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D'Adamo, Linda D'Adamo, Linda
Mediaweek Magazine
D'Agnolo Vallan, Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan, Giulia
Torino Film Festival
D'Alesio, Courtney D'Alesio, Courtney
Costume Designer
Boardwalk Empire
D'Alesio, Courtney D'Alesio, Courtney
Key Costumer - Background
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
D'alessandro, Diane D'alessandro, Diane
NYS Assembly Speaker's Office
D'Alessio, Charles D'Alessio, Charles
Edit Room Assistant
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
D'Ambrosio, Eugenia D'Ambrosio, Eugenia
Certified Personal Health Fitness Trainer
D'Amico, Joanna D'Amico, Joanna
Silvercup Studios
D'Antoni, Chris D'Antoni, Chris
D'Antoni Productions, Inc.
D'Antonio, Toni D'Antonio, Toni
Actor, Producer, Writer
Shake the Tree Productions, LLC
D'Antonio, Toni D'Antonio, Toni
President, CEO
Shake the Tree Productions
D'Apolito, Lisa D'Apolito, Lisa
Actor, Director, Executive Producer
3 Faces Films
D'Apolito, Lisa D'Apolito, Lisa
3 Faces films
D'Arcy, David D'Arcy, David
D'Arrigo, Ms. Jennie D'Arrigo, Ms. Jennie
Reebok Sports Club/NY
D'Attile, Richard D'Attile, Richard
MTV Networks
D'Cunha, Ayres D'Cunha, Ayres
Analog Digital Intl Inc.
D'Cunha, Helen D'Cunha, Helen
Analog Digital International
d'Italia Wiener, Simonetta d'Italia Wiener, Simonetta
Educator, Festival Administrator, Producer
Crossroads Cultural Center
D'vari, Marisa D'vari, Marisa
D.S, Mrinalini D.S, Mrinalini
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
da Cunha, Uma da Cunha, Uma
Vice President
Women in Film & Television Association India
Da Silva, Kathleen Da Silva, Kathleen
Director, Producer, Writer
Da Silva, Suzanne Da Silva, Suzanne
Clicquot Inc.
Dabill, David Dabill, David
Toy NY
Dabrow, Ross Dabrow, Ross
Thought Equity
Daccord, Phil Daccord, Phil
Giaronomo Productions
Dackow, Ross Dackow, Ross
Cameraman/Editor/Sound Design
Daddona, Cynthia Daddona, Cynthia
Bella Donna Entertainment
Dager, Nick Dager, Nick
Digital Cinema Report
Dages, Chuck Dages, Chuck
Warner Bros. Inc.
Dahan, JoAnn Dahan, JoAnn
Kids Training Puppies
Dahlgren, Jim & Phyllis Dahlgren, Jim & Phyllis
c/o Dahlgren Duck
Dahlman, Sue Dahlman, Sue
Dailey, Beth Ann Dailey, Beth Ann
Dailey, Robert Dailey, Robert
Vice President, Public Finance
JPMorgan Chase
Dakich, Daniela Dakich, Daniela
Actor, Caterer, Writer
Dale Johnson, Barry Dale Johnson, Barry
VP, National Publicity
Daley, Elizabeth Daley, Elizabeth
School Cinema & Television
Daley, Susan Daley, Susan
Perkins Coie LLP
Daley-Hynes, Aidan Daley-Hynes, Aidan
Pocket Gems
Dalgish, Campbell Dalgish, Campbell
D'Arc Production
Dallas, Trenton Dallas, Trenton
Costume Designer
Dallien, Maureen Dallien, Maureen
More Hits Entertainment
Dallos, Chris Dallos, Chris
Studio Group
Dalsimer, Susan Dalsimer, Susan
Miramax Books
Dalton, Susanna Dalton, Susanna
Susanna Salton Ltd
Dalton, Trish Dalton, Trish
Director, Editor: Sound, Producer
Fly-Up Media
Daly, Cheryl Daly, Cheryl
Publicist, Television Executive
Sotheby's Intl Realty
Daly, Emma Daly, Emma
Communications Director
Human Rights Watch (blog)
Daly, Kariann Daly, Kariann
Career Planning and Placement
Fordham University at Lincoln Center
Daly, Martin Daly, Martin
NYC District Council of Carpenters, Labor Technical College
Daly, Mike Daly, Mike
Benefits Consulting
Daly, Patrick Daly, Patrick
VP Production and Development
Jean Doumanian Productions
Daly, Rob Daly, Rob
Damani, Meghna Damani, Meghna
Assistant Editor, Director, Writer
Treasure Tower Fllms LLC
Damante, Susan Damante, Susan
Prince Street Enterprises, Inc
Damas, Magali Damas, Magali
Vision Box
Damashek, Sandy Damashek, Sandy
Interactive Media, Writer
Sandy Damashek
Damato-Maiorana, Nancy Damato-Maiorana, Nancy
Marketing Director
Yohalem Gillman & Co.
Dame, Terry Dame, Terry
Damon, Matt Damon, Matt
Damon, Summer Damon, Summer
Trilogy Films
Damonti, John Damonti, John
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Dane, Isabella Dane, Isabella
Danforth, Mr. Paul Danforth, Mr. Paul
Manager, Corporate Sales
New York Mets
Danglades, Virginie Danglades, Virginie
Editor: Film/Video
Daniel, Beverly Daniel, Beverly
Career Growth Group
Daniel, Jaya Daniel, Jaya
Graphic Artist/Designer
Daniel, Kathleen Daniel, Kathleen
Daniel, Peggy Daniel, Peggy
Daniels, Cheri Daniels, Cheri
Associate Producer
Captured Time Productions
Daniels, Demetria Daniels, Demetria
Daniels, Donna Daniels, Donna
Donna Daniels Public Relations, LLC
Daniels, Eva Maria Daniels, Eva Maria
Executive Producer
Company 3
Daniels, Ken Daniels, Ken
Interactive Media, Marketing Executive, Sales
Daniels, Lee Daniels, Lee
Lee Daniels Entertainment
Daniels, Rebecca Daniels, Rebecca
SVP, Director
Brown Harris Stevens
Daniels, Rhea Daniels, Rhea
Film Movement
Daniels, Shira Daniels, Shira
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Zodiak New York
Daniels, Stephanie Daniels, Stephanie
Director, Producer, Writer
Oh Seven Films Inc.
