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M'Zaros, Marta M'Zaros, Marta
c/o Magyar Filmunio
M. Gould, Sarah M. Gould, Sarah
Ma, Joyce Ma, Joyce
Joyce Ma Gallery
Maas, Brian Maas, Brian
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein and Selz
Mabry, Tina Mabry, Tina
Chief Executive Officer
Morgan's Mark
Mac Donald, Kirsty Mac Donald, Kirsty
Producer, Director, Editor
Macar, Rich Macar, Rich
Buttons Sound, Inc.
MacArthur, Alexandra MacArthur, Alexandra
Actor, Director, Writer
Alex Mac Productions
MacArthur, Jennifer MacArthur, Jennifer
Borderline Media
MacArthur, Jennifer MacArthur, Jennifer
Founder, Principal
Borderline Media
Macartney, Carolyn Macartney, Carolyn
Macaskill, Bridget Macaskill, Bridget
President & CEO
Oppenheimer Funds Inc.
Macaulay, Scott Macaulay, Scott
Filmmaker Magazine
Macaulay, Scott Macaulay, Scott
Forensic Films
Macbryde, Phyllis Macbryde, Phyllis
Maccauley, Scott Maccauley, Scott
Filmmaker Magazine
MacCrae, Taylor MacCrae, Taylor
Director, Producer, Writer
MacDonald, Heather MacDonald, Heather
Toots Crackin Productions
Macdonald, Robert Macdonald, Robert
Museum Director
Museum of the City of New York
Macdonald, Sheena Macdonald, Sheena
Director, Special Projects
Canadian Film Centre
MacDonald, Steve MacDonald, Steve
Twentieth Television, Inc.
MacDougall, Patty MacDougall, Patty
Corporate Executive
Ralph Edwards, Stu Billett Prods.
MacEachron, Susan MacEachron, Susan
Deputy Director
Maceiras, Rachel Maceiras, Rachel
Production Executive
Comedy Central
Machinist, Gabrielle Machinist, Gabrielle
GO Catering, Inc.
Machuca, Alberto Machuca, Alberto
Soul Beauty Art Corp.
Mack, Aidan Mack, Aidan
Cinematographer, Editor: Film/Video, Executive Producer
Mack, Billy Mack, Billy
First Coastal
Mack, Joseph Mack, Joseph
Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising
Mackay, Denise Mackay, Denise
New Zealand Consulate-General
Consular Officer/Investment NZ Operations Manager
Mackenzie, Fiona Mackenzie, Fiona
CEO/Executive Producer
Future World Media, LLC
Mackenzie, Gillian Mackenzie, Gillian
Development Executive
Jane Startz Productions, Inc.
Mackenzie, Mollie Mackenzie, Mollie
Line Producer, Production Manager
Mackey, Carol Mackey, Carol
Consultant, Marketing Executive, Writer
Self Employed
Mackey-Johnson, Amanda Mackey-Johnson, Amanda
Casting Director, Producer
Mackey Sandrich Casting
Mackler, Steven Mackler, Steven
Bedford Entertainment
MacKnight, Eve MacKnight, Eve
Line Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Macko, Michael Macko, Michael
Saks Fifth Avenue
MacLachlan, Janet MacLachlan, Janet
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Maclaury, Susan Maclaury, Susan
Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Shine Global Inc.
Maclean, Allison Maclean, Allison
Macmillan, Susan Macmillan, Susan
Queens College, Dept. of Media Studies
Macphee, Stuart Macphee, Stuart
Trevanna Post
Macready, Kristyn Macready, Kristyn
Assistant Director
Macri, Pangia Macri, Pangia
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Mactier, Robert Mactier, Robert
Amber Road Productions
Macvean, Michele Macvean, Michele
Spenser Port Office, WIF
Macy, William Macy, William
Maday, Charlie Maday, Charlie
C. Maday and Associates LLC
Madden, Kathy Madden, Kathy
Director, Public Affairs
South Street Seaport
Madden, Laura Madden, Laura
Post-Production Supervisor, Researcher
Madera, Belinda Madera, Belinda
McGraw Hill Financial
Madhok, Michelle Madhok, Michelle
Madison, Julie Madison, Julie
Casting Director
ABC - One Life to Live
Madison, Lygea Madison, Lygea
Madivents Ltd
Madsen, Aimee Madsen, Aimee
Eye AM Films
Madsen, Sandra Madsen, Sandra
Madsen, Sara Madsen, Sara
1820 Productions
Maduneme, Jacqueline Maduneme, Jacqueline
Founder & CEO
Tigres Group
Maes, Diana Maes, Diana
Maffia, Joseph Maffia, Joseph
Janover LLC
Magder, Andrea Magder, Andrea
Producer, Writer
Madhattan Films
Mager, Nitzan Mager, Nitzan
Actor, Director, Writer
Maggio, AnnMarie Maggio, AnnMarie
Senior Project Manager
Turner Broadcasting
Maggiore, Mike Maggiore, Mike
Programmer & Publicist
Film Forum
Magliarisi, Katiuscia Magliarisi, Katiuscia
Art Director, Fundraising/Development, Narrator/Voice-Over
Maglio, Vienna Maglio, Vienna
Al Jazeera
Magnaghi, Brooke Magnaghi, Brooke
Creative Director
Stone & Strand
Magnani, Simonetta Magnani, Simonetta
Magnarelli, Armond Magnarelli, Armond
Magnas, Lisa Magnas, Lisa
Executive Producer
Contre-Champs Productions
Magnus, Steven Magnus, Steven
Five Star Printing and Mailing Services Inc.
Magrath, Linda Magrath, Linda
Counseling and Career Services
College of New Rochelle
Magsamen, Mary Magsamen, Mary
Program Coordinator
City College of New York: Media & Communications
Maguire, Jennifer Maguire, Jennifer
Production Executive
Tribeca Enterterprises
Maguire, Jenny Maguire, Jenny
Living the 6, LLC
Maguire, Katie Maguire, Katie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Mahaffey, James Mahaffey, James
Screenwriter, Transmedia Producer, Filmmaker
Mahana, Roberta Mahana, Roberta
c/o Liebert
Mahany, Emily Mahany, Emily
Maher, Aleena Maher, Aleena
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
MTV Networks, Viacom
Mahiques, Diana Mahiques, Diana
Business Development Executive/Marketing Manager
Citrin Cooperman
Mahlab, Zahava Mahlab, Zahava
Associate Director
ABC News
Mahomar, Emilio Mahomar, Emilio
President, CEO
Resilient Media
Mahomar, Emilio Mahomar, Emilio
President & CEO
Mahoney, Brooke Mahoney, Brooke
Volunteer Consulting Group
Mahoney, Colette Mahoney, Colette
President Emeritus
Marymount Manhattan College
Mahoney, Daniel Mahoney, Daniel
International Representative
Mahoney, Hildegarde Mahoney, Hildegarde
Co-Founder & Council Member
The Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute
Mahoney, Liz Mahoney, Liz
Mahoney, Marilee Mahoney, Marilee
Consultant, Publicist, Talent Coordinator
MPM Communications
Mahoney, Marilee Mahoney, Marilee
MPM Communications
Mahoney, Marilee Mahoney, Marilee
Marilee Magnificent Morsels
Mahoney, Richard Mahoney, Richard
Press Relations
Morgan Guarantee Trust Company of NY
Mahrdt, Oliver Mahrdt, Oliver
Agent, Film/Television Commissioner, Fundraising/Development
Hanns Wolters International
Maidenbaum, Phd, Aryeh Maidenbaum, Phd, Aryeh
C.G. Jung Foundation
Maiella, Lily A. Maiella, Lily A.
VP, BT&R Paystar, New England Office
Maillard, Carol Maillard, Carol
Actor, Composer, Musical Arranger
4 Jagadish Music
Mainelli, Jill Mainelli, Jill
City of NY Parks & Recreation
Mainwaring-Samwell, Christine Mainwaring-Samwell, Christine
M S MArketing & Sales
Maiorana, Nancy Maiorana, Nancy
Yohalem Gillman & Company LLP
Maiorino, James Maiorino, James
Senior Vice President, Senior Credits Products Officer
Bank of America
Maisel, Cheryl Maisel, Cheryl
Rogers & Cowan
Maitland, Keith Maitland, Keith
Maizes, Michael Maizes, Michael
SFM Entertainment
Majeed, Theresa Majeed, Theresa
Rise Sport Entertainment
Major, Lincoln Major, Lincoln
Staff PA
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Majzlin, Leonard Majzlin, Leonard
Educator, Producer, Writer
Majzlin Media
Mak, Angela Mak, Angela
Begelman, Feiner and Feldman, P.C.
Makanda, Fadzi Makanda, Fadzi
Credit Suisse
Makaron, Shayna Makaron, Shayna
Associate Strategist
Makinde, Adetoro Makinde, Adetoro
Backdoor Films
Makoulis, Demetri Makoulis, Demetri
Head of Sales and Distribution
Elepahant Eye Films
Makoulis, Demetri Makoulis, Demetri
Head of Acquisition and Distribution
Elepahant Eye Films
Makowski, Lisa Makowski, Lisa
Make Up Artist
Malach, Shane Malach, Shane
Director of Content Strategy
Edelman Digital
Malalis, Carmelyn Malalis, Carmelyn
Outten & Golden
Malamet, Rhoda Malamet, Rhoda
Malat, Cheryl Malat, Cheryl
Script Supervisor
Malcom, Shawna Malcom, Shawna
Entertainment Weekly
Malcom, Tanisha Malcom, Tanisha
Consultant, Programming
A&E Networks
Malecki, Lee Malecki, Lee
Props, Set Decorator, Set Dresser
Malecky, Laura Malecky, Laura
Maleknasr, Yassamin Maleknasr, Yassamin
Maler, Jennifer Maler, Jennifer
Malerba, Diana Malerba, Diana
BubbleBud Enterprises
Malik, Tirlok Malik, Tirlok
Amrit Productions Inc.
Malinowski, Mark Malinowski, Mark
Sr. Mktg. Specialist, Levi Strauss USA
Levi Strauss & Co.
Malkovich, John Malkovich, John
Mr. Mudd Productions
Mallardi, Vincent Mallardi, Vincent
Alcone Company
Malleret, Sophie Malleret, Sophie
Actor, Director, Writer
Mallet, Sal Mallet, Sal
Production Assistant
Caicedo Productions Corp
Mallett, Kim Mallett, Kim
Script Supervisor
Mallette, Malikha Mallette, Malikha
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Malley Campos, Michelle Malley Campos, Michelle
Viento Films
Malloy, Ken Malloy, Ken
Director, Producer, Writer
Mumbleypeg Productions
Malloy-Harper, Penni Malloy-Harper, Penni
Consultant, Director, Producer
Black Filmmakers Guild
Malone, Kellie Malone, Kellie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Malone, Michael Malone, Michael
ABC Inc.
Malone, Michael Malone, Michael
Deputy editor/reporter
Broadcasting & Cable
Malone, Nora Malone, Nora
Camera Operator, Director, Producer
Malone, Vern Malone, Vern
Costume Designer
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Maloney, Carolyn Maloney, Carolyn
U.S. House of Representatives
Maloney, Donna Maloney, Donna
Costume Designer, Wardrobe
Maloney, Heather Maloney, Heather
BBC Worldwide Americas
Maloney, Katie Maloney, Katie
Creative Artists Agency
Maloney, Marjorie Maloney, Marjorie
In an Organized Manner
Malsin, Amy Malsin, Amy
Director of Marketing
Booz-Allen & Hamilton
Manard Reed, Mary Manard Reed, Mary
Marketing Director, Americas Region
Manca, Christina Manca, Christina
Actor, Set Decorator
Mancia, Adrienne Mancia, Adrienne
Curator, Exhibitor, Programming
BAM Cinematek/The Brooklyn Academy of Music
Mancini, Vince Mancini, Vince
Film Drunk
Mancino, Donna Mancino, Donna
Cunningham, Escott, Dipene & Assoc.
Mandel, Carrie A. Mandel, Carrie A.
Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett
Mandel, Hillary Mandel, Hillary
SVP Programming & Distribution
Mandel, Leslie Mandel, Leslie
Mandelos, Georgianna Mandelos, Georgianna
Associate Product Manager, Public Relations
Mandes, Nanette Mandes, Nanette
Mandes Productions, Inc
Mandes, Oscar Mandes, Oscar
Director of video production company
Mandeville, Harriette Mandeville, Harriette
LotusHawk's Empwrmnt Theatre
Mandlin, Harvey Mandlin, Harvey
Director, Producer
Mane, Sherill Mane, Sherill
Manel, Jennifer Manel, Jennifer
Associate Producer, Producer, Talent Coordinator
Manelski, Maryann Manelski, Maryann
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Writer
Elm Films/52 Women Films
Manetto, Corinna Manetto, Corinna
sole prop/ self producing artist
Manfredi, Frances Manfredi, Frances
EVP/General Sales Manager, Cable and Non-Theatrical
NBC Universal
Manfredi, Tina Manfredi, Tina
Art Director
Mangan, Mona Mangan, Mona
Executive Director
Writers Guild of America NY
Mangano, Eliana Mangano, Eliana
Manhardt, Mary Manhardt, Mary
Manian, Sue Manian, Sue
Creative Director
Imagine That Productions
Maniar, Sheila Maniar, Sheila
Associate Producer
Maniar, Sheila Maniar, Sheila
Motion Factory Films
Manis, Randy Manis, Randy
Acquisitions Consultant
Tribeca Film Festival
Maniscalco, Anthony Maniscalco, Anthony
Synergy Health Clubs
Maniscalco, Debra Maniscalco, Debra
Elias Entertainment
Mankikar, Shilpa Mankikar, Shilpa
Director, Producer, Writer
Truth Force
Manley, Jim Manley, Jim
WebShots NYC LLC
Manley, Katelyn Manley, Katelyn
Say What Productions
Mann, Dawne Mann, Dawne
Director, Legal/ Business Affairs Administrator
Hallmark Entertainment
Mann, Emily Mann, Emily
Artistic Director Playwright Director
McCarter Theatre
Mann, Janice Mann, Janice
Mann, Megan Mann, Megan
Mann, Seith Mann, Seith
STONEGATE Productions
Mann, Susan Mann, Susan
Voyant Digital Media
Mann, Wanda Mann, Wanda
Anchor/Reporter, Consultant, Writer
The Black Dress Traveler
Mannain, Brian Mannain, Brian
Key Prop
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Mannarino, Malina Mannarino, Malina
Entertainment Producer
RAI (Italian Radio)
Manne, Liz Manne, Liz
Work in Progress
Manne, Tony Manne, Tony
Bristol Media International Inc.
Mannes, Elena Mannes, Elena
Director, Producer, Writer
Elena Mannes Productions
Manning, Ellen Manning, Ellen
Agent, Consultant, Educator
Mannion, Barbara Mannion, Barbara
Distributor, Sales
Manos, Arlene Manos, Arlene
President, National Advertising Sales
AMC, WE, Rainbow Media Group
Manougian Martin, Alice Manougian Martin, Alice
Costume Designer
Manowitz, Marla Manowitz, Marla
CPA - Principal
Schulman Wolfson & Abruzzo, LLP
Manson, Diana Manson, Diana
Silver Lining Productions
Mantel, Henriette Mantel, Henriette
Actor, Writer
Mantia, Paul Mantia, Paul
Northern Lights Tie Dye Company
Manton, June Manton, June
Director, Writer
Sammy J Productions
Manton, Ruth Manton, Ruth
Aries Design Management, Inc.
Mantoosh, Gary Mantoosh, Gary
Baker Winokur Ryder Public Relations
Manun, Sal Manun, Sal
Sales Representative
Manzano, Adrian Manzano, Adrian
Writer/ Producer
Gran Manzana Films
Mao, Carolyn Mao, Carolyn
Development Assistant
Jane Startz Productions
Mao, Stephen Mao, Stephen
Studio Mao
Mapes, Melissa Mapes, Melissa
Maquiling, David Maquiling, David
Grassland Films
Marabella, Mark Marabella, Mark
President / Exec. Prod.
Marabella Productions
Marandi, Anna Marandi, Anna
Marano, Justin Marano, Justin
Channel Managers
XO Communications
Maras, Melanie Maras, Melanie
Marcasiano, Mary Jane Marcasiano, Mary Jane
Advisor Special Projects, Programmer
Cinema Tropical
Marcello, Vanessa Marcello, Vanessa
Executive Assistant
Marcelow, Theresa Marcelow, Theresa
March, Keira March, Keira
Assistant Treasurer
IATSI Local 161
Marchant, Paul Marchant, Paul
Director of Theatrical Sale
First Run Features
Marchelya, Rita Marchelya, Rita
Actor, Producer, Writer
Marchese, Christie Marchese, Christie
Corporate Executive, Marketing Executive, Nonprofit Administrator
Picture Motion
Marchese, Francis Marchese, Francis
Pace University
Marchetti, Dylan Marchetti, Dylan
Variance Films
Marciano, Meredith Marciano, Meredith
Casting Director
Amerifilm Casting, Inc.
Marcos, Marta Marcos, Marta
Marcoux, Sue Marcoux, Sue
Production Coordinator, Production Finance
Marcucci, Andrea Marcucci, Andrea
Yakkity Yak
Marcus, Dominic Marcus, Dominic
Marcus, Gwenn Marcus, Gwenn
Viacom International Inc.
Marcus, Joy Marcus, Joy
Interactive Media
Marenson, Elise Marenson, Elise
Director, Producer, Writer
RIB Films Ltd.
Marfan, Victoria Marfan, Victoria
Casting Associate
Margo Rubin, Maxine Margo Rubin, Maxine
Associate Producer, Corporate Executive
Bright Tunes Music
Margolin, Susan Margolin, Susan
Acquisitions, Distributor, Sales
Cinedigm Entertainment Group/New Video
Margolin, Susan Margolin, Susan
President, Docurama/Special Acquisitions
Cinedigm Entertainment Group
Margolis, Barbara Margolis, Barbara
Director, Producer
Dialogue Media Group
Margolis, Barbara Margolis, Barbara
Dialogue Media Group
Margolis, Esther Margolis, Esther
President & Publisher
Newmarket Press
Margules, Margules Margules, Margules
Margules Photography
Margulies, Ivone Margulies, Ivone
English Dept, Hunter College
Margulies, Sherri Margulies, Sherri
Editor: Film/Video
Crew Cuts Film & Tape Inc.
Mariager, Ann Mariager, Ann
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Media Madness
Mariana, Joana Mariana, Joana
FiGa Films, LLC.
Marich, Maria Marich, Maria
Director, Writer
Marie, Autumn Marie, Autumn
PR & Marketing Consultant
Digiwaxx Media
Marie, Jorjeana Marie, Jorjeana
Actor, Producer, Writer
Marin, Rick Marin, Rick
Marin, Victoria Marin, Victoria
Art Director
Marinari, Carole Marinari, Carole
Customer Relations Manager
MediaMark Spotlight, Inc.
Marinari, Carole Marinari, Carole
Media Mark Spotlight, Inc
Marino, Bill Marino, Bill
Sync Sound,' Inc.
Marino, Donna Marino, Donna
Editor: Film/Video
Marino, James Marino, James
Career Services
Marino, John Marino, John
Vice President, Marketing and Development
Technisphere Corporation
Marino, Roberta Marino, Roberta
Marion, Annetta Marion, Annetta
Director, Producer, Showrunner
Marion, Annetta Marion, Annetta
Supervising Producer
Radical Media
Mariotti, Rita Mariotti, Rita
U.S Rep/Montecatini Mostra Int'l di Cinema
I. Santi, c/o Paul Tusa CPA
Mark, Reuben Mark, Reuben
Colgate Palmolive
Mark, Steven Mark, Steven
Director of Acquisitions at HA
Comedy Central
Marker, Riva Marker, Riva
Red Crown Productions
Markes, Glenese Markes, Glenese
Markovits, Charles Markovits, Charles
Account Executive - Broadcast Accounts
Markowitz, Ariel Markowitz, Ariel
Village Invites
Markowitz, Debra Markowitz, Debra
Festival Director
Long Island Film/TV Foundation
Markowitz, Debra Markowitz, Debra
Casting Director, Director, Film/Television Commissioner
Intention Films and Media, LLC.
Markowitz, Fruma Markowitz, Fruma
Creative Director, Executive Producer, Interactive Media
Medialuna Productions, Inc.
Markowitz, Stace Markowitz, Stace
Selective Premiums
Marks, Bettina Marks, Bettina
Associate Producer, Director, Writer
Bettina, Inc.
Marks, Constance Marks, Constance
Constance Marks Productions
Marks, Dara Marks, Dara
Dara Marks Productions, LLC
Marks, Eddie Marks, Eddie
Western Costume Co.
Marks, Joel Marks, Joel
Liman Video Rental Co. (LVR)
Marks, Lydia Marks, Lydia
Set Decorator
Marks, Matt Marks, Matt
Art Department PA
Marks, Nanette Marks, Nanette
Braidway Video
Marks, Neil Marks, Neil
Director of Marketing
Tribeca Film Festival
Markus, Kelly Markus, Kelly
Executive Producer
The Fall Collection
Marmol, Cathy Marmol, Cathy
Manager Latin America
Marouda, Christina Marouda, Christina
Director of Development
Museum of the Moving Image
Marozas, Andrea Marozas, Andrea
Phillips Media
Marpe, Samantha Marpe, Samantha
N.S. Bienstock Inc.
Marquez, Peter Marquez, Peter
Associate Producer
Cultivated Films
Marquis, Megan Marquis, Megan
Post-Production Services, Post-Production Supervisor, Production Coordinator
Light Iron
Marra, Nicole Marra, Nicole
Marram, Ellen Marram, Ellen
c/o Continuation Investments Group, Inc.
marrero, Dan marrero, Dan
filmmaker/ photographer
a Ramasfilm
Marrin, Bridget Marrin, Bridget
Director of Catering
Sofitel New York
Marriott, Sue Marriott, Sue
WIFT Victoria
Marrotte, Claudine Marrotte, Claudine
Park Slope Pictures
Marrow, Ph.D, Deborah Marrow, Ph.D, Deborah
Getty Grant Program
Marrs, Karol Marrs, Karol
Executive Producer
Moxie Pictures
Marsellis, Antony Marsellis, Antony
Corporate Executive
Limelight Entertainment
Marsh, Angela Marsh, Angela
Marsh, Brenda Marsh, Brenda
Barnes & Noble
Marsh, Diana Marsh, Diana
Naiad Design
Marsh, Fred Marsh, Fred
Sacco Shoes
Marsh, Michele Marsh, Michele
Marshall Clark, Mary Marshall Clark, Mary
Director, Oral History Research Office
Columbia University
Marshall, Amy Marshall, Amy
Motion Picture Studio Mechanics - 52
Marshall, Carmia Marshall, Carmia
Costume Designer
Marshall, Heidi Marshall, Heidi
Marshall, Josephine Marshall, Josephine
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Marshall, Julie-Ann Marshall, Julie-Ann
Producer, Production Manager, Production Services
J Marshall Events Inc
Marshall, Lance Marshall, Lance
Watergun Outlaw Productions
Marshall, Laurie Marshall, Laurie
Executive Producer, Interactive Media, Producer
Marshall, Marie Marshall, Marie
Actor, Casting Associate, Script Supervisor
Marshall, Mary Marshall, Mary
Educator, Representative, Researcher
Marshall, Mary Marshall, Mary
Curator, Educator, Researcher
Marshall, Nic Marshall, Nic
Maven Pictures
Marshall, Peter Marshall, Peter
Senior Vice President
Dewitt Stern Group
Marston, Joshua Marston, Joshua
Joshua Marston Productions Inc.
