Films, Inc.
Najar, Fouzia Najar, Fouzia
Najimy, Kathy Najimy, Kathy
c/o ICM
Nakagawa, Naini Nakagawa, Naini
Freeworkshopsnyc Inc
Nakhnikian, Elise Nakhnikian, Elise
Critic, Journalist, Writer
Girls Can Play
Nakhoul, Samantha Nakhoul, Samantha
Marketing Coordinator
The Syndicate
Nance, Consuela Nance, Consuela
Media Diretor
Steelpetal Media
Nance, Reggie Nance, Reggie
Communty Outreach Manager
Emmis Communications
Nankin, Frances Nankin, Frances
Executive Producer
Nanovic, Robert T. Nanovic, Robert T.
Northeast Historic Film
Napal, Ronald Napal, Ronald
Chief Development Officer
United Cerebral Palsy of New York City
Napier, Gratia Napier, Gratia
Production Coordinator
GO Film
Narayanan, Neerja Narayanan, Neerja
Creative Producer
Narita, Daishiro Narita, Daishiro
Acquisitions Manager
Wise Policy
Narula, Smita Narula, Smita
NYU Human Rights & Humanitarian Assistance
Narvaez, Michael Narvaez, Michael
Director, Producer, Writer
Narvaez, Tomas Narvaez, Tomas
Art's Demise LLC
Nascenzi, Corey Nascenzi, Corey
Nash Glynn, Jonathon Nash Glynn, Jonathon
President and Founder
Wings Over Haiti
Nash, Mona Nash, Mona
Director, Producer
Annex Film Group
Nashel, Peter Nashel, Peter
Duotone Audio Group
Nason, Brian Nason, Brian
BNL Design INC.
Nassif, Farid Nassif, Farid
Havoc, Inc.
Nastro, Elizabeth Nastro, Elizabeth
Manager, Acquisitions
IFC Films
Natale, Adam Natale, Adam
Director of Member Services
Fractured Atlas
Nath, Paramita Nath, Paramita
Chitra Films
Nath, Rajeev Nath, Rajeev
Managment Consultant
Nathan, Debra Nathan, Debra
Warner Bros. Pictures
Nathaniel, Afia Nathaniel, Afia
Director, Producer, Writer
nathaniel, jenica nathaniel, jenica
Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, Coordinating Producer
Nathin, Debra Nathin, Debra
V.P., East Coast Publicity
Nation, Maria Nation, Maria
Sirius Pictures
Natkow, Sherry Natkow, Sherry
Consultant, Educator
Natola, JoanAnn Natola, JoanAnn
Coordinating Producer, Production Finance
Element Financial Group
Natori, Josie Natori, Josie
The Natori Company
Naughton, Mike Naughton, Mike
Vice President, Media and Sponsorships
Charles Schwab
Navarro, Theresa Navarro, Theresa
Director of Community Programs & Outreach
Arts Engine
Nazario, Nathan Nazario, Nathan
Gramercy Pictures
Nazkani, Salim Nazkani, Salim
Group Director & Vice President
Signature Securities
Ndika, Frances Ndika, Frances
Ass. Producer
Voices of Women Worldwide
Neal, Kathryn Neal, Kathryn
Director of External Programs
Northwestern University School of Communication
Neal, Kia Michette Neal, Kia Michette
Director, Writer
Neal, Mike Neal, Mike
Acquisitions Coordinator
Film Movement
Nealon, Liz Nealon, Liz
Executive Producer, Writer
Neary, Mary Neary, Mary
Camera Assistant
Nebrida, Vince Nebrida, Vince
Stratosphere Entertainment
Neczypor, Anne Neczypor, Anne
Deluxe NY
Neczypor, Anne Neczypor, Anne
Consultant, Sales
Deluxe New York
Nedbalsky, Jennifer Nedbalsky, Jennifer
Development and Distribution Coordinator
Paper Tiger Television
Nedeau, Jen Nedeau, Jen
Digital Strategy
Neeb, Noel Neeb, Noel
Producing Artistic Director
RoaN Productions
Needle, Seth Needle, Seth
Manager, Acquisitions & Marketing
Screen Media Films
Needles, Susan Needles, Susan
Agent, Marketing Executive, Sales
Needles & Assoc.