Danielson, Diane Danielson, Diane
Chief Executive
Downtown Women's Club
Danka, Krisztina Danka, Krisztina
Director, Producer, Writer
Media Development International
Dann, Hillary Dann, Hillary
Dann, Leslie Dann, Leslie
Cruz Dann Productions
Danowitz, Maxine Danowitz, Maxine
Dantas, Regina Dantas, Regina
Acquisitions, Distributor, Producer
Bossa Entertainment
Danto, Annette Danto, Annette
Director, Educator, Sound Recordist
Brooklyn College - City University of New York
Danzi, Jen Danzi, Jen
Jen Danzi
Daoud, Dina Daoud, Dina
Associate Information Officer
United Nations- Dept. of Public Information
Dapello, Joseph Dapello, Joseph
Schreck Rose & Dapello
Dapolito, Kim Dapolito, Kim
USA Network/Sci-Fi Channel
Darer, Anne Darer, Anne
Educator, Interactive Media, Producer
Dargatz, Deborah Dargatz, Deborah
Independent Wine Distributor
Darico, Patricia Darico, Patricia
Administrative Assistance
State of Connecticut Department of Social Services
Darling, Michele Darling, Michele
40 Lizards, Inc.
Darnton, Kyra Darnton, Kyra
Senior Producer
Retro Reports
Darragh, Clare Anne Darragh, Clare Anne
Frank public relations
Darrow, Kendra Darrow, Kendra
Outpost Digital
Dart, Leslee Dart, Leslee
Founder, CEO
The Dart Group, Inc.
Das-Mittal, Rita Das-Mittal, Rita
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Interactive Media
Genesis Multimedia Communications
DasGupta, Trina DasGupta, Trina
Single Palm Tree Productions
Dash, Julie Dash, Julie
Dash, Neil Dash, Neil
Time Warner City Cable
Dashiell, Darryal Dashiell, Darryal
Messner, Vetere
Dashman, Daniel Dashman, Daniel
Business Representative
Local 798
DaSilva Fox, Jeanne DaSilva Fox, Jeanne
Music Director, Music Supervisor, Post-Production Services
Vault Music Services LLC
Dasilva, Ray Dasilva, Ray
Animator, Director, Producer
Da Silva Animation
DaSilva, Vincent DaSilva, Vincent
Gil Ferrer Salon
Daswell, Jacent Daswell, Jacent
Small Business Specialist
HSBC Bank USA, National Association
Dates Spikes, Kim Dates Spikes, Kim
Director of Business Development
Post Factory
Dattilo, Marlene Dattilo, Marlene
Special Care Planner
Financial Architects/Mass Mutual
Dattner, Fay Dattner, Fay
Dattner & Associates
Dauk, Jinsey Dauk, Jinsey
Jinsey Dauk Photograhy Inc.
Daum, Julie Daum, Julie
Co-Managing Director, US Board Services
Spencer Stuart
Dauphin, Ruda Dauphin, Ruda
USA Representative
Deauville Film Festival
Davatzes, Nickolas Davatzes, Nickolas
A&E Television Networks
Davenport, Beth Davenport, Beth
Chelsea Pictures
Davenport, Edith Davenport, Edith
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Davenport, Mary Davenport, Mary
Executive Producer
Element Productions
David Francis, Patrick Loughney & David Francis, Patrick Loughney &
Library of Congress
David, Callahan David, Callahan
Sr. Librarian NY Public Library
David, Greg David, Greg
Crain's New York Business
David, Gus David, Gus
Bootleg Productions, Inc
David, Heidi David, Heidi
Producer, Writer
David, John David, John
The Acumen Group
David, Laurie David, Laurie
David-Weill, Agathe David-Weill, Agathe
Baba Yaga Productions
Davidoff, Norma Davidoff, Norma
Consultant, Executive Producer, Producer
Sante Communications
Davidow, Emily Davidow, Emily
Digital Elements
Davids, Hollace Davids, Hollace
VP, Special Projects, Universal Pictures Mktg
MCA/Universal City Studios
Davidson, Bob Davidson, Bob
Davidson Insurance Agency
Davidson, Carey Davidson, Carey
Associate Director of Administration
Naland Institute for Contemplative Science
Davidson, David Davidson, David
Director, MFA Media Arts Production
City College of New York: Media & Communication Arts
Davidson, Isaac Davidson, Isaac
Hair Stylist
Davidson, Janet Davidson, Janet
New Mexico WIF
Davidson, Joy Davidson, Joy
Davidson Resources, Inc
Davidson, Julie Davidson, Julie
USA Films
Davidson, Steven Davidson, Steven
Louis Wolfson II Media History Center
Davie, Kelly Davie, Kelly
Associate Producer, Producer, Production Coordinator
Davies, Claude Davies, Claude
Embassy Row
Davies, Rick Davies, Rick
Senior VP, Finance
Davis, Adriana Davis, Adriana
D-Squared Media
Davis, Amy Davis, Amy
Art Director, Video Graphics
Davis, Audrey Davis, Audrey
Executive Vice President
The Lippin Group
Davis, Barbara Davis, Barbara
Chief Operating Officer
The Actors Fund for everyone in entertainment.
Davis, Brenda Davis, Brenda
Development Executive, Researcher, Writer
Davis, Caitlin Davis, Caitlin
Actor, Producer, Writer
Davis, Cari Davis, Cari
VP - Managing Director
Devlin Video International
Davis, Caroline Davis, Caroline
President & CEO
The Worth Collection, Ltd.
Davis, Charisse Davis, Charisse
Davis, Cheryl Davis, Cheryl
Davis, DeWitt Davis, DeWitt
Film School Liaison/ Technical Assistant Entertainment Imaging Americas Reg
Davis, Dominic Davis, Dominic
Selections Committee
Margaret Mead Film Festival
Davis, Frank Davis, Frank
Charity Contributions
Davis, Joe Davis, Joe
29th Street Productions
Davis, Judith Davis, Judith
Interactive Media, Writer
Writerjudy, Inc.
Davis, Kate Davis, Kate
Production Finance
Scholastic Entertainment Inc
Davis, Laurel Davis, Laurel
Executive Producer, Production Manager, Writer
Barbed Wire Productions
Davis, Lisa Davis, Lisa
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, PC
Davis, Lynne Davis, Lynne
Davis, Martha Davis, Martha
Director, Writer
Davis, Michele Davis, Michele
Davis, Monica Davis, Monica
It Works Independent Distributor
Davis, Mryna Davis, Mryna
Executive Director
Art Director's Club
Davis, Patricia Davis, Patricia
Programming, Television Executive
American Movie Classics Company
Davis, Renee Davis, Renee
Brooklyn College Scholarship Office
Davis, Sharen Davis, Sharen
Sandra Mash Management
Davis, Sharon L Davis, Sharon L
Actor, Assistant Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
Davis, Sonia Louise Davis, Sonia Louise
New Media Artist
Davis, Susan Davis, Susan
Invisisble Women Productions
Davis, Tainesa Davis, Tainesa
Production Coordinator
True Entertainment
Davis, Tori Davis, Tori
Video Graphics
Davis, Trecia Davis, Trecia
Emmerling Post Advertising
Davis, Vicki Davis, Vicki
Costume Designer, Set Decorator
Davoli, David Davoli, David
Managing Member
Davoli Law Firm
Dawkins, Jo Dawkins, Jo
Client Services
Soundtrack Recording Studios
Dawkins, Sheila Dawkins, Sheila
Grip, Journalist
VisionQuest Media LLC
Dawson Carr, Marion Dawson Carr, Marion
Dearfield Associates, Inc.
