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La Rosa, Kelly La Rosa, Kelly
Project Kelly
LaBarba, Anne LaBarba, Anne
LaCapra, Stephanie LaCapra, Stephanie
Actor, Marketing Executive, Writer
Laine, Tamara Laine, Tamara
Tamara Laine Productions
Lampl, Patricia Lampl, Patricia
Producer, Production Executive
On the Aisle Productions
Lane, Amala Lane, Amala
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Lane, Jean Lane, Jean
Executive Producer, Post-Production Services, Post-Production Supervisor
Light Iron
Lane, Jennifer Lane, Jennifer
Post-Production Supervisor
Lane, Joy Lane, Joy
Director, Script Supervisor
Lang, Debbie Lang, Debbie
Executive Producer
Lang Entertainment LLC
Larvick, Kirsten Larvick, Kirsten
Assistant Editor, Associate Producer, Editor: Film/Video
Laskaris, Diana Laskaris, Diana
Attorney, Development Executive, Executive Producer
Food Travel Network, Inc.
Lausch, Kathrin Lausch, Kathrin
Executive Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Pink Pony Productions
Laverty, Lyndsey Laverty, Lyndsey
Corporate Executive, Post-Production Services
Gold Coast Studios
Lavi-Hasson, Zohar Lavi-Hasson, Zohar
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Lawler, Terry Lawler, Terry
Executive Director
New York Women in Film & Television
Layton Schapira, Laurie Layton Schapira, Laurie
Director, Producer, Writer
Cassandra Productions
Lazalde-McPherson, Virginia Lazalde-McPherson, Virginia
SVP, Business Affairs
Lazarus, Susan Lazarus, Susan
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Lee, Jessica Lee, Jessica
Associate Producer, Attorney, Producer
Loeb and Loeb LLP
Lee, Sheila Lee, Sheila
FMS Services and Productions
Leech, Kitty Leech, Kitty
Costume Designer
NYU - Tisch School of Drama
Leeds, Pamela Leeds, Pamela
Actor, Story Editor (Reality)
Smoke 'n' Mirrors Entertainment, Etc.
Lefkowitz, Nancy Lefkowitz, Nancy
Festival Administrator, Producer
Vice President of Talent Relations
Lefkowitz, Sandra Lefkowitz, Sandra
Actor, Producer, Writer
Lehman, Abigail Lehman, Abigail
Lehmann, Reeves Lehmann, Reeves
Director, Educator, Producer
School of Visual Arts
Lehti, Carol Lehti, Carol
Associate Producer, Producer
Larkspur Lane Productions
Leland, Amy Leland, Amy
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
Summer Woman Productions
Lenihan, Chloe Lenihan, Chloe
Actor, Director, Writer
Buds of May Productions
Lentz-Janney, Melanie Lentz-Janney, Melanie
Executive Producer/Producer/Publicity/Marketing
Doverwood Communications, Inc.
Leonard, C.J. Leonard, C.J.
Interactive Media, Production Coordinator
Leonard, Carrie Leonard, Carrie
LMG Operations Mngent Inc.
Leone, Gina Leone, Gina
Marketing Executive, Writer
Million Dollar Screenwriting
Lepera, Christine Lepera, Christine
Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP
Lerner, Helene Lerner, Helene
Creative Expansions, Inc.
Lesemann, Mara Lesemann, Mara
Producer, Writer
Surviving Family Productions, LLC
Leshaw, Hannah Leshaw, Hannah
Director, Producer, Writer
Courtlandt Avenue Productions
Leung, Barbie Leung, Barbie
Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Leve, Harriet Leve, Harriet
Levenstein, Miranda Levenstein, Miranda
Agent, Writer
Levi, Alexandra Levi, Alexandra
Consultant, Executive Producer, Production Executive
Element Financial Group
Levin, Raquel Levin, Raquel
Consultant, Nonprofit Administrator
Levites, Sasha Levites, Sasha
Frankfurnt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C.
Levy, Ann Deborah Levy, Ann Deborah
Director, Producer
Resonant Images
Levy, Sherrie Levy, Sherrie
Sherrie Levy Public Relations
Lew Block, Ida Lew Block, Ida
Lewett, Linda Lewett, Linda
Creative Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Libert, Rachel Libert, Rachel
Cinematographer, Director
Tied to the Tracks Films, Inc.
Lidell, Wendy Lidell, Wendy
International Film Circuit, Inc.
Lilley, Tracy Lilley, Tracy
Actor, Camera Operator
TJS Enterprises
Lillie, Charisse Lillie, Charisse
Comcast Corporation
Lilly, Destiny Lilly, Destiny
Casting Director
Destiny Casting
Limoncelli, Rosanne Limoncelli, Rosanne
Coordinating Producer, Director, Educator
New York University
Lincoln M'Baye, Darnetha Lincoln M'Baye, Darnetha
Consultant, Music Supervisor, Producer
Lindh, CC Lindh, CC
Singing Trees Productions
Linn, Gail Linn, Gail
Financial Planner
Met Life Premier Client Group of New York
Lintinger, Melissa Lintinger, Melissa
Corporate Executive, Producer, Production Finance
Linton, Katherine Linton, Katherine
Anchor/Reporter, Producer
Linton Media, Inc.
Linton, Simi Linton, Simi
Metuffer Films
Lipper, Joanna Lipper, Joanna
Director, Producer
Vertumnus Productions
Lit, Judith Lit, Judith
Consultant, Director, Producer
Lit Productions
Livingston, Jennie Livingston, Jennie
Director, Writer
Earth Camp One LLC Director/Producer/Screenwriter
Lizardi, Raquel Lizardi, Raquel
Camera Operator, Consultant, Post-Production Services
Reel Seamstress LLC
Loeser, Elaine Loeser, Elaine
Everything's Jake Productions
Lomax, Patricia Lomax, Patricia
Acquisitions, Programming
Loney, Vesna Loney, Vesna
Acquisitions, Distributor, Sales
Terra Media.Inc.
Long, Jerrica Long, Jerrica
Floater Assistant
Lopez, Cynthia Lopez, Cynthia
NYC Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment
Loring, Annie Loring, Annie
Freelance Producer
Lovejoy, Ellen Lovejoy, Ellen
AE Networks
Lovejoy, Kristin Lovejoy, Kristin
Producer, Production Supervisor
Lowenthal, Lauren Lowenthal, Lauren
Journalist, Producer, Writer
How to Get an A
Lubrano, Christine Lubrano, Christine
Producer, Production Executive
Lucia, Alexandra Lucia, Alexandra
Actor, Creative Director, Writer
Azotea Production
Luckow, Sandra Luckow, Sandra
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Line Producer
Ojeda Films, Inc.
Ludlow, Gabriella Ludlow, Gabriella
Business Affairs Executive
The B.A. Department
Luongo, Claudia Luongo, Claudia
Artist, Actress, Singer, Songwriter
Lyde, Aimee Lyde, Aimee
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Narrator/Voice-Over
Pretty Pictures, Inc.
Lynton, Susan Lynton, Susan
Corporate Executive, Interactive Media, Writer
Eurica Media Lab