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MacArthur, Alexandra MacArthur, Alexandra
Actor, Director, Writer
Alex Mac Productions
MacCrae, Taylor MacCrae, Taylor
Director, Producer, Writer
Mackenzie, Mollie Mackenzie, Mollie
Line Producer, Production Manager
Mackey, Carol Mackey, Carol
Editor In Chief
Black Expressions Book Club
MacKnight, Eve MacKnight, Eve
Line Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Maclaury, Susan Maclaury, Susan
Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Shine Global Inc.
Macmillan, Susan Macmillan, Susan
Queens College, Dept. of Media Studies
Macri, Pangia Macri, Pangia
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Magder, Andrea Magder, Andrea
Producer, Writer
Madhattan Films
Maillard, Carol Maillard, Carol
Actor, Composer, Musical Arranger
4 Jagadish Music
Makowski, Lisa Makowski, Lisa
Make Up Artist
Malecki, Lee Malecki, Lee
Props, Set Decorator, Set Dresser
Malloy-Love, Penni Malloy-Love, Penni
Consultant, Director, Producer
Black Filmmakers Guild
Mandel, Hillary Mandel, Hillary
SVP Programming & Distribution
Mandeville, Harriette Mandeville, Harriette
LotusHawk's Empwrmnt Theatre
Manelski, Maryann Manelski, Maryann
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Writer
Elm Films/52 Women Films
Mann, Janice Mann, Janice
Mannes, Elena Mannes, Elena
Director, Producer, Writer
Elena Mannes Productions
Marchelya, Rita Marchelya, Rita
Actor, Producer, Writer
Marenson, Elise Marenson, Elise
Director, Producer, Writer
RIB Films Ltd.
Margolin, Susan Margolin, Susan
Acquisitions, Distributor, Sales
Cinedigm Entertainment Group/New Video
Mariager, Ann Mariager, Ann
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Media Madness
Marion, Annetta Marion, Annetta
Director, Producer, Showrunner
Marker, Riva Marker, Riva
Red Crown Productions
Marks, Bettina Marks, Bettina
Associate Producer, Director, Writer
Bettina, Inc.
Marmol, Cathy Marmol, Cathy
Manager Latin America
Marpe, Samantha Marpe, Samantha
N.S. Bienstock Inc.
Marrotte, Claudine Marrotte, Claudine
Park Slope Pictures
Marshall, Julie-Ann Marshall, Julie-Ann
Producer, Production Manager, Production Services
J Marshall Events Inc
Marshall, Laurie Marshall, Laurie
Executive Producer, Interactive Media, Producer
Marter, Annie Marter, Annie
Producer, Writer
Martin, J. Daniel Martin, J. Daniel
Line Producer, Production Executive
Chimney Cottage Productions
martin, linda martin, linda
Journalist, Producer, Writer
cbs news
Martin, Lisa Martin, Lisa
Educator, Production Supervisor, Writer
Martinez, Valerie Martinez, Valerie
Corporate Executive
World Wrestling Entertainment
Martinez, Zoa Martinez, Zoa
Creative Director, Director, Video Graphics
Zoa Martinez LLC
Martini, Lori Martini, Lori
Actor, Producer, Writer
Marton, Tonda Marton, Tonda
MartonFilm, Inc.
Martz, Chrystal Martz, Chrystal
Assistant Director, Production Services
Director, Journalist, Production Supervisor
Mirror LakeFilms
Masella, Jonni Masella, Jonni
Choreographer, Director, Music Editor
Maslow, Jillian Maslow, Jillian
Costume Designer, Props, Wardrobe
Jillian Maslow Design
Mason, Eldonie Mason, Eldonie
Mason Firm, LLC
Mason, Juana Mason, Juana
Interactive Media, Video Engineer
JGM Consulting
Masone, Marian Masone, Marian
Curator, Exhibitor, Festival Administrator
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Masry, Barbara Masry, Barbara
Producer, Writer
Materre, Michelle Materre, Michelle
Distributor, Educator, Programming
Matias, Ingrid Matias, Ingrid
Interpreter, Producer, Production Coordinator
Apollo Theater Foundation
Matis, Barbra Matis, Barbra
Art Director, Costume Designer, Production Designer
Matlovsky, Alisa Matlovsky, Alisa
Assistant Director, Director, Writer
Dotted Line Film
Matsumoto, Lynn Matsumoto, Lynn
SLM Productions
Mattison, Priscilla Mattison, Priscilla
Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., P.C.