Dawson, Imani Dawson, Imani
Producer, Writer
Dawson, Imani Dawson, Imani
BET News
Dawson, Sophia Dawson, Sophia
I am Wet Paint
Day, Corbin Day, Corbin
The Hawk is Dying
Day, Dez Day, Dez
Day, Dinah Day, Dinah
Actor, Consultant, Corporate Executive
The Image Circle, Inc.
Day, Erin Day, Erin
Festival Director
New York Television Festival
Day, Kate Day, Kate
Film and Law Productions
Day, Kate Day, Kate
Film and Law
Day, Onika Day, Onika
Actor, Producer
Day, Tracy Day, Tracy
Co-Founder and CEO
World Science Festival
DCunha, Helen DCunha, Helen
Operations Manager
Analog Digital Intl Inc.
de Almeida, Bruno de Almeida, Bruno
Arco Films
De Andrade, Marjorie C. De Andrade, Marjorie C.
Licensed Salesperson
De Cicco, Marie De Cicco, Marie
Actor, Writer
de Fontaine-Stratton, Caroline de Fontaine-Stratton, Caroline
Director, Producer
de Haan, Catherine de Haan, Catherine
Animator, Creative Director, Editor: Film/Video
De Jesus, Ivette De Jesus, Ivette
Actor, Production Coordinator, Writer
de la Garza, Bianca de la Garza, Bianca
Lucky Gal Productions
De La Gorce, Nathalie De La Gorce, Nathalie
Creative Director
Trollback & Company
de la Puente, Noemi de la Puente, Noemi
Actor, Writer
De la Vega-Hurtado, Margarita De la Vega-Hurtado, Margarita
Educator, Nonprofit Administrator
de Leon, Liza de Leon, Liza
Bell and Company
De Leon, Perla De Leon, Perla
Director, Writer
De Leon, Ruth Ann De Leon, Ruth Ann
Set Dresser
De Leon, Sherrie-Ann De Leon, Sherrie-Ann
Journalist, Producer, Writer
De Luca, Dina De Luca, Dina
Applause Films
De Meo, Debbie De Meo, Debbie
Harpo Productions
De Michiel, Helen De Michiel, Helen
National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture
de Mille, Delphine de Mille, Delphine
IT Telecom - Telephone Services
Time Inc.
De Monte Bello, Phillippe De Monte Bello, Phillippe
Museum Director
The Met
de Montebello, Charles de Montebello, Charles
Editor: Sound, Post-Production Services, Sound Mixer
CDM Sound Studios, Inc.
De Niro, Robert De Niro, Robert
Tribeca Film Center
De Palma, Susan De Palma, Susan
Producer, Writer
de Rijke, Jeroen de Rijke, Jeroen
Barbara Gladstone Gallery
de Rooij, Willem de Rooij, Willem
Barbara Gladstone Gallery
De Rosa, Anthony De Rosa, Anthony
De Soto, Donna De Soto, Donna
Producer, Programming
De Souza, Anna De Souza, Anna
Beauty/Fashion/Trends Writer
Huffington Post
De Stefano, Loretta De Stefano, Loretta
KC/LD Entertainment
de Thelismond, Yvens de Thelismond, Yvens
Wardrobe, Assistant Costume Designer, Costume Designer
Local 764, 829
De Toustain, Nick De Toustain, Nick
Account Manager
Thought Equity
De Vito, Pauline De Vito, Pauline
WIFT - Italy
de Weerd, Liza de Weerd, Liza
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Deal, Bill Deal, Bill
ABC Radio
Dealy, Marian Dealy, Marian
Cinematographer, Grip
Dean, Alexandra Dean, Alexandra
Reframed Pictures
Dean, Carole Dean, Carole
Nonprofit Administrator
From the Heart Productions
Dean, Hank Dean, Hank
c/o Fred Carter
Dean, Jo-Ann Dean, Jo-Ann
Consultant, Interpreter, Producer
Signmation Productions
Dean, Josephine Dean, Josephine
Director, Producer, Writer
Josephine Dean Productions, Inc.
Dean, Leesa Dean, Leesa
Animator, Producer, Writer
Dean, Samantha Dean, Samantha
Samantha Dean & Associates
DeAngelis, Angelina DeAngelis, Angelina
Hair Department Head
DeArcy, Patricia DeArcy, Patricia
Actor, Director, Writer
Deardorff, Christi Deardorff, Christi
Aon Corporation
Dearer, Anne Dearer, Anne
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
DeBaets, Timothy DeBaets, Timothy
Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams Sheppard LLP
Debari, Craig Debari, Craig
Market Development Specialist
Sony Electronics Inc.
DeBitetto, Bob DeBitetto, Bob
President & General Manager
A & E Television Networks
DeBlasio, Courtney DeBlasio, Courtney
Richard Sanoval Restaurants
DeBlasio, Courtney DeBlasio, Courtney
Director of special Events
Debock, Monique Debock, Monique
Peninsula Spa
DeBolt, George DeBolt, George
Vice President, Media
Debroux, Dominique Debroux, Dominique
Big Belli
Debrunner, Suzanne Debrunner, Suzanne
Assistant Editor, Post-Production Supervisor, Production Coordinator
Debs, Barbara Debs, Barbara
Musem Director
New York Historical Society
Debski, Trisha Debski, Trisha
Worldwide Mysterieuse Fille
Decarlo, Dean Decarlo, Dean
Decker, Allison Decker, Allison
Spilt Milk Films
decker, rachel decker, rachel
Brand Partnerships
Dedio, Irene Dedio, Irene
Anchor/Reporter, Creative Director, Writer
Dee, Jennifer Dee, Jennifer
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator
Leopard Films USA
Dee, John Dee, John
Grey Advertising
Dee, Ruby Dee, Ruby
Emmalyn II productions
Deegan, Peachy Deegan, Peachy
Whom You Know
Deen, Lauren Deen, Lauren
Cake Productions
Dees, Sasha Dees, Sasha
Founding Director
Defina, Barbara Defina, Barbara
PGA East
Defirenze, Rina Defirenze, Rina
RIME Management Corp
DeFrancis, Mark DeFrancis, Mark
Submissions Coordinator
DeFrank, Robert DeFrank, Robert
Television Executive
A&E Television Networks
DeFusco, Nicole DeFusco, Nicole
Corporate Executive
Sundance Channel
Consultant, Line Producer, Producer
Tisch School of the Arts, UGFTV
Dehnert, Elspeth Dehnert, Elspeth
Director, Producer
Deinhardt, Barbara C. Deinhardt, Barbara C.