Martens, Meike Martens, Meike
Blinker Filmproduktion
Marter, Annie Marter, Annie
Director of Production & Acquisitions
Overture Films
Marter, Annie Marter, Annie
Producer, Writer
Martesko-Fenster, Karol Martesko-Fenster, Karol
Managing Partner
Thought Engine Media Group
Marteskofenster, Karol Marteskofenster, Karol
Managing Partner
Thought Engine/Media Group
Martin Torras, Mary Martin Torras, Mary
"Babie" Sundance 2000
Martin, Adrian Martin, Adrian
Assistant Director, Line Producer
Martin, Amani Martin, Amani
Peaceful Warrior Productions
Martin, Ann Martin, Ann
University of California Press
Martin, Dan Martin, Dan
Hallmark Entertainment/RHI
Martin, Darnell Martin, Darnell
Director, Writer
skoop32@gmail.com (assistant's email address)
Martin, Dominga Martin, Dominga
Director, Producer, Writer
House of Ming
Martin, Doris Martin, Doris
Actor, Director
Martin, Emma Martin, Emma
IFC - PR Assistant
AMC Networks
Martin, J. Daniel Martin, J. Daniel
Line Producer, Production Executive
Chimney Cottage Productions
Martin, Jason Martin, Jason
Managing Director
Martin, Karen Martin, Karen
Coordinating Producer, Development Executive, Producer
Martin, Kim Martin, Kim
General Manager
Martin, Kivi Martin, Kivi
Talent Representative
KMA Agency
Martin, Kristin Martin, Kristin
Consultant, Producer
Martin, Kristyn Martin, Kristyn
Martin, Kyle Martin, Kyle
Kyle Martin
martin, linda martin, linda
Journalist, Producer, Writer
cbs news
Martin, Lisa Martin, Lisa
Educator, Production Supervisor, Writer
Martin, Louise Martin, Louise
Actor, Consultant, Production Finance
Martin, Maryann Martin, Maryann
Corporate Executive
CBS Television
Martin, Maureen Martin, Maureen
Amanne Media Group
Martin, Melissa Martin, Melissa
Director of Education/Master Artist
Faces Etc.
Martin, Randy Martin, Randy
Arts and Public Policy
Tisch School of the Arts - NYU
Martin, Robert Martin, Robert
Steel Petal Pictures
Martin, Sandra Martin, Sandra
Executive Producer
Paraview, Inc.
Martin, Sonya Martin, Sonya
Artistic Associate
Summoners Ensemble Theatre Company
Martin, Tracy Martin, Tracy
Warner Bros./ DC Entertainment
Martinelli, Elaine Martinelli, Elaine
1st Assistant Accountant
Martinelli, Kara Martinelli, Kara
Studio Coordinator
Ear Goo
Martinelli, Sheryl Martinelli, Sheryl
NBC Universal
Martinelli, Sheryl Martinelli, Sheryl
Office Coordinator
Martinez, Adrian Martinez, Adrian
Martinez, Catherine Martinez, Catherine
Managing Director
Martinez, Cristina Martinez, Cristina
Composer, Music Director, Production Services
Light Body Music
Martinez, Esperanza Martinez, Esperanza
The Quilting Partnership
Martinez, Jose Martinez, Jose
Special Counsel
Jones Walker LLP
Martinez, Neyda Luz Martinez, Neyda Luz
Curator, Marketing Executive, Publicist
Martinez, Richard Martinez, Richard
Light Body Music, Inc.
Martinez, Richard Martinez, Richard
Light Body Music, Inc.
Martinez, Valerie Martinez, Valerie
Corporate Executive
Martinez, Yvonne Martinez, Yvonne
Mahogane Management
Martinez, Zoa Martinez, Zoa
Creative Director, Director, Video Graphics
Zoa Martinez LLC
Martini, Lori Martini, Lori
Actor, Producer, Writer
Martino, Heather Martino, Heather
Martinson, Dan Martinson, Dan
Executive Vice Preside
Marton, Anna A. Marton, Anna A.
Marton Films, Inc.
Marton, Tonda Marton, Tonda
MartonFilm, Inc.
Martz, Chrystal Martz, Chrystal
Assistant Director, Production Services
Marvar, Alexandra Marvar, Alexandra
Marketing Director
Marvez, Monique Marvez, Monique
Seeing Things Entertainment
Director, Journalist, Production Supervisor
Mirror LakeFilms
Marx, Ellen Marx, Ellen
Marzano, Fran Marzano, Fran
Assistant to Linda Kaplan Thaler
The Kaplan Thaler Group
Marzigliano, Tammy Marzigliano, Tammy
Outten & Golden
Marziolli, Paul Joseph Marziolli, Paul Joseph
Executive VP
Toni & Guy USA
Mascara, Renee Mascara, Renee
Sesame Workshop
Masciovecchil, Laura Masciovecchil, Laura
Force One Entertainment
Mascitelli, Lauren Mascitelli, Lauren
LaurenMasi Inc.
Mascotte, Marcey Mascotte, Marcey
manager of original programming
Hallmark Entertainment
Masella, Jonni Masella, Jonni
Choreographer, Director, Music Editor
Masemola-Jones, Letebele Masemola-Jones, Letebele
Producer, M-Net TV, S. Africa
WIFT - South Africa
Maslansky, Stephanie Maslansky, Stephanie
Costume Designer
Maslin, Kristy Maslin, Kristy
Editor: Film/Video
Maslow, Jillian Maslow, Jillian
Costume Designer, Props, Wardrobe
Jillian Maslow Design
Maslow, Linda Maslow, Linda
Maslow Media
Mason, Brendan Mason, Brendan
Beech Hill Films
Mason, Eldonie Mason, Eldonie
Mason Firm, LLC
Mason, Frankie Mason, Frankie
Wild Streak Talent International
Mason, Jackie Mason, Jackie
c/o Adam Schroeder, Zarem, Inc.
Mason, Juana Mason, Juana
Interactive Media, Video Engineer
JGM Consulting
Mason, Michelle Mason, Michelle
Le Woof Le Meow
Mason, Pauline Mason, Pauline
Producer, Television Executive
Happy Owl Media
Mason, Shari Mason, Shari
Senior Vice President / Accredited Wealth Manager
RBC Wealth Management
Mason, Sonya Mason, Sonya
The New School
Masone, Erik Masone, Erik
Creative Director
Deepfreeze Music
Masone, Marian Masone, Marian
Curator, Exhibitor, Festival Administrator
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Masood, Afzal Masood, Afzal
Authorized Dealer
Superior Office Systems
Masrh, Danny Masrh, Danny
Sy Devore
Masry, Barbara Masry, Barbara
Producer, Writer
Massee, Michael Massee, Michael
Costume Designer, Set Decorator
Massingale-Lamb, Denise Massingale-Lamb, Denise
Directors Guild of America, Inc.
Massoff, Mona Massoff, Mona
Acquisitions, Development Executive, Distributor
Masson, Mark Masson, Mark
Mastandrea, Laura Mastandrea, Laura
Licensed Real Estate Broker
The Hamptons and Montauk, NY
Masters, Sarah Masters, Sarah
Managing Director
Hartley Film Foundation
Maston, Patricia Maston, Patricia
ABC Inc.
Mastronardi, Bob Mastronardi, Bob
Senior Vice President/Feature Sales
Postwork New york
Mastronardi, Bob Mastronardi, Bob
Eastman Kodak Company
Mastronardi, Robert D. Mastronardi, Robert D.
Regional Account Manager - Television Production
Eastman Kodak Company
Masubuchi, Aiko Masubuchi, Aiko
Festival Coordinator
Margaret Mead Film Festival
Matamoros, Denise Matamoros, Denise
NBC Universal
Mate, Rita Mate, Rita
Actor, Production Finance
Materre, Michelle Materre, Michelle
Distributor, Educator, Programming
Matesy, Sheila Matesy, Sheila
Viacom International Inc.
Mateus, Laura Mateus, Laura
Campus Relations Recruiter
Discovery Communications
Mateus-Tique, Jaime Mateus-Tique, Jaime
Aleph Motion Pictures
Mathias, Beni Mathias, Beni
Executive Director
Mathiesen, Dean Mathiesen, Dean
Client Service Manager
Mathiesen, Robin Mathiesen, Robin
R/C Mathiesen Productions
Mathis, Catherine Mathis, Catherine
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Mathis, T.Renee' Mathis, T.Renee'
Entertainment Reporter and Writer
Mathis-Rowe, Monica Mathis-Rowe, Monica
International Teleproduction Society
Matias, Ingrid Matias, Ingrid
Interpreter, Producer, Production Coordinator
Apollo Theater Foundation
Matis, Barbra Matis, Barbra
Art Director, Costume Designer, Production Designer
Matlovsky, Alisa Matlovsky, Alisa
Assistant Director, Director, Writer
Dotted Line Film
Matlovsky, Deborah Matlovsky, Deborah
Director, Producer
Matos, Julie Matos, Julie
Julie Matos Style
Matos-Cruz, Barbara Matos-Cruz, Barbara
Manager Diversity
CBS Television
Matson, Patricia Matson, Patricia
Vice President
ABC, Inc.
Matson, Richard Matson, Richard
Matson Films
Matsumoto, Lynn Matsumoto, Lynn
SLM Productions
Mattes, Karol Mattes, Karol
Korn/Ferry International
Matteson, Walter Matteson, Walter
Matthes, Anja Matthes, Anja
Camera Assistant
Matthes, Anja Matthes, Anja
40 Million Widows
Matthew, Doman Matthew, Doman
Hollywood Reporter
Matthews, Doreen Matthews, Doreen
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Doreen Matthews Film &TV
Matthews, Edward Matthews, Edward
Executive Officer
United Cerebral Palsy of New York City
Matthews, James Matthews, James
EFWA Productions
Matthews, Tiana Matthews, Tiana
Independent Film Producer
Mattis, Lawrence Mattis, Lawrence
Circle of Confusion
Mattison, Priscilla Mattison, Priscilla
Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., P.C.
Mattos, Jordan Mattos, Jordan
Director of Programming
Matusik, Angela Matusik, Angela
Senior Editor
In Style, Time Inc.
Matveeva, Mila Matveeva, Mila
Kate & Bear
Matz, Madeline Matz, Madeline
Library of Congress MP Broadcasting and Recorded Sound
Mauceri, Joseph B. Mauceri, Joseph B.
Executive Editor and Promotions
Mauer, Judy Mauer, Judy
Phantom Audio Corp.
Maul, Kathleen Maul, Kathleen
Producer- Trichster
Maulik, Monami Maulik, Monami
Executive Director
Drum-Desis Rising Up & Moving
Maultsby, Shea Maultsby, Shea
StringStream Media LLC / M.INK Productions LLC
Maurer, Ingrid Maurer, Ingrid
Costume Designer, Wardrobe
I Maurer Costumes
Maurer, Susannah Maurer, Susannah
Associate Producer, Creative Director, Writer
Maurin, Gayle Maurin, Gayle
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive
The Golden Goose Unlimited
Maus, Stef Maus, Stef
Assistant Costume Designer
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Mautner, Caryn Mautner, Caryn
Administrative Corporate Affairs/Philanthropy
Mavridara, Liliane Mavridara, Liliane
Board Member
Women in Film and Video
Max, Mary Max, Mary
Max, Peter Max, Peter
Max, Rachel Max, Rachel
Animator, Narrator/Voice-Over, Video Graphics
Maxmen, Mimi Maxmen, Mimi
Costume Designer
Mimi Maxmen
Maxwell, Brian N. Maxwell, Brian N.
Northeast Region Talent Leader
Maxwell, Marcella Maxwell, Marcella
Director of Development & Public Affairs
Miracle Makers
Maxwell, Tanya Maxwell, Tanya
Fundraising/Development, Talent Coordinator, Writer
Anyware Design
Maxwell, TK Maxwell, TK
Corporate Executive, Sales
May, Rachel May, Rachel
May, Robert May, Robert
SenArt Films
Maydani, Saman Maydani, Saman
Post-Production Supervisor
Seedworks Films
Maye, V. Jean Maye, V. Jean
Television Executive
Mayer, Daisy Mayer, Daisy
Mayer, Daryn Mayer, Daryn
Consultant, Marketing Executive
DMM Productions Inc.
Mayer, Stacye Mayer, Stacye
Paradigm Talent & Literary Agency
Mayes, Carol Mayes, Carol
Director, Producer, Writer
Carol Mayes Productions
Mayeux, Molly Mayeux, Molly
Line Producer, Producer, Production Services
Dahlia Street Films
mayhorn, kimberly mayhorn, kimberly
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Mayleas, Ruth Mayleas, Ruth
League of Professional Theater of Women
Maynard, Josie Maynard, Josie
Director, Producer, Writer
Maynard, Kevin Maynard, Kevin
Time Out New York
Maynard, Renee Maynard, Renee
Director, Producer, Writer
New York University - Tisch School of the Arts
mayo, elle mayo, elle
Dance Roots Etc., LLC
Mayoral, Grace Mayoral, Grace
Director Programming and Production
CBS Inc.
