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Gaglio, Nanci Gaglio, Nanci
Creative Director, Producer, Writer
Gail, Arlene Gail, Arlene
Lucky 13 Films, Inc.
Galbraith, Margaret Galbraith, Margaret
Director, Producer
SeeScape Films
Galdieri, Julie Galdieri, Julie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Galvin, Jennifer Galvin, Jennifer
Cinematographer, Director, Producer
reelblue, LLC
Gambino, Janice Gambino, Janice
Business Affairs Executive
Ganeless, Michele Ganeless, Michele
Television Executive
Comedy Central
Ganz, Lisa Ganz, Lisa
Casting Director, Coordinating Producer, Producer
Twins Talent
Garcelon, Kylie Garcelon, Kylie
Gladiolus Productions LLC
Garcia, Amy Garcia, Amy
Universal Companies
Gardner, Janet Gardner, Janet
Director, Producer, Writer
The Gardner Group
Gardner, Lynn Gardner, Lynn
Senior Vice President, Publicity
History and H2 Networks
Garguilo, Joelle Garguilo, Joelle
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Producer
NBC News
Garland, Samantha Garland, Samantha
Actor, Director, Producer
Garnes, Lashawn Garnes, Lashawn
Script Supervisor
Gasper, Mark Gasper, Mark
Director, Producer, Writer
The Yankee-Oriole Company
Gates, Jennifer Gates, Jennifer
Production Finance
Gee, Erin Gee, Erin
Associate Director
CBS News
Gee, Natalie Gee, Natalie
Geiger, Ellen Geiger, Ellen
Acquisitions, Agent
Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc.
Gendler, Gail Gendler, Gail
AMC/Sundance Channel, LLC
Gerson Saines, Emily Gerson Saines, Emily
Agent, Corporate Executive
Brookside Artist Management
Ghammashi, Barbara Ghammashi, Barbara
Women Make Movies
Giamber-Frindt, Sonta Giamber-Frindt, Sonta
Executive Producer
Gibbs, Jeanne Gibbs, Jeanne
Script Supervisor
Gibson, Eren Gibson, Eren
Actor, Producer, Writer
Chameleon Theatrix
Gidney, Nelsa Gidney, Nelsa
Acquisitions, Distributor, Programming
Gidney International, Inc.
Gielen, Nina Gielen, Nina
Gikow, Louise Gikow, Louise
West Side Writer LLC
Gil, Regina Gil, Regina
Nonprofit Administrator
Great Neck Arts Center
Giles, Roderick Giles, Roderick
Director, Educator, Producer
Clarendon Entertainment
Gill-Wilson, Nan Gill-Wilson, Nan
Actor, Producer, Writer
Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc.
Gillis, Julie Gillis, Julie
Casting Director, Educator, Executive Producer
Julie Gillis Video Productions & Casting
Gilliss, Gwyn Gilliss, Gwyn
Laight Street Films
Girard, Andrea Girard, Andrea
Executive Producer, Programming, Television Executive
Panache Communications/Girard Communications
Gitter, Jeffry Gitter, Jeffry
NY 411
Givey, Melissa Givey, Melissa
Executive Producer
Glass, Diane Glass, Diane
Gleason-Barlok, Debbie Gleason-Barlok, Debbie
Production Manager
Miz Doo Productions
Gleich, Shoshanna Gleich, Shoshanna
Actor, Director, Writer
Shoshanna Ya Wanna Productions
glickman, rhoda glickman, rhoda
sr. vice president
empire state development
Glover, Kelly Glover, Kelly
Associate Producer, Line Producer, Writer
Redbone Inc.