Mauer, Judy Mauer, Judy
Phantom Audio Corp.
Maurer, Susannah Maurer, Susannah
Associate Producer, Creative Director, Writer
Maurin, Gayle Maurin, Gayle
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive
The Golden Goose Unlimited
Maxwell, TK Maxwell, TK
Corporate Executive, Sales
Mayes, Carol Mayes, Carol
Director, Producer, Writer
Carol Mayes Productions
Maynard, Josie Maynard, Josie
Director, Producer, Writer
McCabe, Bernadette McCabe, Bernadette
Director, Business Strategy - Exhibitor Relations
Screenvision Cinema Network
McCaffrey, Jackie McCaffrey, Jackie
Acquisitions, Executive Producer, Production Executive
Silverock Group Entertainment
McCann, Carol McCann, Carol
Grandview Island
McDougall Jones, Naomi McDougall Jones, Naomi
Actor, Producer, Writer
Nine Lives Pictures
McGarry, Frances McGarry, Frances
Actor, Educator, Producer
First Online with Fran
McGoldrick, Janine McGoldrick, Janine
McGuire, Ginger McGuire, Ginger
Corporate Executive
McMahan, Alison McMahan, Alison
Director, Producer, Writer
Homunculus Productions
McMillian, Dionna McMillian, Dionna
Assistant Director, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Parent Media Group
McSwain, Wendy McSwain, Wendy
Casting Director, Consultant, Television Executive
Meckler, Ellen Meckler, Ellen
Script Supervisor, Writer
Medina, Victoria Medina, Victoria
Actor, Still Photographer, Writer
Victoria Medina Photography
Meding, Tanja Meding, Tanja
Associate Producer, Producer, Researcher
Melamede, Yael Melamede, Yael
Salty Features
Mendoza, Jewel Mendoza, Jewel
Director, Writer
Menear, Tamara Menear, Tamara
Costume Designer, Stylist
Meola, Nicole Meola, Nicole
Narrator/Voice-Over, Television Executive
Showtime Networks
Merrill, Ree Merrill, Ree
Actor, Producer, Writer
Purdy Girls and Bourbon Entertainment
Meyer, Barbara Meyer, Barbara
Actor, Producer, Writer
Black Jaguar Films
Meyers, Deborah Meyers, Deborah
Corporate Executive
Showtime Networks, Inc.
Michael, Yvette Michael, Yvette
Coordinating Producer, Journalist, Producer
Al Jazeera America
Michel, Easmanie Michel, Easmanie
Assistant Editor, Director
Michelson, Barbara Michelson, Barbara
Executive Producer, Producer
Michie, Susan Michie, Susan
City Pound Productions
Middlebrook, Leslie Middlebrook, Leslie
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Migliaccio, Cat Migliaccio, Cat
Actor, Executive Producer, Writer
DarlaCat Productions
Millan, Miriam Millan, Miriam
Yeshiva University
Miller, Andrea Miller, Andrea
Producer, Production Executive
Saltmill LLC
Miller, Barbara Miller, Barbara
Production Finance, Production Services
Miller Productions Corporation
Miller, Linda Miller, Linda
Production Finance, Production Supervisor
Miller Productions Corp.
