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Kaan, Kathleen Kaan, Kathleen
Consultant, Publicist
Kahn, Linda Kahn, Linda
Acquisitions, Distributor, Television Executive
Linda Kahn Media LLC
Kalb Schaffer, Lisa Kalb Schaffer, Lisa
Freelance Agency Producer
Kalish, Karen Kalish, Karen
Post-Production Services, Publicist, Sales
Kamihira, Elle Kamihira, Elle
Director, Producer, Writer
Kandt, Lilian Kandt, Lilian
Business Affairs Executive
BNY Mellon
Kane, Aideen Kane, Aideen
Fork Films
Kane, Jenny Kane, Jenny
Kane, Laura Kane, Laura
Corporate Executive, Publicist
Aflac, inc.
Kaneko, Yumi Kaneko, Yumi
Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
EN films, LLC
Kangal, Sheela Kangal, Sheela
Kantayya, Mellini Kantayya, Mellini
Actor, Writer
Kanter, Marianne Kanter, Marianne
Actor, Producer, Writer
Kaplan Thaler, Linda Kaplan Thaler, Linda
Publicis New York
Kaplan, Lynda Kaplan, Lynda
Director, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
American History Workshop
Karageorge, Penelope Karageorge, Penelope
Director, Journalist, Writer
Karo, Andrea Karo, Andrea
Editor: Film/Video
Karp Cohen, Kathy Karp Cohen, Kathy
Producer, Writer
Kasarda, Joan Kasarda, Joan
Kasica, Rosie Kasica, Rosie
Journalist, Line Producer, Producer
Time Warner - HLN
Kasper, Ingrid Kasper, Ingrid
Director, Producer
United Nations Dept. of Public Info/Video
Kassel, Virginia Kassel, Virginia
Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Katz, Karen Katz, Karen
Executive Producer
After Five Productions, Inc.
Katz, Magda Katz, Magda
Agent, Journalist, Publicist
Katzen, Anita Katzen, Anita
Business Affairs Executive
Schulman Lobel Wolfson Zand Abruzzo Katzen & Blackman LLP
Kaufman, Gita Kaufman, Gita
Actor, Educator, Writer
Kaufman, Lily Hayes Kaufman, Lily Hayes
Saturday Candy Productions
Kaul, Kavery Kaul, Kavery
Director, Producer, Writer
Kava, Caroline Kava, Caroline
Actor, Director, Writer
University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Kaver, Robin Kaver, Robin
The Nielsen Company
Kayan, Cynthia Kayan, Cynthia
Producer, Talent Coordinator
Kaye, Lyralen Kaye, Lyralen
Actor, Director, Writer
Another Country Productions
Kelber, Laura Kelber, Laura
Kellam, Geneva Kellam, Geneva
Creative Director
Geneva Kellam's Right Now
Keller, Judy Keller, Judy
Casting Director, Producer
Judy Keller Casting
Kelly, Gabrielle Kelly, Gabrielle
Producer, Writer
Tisch Asia (NYU)
Kelly, Grace Kelly, Grace
Executive Producer, Producer, Sales
The Mill
Kelly, Mary Kelly, Mary
Director, Script Supervisor
Kelly, Maura Kelly, Maura
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Marketing Executive
Purple Mountain Media
Kelton, Marissa Kelton, Marissa
Actor, Producer
Kennedy McGuire, Anne Kennedy McGuire, Anne
Loeb & Loeb LLP
Kennedy, Kathi Kennedy, Kathi
Actor, Writer
Next Star Studio
Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Susan
Line Producer, Production Finance, Production Manager
Kerman, Thea Kerman, Thea
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Law Offices of Thea J. Kerman
Kertscher, Sabine Kertscher, Sabine
Post-Production Services, Post-Production Supervisor
Magilla Entertainment
Keuhnelian, Janice Keuhnelian, Janice
Editor: Film/Video
Keyes, Beth-Ellen Keyes, Beth-Ellen
Managing Director
Speaker Space
Khushalani, Alka Khushalani, Alka
Producer, Writer
Kilbourn, Laela Kilbourn, Laela
Cinematographer, Director of Photography
Kim, Sarah Kim, Sarah
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Kimmel, Ann Kimmel, Ann
Associate Producer
Kinard, Sylvia Kinard, Sylvia
Attorney, Director, Writer
Imani Entertainment LLC/ NYPA
Kinder, Elizabeth Kinder, Elizabeth
Executive Producer, Producer
Free Market Films LLC
Kinski, Melissa Kinski, Melissa
Cherry Pie Pictures
Kirby, Linda Kirby, Linda
Actor, Producer, Production Finance
Relatively Redeemable Productions, Inc.