Mays, Lowry Mays, Lowry
Clear Channel Communications
Mays, Raqiyah Mays, Raqiyah
Entertainment Editorial Director
The shadow league
Maysles, Sara Maysles, Sara
Maysles Institute
Mazarakis, Aleka Mazarakis, Aleka
Business Affairs Executive
Prager and Fenton LLP
Maze, Diane Maze, Diane
Mazurkiewicz, Jocelyn Mazurkiewicz, Jocelyn
Outreach Coordinator
New York Union Child Care Coalition
Mazza, Kathryn Mazza, Kathryn
Marketing Executive, Sales
mazza, lorraine mazza, lorraine
Staff VP
Int COuncil Shopping Centers
Mazzarella, Vinny Mazzarella, Vinny
Property Master
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Mazze, Robert Mazze, Robert
Director, Broadcast Production
Mazzini, Mariann Mazzini, Mariann
Dir. of East Coast Operations
Walt Disney Productions
Mbia, Tunga Mbia, Tunga
Anchor/Reporter, Production Coordinator, Writer
Mc Auley Kaicher, Meg Mc Auley Kaicher, Meg
Capital Consulting Group
Vice President,Co Producer, Co Director,
Mc fawn, Colleen Mc fawn, Colleen
Director, Writer, Co-Producer
WIFT-Vancouver, British Colombia
Mc Intire, Dawn Mc Intire, Dawn
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Writer
Archer Productions, Inc.
Mc Mahon, Don Mc Mahon, Don
Assoc. Editor
McAleer, Marilyn McAleer, Marilyn
Creative Director, Executive Producer, Marketing Executive
Mcalley, John Mcalley, John
Arts & Enter. Editor
Harpers Bazaar
McAllister, Emily McAllister, Emily
CoPilot Pictures
McBain, Fiona McBain, Fiona
Frangipani Productions Inc
Mcbride, Fern Mcbride, Fern
Consultant, Development Executive, Producer
Nuwavemedia, Inc.
McBryde, Alison McBryde, Alison
Casting Director, Producer
Alison McBryde Casting
mcburney, chris mcburney, chris
chris mcburney
McCabe, Bernadette McCabe, Bernadette
Vice President, Business Strategy - Exhibitor Relations
Screenvision Cinema Network
McCabe, Michelle McCabe, Michelle
McCabe, Mitch McCabe, Mitch
Mccabe, Monica P. Mccabe, Monica P.
Piper's, Marbury LLP
McCabe, Norma McCabe, Norma
Vice President, Videotape Library Services
MTV Networks
Mccabe, Pat Mccabe, Pat
Inner City Broadcast/Appollo Theatre Prods
McCabe, Tatiana McCabe, Tatiana
Animator, Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
Cabers Productions
McCaffrey, Jackie McCaffrey, Jackie
Acquisitions, Executive Producer, Production Executive
Silverock Group Entertainment
Mccaffrey, Kathleen Mccaffrey, Kathleen
HBO Entertainment
McCall, Rosemary McCall, Rosemary
McCann, Carol McCann, Carol
Grandview Island
McCarron, Cheryl McCarron, Cheryl
Costume Designer
McCarthy, Erin McCarthy, Erin
Coordinating Producer
Mccarthy, Joan Mccarthy, Joan
Manager, Corporate Relations
The Walt Disney Company
McCarthy, Justine McCarthy, Justine
Marketing and Sales Coordinator
Future Media Concepts
McCarthy, Justine McCarthy, Justine
Marketing and Sales Coordinator
Future Media Concepts
Mccarthy, Kendall Mccarthy, Kendall
Post-Production Services
McCarthy, Lori McCarthy, Lori
The New School
Mccarthy, Pam Mccarthy, Pam
Wind Dancer
McCarthy, Susan McCarthy, Susan
Walter Reade Theater
McCarthy, Tom McCarthy, Tom
Reporter and live blogger
Guardian NY
McClanahan, Claire McClanahan, Claire
Producer, Writer
McCleary, Michelle McCleary, Michelle
Vice President, Administration
National Black MBA Association, Metro NY
McCleave, Leslie McCleave, Leslie
Assistant Professor
Queens College, CUNY
McClellan, Colie McClellan, Colie
Actor/Writer/ Producer
McClure, Kit McClure, Kit
Big Band on Redhot Records
McClure, Melia McClure, Melia
Producer and Writer
Homebound Films Inc
McClure, Shelly McClure, Shelly
Effeti USA Inc.
McColl, Lusmila McColl, Lusmila
Hullabaloo Entertainment
McCollum, Ashley McCollum, Ashley
VP of Business Development & Communications
McConnell, Turlough McConnell, Turlough
Turlough McConnell Communications
Mcconway, Ed Mcconway, Ed
IATSE Local 1
McCool, Michelle McCool, Michelle
Allure Magazine
Mccorkle, Pat Mccorkle, Pat
Pat McCorkle Casting
McCormack, Elizabeth McCormack, Elizabeth
Music Supervisor, Producer
McCormack Company
Mccormack, Patricia Mccormack, Patricia
Mccormack, Tom Mccormack, Tom
NT Audio
McCormick, Amanda McCormick, Amanda
Jellybean Boom
Mccormick, Carolyn Mccormick, Carolyn
Law & Order Productions
McCormick, Kristi McCormick, Kristi
Matchbook Company
McCormick, Kristin McCormick, Kristin
Matchbook company
McCormick, Megan McCormick, Megan
Anchor/Reporter, Producer
Satchel Films
McCormick, Sabrina McCormick, Sabrina
McCormick-Steward, Pamala McCormick-Steward, Pamala
Acquisitions, Programming
Discovery Communications, Inc.
McCourt, Margaret McCourt, Margaret
Production Finance
McCoy, Carol McCoy, Carol
Vice President of Operations
Palace Studios NYC
Mccoy, David Mccoy, David
Vice President, Advertising Sales
Comedy Central
McCoy, Elin McCoy, Elin
Bloomberg News
Mccoy, Joseph Mccoy, Joseph
McCoy, Katie McCoy, Katie
Technical Production Coordinator
McCoy, Teresa McCoy, Teresa
Curator, Director, Producer
McCoy Projects Inc.
McCracken, Kristin McCracken, Kristin
Social Media Strategist
McCray, Lyndon McCray, Lyndon
McCray Media Co
McCray, Madeline McCray, Madeline
Actor, Producer, Writer
McCray, Madeline McCray, Madeline
Shining Lights PR
Media Genesis
McCrea, Michelle McCrea, Michelle
Mccreary, Tara Mccreary, Tara
Director of Human Resources
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
McCreesh, Janet McCreesh, Janet
Production Manager
Masterpieces Unfolded
McCullough, Lynmarie McCullough, Lynmarie
Associate Producer, Coordinating Producer, Writer
McCune, Richard McCune, Richard
Senior VP
McCutcheon, Cory McCutcheon, Cory
Hair Stylist
Mcdade, Kim Mcdade, Kim
Marketing Executive, Publicist
McDaniel, Cynthia McDaniel, Cynthia
Mcdavid, Cheryle Mcdavid, Cheryle
AATCC Review
McDonald, Alison McDonald, Alison
Story Editor
McDonald, Camille McDonald, Camille
CEO / Founder
Signature Walk Inc.
McDonald, Deon McDonald, Deon
Intern NYWIFT as of 1/28/2011
McDonald, Laura McDonald, Laura
Washington Square Films
McDonald, Mary-Liz McDonald, Mary-Liz
Island Park Productions
McDonald, Michael McDonald, Michael
Costume Designer
McDonald, Michele McDonald, Michele
The Jansizian Group.Ltd.
McDonald, Michelle McDonald, Michelle
Fashion Stylist/Costume Designer
McDonald, Patrick McDonald, Patrick
Assistant Director
McDonald, Robbie McDonald, Robbie
Robertson Productions
McDonald, Tom McDonald, Tom
Managing Director for Student Affairs
Parsons The New School for Design
McDonnell, Sean McDonnell, Sean
Distribution Coordinator
IDP/Samuel Goldwyn Films
McDonough, Candice McDonough, Candice
VP, Publicity & Corporate Communication
New Line Cinema/ Picturehouse
McDougall Jones, Naomi McDougall Jones, Naomi
Actor, Producer, Writer
Nine Lives Pictures
McDow, Patricia McDow, Patricia
Council Member, District 1
City of Yonkers, Office of the City Council
McElhatten, Mark McElhatten, Mark
Film Archivist
Sikelia Productions
McElrath Renna, Cathy McElrath Renna, Cathy
Managing Partner
Renna Communications
Mcelvogue, Louise Mcelvogue, Louise
Consultant, Producer, Writer
McEneney, Madeline McEneney, Madeline
Triple 8 Park Pictures
McEvoy, Melanie McEvoy, Melanie
McEvoy and Assoc.
McFadden, Kristina McFadden, Kristina
Executive Assistant
Focus Features
McFarland, Caitlin McFarland, Caitlin
Assistant Director
McFarlane, Joann McFarlane, Joann
Line Producer, Producer
McFawn, Colleen McFawn, Colleen
Director, Writer
McGarry, Frances McGarry, Frances
Actor, Educator, Producer
First Online with Fran
McGarry, Gavin McGarry, Gavin
Jumpwire Media
McGavin, William McGavin, William
Local 52 IATSE
McGechie, Estelle McGechie, Estelle
Manhattan Edit Workshop
McGhee, Shalema McGhee, Shalema
Authors In Color
Mcgill, Kathleen Mcgill, Kathleen
Production Manager
Mcgill, Kathy Mcgill, Kathy
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company Inc.
McGillion, James McGillion, James
mcginnis, kathryn mcginnis, kathryn
Scenic Artist
Mcginniss, Cristina Mcginniss, Cristina
Senior Vice President
Broadway Video Entertainment
McGinty, Dylan Maddox McGinty, Dylan Maddox
U.S. Sales Manager
National Film Board of Canada
McGinty, Edward McGinty, Edward
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
McGlade, Christine McGlade, Christine
Director, Producer, Writer
Corus Entertainment
McGloin, Maura McGloin, Maura
Coordinating Producer, Line Producer, Production Supervisor
Mcglynn, John H. Mcglynn, John H.
WIFT in formation - c/o LONTAR
McGlynn, Katla McGlynn, Katla
The Huffington Post
McGoldrick, Janine McGoldrick, Janine
McGowan, Gretchen McGowan, Gretchen
Head of Production
Goldcrest Films Inc.
McGowan, Jen McGowan, Jen
Actor, Director, Producer
McGowan, John McGowan, John
JM Marketing
McGowan, Maureen McGowan, Maureen
Nonprofit Administrator
McGowan, Patricia McGowan, Patricia
Assoc. Professsor of Communication
College of Mt. Saint Vincent
McGowen, Gretchen McGowen, Gretchen
Open City Films/Plainview
McGrady, Phyllis McGrady, Phyllis
ABC News
McGrath, Abigail McGrath, Abigail
Casting Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Gentle Angry Films
Mcgrath, Catherine Mcgrath, Catherine
Attorney at Law
Brown, Raysman, Millstein, Felder
Mcgrath, Judy Mcgrath, Judy
Creative Director
MTV Networks
McGrath, Kathy McGrath, Kathy
Vice President / Director of Spot TV
ACTIVE International Corporate Trading
McGrath, Marisa McGrath, Marisa
Sony Pictures
McGrath, Tess McGrath, Tess
Executive Producer
CN8 The Comcast Network
McGreevey, Annie McGreevey, Annie
Actor, Director, Writer
McGuire, Ginger McGuire, Ginger
Corporate Executive
Original Media LLC
McGuire, Meighan McGuire, Meighan
Executive Producer
Lucky Productions
McGuire, Mitchell McGuire, Mitchell
Actor, Director, Writer
McGuirl, Susan McGuirl, Susan
Travelers Encore
McGuy, Elizabeth McGuy, Elizabeth
Associate Producer, Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor
McHale Waite, Jeanne McHale Waite, Jeanne
Senior Vice President, General Manager
Atlas Media Corp
McHugh, Amanda McHugh, Amanda
What Now Productions LLC
McHugh, Ann-Marie McHugh, Ann-Marie
Casting Director, Director, Producer
McHugh, Jason McHugh, Jason
Apple, Inc.
Mchugh, Julie Mchugh, Julie
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
McInerny, Libby McInerny, Libby
Interactive Media
Bravo Networks
McInnis, Tommy McInnis, Tommy
McIntyre, Michael McIntyre, Michael
McKamy, Kirsten McKamy, Kirsten
Newman's Own
Mckay, Erik Mckay, Erik
GIK Films and Entertainment
Mckay, Erik Mckay, Erik
GIK Films and Entertainment
McKee, Lonette McKee, Lonette
Actor, Director, Writer
Lonette Productions, Ltd.