NYS Employment Relations Board
DeKoven, Lenore DeKoven, Lenore
Director, Educator, Producer
del Castillo, Anne del Castillo, Anne
Business Affairs Executive
14th Street Y
del castillo, anne del castillo, anne
Office of Film, Theatre amd Broadcasting
The City of New York Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment
Del Gaudio, Sybil Del Gaudio, Sybil
Director, Educator
Hofstra University
Del Giorno, Jon Del Giorno, Jon
Pitta & Dreier
del Monico, Mikki del Monico, Mikki
Actuality Productions
del Pilar Lopez, Maria del Pilar Lopez, Maria
Production Finance
Prager and Fenton, LLP
Del Prete, Deborah Del Prete, Deborah
The Dee Gee Entertainment Group/Coronet Theater
Del Priore, Sabrina Del Priore, Sabrina
Manager, Media Rights and Licensing
Fuse Television
Del Priore, Sabrina Del Priore, Sabrina
Director, Media Rights and Licensing
Fuse Networks LLC
Del Valle, Elaine Del Valle, Elaine
Casting Director, Producer, Writer
Del Valle Productions & Casting, Inc.
Delaney, John Delaney, John
Scott Rudin Productions
Delayne, Darla Delayne, Darla
Actor, Executive Producer, Writer
Equus Residential
Deldeo, Diana Deldeo, Diana
Line Producer
Deleo, Maryann Deleo, Maryann
Cinematographer, Director
Downtown TV Documentaries
Delet, Yvonne Delet, Yvonne
The Unknown Zone Talk Show
Delevante, Candice Delevante, Candice
Delevie, Rena Delevie, Rena
Spinsterbabe Productions, Inc.
Delfico, Christina Delfico, Christina
VP, Producer, Special Projects
Sesame Workshop
Delgado, Carole Delgado, Carole
self employed
Delgado, Margarita Delgado, Margarita
Costume Designer
Delgado, Maria Delgado, Maria
Sr. Production Coordinator
Delgado, Richard Delgado, Richard
Newton Construction
Delibes, Jacqueline Delibes, Jacqueline
Actor, Director, Writer
Delio, Gina Delio, Gina
Development Executive, Producer, Production Services
Tag Creative
Dell'Anno Cleary, Stephanie Dell'Anno Cleary, Stephanie
Producer, Production Executive, Writer
Shapeshifter Productions
Dellal, Jasmine Dellal, Jasmine
Little Dust Productions
Dellamaggiore, Katie Dellamaggiore, Katie
Rescued Media
Dellamaggiore, Katie Dellamaggiore, Katie
Dellario, Frank Dellario, Frank
FilmCrew Publication
Dellay, Dewey Dellay, Dewey
Dellechiaie, Lisa Dellechiaie, Lisa
Key Hair Stylist
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Deller, Jenny Deller, Jenny
Dellinger, Michele Dellinger, Michele
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Producer
DMC Productions
Delouise, Amy Delouise, Amy
Take Aim Media
Delson, Susan Delson, Susan
DeLuca, Jeanine DeLuca, Jeanine
Guest of Karyn Feiner for Muse
deluccia, elena deluccia, elena
Elena Deluccia Televison Production
Delvalle, Susan Delvalle, Susan
Nonprofit Administrator
El Museo del Barrio
Demarco, Kathy Demarco, Kathy
Dan Wigutow Productions
DeMarco, Robyn DeMarco, Robyn
Executive Producer, Programming, Television Executive
DeMauro, Francesca DeMauro, Francesca
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Judith Leiber LLC
Dembala, Elena Dembala, Elena
Dembeck, Louise Dembeck, Louise
Attorney, Corporate Executive, Interactive Media
The AIMAC Center for Dispute Resolution
Dembitzer, Beth Dembitzer, Beth
Director, Producer, Writer
Arena Pictures, Inc.
Dembowski, Dorothy Dembowski, Dorothy
Fundraising/Development, Personal Manager, Sales
Citi Personal Wealth Management
Dembrowsky, Elizabeth Dembrowsky, Elizabeth
Project Manager
DeMers, Paula DeMers, Paula
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Demetrius, Olive Demetrius, Olive
U People LLC
Demetuis-Thomas, Pam Demetuis-Thomas, Pam
Editor: Film/Video, Editor: Sound, Sound Recordist
Demikovsky, Yelena Demikovsky, Yelena
Director, Producer, Writer
Red Palette Pictures
Demille, Annie Demille, Annie
CBS Makeup & Hair Dpt.
Demmerle, Jillian Demmerle, Jillian
Location Coordinator
WBTV - Fringe
DeMont, Lisa DeMont, Lisa
Dempsey, Amy Dempsey, Amy
Production Manager
Dempster, Kim Dempster, Kim
Denaro, Aimee Denaro, Aimee
Hamptons Film Company
Denes, Christy Denes, Christy
Editor: Film/Video
Dengel, Julia Dengel, Julia
Trickster Films LLC
Dengiz, Rachel Dengiz, Rachel
Bunny Lake
Denham, John Denham, John
Denham Wolf
Denier Jr., Tom Denier Jr., Tom
SFx Prosthetics
DeNiro, Robert DeNiro, Robert
Actor, Director, Producer
Stan Rosenfield & Assoc.
Denkart, Darcie Denkart, Darcie
MGM Entertainment Business Group
Denmark, Ryan Denmark, Ryan
VFX Editor
Dennett, Darcy Dennett, Darcy
Director, Producer, Writer
Firefly Filmworks
Dennett, Darcy Dennett, Darcy
Fireflyfilmworks, Inc.
Dennhardt-Herzog, Dr. Waltraud Dennhardt-Herzog, Dr. Waltraud
Deputy Consul General
Austrian Consulate General New York
Dennis, Bonnie Dennis, Bonnie
B.U.M Productions LLC
Dennis, Carlos Dennis, Carlos
Dennis, Erin Dennis, Erin
Dennis, Judith Dennis, Judith
Casting Director, Director
Dennis, Ken Dennis, Ken
Dennis, Tracy Dennis, Tracy
Denoff, Douglas Denoff, Douglas
Sutton Square Entertainment
Denson, Terry Denson, Terry
Verizon Fios
Dent, Wendy Dent, Wendy
Writer Filmmaker Speaker
Dent, Wendy Dent, Wendy
Writer, Director, Producer
Wendy Dent Films
Dentler, Matt Dentler, Matt
Cinetic Rights Management
Cinetic Media
Denton, Carolyn Denton, Carolyn
contact person
Columbus Film Commission
DePinto, Patricia DePinto, Patricia
Film & Media Teacher
NYC Department of Education
DeRaville, Ayesha DeRaville, Ayesha
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator
DeRienzo, Paul DeRienzo, Paul
Let Them Talk Productions
Derlin, Bruno Derlin, Bruno
Executive Director
Vision Fest - Domani Vision Film Society
Derosena, Jacques Derosena, Jacques
Actor, Producer
deRoy, Jamie deRoy, Jamie
Anchor/Reporter, Composer, Producer
Jamie deRoy & friends, inc.