Glovitz, Linda Glovitz, Linda
Corporate Executive, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Gluck, Pearl Gluck, Pearl
Director, Producer
Palinka Pictures
Goeller, Karen Goeller, Karen
Actor, Writer
Goins, Denise Goins, Denise
Production Designer, Titles, Video Graphics
Goister, Olga Goister, Olga
Gold, Erica Gold, Erica
Interactive Media, Producer, Writer
Gold, Lauren Gold, Lauren
Lauren Gold Creative
Goldberg, Becky Goldberg, Becky
Editor: Film/Video
Goldberg, Linda Goldberg, Linda
Consultant, Educator, Writer
Gold Mountain Productions
Goldberg, Shoshana Goldberg, Shoshana
Editor: Film/Video, Producer, Writer
Goldenhar, Didi Goldenhar, Didi
Consultant, Writer
Goldstein, Brette Goldstein, Brette
Casting Director/Owner
Brette Goldstein Casting
Gomez, Liliana Gomez, Liliana
Assistant Editor, Camera Operator, Programming
Goodman, Alison Goodman, Alison
Casting Director
Goore, Elisa Goore, Elisa
Broadcast Producer
Gordon, Judith Gordon, Judith
Still Photographer/Music Producer/Assoc Producer
Gordon, Judy Gordon, Judy
Judy Gordon Productions, Inc.
Gourley, Geri Gourley, Geri
Gozalo, Sara Gozalo, Sara
Actor, Director, Writer
Lazy Baobab
Graeber, Carey Graeber, Carey
President/Executive Producer
Great Plains Productions
Gragasin, Angeline Gragasin, Angeline
Director, Producer, Writer
Granville, Cynthia Granville, Cynthia
Actor, Casting Director, Director
disOrienting Stage and Film
Grausman, Jennifer Grausman, Jennifer
Gray, Ann Gray, Ann
Post-Production Supervisor
Gray, Stacie Gray, Stacie
Creative Director
In Demand
Gray, Trish Gray, Trish
Location Manager/Associate Producer
Green, Evelyn Green, Evelyn
Camera Operator, Still Photographer, Writer
City of New York Video Production Unit
Green, Jenny Green, Jenny
Actor, Creative Director, Writer
The OPTimistiks
Green, Kathleen Green, Kathleen
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Causeway NY, Spygirl Pictures
Greenberg, Terry Greenberg, Terry
Producer, Publicist
Greenwald, Maggie Greenwald, Maggie
Director, Writer
Luma Pictures Inc
Grey, Robin Grey, Robin
Attorney, Executive Producer, Producer
Greyhawk Films
Gribble, Julie Gribble, Julie
Director, Producer, Writer
Griffin, Suzanne Griffin, Suzanne
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Volution Films
Grillo, Janet Grillo, Janet
NYU Tisch School of the Arts, UGFTV
Grillo, Lucia Grillo, Lucia
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Director
Calabrisella Films/CUNY TV
Grisanti, Mary Grisanti, Mary
School of Visual Arts
Griswold, Susie Griswold, Susie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Local Productions
Grocher, Kimberly Grocher, Kimberly
Social Worker/ Freelance Media
Grochowska, Malwina Grochowska, Malwina
Critic, Journalist, Writer
Gross, Donna Gross, Donna
WNET, Channel 13, PBS
Gruber, Desiree Gruber, Desiree
Full Picture
Gruber, Marci Gruber, Marci
Producer, Production Manager
Mind's Eye Productions
Grunow, Diana Grunow, Diana
Personal Manager, Producer, Writer
Grunow Media
Grzenkowicz, Yvonne Grzenkowicz, Yvonne
Animator, Art Director, Interactive Media
eyesnare inc
Director, Writer
Aspire Productions Inc.
guetta, yael guetta, yael
Costume Designer, Creative Director
Guggenheim, Amy Guggenheim, Amy
writer director producer
Guillory, Letitia Guillory, Letitia
Actor, Educator, Writer
Further Adventures Productions
Guinan, Megan Guinan, Megan
Actor, Writer
Gulizio, Angela Gulizio, Angela
Personal Manager, Producer
G&G Talent
Gumbs, Nzingha Gumbs, Nzingha
Make Up Artist
Gura, Nick Gura, Nick
Producer, Writer
NG156 Productions
Guss, Alison Guss, Alison
Director, Producer, Writer
True Aim Productions
Gutman, Ruth Gutman, Ruth
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Ruth A. Gutman Productions
Guzda, Jacqueline Guzda, Jacqueline
Actor, Educator, Writer