McKenna, Cori McKenna, Cori
McKenna, Donna McKenna, Donna
Casting Director/Producer
McKenzie, Patricia McKenzie, Patricia
CEO/Executive Director
Mckenzie, Suzanne Mckenzie, Suzanne
WIFT - Wellington
Mckeon, Paul Mckeon, Paul
Chief Underwriting Officer
McKeon, Tara McKeon, Tara
Account Manager
Info Highway
McKeon, Val McKeon, Val
Talent Agent
The Gersh Agency
McKeown, Ruth Anne McKeown, Ruth Anne
Associate Broker
McKeown, Tania McKeown, Tania
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Supervisor
McKhann, Emily McKhann, Emily
CEO & Founding Mother
McKnight, Antwan McKnight, Antwan
McLagan, Meg McLagan, Meg
Room 11 Productions
McLaughlin, Karen McLaughlin, Karen
Getty Images
McLaughlin, Katie McLaughlin, Katie
Interactive Media, Journalist, Producer
Mclaughlin, Melanie Mclaughlin, Melanie
Montel Williams Show
McLaurin, Garland McLaurin, Garland
Two 'Til Midnight Film
McLean, Ampora McLean, Ampora
Sassy Productions
McLean, Jeanine McLean, Jeanine
Corporate Executive
MBK Entertainment Inc./MBK Films Inc.
Mcleod, Kevin Mcleod, Kevin
Woo Art International
McMahan, Alison McMahan, Alison
Director, Producer, Writer
Homunculus Productions
McMahan, Alison McMahan, Alison
Homunculus Productions
McMahon Levesque, Stephanie McMahon Levesque, Stephanie
Actor, Producer, Writer
World Wrestling Entertainment Corp, Inc.
McMahon, Eileen McMahon, Eileen
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
McMahon, Elizabeth McMahon, Elizabeth
Donnell Library Media Center
McMahon, Linda McMahon, Linda
Corporate Executive
World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
mcmahon, tom mcmahon, tom
McMaster, Jolene McMaster, Jolene
Producer, Writer
Women In Film and Television Houston
McMaster, Jolene McMaster, Jolene
WIFT Houston
McMichael, Pam McMichael, Pam
Highlander Center
Mcmickens, Jacqueline Mcmickens, Jacqueline
Senior Partner
McMickens, Curtis, Ellis & Moore
McMillan, Liz McMillan, Liz
Associate Producer, Interactive Media, Production Manager
McMillian, Dionna McMillian, Dionna
Assistant Director, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Parent Media Group
Mcnair, Sonya Mcnair, Sonya
VP Communications
Channel One Network
McNally, Diane McNally, Diane
Assistant Vice President
Chubb & Son
McNally, Diane McNally, Diane
Corporate Executive
Chubb Specialty Insurance
McNamara, Camille McNamara, Camille
Creative Resources Maven
McNamara, Croi McNamara, Croi
Line Producer
McNamara, Philomena McNamara, Philomena
Executive Producer, Line Producer, Television Executive
Creative Imagery, Inc.
McNeil, Leslie McNeil, Leslie
Assistant Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Hudson River Views
Mcneill, Marjorie Mcneill, Marjorie
USA Network/Sci-Fi Channel
McNulty, Joseph McNulty, Joseph
Managing Partner
McNulty and Company Certified Public Accountants
Mcpherson, Rachel Mcpherson, Rachel
Fundraising/Development, Producer
Rachel McPherson Inc.
McPherson, Racquel McPherson, Racquel
McPherson, Susan McPherson, Susan
VP Global Events
PR Newswire
McPherson, Susan McPherson, Susan
VP Global Events
PR Newswire
McPherson, Susan McPherson, Susan
Fenton Communications
mcquire, meighan mcquire, meighan
Producer/Production Manager
Best Girl Friday
McSwain, Wendy McSwain, Wendy
Casting Director, Consultant, Television Executive
Mctavish, Megan Mctavish, Megan
ABC Inc.
McVeigh, Karen McVeigh, Karen
News correspondent, New York
Guardian NY
McWilliams, Blair McWilliams, Blair
Mcwilliams, Daphne Mcwilliams, Daphne
Seventh Trial Productions
McWilliams, Daphne McWilliams, Daphne
Line Producer, Post-Production Supervisor
Seventh Child Productions
McWilliams, Lisa McWilliams, Lisa
Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Mobile Film School
Meade, Jordana Meade, Jordana
DVD and Digital Marketing
New Video
Meadoff, Laurie Meadoff, Laurie
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development
NextNext Entertainment
Meagher, Mary Meagher, Mary
William Morris Agency, Inc.
Means, Diana Means, Diana
Reel Women International Film Festival
Meara, Anne Meara, Anne
Jerry Stiller
Meckler, Ellen Meckler, Ellen
Script Supervisor, Writer
Meckler, Sydney Meckler, Sydney
Tribeca Film Center
Medal, Waskar Medal, Waskar
Boutique Mgr
BedHead Pajamas
Medalia, Hilla Medalia, Hilla
Director, Producer
Medenica, Olivera Medenica, Olivera
Medenica Law PLLC
Medina, Debbie Medina, Debbie
Director of Ethnic Publications
The Daily News
Medina, Douglas Medina, Douglas
Associate Director, Honors Program
Baruch College, CUNY
Medina, Jan Medina, Jan
President & CEO
Mad Fusion Media, LLC
Medina, Joseph Medina, Joseph
Medina, Kate Medina, Kate
Executive Editor, Division Vice President
Random House
Medina, Lauren Medina, Lauren
Design Editor
Paste Magazine
Medina, Louisa Medina, Louisa
Local 161 IATSE
Medina, Veronica Medina, Veronica
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Medina, Victoria Medina, Victoria
Actor, Still Photographer, Writer
Victoria Medina Photography
Meding, Tanja Meding, Tanja
Associate Producer, Producer, Researcher
Medley, Burt Medley, Burt
Trinity Television and New Media
Medvecky, Joanne Medvecky, Joanne
Consultant, Producer
Meece, Brian Meece, Brian
RocketHub, Inc.
Meehan, Deborah Meehan, Deborah
Acting Chairperson
Pratt Institute
Meek, Michele Meek, Michele
Distributor, Writer
Meeks, Annette Meeks, Annette
Make Up Artist
Meeks-Stanley, Rene Meeks-Stanley, Rene
London Elliott
Meers, Whitney Meers, Whitney
Actor, Producer, Writer
Writer / Producer
Megargee, Kate Megargee, Kate
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Megee, Mary Megee, Mary
Executive Director
On Television, Ltd.
Meglio, Linda Meglio, Linda
MTV Networks
Mehdi, Anisa Mehdi, Anisa
Whetstone Productions
Mehling, Lisa Mehling, Lisa
Chelsea Pictures
Mehrel, Lilian Mehrel, Lilian
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Mehrer, Karl Mehrer, Karl
K2 Imaging
Mehta, Deepa Mehta, Deepa
Mehta, Juhi Mehta, Juhi
Recruiter, Corporate Human Resources
ABC, Inc
Mehta, Shamina Mehta, Shamina
Costume Designer, Production Designer, Scenic Artist
Meigs, James Meigs, James
Premiere Magazine
Meillier, Alex Meillier, Alex
New York Film Academy
Meisels, Alexis Meisels, Alexis
Creative Manager
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Meister, Elizabeth Meister, Elizabeth
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Mejias, Zulema Mejias, Zulema
Festival Administrator
Mejorado, Rebekah Mejorado, Rebekah
Program Assistant
National Museum of the American Indian
Mekas, Jonas Mekas, Jonas
Artistic Director
Anthology Film Archives
Melamede, Yael Melamede, Yael
Salty Features
Melamede, Yael Melamede, Yael
Salty Features
Melanson, Jim Melanson, Jim
Today in New York Calendar/Events Editor
NY Daily News
Melazzo, Linda Melazzo, Linda
Makeup Artist
Melia, Daniele Melia, Daniele
Production Executive
Big Beach Films
Mellia, Daniella Mellia, Daniella
Big Beach Films
Mello, Dawn Mello, Dawn
Bergdorf Goodman
Mello, Deborah Mello, Deborah
Voices Carry Productions, ltd.
Melnick, Amy Melnick, Amy
Educational Video Center
Melodia, Lisa Melodia, Lisa
melroden@yahoo.com, Heather melroden@yahoo.com, Heather
The A. Lindsay & Olive B. O'Connor Foundation
Melton, Kimberly Melton, Kimberly
Melville, Annette Melville, Annette
National Film Preservation Foundation
Memos, Roger Memos, Roger
Zelda Can Dance Productions
Menard-Freeman, Lindsey Menard-Freeman, Lindsey
She Rights
Menary, Cheryle Menary, Cheryle
Fresh Flavors
Menchel, CFP, CDFA, Ivy Menchel, CFP, CDFA, Ivy
Business Affairs Executive
Sagemark Consulting
Mendel, Barry Mendel, Barry
United Talent Agency
Mendel, Debra Mendel, Debra
Business Affairs Manager
Mendell, Sarah Mendell, Sarah
Associate Producer
Delilah Films Inc.
Mendelsohn, Jamin Mendelsohn, Jamin
Production Manager
Us & Us Media
Mendelsohn, Steve Mendelsohn, Steve
Nonprofit Administrator, Television Executive
Project Rebirth
Mendelson, Andrew Mendelson, Andrew
Director/Exec. Producer/Editor
Ragamala Productions
Mendelson, Beth Mendelson, Beth
Mendelson Productions
Mendelson, Emily Mendelson, Emily
Executive Assistant
Atalaya Capital Management
Mendes, Alexandra Mendes, Alexandra
Director of Development
Protozoa Pictures
Mendoz Anthony, Maria Mendoz Anthony, Maria
Maria Mendoz Anthony
Mendoza, Jewel Mendoza, Jewel
Director, Writer
Menear, Tamara Menear, Tamara
Costume Designer, Stylist
Menendez, Maya Menendez, Maya
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Meneret, David Meneret, David
Meneret Productions LLC
Menezes, Andrea Menezes, Andrea
H. Stern and Company
Menken, Marie Menken, Marie
Menkes, Omra Menkes, Omra
OM Animation
Mennella, Federica Mennella, Federica
Assistant Director, Director, Writer
Abracadabra Productions
Mennella, Federica Mennella, Federica
Abracadabra Productions
Meno, Rita Meno, Rita
Magnolia Films
Menon, Meera Menon, Meera
writer/ director
Mentre, Agnes Mentre, Agnes
Wild Bunch/Tazora Films
Menzel, Valerie Menzel, Valerie
Actor, Producer
Meola, Nicole Meola, Nicole
Narrator/Voice-Over, Television Executive
Showtime Networks
Mer, Andrew Mer, Andrew
VP Content Partnerships
Mercado, Ashley Mercado, Ashley
Mercado, Jimmy Mercado, Jimmy
SM Motor Service
Merchant, Ismail Merchant, Ismail
Merchant-Ivory Productions
Merchant, Jennifer Merchant, Jennifer
Business Affairs Executive, Producer
Mercier, Blandine Mercier, Blandine
Argot Pictures
Merdian, Kevin Merdian, Kevin
Location Assistant/ Unit PA
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Meredith, Ann Meredith, Ann
Director, Producer, Writer
Swordfish Productions SPECIAL Film Production
Meredith, Susan Meredith, Susan
Stone Circle Productions, Inc.
Merenstein, Ilene Merenstein, Ilene
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Mergentime, Andrea Mergentime, Andrea
Sr. Vice President, Mktg & Client Relations
Merin, Jennifer Merin, Jennifer
Interactive Media
Alliance of Women Film Journalists
Merin, Jennifer Merin, Jennifer
Alliance of Women Film Journalists
Merino, Seasha Merino, Seasha
Variety magazine
Merkin, Ari Merkin, Ari
Toy NY
Merlino, Nell Merlino, Nell
Creator, Count Me In
Mermet, Angelique Mermet, Angelique
Associate Producer, Sales
The Development
Mermin, Liz Mermin, Liz
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Merrick, Brad Merrick, Brad
St. Paul Travelers
Merrill, Dina Merrill, Dina
c/o Eve Seigel
Merrill, Jessica Merrill, Jessica
Production Freelancer
Merrill, Lisa Merrill, Lisa
Writer, Director, Producer
Merrill, Ree Merrill, Ree
Actor, Producer, Writer
Purdy Girls and Bourbon Entertainment
Merson, Julie Merson, Julie
Mertes, Cara Mertes, Cara
Acquisitions, Executive Producer, Film/Television Commissioner
Ford Foundation
Mesa, Juan Mesa, Juan
Editorial Producer
Mango Magazine
Messacar, Amy Messacar, Amy
Animator, Titles, Video Graphics
Messecar, Carol Messecar, Carol
Director, Producer, Writer
Top Dog Media, Inc.