Derrick, Charlyn Derrick, Charlyn
Senior Producer
DeSalvo, Catherine DeSalvo, Catherine
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services
Eden Hall Productions
Desalvo, Valerie Desalvo, Valerie
High Voltage Productions
Desani, Elissa Desani, Elissa
Glass Ceiling Films
Deschamps, Emilie Deschamps, Emilie
Stuido Rep
Desclos, Gena Desclos, Gena
SVP of Post Production
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Deseta, Donna Deseta, Donna
Casting Director
Donna Deseta Casting
Desir, Dondy Desir, Dondy
Ds EyeZ Productions
DesMarteau, Kathleen DesMarteau, Kathleen
Apparel Magazine
Despaquale, Cindy Despaquale, Cindy
Strong Island Films
Despres, Loraine Despres, Loraine
Donor Relations; 2003 C/L Auction
DeStephen, Danielle DeStephen, Danielle
Gems de Mer
Detitta, George Detitta, George
IATSE Local 52 / Motion Picture Studio Mechanics
Deutchman, Ira Deutchman, Ira
Managing Partner
Emerging Pictures
Deutchman, Jeff Deutchman, Jeff
Acquisitions Manager
IFC Entertainment
Deutsch, Liz Deutsch, Liz
Costume Designer, Wardrobe
Liz Deutsch
Devaney, Jessica Devaney, Jessica
Communications and Production Manager
Just Vision
Devaney, Laurel Devaney, Laurel
Actor, Festival Administrator, Narrator/Voice-Over
Devaney, Laurel Devaney, Laurel
Actor, Make Up Artist, Narrator/Voice-Over
deVeer, Colleen deVeer, Colleen
Director of Judging
The Greenwich International Film Festival
Devenyi, Adrian Devenyi, Adrian
Elliott Associates, L.P.
Devgan, Deb Devgan, Deb
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Devine, Kelly Devine, Kelly
Acquisitions and Consultant, Programmer
DeVine, Kelly DeVine, Kelly
Consultant, Programmer, Producer
Devine, Leigh Devine, Leigh
Director, Producer, Writer
Leigh Devine Productions
Devine, Susan Devine, Susan
Director, Producer, Writer
Devlin, Diana Devlin, Diana
New York Film/Video Council
Devlin, Elaine Devlin, Elaine
Elaine Devlin Literary, Inc.
Devlin, Sandra Devlin, Sandra
Devlin Videoservice
Devlin-Weiss, Irene Devlin-Weiss, Irene
Dua Co.
Devon, Valerie Devon, Valerie
Actor, Writer
Devorah (Glick), Ruth Devorah (Glick), Ruth
DeVore, Natalie DeVore, Natalie
Video Graphics
Dew, Harris Dew, Harris
Vice President Programs/Promotions
IFC Center
Dew, Harris Dew, Harris
Film Forum
Dewar, Dikki Dewar, Dikki
The Consulate General of South Africa
Dewar, Jenny Dewar, Jenny
Independent Consultant
Dewey, Donna Dewey, Donna
Director, Producer, Writer
Dewey-Obenchain Films, Inc.
Dewey, Jenn Dewey, Jenn
Video Graphics
Framestore NY
Dewez, Patrick Dewez, Patrick
Beverly Palace
Dewitt, Mike Dewitt, Mike
Human Interest films, Inc.
deWys, Audrey deWys, Audrey
Associate Director
di benedetto, salvatore di benedetto, salvatore
salvatorefilm studios
Di Blasi, Terry Di Blasi, Terry
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant, Producer
Frameworks: Commercial Production Seminars
Di Nonno, Madeline Di Nonno, Madeline
Executive Director
See Jane-Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
di Santo, Beth di Santo, Beth
Executive Producer
Di Santo Productions
Diallo, Neneh Diallo, Neneh
Associate Producer, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
CBS News
Diamant, Starlie Diamant, Starlie
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Diamond, Jill Diamond, Jill
Creative Director, Music Supervisor, Writer
Jazzman Productions, Inc.
Diamond, Kerry Diamond, Kerry
Women's Wear Daily
Diamond, Leanne Diamond, Leanne
Diamond, Lisa Diamond, Lisa
Line Producer, Production Executive, Production Finance
Diamond, Rachel Diamond, Rachel
Rachel Diamond PR
Diamond, Robert Diamond, Robert
Diamond, Sara Diamond, Sara
Banff Centre for the Arts
Diamond, Wendy Diamond, Wendy
Animal Fair Media, Inc.
Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Barbaralee
Chair of the Historic Landmark
Preservation Center
Diana, Alexius Diana, Alexius
Diana, Marilyn Diana, Marilyn
Make Up Artist
Diaz, Evelina Diaz, Evelina
Costume Designer, Stylist
Diaz, John Diaz, John
Theatrical Stage Employees Union, Local One, I.A.T.S.E.
Diaz, Jorge Diaz, Jorge
Town House
Diaz, Martha Diaz, Martha
The Hip-Hop Association
Diaz, Martin Diaz, Martin
Production Services
Lentini Communications
Diaz-Granados, Marisa Diaz-Granados, Marisa
Production Coordinator
DiCarlo, Melissa DiCarlo, Melissa
Sr. Financial Analyst
Time Warner Inc.
Dicconson, Douglas Dicconson, Douglas
Commercial Director
Babel Networks US Ltd.
DiCerto, Patricia DiCerto, Patricia
Casting Associate, Casting Director
DiChristina, Mariette DiChristina, Mariette
Editor-in-Chief and Senior VP
Scientific American
Dichter-Jacobs, Beverly Dichter-Jacobs Dichter-Jacobs, Beverly Dichter-Jacobs
Photomagnetic Sound Studios
Dicillo, Tom Dicillo, Tom
Dick, Allison Dick, Allison
Dickersin, Ged Dickersin, Ged
Dickerson, Howard Dickerson, Howard
US Manager
Amber Road Productions
Dickerson, Victor Dickerson, Victor
JPMorgan Chase
Dickey, Mary Dickey, Mary
Marketing Executive
Odyssey Network
Dickinson, Faith Dickinson, Faith
Founder / President
Women In Film and Media Pittsburgh
Dickinson, Mary Dickinson, Mary
DF Indie Studios
Dickinson, Mary Dickinson, Mary
Production Executive
DF Indie Enterprises
Dickman, Donna Dickman, Donna
Didiu, Sydne Didiu, Sydne
Tyee Productions
Dieckmann, Katherine Dieckmann, Katherine
Dierks, Laura Dierks, Laura
Advisory Board Member
Chicken & Egg Pictures
Dietz, Sharon Dietz, Sharon
Production Manager
Diez, Ellie Diez, Ellie
Loisaida Films
DiFeliciantonio, Tina DiFeliciantonio, Tina
Cinematographer, Director, Producer
Naked Eye Productions Ltd.
Difford, Natalie Difford, Natalie
Chicken & Egg Pictures
Difford, Natalie Difford, Natalie
Fellowship Manager
Difusco, Jane Difusco, Jane
Digernes, Lisa Digernes, Lisa
Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams, & Sheppard LLP
DiGiacomo, Danielle DiGiacomo, Danielle
Distributor, Journalist, Programming
The Orchard
Digiovanni, Rocco Digiovanni, Rocco
Director of Planning and Development
Monroe County Department of Planning and Development
Dika, Vera Dika, Vera
Film Historian, Author
Dike, Chioma Dike, Chioma
CEO & Founder
CDEMM An Arts & Diplomacy Group
Dilday, Kenya Dilday, Kenya
Assistant Editor
DiLegge, Cristina DiLegge, Cristina
Production Manager
Dilg, Brian Dilg, Brian
Dill, Norton Dill, Norton
Dill Productions
Diller, Barry Diller, Barry
Chairman, CEO
USA Networks, Inc.