Neely, Cynthia Neely, Cynthia
Producer, Writer
Neely-Cohen, Samara Neely-Cohen, Samara
Umbrella Hat Productions
Neesemann, Cynthia Neesemann, Cynthia
CS International Literary Agency
Negbenebor Sela, Aimiende Negbenebor Sela, Aimiende
Actor, Director, Writer
Sela Films LLC
neglia, david neglia, david
Chris Robbins' Assistant
Negri, Victoria Negri, Victoria
Actor, Director, Writer
Gold Star Film LLC
Negrin, David Negrin, David
Director, Writer
Neidich, Melissa Neidich, Melissa
Editor: Film/Video
Neilan, Linda Neilan, Linda
Outten & Golden
Neipris, Janet Neipris, Janet
Donald Willie
Nelligan, Kate Nelligan, Kate
c/o Susan Anderson, ICM
Nellis, Cynthia Nellis, Cynthia
Nelson, Christine Nelson, Christine
Freelance Background Casting Director
Christine Nelson Casting
Nelson, Christopher Nelson, Christopher
Assignment Editor
NBC News
Nelson, Dave Nelson, Dave
General Manager
Reebok Sports Club/NY
Nelson, Emily Nelson, Emily
Production Coordinator
Imaginary Forces
Nelson, Jane Nelson, Jane
Scenic Artist
Nelson, Jane Nelson, Jane
Associate Producer, Director, Producer
Nelson, Jennifer Nelson, Jennifer
Good Morning To You Productions
Nelson, Jill Nelson, Jill
Deputy Director of External Affairs
Office of the Manhattan Borough President, Scott M. Stringer
Nelson, Laura Nelson, Laura
VP, communications
Oxygen Media
Nelson, Marcia Nelson, Marcia
Marcum LLP
Nelson, Margaret Nelson, Margaret
L'Epoque D'Or Films
Nelson, Marie Nelson, Marie
Senior Director and Executive Producer, Programming
BET News
Nelson, Marie Nelson, Marie
Corporate Executive, Interactive Media
IndustryScoop.com LLC
Nelson, Martha Nelson, Martha
Editor-in-Chief of Time Inc.
Time, Inc
Nelson, Monique Nelson, Monique
Uniworld Group
Nelson, Peter Nelson, Peter
Facing History and Ourselves
Nemec, Susan Nemec, Susan
Hippo Productions
Nemecek, Nancy Nemecek, Nancy
Universal Studios
Nemser, Maggie Nemser, Maggie
c/o Chad Dickens Trinity College
Neo, Billy Neo, Billy
Acquisitions and Development
Little Magic Films
Nero, Katherine Nero, Katherine
Director, Writer
Nesbit, Molly Nesbit, Molly
Department of Art & Art History, Vassar College
Nesbitt, Tealeda Nesbitt, Tealeda
Actor, Interactive Media
Neshat, Shirin Neshat, Shirin
Barbara Gladstone Gallery
Nesmith, David Nesmith, David
S. Epatha's publicist
Ness, Marilyn Ness, Marilyn
Director, Producer, Researcher
Big Mouth Productions
Ness, Susan Ness, Susan
Susan Ness Strategies
Netburn, Mitchell Netburn, Mitchell
State of New York, Division of Human Rights (Resources)
Neukum, Cathe Neukum, Cathe
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Neukum Pictures
Neumeyer, Lily Neumeyer, Lily
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Programming
A&E Television Networks
Neustein, David Neustein, David
Neustein Entertainment, LLC.
Neustein, Robin Neustein, Robin
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs
Neuwirth, Jessica Neuwirth, Jessica
Equality Now
Nevai, Lucia Nevai, Lucia
Development Executive, Writer
Neville, Arthel Neville, Arthel
E! Extreme Close-Up
Neville, Arthel Neville, Arthel
Fox News
Neville, Morgan Neville, Morgan
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Nevins, Alexandra Nevins, Alexandra
Interactive Media, Producer
Nevins, David Nevins, David
Entertainment Showtime Networks Inc.
Nevins, Sheila Nevins, Sheila
Production Executive
Newberger, Kathy Newberger, Kathy
Manager, Business Development
Newborn, Susi Newborn, Susi
Newburger, Patty Newburger, Patty
Comedy Central
Newcomb, Nancy Newcomb, Nancy
Customer Group Executive
Citibank N.A.
Newell, Evan Newell, Evan
Film Loader
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Newhard, Mariana Newhard, Mariana
Actor, Camera Operator, Narrator/Voice-Over
Newhardt, Rosemary Newhardt, Rosemary
Vice President
Michael Simon
Newhauser, Mitch Newhauser, Mitch
Film Journal
Newhouse, Alana Newhouse, Alana
Editor in Chief, Art and Culture Editor
Tablet Magazine
Newhouse, Carole Newhouse, Carole
Development Executive, Producer, Writer
New Sand House Productions
Newhouse, Nancy Newhouse, Nancy
Travel Editor
The New York Times
Newitz, Annalee Newitz, Annalee
Newkirk, Kristin Newkirk, Kristin
Business Manager
Newman, Anne Newman, Anne
Sunbow Entertainment
Newman, Barbara Newman, Barbara
President/Executive Producer
Cowgirls Are Forever llc.