Messere, Steve Messere, Steve
Head of North American Sales
ITN Archive
Messick, Jill Messick, Jill
Executive VP, Features
Broadway Video Entertainment
Messina, Michael Messina, Michael
Senior Director, Digital Media
Starz Entertainment / Starz Media
Messina, Mike Messina, Mike
New Amsterdam Entertainment
Messinger, Dara Messinger, Dara
Director of Public Programs
Messinger, Eric Messinger, Eric
New York Times
Messinger, Ruth Messinger, Ruth
American Jewish World Service
Mete, Donna Mete, Donna
Executive Producer
In the Deep Productions, Inc.
Meth, Miriam Meth, Miriam
N.Y. Meths
metzger, alan metzger, alan
Director of the Production Program
Metzger, Mary Metzger, Mary
Educator, Producer
Metzger, Peter Metzger, Peter
Beiersdorf Inc
Metzger, Scott Metzger, Scott
Motion Picture Talent Agent
Metzger, Tori Metzger, Tori
Creative Artists Agency
Metzner, Jim Metzner, Jim
Producer, Sound Recordist
Jim Metzner Productions
Meurer, Jens Meurer, Jens
Producer and Board Member
ACE- Ateliers di Cinema Europeen
Meurer, Terry Meurer, Terry
Executive Producer
Cosgrove Meurer Productions
Meyer, Andrea Meyer, Andrea
Producer, Writer
Meyer, Barbara Meyer, Barbara
Actor, Producer, Writer
Black Jaguar Films
Meyer, Charles Meyer, Charles
Editor in Chieft
Meyer, Claude Meyer, Claude
Nonprofit Administrator
New York State Council on the Arts
Meyer, Jeanne Meyer, Jeanne
SVP Communications
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Meyer, Kate Meyer, Kate
Senior Director, Awards & Film Festival
Meyer, Katherine Meyer, Katherine
Showtime Networks Inc.
Meyer, Keli Meyer, Keli
Editor: Film/Video
Meyer, Kristen Meyer, Kristen
Advertising and Marketing Manager
Saks Fifth Avenue
Meyer, Meredith Meyer, Meredith
Production Assistant
Giraldi Media
Meyer, Muffie Meyer, Muffie
Director, Producer
Middlemarch Films, Inc.
Meyer, Pamela Meyer, Pamela
Simatico Networks
Meyer, Pearl Meyer, Pearl
Pearl Meyer & Partners, Inc.
Meyer, Stephanie Meyer, Stephanie
Iris Productions
Meyerhoff, Leah Meyerhoff, Leah
Unicorn Films
Meyers, Andrea Meyers, Andrea
Meyers, Deborah Meyers, Deborah
Corporate Executive
Showtime Networks, Inc.
Meyers, Ellen Meyers, Ellen
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Writer
Meyers, Jeremy Meyers, Jeremy
Meyers, Joe Meyers, Joe
Meyers, Jonathan Meyers, Jonathan
Hamilton, Rabinovitz & Alschuler, Inc.
Meyers, Marc Meyers, Marc
Ibid Filmworks
Meyers, Margo Meyers, Margo
Meyers, Melissa Meyers, Melissa
Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Ask Melissa, LLC
Meyers, Thomas Meyers, Thomas
Executive Director
Fort Lee Film Commission
Meyerson, Andrea Meyerson, Andrea
All Out Films
Meyerson, Elizabeth Meyerson, Elizabeth
Art Director, Set Decorator
Meyerson, Sara Meyerson, Sara
Meymann, Dottie Meymann, Dottie
Dancer, Singer, Actress, Spokesperson
Mezey, Paul Mezey, Paul
Mezey, Paul Mezey, Paul
Artists Public Domain/ Journeyman Pictures
Mezzacappa, Shana Mezzacappa, Shana
World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Mhiripiri, John Mhiripiri, John
AFA Film Schedule
Anthology Film Archives
Mial, April Mial, April
Writer, Producer
Miao, Meggie Miao, Meggie
CBS News
Micarelli-Sokoloff, Allison Micarelli-Sokoloff, Allison
editor in chief
baby gooroo
Miceli, Grace Miceli, Grace
Grace Costumes
Michael, Paul Michael, Paul
Executive Director
The Paul Michael's Network
Michael, Yvette Michael, Yvette
Coordinating Producer, Journalist, Producer
Al Jazeera America
Michaels, Barbara Michaels, Barbara
Production Coordinator
360 Sound and Vision Ltd
Michaels, Lauren Michaels, Lauren
Michaels, Lorne Michaels, Lorne
Exec Producer
Broadway Video Entertainment/Late Night
Michaels, Luana Michaels, Luana
Michalchyshyn, Laura Michalchyshyn, Laura
President & GM
Planet Green, Discovery Health, Treehugger
Micheal, Paul Micheal, Paul
Magno Sound
Michel, Easmanie Michel, Easmanie
Assistant Editor, Director
Michel, Justin Michel, Justin
The Film Collective
Michel-Hoban, Ashley Michel-Hoban, Ashley
AMNY Productions
Michelson, Barbara Michelson, Barbara
Executive Producer, Producer
Michelson, G.G. Michelson, G.G.
Retired Senior Advisor
R. H. Macy & Company, Inc.
Michener, Lisa Michener, Lisa
Just Vision
Michenor, Charles Michenor, Charles
Senior Editor
New Yorker
Michie, Susan Michie, Susan
City Pound Productions
Michie, Susan Michie, Susan
A Second Wind, LLC, INC
Michnevich Bracco, Tanya Michnevich Bracco, Tanya
Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Set Decorator
Whoopi/Carsey Werner Mandabach
Micich, Mitchell Micich, Mitchell
Senior Director of Finance and Operations
IFP New York
Mickey, Angela Mickey, Angela
Managing Director of Casting
Liz Lewis Casting
Micklin Silver, Joan Micklin Silver, Joan
Director, Writer
Middlebrook, Leslie Middlebrook, Leslie
Sweet Prince Productions
Midgley, Eva Midgley, Eva
Director, Writer
Midland, Carolyn Midland, Carolyn
focus Features
Midler, Bette Midler, Bette
c/o Adam Venit, Endeavor Agency
Midnica, Bonnie Midnica, Bonnie
Nonprofit Administrator
Miele, Angela Miele, Angela
Motion Picture Association
Mifflin, Laurie Mifflin, Laurie
The New York Times
Migliaccio, Cat Migliaccio, Cat
Actor, Executive Producer, Writer
DarlaCat Productions
Mihalos, Marigo Mihalos, Marigo
MSM Public Relations
Mihalovic, Jena Mihalovic, Jena
SportsNet New York
Mihovich, Jennifer Mihovich, Jennifer
Festival Administrator
Nassau County Film Commission
Miille, K. A. Miille, K. A.
Editor: Film/Video
Miille, K.A. Miille, K.A.
Editor: Film/Video
Mijatovic, Milan Mijatovic, Milan
Marketing Research Manager
ETRADE Financial
Mijlin, Erika Mijlin, Erika
Producer and Director
Artifact Pictures
Mikhitarian, Bud Mikhitarian, Bud
ACM Productions, Ltd
Mikhitarian, Craig Mikhitarian, Craig
ACM Productions, Ltd.
Milana, Loretta M. Milana, Loretta M.
Paramount Communications, Inc.
Milberger, Lauren Milberger, Lauren
Actor, Writer
Milbrodt, Natalie Milbrodt, Natalie
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Miles, Julia Miles, Julia
Artistic Director
Women's Project & Productions
Miles, Maria Miles, Maria
Miles, Mila Miles, Mila
Milgrom, Louis Milgrom, Louis
Milgrom productions
Milhofer, Caroline Milhofer, Caroline
St. Paul Travelers
Milian, Lara Milian, Lara
Actor, Associate Producer
Milic, Sanja Milic, Sanja
Make-Up Artist
Millan, Miriam Millan, Miriam
Yeshiva University
Millard, RJ Millard, RJ
Obscured Pictures
Millard, Wenda Harris Millard, Wenda Harris
Martha Stewart Living/Omnimedia
Millea, Holly Millea, Holly
Premier Magazine
Miller, Alan Miller, Alan
Academy Entertainment, Inc.
Miller, Amanda Miller, Amanda
Hair Stylist, Make Up Artist
miller, andrea miller, andrea
Anthos Media
Miller, Andrea Miller, Andrea
Producer, Production Executive
Anthos Media
Miller, Barbara Miller, Barbara
Curator of the Collection
Museum of The Moving Image
Miller, Barbara Miller, Barbara
Nonprofit Administrator
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, New York
Miller, Barbara Miller, Barbara
Production Finance, Production Services
Miller Productions Corporation
Miller, Beverly Miller, Beverly
Local USA 829
Miller, Christel Miller, Christel
Assistant to Manager, Brian Salb
Miller, Christina Miller, Christina
Senior VP Cartoon Network, Turner Sports Strategy/Marketing/Productions
Turner Broadcasting
miller, darcy miller, darcy
see in the dark productions
Miller, Donna Miller, Donna
Morgan Stanley
Miller, Eden Miller, Eden
Costume Designer
Miller, Eileen Miller, Eileen
Miller, Freeman Miller, Freeman
President & G.M.
Gramercy Broadcast Center
Miller, Ginger Miller, Ginger
Miller, Ginger Miller, Ginger
Miller, Giselle Miller, Giselle
Manager, Program & Services
Writers Guild of America, East
Miller, Holly Miller, Holly
Premiere Magazine
Miller, Jennifer Miller, Jennifer
Assistant Drector/Actor
Miller, Jim Miller, Jim
Showtime Networks, Inc.
Miller, Karen Miller, Karen
President of Music Division
The Albert Company
Miller, Kelly Miller, Kelly
Consultant, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Miller, Kristen Miller, Kristen
Don Buchwald Assocs.
Miller, Laura Miller, Laura
Miller, Linda Miller, Linda
Production Finance, Production Supervisor
Miller Productions Corp.
Miller, Loree Miller, Loree
Associate Producer, Development Executive
Miller, Maddy Miller, Maddy
Maddy Miller Photo
Miller, Marilyn Miller, Marilyn
Shubert Org.
miller, marl miller, marl
VP of Operations
smc sports and entertainment LLC
Miller, Marlon Miller, Marlon
SVP of Sports Relations
Avant Garde Management Group
Miller, Mathew Miller, Mathew
Executive Director
Association of Independent Commercial Producers
Miller, Merry Miller, Merry
The Learning Annex
Miller, Mitzi Miller, Mitzi
My Mother's Child Productions
Miller, Patricia Miller, Patricia
Television Executive
CBS Corporation
Miller, Prairie Miller, Prairie
Film Critic/Writer
WBAI From The Women's Desk
Miller, Rachel Miller, Rachel
Little Harriet Productions
Miller, Raquel Miller, Raquel
Executive Director
Miller, Rob Miller, Rob
Peleton Entertainment
Miller, Sandra Miller, Sandra
Operations Manager
Zooma Zooma
Miller, Sarah Miller, Sarah
Director, Educator, Producer
Vanguard Pictures
Miller, Shari Miller, Shari
Reebok Sports Club/NY
Miller, Sheryl Miller, Sheryl
Director, Producer
I'm Doin' Good, Inc.
Miller, Sienna Miller, Sienna
Public Eye Communications
Miller, Susan Miller, Susan
Miller, Susan Miller, Susan
Office of Corporate Affairs
American Express
Miller, Susan Miller, Susan
GSO Business Management
Miller, Suzanne Miller, Suzanne
Vice President
Prudential Financial
Miller, Teresa Miller, Teresa
Attorney, Director, Educator
Miller, Victoria Miller, Victoria
Associate Producer
Merchant Cantos
Miller-Gidaly, Barbara Miller-Gidaly, Barbara
Music Director
Miller-Rothkopf, W.Jayne Miller-Rothkopf, W.Jayne
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Henrietta Films, Inc.