Dilley, Elizabeth Dilley, Elizabeth
Actor, Writer
Dillingham, Maud Dillingham, Maud
Editor: Film/Video
Dillon, Anne Dillon, Anne
Producer, Writer
Clerestory Pictures
Dillon, Cheree Dillon, Cheree
Editor: Film/Video
Dillon, Christopher Dillon, Christopher
all we know of heaven
Dillon, Karen Dillon, Karen
Director, Producer
Picatrix Productions
Dillon, Karen L. Dillon, Karen L.
Alschuler, Grossman, Stein & Kahan LLP
Dillon, Katie Dillon, Katie
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Beautiful Lady Productions Inc.
Dillon, Kim Dillon, Kim
DOGFACE Theatricals
Dillon, Leigh Dillon, Leigh
Interactive Web & Graphic Designer
Dillon, Phyllis Dillon, Phyllis
Pacific St. Films
Dillon-Cavette, Brenda Dillon-Cavette, Brenda
Production Executive, Production Services, Television Executive
Dim, Julie Dim, Julie
Vice President
Alison Brod Public Relations
Dimaio, Steve Dimaio, Steve
Island Graphics & Photography
DiMartino, Teresa DiMartino, Teresa
Publicity Coordinator
Samuel Goldwyn Films
Dimirco, Dominick Dimirco, Dominick
Framing & Art Consultant
Dimon, Julia Dimon, Julia
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Julia Dimon
DiNardo, Anne Marie DiNardo, Anne Marie
Consultant, Interactive Media
The Manoff Group
Dinata, Nia Dinata, Nia
2008 Eisenhower Fellow Indonesia
Dinces, Anna Dinces, Anna
Vice President
Rubenstin Communications, INC.
Dinerman, Annie Dinerman, Annie
Composer, Writer
Ding, Loni Ding, Loni
UC Berkeley
DiNicola, Danae DiNicola, Danae
Hotchkiss and Assosciates
Dino, Lois Dino, Lois
Associate Director of Programming
Jacob Burns Film Center
Dionne, Alexandria Dionne, Alexandria
Associate Producer, Journalist, Researcher
Dionne, Joseph Dionne, Joseph
Chief Executive Officer
McGraw Hill
Diorazio, Sara Diorazio, Sara
design associate
ride 5 media group
Diouf, Khadijah Diouf, Khadijah
Producer, Production Coordinator
DiPasquale, Lisa DiPasquale, Lisa
Festival Administrator
DiPersia, Kimberly DiPersia, Kimberly
Actor, Director, Producer
Hanging Charlie Productions
DiRubba, Heather DiRubba, Heather
AE TV Networks
DiSalvo, Anthony DiSalvo, Anthony
Executive Director
Sprout Film Festival
Disbrow, Danette Disbrow, Danette
Metlife account manager
Disney, Abigail Disney, Abigail
Corporate Executive, Producer, Writer
Fork Films LLC
Disney, Anthea Disney, Anthea
TV Guide/News America
Distler, Thomas Distler, Thomas
Brooks & Distler
DiTommaso, Roseanna DiTommaso, Roseanna
Operations Supervisor/ Student Production Services
Point Park University
DiTosti, Carole DiTosti, Carole
Carole Di Tosti
DiTullio, Sharon DiTullio, Sharon
Marketing Executive, Post-Production Services
DiVenere, Jamie DiVenere, Jamie
Creative Director
Diviney, Alison Diviney, Alison
Manager, Acquisitions
Tribeca Film
Diviney, Alison Diviney, Alison
Acquisitions Manager
Tribeca Enterprises
Divney, Larry Divney, Larry
Comedy Central
Dix, Deirdre Dix, Deirdre
Edge of A Dream Productions
Dix, Michele Dix, Michele
VP, music and programming
MTV Networks
Dixon, Aimee Dixon, Aimee
Director, Educator
Dixon, Darryl Dixon, Darryl
Dixon, Debra Dixon, Debra
Consultant, Publicist
Light of Gold PR and Marketing LLC
Dixon, Greg Dixon, Greg
Dixon, Valerie Dixon, Valerie
Black Women in Publishing,Inc.
Diz, Victor R Diz, Victor R
IATSE Local 1
Djordjevich, Christine Djordjevich, Christine
Mitchell Silberberg& Knupp LLP
Dobbs, Delphine Dobbs, Delphine
Comet Systems
Dobson, Barbara  (Robin) Dobson, Barbara (Robin)
Executive Producer
Dobson, Tanya Dobson, Tanya
Project Manager
Cox Media Group
Dochtermann, Erik Dochtermann, Erik
Katz Dochtermann & Epstein, Inc.
Dockins, Joelyn Dockins, Joelyn
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Doctorow, E.L. Doctorow, E.L.
c/o ICM/Arlene Donovan
Dodson, Peggy Dodson, Peggy
Urban Broadcasting Company
Dogs, Joe Dogs, Joe
Greenwich St. Tavern
Doherty, Judy Doherty, Judy
Marketing Director, Entertainment Imaging
Eastman Kodak Company
Doherty, Patricia Doherty, Patricia
Costume Designer
Dohnert, Anthony Dohnert, Anthony
Costume PA
Bootleg Productions (Boardwalk Empire)
Dokovic, Shaipe Dokovic, Shaipe
Dolak, Kelly Dolak, Kelly
Dolan, Carol Dolan, Carol
A&E Television Networks
Dolan, Charles Dolan, Charles
Dolan, James Dolan, James
Cablevision Systems
dolci, kathy dolci, kathy
dir of operations
Dollinger, Joyce Dollinger, Joyce
Dollinger, Gonski and Grossman
Dolza, Regina Dolza, Regina
Casting Associate, Director, Writer
Domico, Vanessa Domico, Vanessa
Acquisitions, Distributor, Production Executive
Outcast Films
Domico, Vanessa Domico, Vanessa
Outcase Films
Domini, Stephanie Domini, Stephanie
Dominus, Susan Dominus, Susan
New York Magazine
Domonkos, Dita Domonkos, Dita
Director, Producer
Donahoe, Nancy Donahoe, Nancy
Donahue, Colleen Donahue, Colleen
Union/Guild Staff
IA 161
Donahue, Kat Donahue, Kat
Location Manager
Donahue, Kayleight Donahue, Kayleight
Allure Magazine
Donahue, Mary Ann Donahue, Mary Ann
Donald, Melissa Donald, Melissa
Marketing Executive, Nonprofit Administrator, Programming
The JCC In Manhattan
Donato, Antonia Donato, Antonia
Pace Public Relations
Donato, Donna Donato, Donna
Donato, Raffaele Donato, Raffaele
The Film Foundation
Donelan, Paul Donelan, Paul
Goldstar Talent
Donelli, Jacqueline Donelli, Jacqueline
CEO/ Director/ Producer/ Writer/ Actress/ Casting Director
Gemelli Prod
Donelson, Femi Donelson, Femi
F.E.M.I., Inc
Doneman, Megan Doneman, Megan
Sojourn Films
Donen, Nikki Donen, Nikki
Oxygen Media
Doner, Ezra Doner, Ezra
Dong, Arthur Dong, Arthur
Deep Focus Productions
Dong, Connie Dong, Connie
Hair Stylist, Make Up Artist, Wardrobe
Donics, Byron Donics, Byron
Aramis Inc.