Newman, Brenda Newman, Brenda
Paul Evans Caterers
Newman, Brian Newman, Brian
Brainstorm Media
Newman, Darley Newman, Darley
Founder & Producer
DCN Creative, LLC
Newman, Deborah Newman, Deborah
Consultant, Interactive Media, Marketing Executive
Second Stage Media
Newman, Donald Newman, Donald
Administrative Director
Three of Us Studios
Newman, Eileen Newman, Eileen
Nonprofit Administrator
Hostos Community College
Newman, Ella Newman, Ella
Special Industries - Media
Newman, Geraldine Newman, Geraldine
Creative Director, Director, Writer
Newman Communications
Newman, Joyce Newman, Joyce
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Interactive Media
Newman, Julia Newman, Julia
Director, Producer
Exemplary Films, Inc
Newman, Laura Newman, Laura
irREVERENT films
Newman, Marcia Newman, Marcia
c/o Edelman
Newman, Micael Newman, Micael
Beautiful Darling Executive Producer
Newman, Phyllis Newman, Phyllis
Ron Barron Management
Newman, Talibah Newman, Talibah
Complex Media
Newmyer, Deborah Newmyer, Deborah
Sr. VP, Development
Amblin Entertainment
Newport, Cynthia Newport, Cynthia
Candela Entertainment
Newton, Jeremiah Newton, Jeremiah
Industry Liason
NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Graduate Film & TV
Newton, Judith Newton, Judith
Tasting Home
Newton, Robby Newton, Robby
Research Scientist
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Newton, Wendy Newton, Wendy
Trust for Mutual Understanding
Ney, Joanna Ney, Joanna
Producer, Arts Programming
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Nezin, Marjorie Nezin, Marjorie
Nezin Associates /Frpt. Gallery Art School
Ng, Roxanne Ng, Roxanne
W Hotels
Ng, Sylvia Ng, Sylvia
Ngo, Michelle Ngo, Michelle
Story Illumination
Ngo, Michelle Ngo, Michelle
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor, Writer
Nguyen, Anh-Van Nguyen, Anh-Van
Director, Operations & Planning
Nguyen, Derek Nguyen, Derek
screenwriter, director, producer, writer, and playwright
Gamechanger Films
Nhengu, Tarisai Nhengu, Tarisai
Monumental Films
Niblock, Phill Niblock, Phill
Executive Director
Experimental Intermedia Foundation
Nichol, Betsy Nichol, Betsy
E.N. Interiors Inc.
Nichols, Alonso Nichols, Alonso
Tufts University
Nichols, Barbara Nichols, Barbara
Associate Producer, Production Manager, Talent Coordinator
Nichols, Jacq Nichols, Jacq
Account Manager
PLUM Agency
Nichols, Sara Nichols, Sara
Nichols, Sheloa Nichols, Sheloa
Associate Producer DI and Production
Harbor Picture Company
Nicholson, Amy Nicholson, Amy
Myrtle & Olive
Nicholson, Amy Nicholson, Amy
Creative Director, Director, Producer
Myrtle & Olive
Nickerson, Laura Nickerson, Laura
Broad Topics
Nickin, Amy Nickin, Amy
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein and Selz
Nicoara, Mona Nicoara, Mona
Sat Mic Film
Nicolas, O. Valerie Nicolas, O. Valerie
Line Producer, Producer, Researcher
Ol' Soul Pictures
Nicole, Amy Nicole, Amy
Chic Studios NYC
Nicolette, Dana Nicolette, Dana
Manager, Production Talent
iTalent Company
Nicolson, Courtney Nicolson, Courtney
Producer, Writer
Sportsman Channel
Nieddu, Paolo Nieddu, Paolo
Costume Designer
Niederer, Hilary Niederer, Hilary
Costume Designer
Niederman, Ronnie Niederman, Ronnie
Director, Producer
Niedland, Suzanne Niedland, Suzanne
Actor, Director, Producer
BusEye Films, LLC
Niehage, Dagmar Niehage, Dagmar
Dagstar Film
Nieporent, Amy Nieporent, Amy
Production Coordinator
Nieporent, Tracy Nieporent, Tracy
Director of Marketing
Tribeca Grill
Nieto, Maria Nieto, Maria
Founder & Publisher
Nieto, Maria Fernanda Nieto, Maria Fernanda
Wait a Minute Productions
Nieves, Maritza Nieves, Maritza
Actor, Production Manager
ABC, Inc.