Kirschner, Debra Kirschner, Debra
Director, Educator, Writer
Kirschearian Productions
Klain, Jane Klain, Jane
The Paley Center for Media
Kleine, Cindy Kleine, Cindy
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Kline, Linda Kline, Linda
Knowlton, Christine Knowlton, Christine
Editor: Film/Video, Festival Administrator, Producer
Knox Talcott, Nancy Knox Talcott, Nancy
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Researcher
INdependent Film Producer, Archival Research
Koenig, Fran Koenig, Fran
Publicist, Writer
Fran Koenig Associates
Kohen, Jamie Kohen, Jamie
Casting Director, Development Executive, Post-Production Services
Bright-Eyed Media, Inc.
Kohlhaas, Karen Kohlhaas, Karen
Director, Educator
Big & Slow, Inc.
Kolarick, Deidre Kolarick, Deidre
Educator, Researcher, Writer
Kolling, Karen Kolling, Karen
Corporate Executive
Shine On Entertainment LLC
Kon, Sharon Kon, Sharon
Coordinating Producer, Marketing Executive, Producer
Kontakos, Valerie Kontakos, Valerie
Director, Producer, Programming
Exile FIlms
Korich, Sarah Korich, Sarah
Marketing Executive
Korn, Maya Korn, Maya
One of Us
Korris, Risa Korris, Risa
Animator, Cinematographer, Still Photographer
Kotlar, Christina Kotlar, Christina
Consultant, Producer, Writer
kotlar concepts
Kouguell, Susan Kouguell, Susan
Consultant, Producer, Writer
Su-City Pictures East, LLC
Koustaff, Lesley Koustaff, Lesley
Kozee, Debra Kozee, Debra
Production Services
C&S International Insurance Brokers, Inc
Kranz, Jennifer Kranz, Jennifer
Marketing Executive
WE tv
Krausz, Diane Krausz, Diane
Business Affairs Executive
D. Krausz and Associates, Attorneys At Law
Krayenbuhl, Sabine Krayenbuhl, Sabine
Editor: Film/Video
Kreft, Laura Kreft, Laura
Consultant, Production Finance
Krehel, Lindsey Krehel, Lindsey
Festival Administrator, Production Services, Writer
Moving Picture Company
Krivda, Esther Krivda, Esther
Actor, Writer
Kron, Joan Kron, Joan
Executive Producer, Journalist, Writer
Parvenu Ventures LLC
Kroner, Ellen Kroner, Ellen
EVP, Chief Communications Officer
AMC Networks
Kruger, Erin Kruger, Erin
Director, Producer, Writer
Abel Digital
Kubow, Janice Kubow, Janice
Kubow Law, PLLC
Kugelman, Sarah Kugelman, Sarah
Executive Producer, Producer
Kummel, Tamar Kummel, Tamar
Actor, Director, Writer
Captain Purple LLC
Kunstadt, Miriam Kunstadt, Miriam
Bleecker Street Media
Kuo, Rose Kuo, Rose
Director, Producer, Programming
Kushnick, Beth Kushnick, Beth
Set Decorator
Eye Productions/The Good Wife
Kuznetzkoff, Dana Kuznetzkoff, Dana
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Producers Guild of America
Kwan, Shirley Kwan, Shirley
Interpreter, Producer, Writer
Shirley Kwan SK Communications