donnell, eileen donnell, eileen
Eileen Donnell Photography
Donnelly, Candice Donnelly, Candice
Costume Designer
Donnelly, Erin Donnelly, Erin
Nonprofit Administrator
Donnelly, Lucy Donnelly, Lucy
Locomotive Film
Donnelly, Sean Donnelly, Sean
Donoghue, Marie Donoghue, Marie
Interactive Media, Programming
Donoghue, Patti Donoghue, Patti
Director of Public Relations
Greater Rochester Visitors Association
Donovan, Joanne E. Donovan, Joanne E.
The Hydrofont Group
Donovan, Kyle Donovan, Kyle
WannaBees Media LLC
Donovan, Melissa Donovan, Melissa
Donovan, Nell Donovan, Nell
Marketing Executive, Sales
CBS Corporation
Donovan, Sheila Donovan, Sheila
Technical Director/Master Electrician
Lucille Lortel Theatre
Donovan, Stacey Donovan, Stacey
Donovan Edits
Dooley, Mary Beth Dooley, Mary Beth
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc.
Dooley, Richard Dooley, Richard
Independent Producer
Dorais, Carolyn Dorais, Carolyn
Freelance Writer
Doran, Stephen Doran, Stephen
Operations Manager
GTI Moving & Storage
Dore, Bonny Dore, Bonny
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Producer
Bonny Dore Productions, Inc.
Dore, Mary Dore, Mary
Director, Producer, Writer
Doree, Elizabeth Doree, Elizabeth
Senior Vice President, Programming & Acquisitions
WE tv
Doren, Judith Doren, Judith
National Entertainment Mgr
Village Voice
Dorf, Astra Dorf, Astra
Marketing Director
Crossroads Television
Dorf, Ben Dorf, Ben
Industry/ Programming
The Creative Coalition
Dorf, Ben Dorf, Ben
Marketing / PR Manager
Filmbuff / Cinetic Rights Management
Dorf, Paula Dorf, Paula
Make Up Artist
Paula Dorf Cosmetics, Inc.
Dorfman, Florine Dorfman, Florine
Dorman, Tracy Dorman, Tracy
Costume Designer
Dormant, Maura Dormant, Maura
Special Events
Dormen, Maria Dormen, Maria
Direct Approach, Inc.
Dornan, Diana Dornan, Diana
Entertainment Media Works
Dorner, Jennifer Dorner, Jennifer
National Director
independent Media Arts Alliance
doroshwalter, blair doroshwalter, blair
The Fire This Time
Dorr, Cheri Dorr, Cheri
Dorr Design Associates, Inc.
Dorr, Chris Dorr, Chris
Digital Dorr Consulting
Dorrity, Dana Dorrity, Dana
Educator, Producer, Writer
Dutchess Community College
Dorsett, Sekiya Dorsett, Sekiya
Making Chaos
Dorsett, Sekiya Dorsett, Sekiya
Producer, Writer
Oxygen Media
Dorsey, Deb Dorsey, Deb
Sales/Account Executive
Dory, Liz Dory, Liz
Doskey, Janice Doskey, Janice
Assistant Director, Producer, Writer
Dossal, Amir Dossal, Amir
Global Partnerships Forum
Dostal, Andrea Dostal, Andrea
Dotiwala, Zenobia Dotiwala, Zenobia
Senior Instructor & Company Member
Bollywood Funk NYC
Dotson, Amy Dotson, Amy
Deputy Director
Dotson, Amy Dotson, Amy
Deputy Director/Head of Programming
DOTSON, Melissa DOTSON, Melissa
Dotson, Roslyn Dotson, Roslyn
Director, Producer, Still Photographer
Tapwe Production Projects
Dougan, Donna Dougan, Donna
Relationship Manager
Dougherty, Jennifer Dougherty, Jennifer
Director of Development
Salty Features
Dougherty, Kathleen Dougherty, Kathleen
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Dougherty, William Dougherty, William
AVP-US Insurance Group-Market Development
Mass Mutual Financial Group
Douglas, Deborah Douglas, Deborah
Senior Managing Director @ Bear Stearns
Bear Stearns
Douglas, Dorothy Douglas, Dorothy
Actor, Writer
Douglas, Paulette Douglas, Paulette
Director, Producer
Red Paw Productions
Douglas-Israel, Eileen Douglas-Israel, Eileen
Producer, Writer
Douglas/Steinman Productions
Doumanian, Jean Doumanian, Jean
Producer, Writer
Jean Doumanian Productions
Doumbe, Veronique Doumbe, Veronique
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Ndolo Films,llc
Doussant, Diana Doussant, Diana
HWA Talent Representatives
Dow, Oliver Dow, Oliver
The New Group
Dowd, Peter Dowd, Peter
Film Programmer
International Museum of Film and Photography, George Eastman House
Dowd, Thomas Dowd, Thomas
c/o Heidi Schulman
Dowda, Lisa Dowda, Lisa
Dowdell, Cristina Dowdell, Cristina
Marketing Executive
Dowlatshahi, Tala Dowlatshahi, Tala
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist
Reporters Without Borders
Dowling, Robert Dowling, Robert
Hollywood Reporter
Dowling, Suzanne Dowling, Suzanne
Executive Director
Women's Forum
Downard, Georgia Downard, Georgia
Executive Producer
Downes, Joelle Downes, Joelle
Marketing Executive
Joelle Downes
Downes, Susan Downes, Susan
Ad Billing Supervisor
Reader's Digest
Downie, Don Downie, Don
Small Media Extra Large
Downie, Mark Downie, Mark
D&A Media Entertainment
Downie, Mark Downie, Mark
Ryamar Productions
Downs, Maxine Downs, Maxine
YANGA Production
Downs, Sarah Downs, Sarah
Professional Women Singers Association
Doyle, Anne Doyle, Anne
Human Resources Director
The Nielsen Company
Doyle, Julie Doyle, Julie
Costume Designer
Doyle, Lynn Doyle, Lynn
Executive Producer
CN8 The Comcast Network
Doyle, Margaret Doyle, Margaret
Development Executive, Interactive Media, Production Executive
Doyle, Mark Doyle, Mark
Vision Fest - Domani Vision Film Society
Doyle, Mark Doyle, Mark
Director of Sales and Marketing
Doyle, Mary Helen Doyle, Mary Helen
Post Production/Video Editing
Top Cut
Doyle, Mollie Doyle, Mollie
Drabkin, Lois Drabkin, Lois
Casting Director, Producer
Draegin, Lois Draegin, Lois
Entertainment Editor
Draganosky, Joyce Draganosky, Joyce
Director, Producer, Writer
Dragiewicz, Denise Dragiewicz, Denise
Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video
Eyes of the World Films
Drake, Cynika Drake, Cynika
Lavish Lifestyles Concierge
Drake, Donna Drake, Donna
Director, Producer, Television Executive
Drake Media Network, Inc.