Nightingale, Bethany Nightingale, Bethany
Actor, Writer
Nigro, Janice & Jan Nigro, Janice & Jan
Lovable Creature Music
Niki, Alexis Niki, Alexis
Story Nova
Nikko, Tom Nikko, Tom
Nikolic, Erica Nikolic, Erica
Attorney, Director, Producer
Pavo Films
Nikolic, Vladan Nikolic, Vladan
Surla Films
Niles, David Niles, David
Niles, Janelle Niles, Janelle
The Law Office of Janelle Niles, Esq.
Niles, Janelle Niles, Janelle
The Law Office of Janelle Niles, Esq.
Niles, Logan Niles, Logan
Actor, Writer
Nimmo, Robert Nimmo, Robert
Business Manager
Nina, Sara Nina, Sara
Director, Journalist, Writer
Ning, Dain Ning, Dain
Director of Photograpy
Dain Ning Photography & Film
Nipkow, Leslie Nipkow, Leslie
Actor, Writer
Nirode, Vanessa Nirode, Vanessa
Costume Designer, Wardrobe
Nishimoto, Christine Nishimoto, Christine
Actor, Consultant
Timepiece Entertainment
Nisselson, Bill Nisselson, Bill
Sound One Corp.
Nix, Sarah Nix, Sarah
Fox News
Nix, Tracy Nix, Tracy
Nix, William Nix, William
Corporate Executive, Executive Producer, Production Finance
Creative Projects Group
Nixon, Agnes Nixon, Agnes
ABC Inc.
Nixon, Cynthia Nixon, Cynthia
c/o Rebecca Sides Capellan (Becca)
Nixon, Kathryn Nixon, Kathryn
Costume Designer
Nixon, Sandra Nixon, Sandra
The Muse Source
Noble, Kim Noble, Kim
Ogilvy & Mather
Nobles-Dasilva, Mari Nobles-Dasilva, Mari
Director, Women In Crisis
Nochimson, Kenneth Nochimson, Kenneth
Attorney, Producer
Advise & Consent Inc.
Nochimson, Martha Nochimson, Martha
Cineaste Magazine
Nodjoumi, Sara Nodjoumi, Sara
Partner Pictures
Noel, Cece Hughley Noel, Cece Hughley
Executive Director
Portland Community Media
Noesner, Guenter Noesner, Guenter
Technical Sales Representative
Noey, Christopher Noey, Christopher
Manager/Coordinating Producer
The Met/ Film & T.V.