Miller, Patricia Miller, Patricia
Television Executive
CBS Corporation
Miller, Steven Miller, Steven
Business Affairs Executive, Development Executive
Disney Publishing Worldwide
Millman, Roland Millman, Roland
Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Bright Screen Productions
Mills, Debbie Mills, Debbie
Director, Producer, Writer
Fabulous 40 Productions
Milnes, Megan Milnes, Megan
Post-Production Services, Post-Production Supervisor, Production Coordinator
Light Iron
Mintz, Kathryn Mintz, Kathryn
Interactive Media, Marketing Executive
Mintzer Adler, Alice Mintzer Adler, Alice
Executive Producer
Mirza, Rehana Mirza, Rehana
Desipina and Company
Mitchell, Andrea Elena Mitchell, Andrea Elena
Union/Guild Staff
Local 161 IATSE
Mitchell, Saudia Mitchell, Saudia
NBA Entertainment
Moarefi, Kim Moarefi, Kim
Casting Director/Producer
Mobley, Karen Mobley, Karen
Actor, Producer, Writer
5th Street Production
Modaress, Susan Modaress, Susan
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Producer
Visualight llc
Mode, Emily Mode, Emily
Assistant Editor, Director, Researcher
Modugno, Erica Modugno, Erica
Director, Producer, Still Photographer
Nascent Films
Moelter, Amber Moelter, Amber
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Noir Tribe Media
Mompoint, Marie Mompoint, Marie
Actor, Still Photographer, Writer
Monpierre, Mariette Monpierre, Mariette
Director, Line Producer, Producer
Over Easy Productions
Moore, Adam Moore, Adam
Associate National Director Affirmative Action / Diversity
Moore, Erin Moore, Erin
Good Eye Video
Moore, Kathryn Moore, Kathryn
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Video Graphics
Moore, Theresa Moore, Theresa
Business Affairs Executive, Television Executive
T-Time Productions
Morales, Anaiza Morales, Anaiza
Consultant, Executive Producer, Marketing Executive
Morgan, Debbie Morgan, Debbie
Actor, Publicist
Morgan, Jenise Morgan, Jenise
Assistant Editor
Morgan, Julia Morgan, Julia
Assistant Director, Development Executive, Producer
Morris, Susan Morris, Susan
Executive Producer, Journalist, Producer
Morrison, Julia Morrison, Julia
Producer, Writer
Paper Chain Productions, LLC
Moss, Alexandra Moss, Alexandra
The Public Good Projects
Mu, Jojo Mu, Jojo
Post-Production Services, Producer, Production Services
Muggia Ochs, Julia Muggia Ochs, Julia
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services, Producer
Orso Films, Ltd.
Muhammad, Stacey Muhammad, Stacey
Director, Producer, Writer
Wildseed Films
Mui, Chau Mui, Chau
Jr. Sales Representative
Nice Shoes
Mulero, Veronica Mulero, Veronica
Script Supervisor
Mullen, Ruth Mullen, Ruth
Interactive Media, Producer, Production Coordinator
Munro-Kennerly, Erika Munro-Kennerly, Erika
Business Affairs Executive
Murano, Nina Murano, Nina
Actor, Composer, Writer
Murphy, Jacqueline Murphy, Jacqueline
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Associate Producer
Murphy-Stahl Productions Dominion Pictures
Murphy, Marilynn Murphy, Marilynn
Professional Artists Talent Agency
Murphy, Mary Murphy, Mary
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Murphy, Michelle Murphy, Michelle
Producer, Writer
Murray, Darlene Murray, Darlene
Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
DVM Media Productions
Muse, Kellie Muse, Kellie
Hair Stylist, Make Up Artist
Muskatt, Rosalie Muskatt, Rosalie
Executive Producer
Inwood Productions
Mutascio, Marissa Mutascio, Marissa
Actor, Producer
Shiftscope Entertainment, LLC
Myers-Bartley, Julia Myers-Bartley, Julia
Mysel, Linda Mysel, Linda
Production Finance, Production Manager