Millerick, Marisa Millerick, Marisa
Producer/Social Media Manager
Center City Film & Video
Millerick, Marisa Millerick, Marisa
Center City Film & Video
Milliken, Kate Milliken, Kate
Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Milligrace Productions
Millington, Jessica Millington, Jessica
Executive Producer
Millington, Jessica Millington, Jessica
Cruise Director
Millman, Roland Millman, Roland
Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Bright Screen Productions
Millman, Roland Millman, Roland
Bright Screen Productions
Millman, Roland Millman, Roland
Bright Screen Productions
Mills, Ashley Mills, Ashley
Mills, Claire Mills, Claire
Director, Editor, Actress, Producer
WIF, Beverly Hills
Mills, Debbie Mills, Debbie
Creative Director, Publicist, Writer
Mills, Debbie Mills, Debbie
Director, Producer, Writer
Fabulous 40 Productions
Mills, Gregory Mills, Gregory
Chairman & Ed., Uptown Arts News
Int'l Agency for Minority Artist Affairs
Mills, Jessica Mills, Jessica
All other
WWE Corp.
Mills, Matthew Mills, Matthew
Executive Producer
Mills, Sherry Mills, Sherry
Sherry Mills Inc.
Milone, Christopher Milone, Christopher
Makeup Artist
Milshteyn, Anna Milshteyn, Anna
Assistant Editor
The Huffington Post
Milstein, Fred Milstein, Fred
Mayfar Entertainment
Miltsch, Alex Miltsch, Alex
Rochester Park Studios
Miminkool, Mary Miminkool, Mary
New Business Development Manager
Google New York
Minassian, Armine Minassian, Armine
Make-Up Artist / Hair Design / Special Effects
Minassian, Craig Minassian, Craig
Minassian Media
Minator, Randy Minator, Randy
High Falls Film Festival
Miner, David Miner, David
3 Arts Entertainment
Miner, Gail Miner, Gail
Private Investor/director
Minero, Alberto Minero, Alberto
El Diario/La Prensa
Minhas, Jessica Minhas, Jessica
Pit Bull Productions, LLC
Minkoff, Ronald Minkoff, Ronald
Frankfurt Krunit Klein and Selz
Minnear, Laura Minnear, Laura
Minney, Dana Minney, Dana
Producer, Sales
Minoff, Debra Minoff, Debra
Attorney, Interactive Media, Producer
Minsky, Maura Minsky, Maura
Minsky, Susan Minsky, Susan
55th Street Music Corp.
Minton, Judith Minton, Judith
Minton, Kathleen Minton, Kathleen
Executive Producer, Television Executive
Happy Owl Media
Mintz, Carol Mintz, Carol
Post-Production Services, Sales
Mintz, Eileen Mintz, Eileen
Senior Vice President
The Corcoran Group
Mintz, Julia Mintz, Julia
Post-Production Services, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Full Resolution Productions
Mintz, Kathryn Mintz, Kathryn
Interactive Media, Marketing Executive
Mintzer Adler, Alice Mintzer Adler, Alice
Executive Producer
Mirabella, Alan Mirabella, Alan
New York Daily News
Mirabella, Angela Mirabella, Angela
Key Costumer - Principal Odd Episodes
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Miranda, Elisha Miranda, Elisha
Director, Writer, Producer
Chica Sol Films, LLC
Miranda, Elisha Miranda, Elisha
Director, Producer, Writer
Sister Outsider Entertainment
Miranda-Rodriguez, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Edgardo
Art Director
Somos Arte, LLC
Miserendino, Tosca Miserendino, Tosca
Director, Writer
Mishra, Ambalica Mishra, Ambalica
Voice of America, Hindi Service
Miss, David Miss, David
Contemperary Art Center
Missanelli, Claire Missanelli, Claire
Paul Devin Films
Missick, Natasha Missick, Natasha
Natasha Missick
Mitcham, Karen Mitcham, Karen
Mitchell, Amy Mitchell, Amy
Bristol Media International
Mitchell, Andrea Elena Mitchell, Andrea Elena
Union/Guild Staff
Local 161 IATSE
Mitchell, Beth Mitchell, Beth
Getty Images
Mitchell, Cynthia Mitchell, Cynthia
Associate Producer, Researcher
Mitchell, Deborah Mitchell, Deborah
Deborah Mitchell Media Associates
Mitchell, Kathryn Mitchell, Kathryn
General Manager
BBC America
mitchell, katie mitchell, katie
Associate Producer
Catalyst Films
Mitchell, Leon Raymond Mitchell, Leon Raymond
Digital Farm Productions
Mitchell, Marcus Mitchell, Marcus
Engineering Director
Google New York
Mitchell, Matthew Mitchell, Matthew
Senior Front End Developer
Interactive One
Mitchell, Michelle Mitchell, Michelle
Sales Manager
Eighteen K
Mitchell, Molly Mitchell, Molly
Coordinator, Commercial Operations
NBC Universal
Mitchell, Pat Mitchell, Pat
Paley Center
Mitchell, Saudia Mitchell, Saudia
NBA Entertainment
Mitchell-Brown, Florence Mitchell-Brown, Florence
Entertainment Partners
Mitchell-Foxworth, Alicia Mitchell-Foxworth, Alicia
College of New Rochelle - Brooklyn campus
Mitchko, Stephanie Mitchko, Stephanie
VP Interactive Platform Development
Cablevision Systems
Mitkowski, Maryann Mitkowski, Maryann
Associate Creative Director
Parham Santana
Mitsogiorgakis, Christine Mitsogiorgakis, Christine
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services, Producer
Christine Mitsogiorgakis
Mittelsdorf, Michael Mittelsdorf, Michael
Professional Audio Solutions
Miyake, Kiki Miyake, Kiki
Little Magic Films
Miyazawa, Shiho Miyazawa, Shiho
Production Coordinator, Sound Mixer, Sound Recordist
Shiho Inc.
Mizrachy, Judith Mizrachy, Judith
Marketing Director
First Run Features
Mizrahi, Shevaun Mizrahi, Shevaun
Tisch School of the Arts, Graduate Film Division (NYU)
Mladic Janney, Christine Mladic Janney, Christine
Moarefi, Kim Moarefi, Kim
Casting Director/Producer
Mobley, Karen Mobley, Karen
Actor, Producer, Writer
5th Street Production
Mobley, Karen Mobley, Karen
Concierge Relationship Representative
Time Warner Cable
Moccio, Francine Moccio, Francine
Director, Institute for Women and Work
Cornell University
Moctezuma, Lucila Moctezuma, Lucila
Programming Consultant
Modaress, Susan Modaress, Susan
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Producer
Visualight llc
Mode, Emily Mode, Emily
Assistant Editor, Director, Researcher
Modeleski, Tania Modeleski, Tania
Department of English
Modenstein, Susan Modenstein, Susan
c/oSchool of visual Arts
Modica, Diana Modica, Diana
Editor (AVID)
CBS News-48 Hours
Modica, Richard Modica, Richard
Townhouse Speciality Cleaning Company
Moed, CO Moed, CO
Moeller, Nicol Moeller, Nicol
Beach Gem Films LLC
Moelter, Amber Moelter, Amber
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Noir Tribe Media
Moger, Stan Moger, Stan
SFM Media Corporation
Mogollon, Diana Mogollon, Diana
General Manager
Mogollon, Irene Mogollon, Irene
Editor: Film/Video, Music Supervisor, Producer
Moh, Christine Moh, Christine
Art Director, Creative Director, Titles
Mohamed, Stephenie Mohamed, Stephenie
Film Deco
Mohammed, Andrea Mohammed, Andrea
Location Department
Mohindar, Madhuri Mohindar, Madhuri
Multimedia Producer
Mohorn, Stephanie Mohorn, Stephanie
Communications Manager
Mohorn, Stephanie Mohorn, Stephanie
Communications Manager
Mohr, KJ Mohr, KJ
Film and Media Arts Programmer
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Moinester, Yael Moinester, Yael
Creative Director
Render Video Design
Moise, Molly Moise, Molly
DeVries PR
Mojadidi, Sedika Mojadidi, Sedika
Associate Producer
NYT Television
Mojaveri, Soudabeh Mojaveri, Soudabeh
film director
Mokund, Rhea Mokund, Rhea
Project Manager
Listen Up
Mol, Gretchen Mol, Gretchen
c/o The Gersh Agency
Molinari, Chris Molinari, Chris
Molinari, Felicia Molinari, Felicia
Julie Weiss
Moll, Meredith Moll, Meredith
Meredith & Tommy Mall
Moll, Meredith Moll, Meredith
Meredith & Tommy Mall
Molloy, Jessica Molloy, Jessica
Journalist, Producer
Molloy, Paul Molloy, Paul
Political, Public Relations Director
Associated Musicians of Greater New York
Molnar, Jenia Molnar, Jenia
Giorgio Armani
Moloney, Carlene Moloney, Carlene
Director, Marketing Communications
Waterford Crystal
Mompoint, Marie Mompoint, Marie
Actor, Still Photographer, Writer
Mona Nagai, Edith Kramer & Mona Nagai, Edith Kramer &
Pacific Film Archives
Mona-Mathus, Leslie Mona-Mathus, Leslie
Music Editor, Post-Production Services, Producer
Howard Schwartz Recording
Monaco, Carla Monaco, Carla
Actor, Production Coordinator
Monaco, Marty Monaco, Marty
Monaco, Tara Monaco, Tara
Account Manager
Monahan, Patrick Monahan, Patrick
Vice President
Combined DBL Resources
Moncayo, Myrna Moncayo, Myrna
SurDream Productions
Mond, Sandra Mond, Sandra
Educational Consultant
Mondale, Sarah Mondale, Sarah
Director, Producer, Writer
Stone Lantern Films
Mondell, Cynthia Mondell, Cynthia
Producer, Director
Wif Dallas (WIFT)
Mondelli, Marta Mondelli, Marta
Actor, Director, Writer
City Animals Productions
Mondello, Bob Mondello, Bob
Arts Critic
Mondello, Joe Mondello, Joe
Tamarand Foundation
Mones, Cara Mones, Cara
Associate Producer
Jigsaw Productions
Moneymaker, Marianna Moneymaker, Marianna
Online Production Associate
Monier-Williams, Jennifer Monier-Williams, Jennifer
Sesame Workshop
Monk, Meredith Monk, Meredith
The House Foundation for the Arts, inc.
Monks, Jeff Monks, Jeff
Commissioner of Film Commission
South Carolina Department of Commerce
Monpierre, Mariette Monpierre, Mariette
Director, Line Producer, Producer
Over Easy Productions
Monroe, Bob Monroe, Bob
News Editor
Associated Press
Monroe, Darius Monroe, Darius
Monschein, Karyn Monschein, Karyn
Animator, Interactive Media
Montagne, Michel Montagne, Michel
Tour de la Banque National
Montague, Mark Montague, Mark
Montague Luxuries
Montalvo, Carol Montalvo, Carol
Montalvo, Ileana Montalvo, Ileana
Director of Events
Association of Independent Commercial Producers
montecino, ingrid montecino, ingrid
division president
national kidney foundation
Montefiore, Melissa Montefiore, Melissa
Director Marketing & Communications
National Geographic Television
Monteiro, Gandja Monteiro, Gandja
Director, Producer, Writer
6&B Films
Montelbano, Dominique Montelbano, Dominique
Props For Today
Monteleon, Michael Monteleon, Michael
Manager of Publicity x7521
Montelongo, Sandy Montelongo, Sandy
Coordinating Producer, Marketing Executive
Montes de Oca, Ivette Montes de Oca, Ivette
Art Director, Creative Director
Montesi, Dave Montesi, Dave
Vice President
Newton Construction
Montevechi, Liliane Montevechi, Liliane
c/o JoAnn Tedesco
Montgomery, Brent Montgomery, Brent
Leftfield Pictures
Montgomery, Ed Montgomery, Ed
Context Studios
Montgomery, Esq., Bob Montgomery, Esq., Bob
Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison
Montgomery, Patrick Montgomery, Patrick
Archive Films Inc.