Noguera, Cecilia Noguera, Cecilia
L'Oreal USA-Giorgio Armani & Shu Uemura Cosmetics
Nolan, Bob Nolan, Bob
Senior Writer
Monroe County Department of Communications and Special Events
Nolan, Dolores Nolan, Dolores
Corporate Executive
Radio Advertising Bureau
Nolan, Joe Nolan, Joe
VP, Entertainment
Perspective Studios
Nolan, Tricia Nolan, Tricia
Director, Producer, Writer
Fort Nolan Filmworks
Noland, Katherine Noland, Katherine
Costume Designer
Nomen, Christina Nomen, Christina
OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network
Nord, Gail Nord, Gail
Post-Production Services
SoundHound / thePound
Nord, Liz Nord, Liz
Director, Journalist, Producer
Norda, Anne Norda, Anne
Bear Island
Nordstrom, Lisa Ann Nordstrom, Lisa Ann
Writer, Director
FOAD Productions
Nore, Charles Nore, Charles
Director, Broadcast Administration
Noriega, Chon Noriega, Chon
UCLA, Department of Film & TV
Norkus, Elaine Norkus, Elaine
Producer, Writer
Cheshire Productions
Norlander, Andrea Norlander, Andrea
Marketing Executive
Dow Jones - The Wall Street Journal
Norman, Maria Norman, Maria
Associate Producer, Director, Writer
TradeWinds Films
Norman, Marsha Norman, Marsha
Educator, Production Executive, Writer
Norman, Vickie Norman, Vickie
Member Bulletin
New Dramatists
Normille, Aileen Normille, Aileen
Syfy Channel
Norrgard, Lenore Norrgard, Lenore
Norris, Danielle Norris, Danielle
Norris, Gloria Norris, Gloria
Over Easy Productions
Norstrand, Elizabeth Norstrand, Elizabeth
Legislative and Policy Director
North, Samantha North, Samantha
Zyr Vodka
North, Wendy North, Wendy
J. Walter Thompson Co.
Northy, Katie Northy, Katie
Representative, Sales
Nortman, Sharon Nortman, Sharon
Platinum Rye
Norton, Carolyn Norton, Carolyn
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant
Carolyn V. Norton Consulting Associates
Norton, Carolyn Norton, Carolyn
Vice President
AMWINS Brokerage of New York
Norton, Heather Norton, Heather
Camera Department
Norton, Shelley Norton, Shelley
Costume Designer
Norville, Deborah Norville, Deborah
Inside Edition
Noschese, Christine Noschese, Christine
Director, Producer, Writer
Notaras, Maria Notaras, Maria
Wayne Brady Show
Nottulrno, Vivian Nottulrno, Vivian
Benefits Coordinator
First Transit
Notwicz, Julie Notwicz, Julie
nougue-sans, magui nougue-sans, magui
Legal Counsel
Nousias, Tom Nousias, Tom
Shop Manager
Bootleg Production, Inc.
Novack, Ellen Novack, Ellen
Casting Director, Director, Producer
Marigold Films, LLC
Novack, Nancy Novack, Nancy
Odessa Films
Novack, Nancy Novack, Nancy
Editor: Film/Video, Educator, Producer
Cowgirls Are Forever llc.
Novak, Rachel Novak, Rachel
Novakova, Zuzana Novakova, Zuzana
Consul for Economic & Commercial Affairs
Czech Republic
Novek, Minda Novek, Minda
Associate Producer, Researcher, Writer
Meaning In Forms
Novello, Kathryn Novello, Kathryn
Costume Designer
Novet, Harriet Novet, Harriet
Vice President of Corporate Affairs
Time Warner Cable of New York City
Novogratz, Cortney Novogratz, Cortney
Sixx Design
Novogratz, Robert Novogratz, Robert
Sixx Design
Nowve, Lorna Nowve, Lorna
Payroll accountant
Nowve, Lorna Nowve, Lorna
Payroll accountant
Noy, Ron Noy, Ron
Prestige Sports Medicine
Noyer, Gail Noyer, Gail
scriptwriter, member of the SACD
Nugent, Anna Nugent, Anna
Development Executive
Cahill Bros. Inc.
Nugent, Barry Nugent, Barry
Planning Editor
E! Entertainment News
Nugent, David Nugent, David
Curator, Festival Administrator, Nonprofit Administrator
Hamptons International Film Festival
Nugent, David Nugent, David
Director of Programming
Hamptons International Film Festival
Nugent, Nelle Nugent, Nelle
Foxboro Entertainment
Nugent, Patricia Nugent, Patricia
Producer, Production Manager, Television Executive
Peacock Productions, NBC Universal
Nunes, Marcia Nunes, Marcia
Nunez, Jane Nunez, Jane
Corporate Executive
Nuruddin, Ruhiya Nuruddin, Ruhiya
Line Producer
Mosaic Pictures
Nussbaum, Beth Nussbaum, Beth
Hallmark Entertainment
Nussbaum, Elle Nussbaum, Elle
USA Networks
Nussbaum, Emily Nussbaum, Emily
Television Critic
The New Yorker
Nussbaum, Hillary Nussbaum, Hillary
Associate Producer, Development Executive, Writer
Nussbaum, Jodi Nussbaum, Jodi
Sesame Workshop
Nutile, Kristen Nutile, Kristen
Soft Spoken Films, LLC
Nutt-Birigwa, Mimi Nutt-Birigwa, Mimi
Actor, Writer
Nuxoll, Dan Nuxoll, Dan
Program Director
Rooftop Films
Nuzzi, Dom Nuzzi, Dom
ABC Inc.
Nyahay, Rebecca Nyahay, Rebecca
Actor, Producer, Production Coordinator
ReelMavens, LLC
Nyanue, Watchen Nyanue, Watchen
Marketing Coordinator
Comedy Central
Nyari, Balazs Nyari, Balazs
Cineric, Inc
Nyari, Eric Nyari, Eric
Nycz-Conner, Jennifer Nycz-Conner, Jennifer
Washington Business Journal
Nye, Tim Nye, Tim
Sunshine Amalgamedia
Nygard, Aslaug Nygard, Aslaug
Royal Norwegian Consulate General