Monthly, Film Monthly, Film
Montorio, John Montorio, John
Editor, Lifestyles/Chronicles
New York Times
Montoya, Amaury Montoya, Amaury
Associate Producer
Mooallem, Natalie Mooallem, Natalie
Corporate Executive, Programming
Tribeca Film Institute
Moody, Burke Moody, Burke
Association of Independent Creative Editors
Mooij, Thessa Mooij, Thessa
Critic, Writer
Moon, Jennifer Moon, Jennifer
Acquisitions, Actor, Programming
Moon, Nancy Aileen Moon, Nancy Aileen
Moon Public Relations
Mooney, Connor Mooney, Connor
New Media Specialist
Moontaro, Tanna Moontaro, Tanna
Costume Designer
Moonves, Nancy Moonves, Nancy
Moore, Adam Moore, Adam
Associate National Director Affirmative Action / Diversity
Moore, Amanda Moore, Amanda
Tru TV
Moore, Amanda Moore, Amanda
Attorney, Consultant, Researcher
Moore, Amelia Moore, Amelia
Bronze Magazine
Moore, Amy Moore, Amy
Moore, Ann Moore, Ann
People Weekly Magazine
Moore, Ari Moore, Ari
Interactive Media, Titles
Moore, Art Moore, Art
Moore, Caroline Moore, Caroline
Dan Wigutow Productions, Inc.
Moore, Charlotte Moore, Charlotte
Irish Repertory Theatre
Moore, Cherie Moore, Cherie
Producer, Researcher, Sales
Moore, Cornelius Moore, Cornelius
California Newsreel
Moore, Curtis Moore, Curtis
Executive Director
6577 Productions, LLC
Moore, Dick Moore, Dick
Dick Moore and Associates
Moore, Donna Moore, Donna
Account Executive - Indy Films/Film Festivals
The Hollywood Reporter
Moore, Eren Moore, Eren
Educator, Producer
Moore, Erin Moore, Erin
Good Eye Video
Moore, Frazier Moore, Frazier
Associated Press
Moore, Holly Moore, Holly
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Moore, Holly Moore, Holly
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Moore, Julianne Moore, Julianne
c/o Stephen Huvane, PMK/HBH
Moore, Kathryn Moore, Kathryn
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Video Graphics
Moore, Latasha Moore, Latasha
Fundraising/Development, Interactive Media
Award Shows and Film Festivals
Moore, Lynda Moore, Lynda
Journalist, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Cinetaur Productions, LLC
Moore, Matthew Moore, Matthew
Program Coordinator, Department of Film
Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Moore, Parris Moore, Parris
Director, Producer, Writer
Moore, Paul Moore, Paul
Motion Picture Editors Guild, Local 700
Moore, Peggy Moore, Peggy
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Moore, Sarah Moore, Sarah
Moore, Squeaky Moore, Squeaky
Actor, Director, Producer
Moore Squeaky Productions
Moore, Valerie Moore, Valerie
Executive Director
Moore, Velez Moore, Velez
darby hill communications, inc.
Morad, Sherzad Morad, Sherzad
Art Director, Director, Video Graphics
Morad, Yoram Morad, Yoram
Cultural Attache
Consulate General of Israel
Morales, Adel Morales, Adel
National Association of Latino Independent Producers
Morales, Amanda Morales, Amanda
Learning Matters
Morales, Ricardo Elias Morales, Ricardo Elias
New York Housing Authority
Morales, Yvette Morales, Yvette
Marketing and Public Relations
Moran, Linda Moran, Linda
Moran, Linda Moran, Linda
Belladonna Productions
Morano, Reed Morano, Reed
Morell, Penny Morell, Penny
Morelli, Cecilia Morelli, Cecilia
Creative Development Director
Primary Productions
Morelli, Donna Morelli, Donna
Director of Financial Planning
Morelli, Michael Morelli, Michael
VP&Worldwide Gen. Mgr., Strategic Global Accts/Entertainment Imaging
Eastman Kodak
Morelli, Patrick Morelli, Patrick
Morelli Art
moreno, a. sayeeda moreno, a. sayeeda
Sin Salida Productions
Moreno, Derek Moreno, Derek
Costume Designer
Moreno, Doug Moreno, Doug
Production Controller
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Moreno, Marisia Moreno, Marisia
Set Production Assistant
Moreno, Marisia Moreno, Marisia
Set Production Assistant
Morey, Marion E. Morey, Marion E.
Printing By Design
Morgan, Anthony Morgan, Anthony
Anthony Morgan's Inspirational Choir of Harlem
Morgan, Betsy Morgan, Betsy
Huffington Post
Morgan, Dave Morgan, Dave
THR East Editor
Hollywood Reporter
Morgan, Debbie Morgan, Debbie
Actor, Publicist
Morgan, Ed Morgan, Ed
man with a van
Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Elizabeth
J.E. Music
Morgan, Genia Morgan, Genia
Actor, Choreographer, Educator
Morgan, Jeffrey Morgan, Jeffrey
Sandy Hollow Productions, Inc.
Morgan, Jenise Morgan, Jenise
Assistant Editor
Morgan, Julia Morgan, Julia
Assistant Director, Development Executive, Producer
Morgan, Laura Morgan, Laura
Director, Producer
LSM Films
Morgan, Lauren Morgan, Lauren
Great Jones Productions
Morgan, Mary Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Mathew J. Morgan, Mathew J.
Director of Operations
Ballet Hispanico
Morgan, Pamela Morgan, Pamela
Morgan, Robin Morgan, Robin
Women's Media Center Live
Morgan, Simone Morgan, Simone
Morgan, Victoria Morgan, Victoria
VP Advertising Standards
nbc universal tv network
Morgenstein, Gary Morgenstein, Gary
Director, Trade & Business Publicity
Morgenstern, Ellen Morgenstern, Ellen
Sesame Workshop
Moriarty, Anna Moriarty, Anna
Set Production Assistant
Moriarty, Erin Moriarty, Erin
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist
CBS News
Morimoto, Risa Morimoto, Risa
Executive Director
Asian Cinevision
Morley, Fay Morley, Fay
Theatrical Consultant
Moroney, Mary Moroney, Mary
Mary Moroney
Morra, Anne Morra, Anne
Museum of Modern Art, Film Dept.
Morris, Aimee Morris, Aimee
Sophie Gluck & Associates
Morris, Andy Morris, Andy
The MorrisKing Company
Morris, Angela Morris, Angela
Bath and Body Works
Morris, Celeste Morris, Celeste
MorrisAllsop LLC
Morris, Dolores Morris, Dolores
Development Executive, Production Executive, Production Supervisor
Morris, Emma Morris, Emma
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Morris, Jill Rachel Morris, Jill Rachel
Executive VP, Production
Indian Paintbrush
Morris, Karen Morris, Karen
Assistant Production Budgeting Mgmnt
Morris, Sam Morris, Sam
Senior Publicist
Sam Morris PR
Morris, Susan Morris, Susan
Executive Producer, Journalist, Producer
Morris, Suzie Morris, Suzie
I-9 Specialist
Morrisey, Nycol Morrisey, Nycol
Greenberg Traurig Law Firm
Morrishow, Debra Morrishow, Debra
Morrison, Jim Morrison, Jim
Sexy Hair
Morrison, Julia Morrison, Julia
Producer, Writer
Paper Chain Productions, LLC
Morrison, Lesley-Anne Morrison, Lesley-Anne
Producer, Writer
Morrison, Nancy Morrison, Nancy
Acquisitions, Sales
AKA/Kananack & Assoc.
Morrissey, Brian Morrissey, Brian
Morros, Jason Morros, Jason
Director, Media Strategy, Planning and Global Customer Marketing
Hilton Worldwide
morrow, charles morrow, charles
Charles Morrow Productions LLC
Morrow, William Morrow, William
Managing Director
Footage File
Morse, Elisabeth Morse, Elisabeth
Morse, Molly Morse, Molly
DeVries PR
Morse, Susan Morse, Susan
film editor
Sandrew Productions, Inc.
Morse, Susan Morse, Susan
c/o Peyser Alexsander, STE
Mortell, Constance Mortell, Constance
Mortell Development Inc. LLC
Mortensen, Amber Mortensen, Amber
Mortensen, Zachary Mortensen, Zachary
Executive Producer/Partner
Ghost Robot
Mortenson, Cathy Mortenson, Cathy
Director of National Publicity
Universal Pictures
Mortimer, Lenina Mortimer, Lenina
Morton, Joanne Morton, Joanne
Publicist, Writer
500 East/Trickydame Productions
Mosca, Luca Mosca, Luca
Costume Designer
Moser, John Moser, John
VP of Programming
Showtime Networks Inc.
Moses, Amy Moses, Amy
Marketing Executive
Resonate Media & Entertainment
Moses, Dushawn Moses, Dushawn
Allwrite Media Group
Moses, Jennifer Moses, Jennifer
Account Supervisor
Morris-King Company
Moses, Jennifer Moses, Jennifer
Account Supervisor
Morris-King Company
Moses-, Tsia Moses-, Tsia
Associate Producer, Production Executive
Moshe, Jared Moshe, Jared
Stick Pictures
Moskowitz, Barbara Moskowitz, Barbara
Yohalem Gillman & Co.
Moskowitz, Jessica Moskowitz, Jessica
Journalist, Producer
Mosley, Kristal Mosley, Kristal
ICreateTV Inc.
Mosley, Lonai Mosley, Lonai
Producer, Writer
Moss, Adam Moss, Adam
Moss, Alexandra Moss, Alexandra
The Public Good Projects
Moss, Barbara Moss, Barbara
Director, Producer, Production Executive
Moss, Megan Moss, Megan
Moss, Melody Moss, Melody
Co-Owner, Producer
Rusty Yakie Production
Moss, Melody Moss, Melody
Founding President
Women in Film & Television/Houston
Moss, Robb Moss, Robb
Director & Producer
Moss, Sherry Moss, Sherry
The City of New York
Moss, Vivian Moss, Vivian
Director, Producer, Writer
Moss-Bouldin, Shondrika Moss-Bouldin, Shondrika
Casting Director, Consultant, Director
Acting Up, LLC
Mossman, Guy Mossman, Guy
Director of Photography
Tenth Muse Films
Mothudi, Aqa Aakhu Mothudi, Aqa Aakhu
Motley, Ena Motley, Ena
Danois Architects
Motley, Erica Motley, Erica
International Acquisitions
K5 International
Motley, Shaun Motley, Shaun
Set Designer
Mott, Alyce Mott, Alyce
Playwright/Stage Director
Mouchly Weiss, Harriet Mouchly Weiss, Harriet
Strategy XXI Group
Moudachirou, Ulysse Moudachirou, Ulysse
Hunter College
Moulang, Bridgette Moulang, Bridgette
Animator, Assistant Director, Producer
Mountain Jannett, Dawn Mountain Jannett, Dawn
Production Coordinator, Production Supervisor
Mousley, Sheryl Mousley, Sheryl
Assistant Curator, Film/Video
Walker Art Center
Mouzon, Shantelena Mouzon, Shantelena
Manager, Talent Management Information Systems & Tools at MTV Networks
MTV Networks
Movshovitz, Dean Movshovitz, Dean
Director of Film/Media
Consulate General of Israel
Mower, Debra Mower, Debra
USA Networks
Moy, Judy Moy, Judy
Director, Producer
spOt productions
Moynier, Eric Moynier, Eric
Camera Operator
Bootleg Proudctions, Inc
Mrkic-Tana, Branka Mrkic-Tana, Branka
free lance sound editor
Mroz, Jacqueline Mroz, Jacqueline
Mshaka, Thembisa Mshaka, Thembisa
Author, Music Supervisor
SEEIT Live, Inc.
Mu, Jojo Mu, Jojo
Post-Production Services, Producer, Production Services
Muata, Haneef Muata, Haneef
Mucci, Gary Mucci, Gary
Saperston & Day, P.C.
Muentes, Eddie Muentes, Eddie
Hit Video and Film
Mugenyi, Florence Mugenyi, Florence
Nonprofit Administrator
Women in Film & Video New England
Muggeo, Sam Muggeo, Sam
Miles Construction Co.
Muggeo, Tara Muggeo, Tara
Slover and Company
Muggia Ochs, Julia Muggia Ochs, Julia
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services, Producer
Orso Films, Ltd.
Mugnos, Marc Mugnos, Marc
Director of Operations
Mayor's Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management
Muh, Rebecca Muh, Rebecca
The Metropolitan Opera
muhammad, kia muhammad, kia
Tribeca Film Festival
Muhammad, Stacey Muhammad, Stacey
Director, Producer, Writer
Wildseed Films
Muhlmann aka Sena, Jeanette Muhlmann aka Sena, Jeanette
Actor, Director, Writer
Sena Productions
Muhlmann, Jeanette Muhlmann, Jeanette
SENA Productions
Mui, Chau Mui, Chau
Jr. Sales Representative
Nice Shoes