Drake, Melissa Drake, Melissa
MTV Networks
Drake, O'Burtch Drake, O'Burtch
AAAA, Inc.
Drakes, Robert Drakes, Robert
Clever IT
Drapin, Lois Drapin, Lois
Drescher, Fran Drescher, Fran
Cancer Schmancer
drew, deanna drew, deanna
Drew, Harris Drew, Harris
Director of Programs and Promotions
IFC Center
Drew, Katherine Drew, Katherine
Executive Producer, Production Supervisor, Television Executive
Reframed Pictures
Drewes, Donna Drewes, Donna
voice actor
Drews, Bettina Drews, Bettina
021c communication concepts
Dreyer, Doris Dreyer, Doris
Dreyer Consultants
Dreyfus, Rebecca Dreyfus, Rebecca
Precision Films, LLC
Dreyfuss, Christie Dreyfuss, Christie
VP Development
Drinane, Suleika Drinane, Suleika
Exec. Dir.
Institut for the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly, Inc.
Driver, Martha Driver, Martha
Driver Family Foundation
Driver, Sara Driver, Sara
Director, Producer
Drogin, Marcy Drogin, Marcy
Development Executive, Producer, Production Executive
Maximum Films & Management
Drogowska, Agata Drogowska, Agata
Director, Set Decorator
Polish Filmmakers NYC
drogowska, agata drogowska, agata
filmmaker, journalist, artist
Drogowska, Agata Drogowska, Agata
Drosd, Judy Drosd, Judy
Druker, Bonnie Druker, Bonnie
TV Reporter
Drummer, Carol Drummer, Carol
Senior Assistant Dean
Drury, Billy Drury, Billy
Giraldi Suarez Productions
Dryden, Rebekah Dryden, Rebekah
Graduate Assistant
New York University
Dryfoos, Susan Dryfoos, Susan
Director, Producer
Susan Dryfoos Productions
Du Fresne, Aj Du Fresne, Aj
City of Hollywood, FL - Records and Archives
du Pon, Amy du Pon, Amy
Universal McCann
Duarte, Simone Duarte, Simone
Duarte Productions
Dubas, Elena Dubas, Elena
Program Associate
Dubash, Tenaz Dubash, Tenaz
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Writer
Dubasj Boyle, Joyce Dubasj Boyle, Joyce
20th Century Fox
Dubin, Allison Dubin, Allison
General Manager
Channing Daughters Winery
Dubin, Brian Dubin, Brian
William Morris Agency, Inc.
Dubin, Mindy Dubin, Mindy
Post-Production Services, Titles, Video Graphics
Dubin, Morty Dubin, Morty
Iris Films/ NYPA
Dubit, Wendy Dubit, Wendy
Corporate Executive, Educator, Executive Producer
Vergant, Inc. and The Producers Project
Dublinsky, Harry Dublinsky, Harry
Schulman Wolfson & Abruzzo, LLP
Dubois, Mari Dubois, Mari
Citi Markets & Banking
DuBose, Hisani DuBose, Hisani
4 Way Vision Productions, LLP
Dubose, Suzanne Dubose, Suzanne
President of the Bell Atlantic Fdn
Bell Atlantic
Dubov, Adam Dubov, Adam
Director of Digital Platforms
DuBowski, Sandi DuBowski, Sandi
Films That Change the World
Dubuc, Nancy Dubuc, Nancy
President & CEO
A & E Television Networks
Dubuc, Natalie Dubuc, Natalie
Ducat, Vivian Ducat, Vivian
Interactive Media, Producer, Writer
Ducat Segal Productions, Inc.
Ducey, Maxine Flexner Ducey, Maxine Flexner
University of Wisconsin Center for Film and Television
Duchesne, Lucy Duchesne, Lucy
Director, Producer, Writer
Ducker, Molly Whelahan Ducker, Molly Whelahan
Calvin Klein
Duckworth, Pamela Duckworth, Pamela
Executive Producer, Marketing Executive, Production Executive
Duckworth, Pamela Duckworth, Pamela
Senior Director of Advertising Production
Ducocq, Alexandra Ducocq, Alexandra
Production Manager, Programming, Television Executive
Dudley-Newman, Yvette Dudley-Newman, Yvette
Managing Director
Women in Film & Video Vancouver
Dudley-Reeves, Shawn Dudley-Reeves, Shawn
Costume Designer
Guiding Light
Duenier, Debra Duenier, Debra
EcoChi LLC
Dueppe, Cord Dueppe, Cord
WRT Calendar Editor/Program Associate
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Duffey, Ali Duffey, Ali
Festival Administrator, Line Producer, Producer
Duffy, Tara Duffy, Tara
Production Finance
Duffy, Zara Duffy, Zara
Production Manager
Insurgent Media
Dufty, Barbara Dufty, Barbara
Extention 25
The House Foundation for the Arts, Inc.
Dugan, Jennifer Dugan, Jennifer
Account Manager
Thought Equity Motion
Dugandzic, Mary Dugandzic, Mary
Duggal, Sheena Duggal, Sheena
Video Graphics
Duggan, Erin Duggan, Erin
Junior Account Manager
Fly Communications
Dukach, Inna Dukach, Inna
Actor, Educator, Narrator/Voice-Over
Dukan, M. Asli Dukan, M. Asli
Director, Producer
Mizan Media Productions
Duke, Beth Duke, Beth
Executive Producer
Red Oak
Duke, Eric Duke, Eric
Director of Production
Chelsea Television Studios
Duke, Monica Duke, Monica
Acquisitions, Programming
Dukes, David Dukes, David
c/o ICM/Sam Cohn
Dukes, Rochelle Dukes, Rochelle
Rochelle Dukes & Associates
Dulaney, Samantha Dulaney, Samantha
In-house councel
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
Dulaney, Samantha Dulaney, Samantha
Attorney, Union/Guild Staff
I.A.T.S.E. Int'l Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
dulany, kelleigh dulany, kelleigh
vp, corporate responsiblity
comedy central
Dulay, Sonia Dulay, Sonia
Associate Producer
Dunbar, Marguerite Dunbar, Marguerite
Writer/ Researcher/ Filmmaker
Dunbar, Staci Dunbar, Staci
Eden Creative
Duncan, Audrey Duncan, Audrey
Director of Development
Duncan, Cheryl Duncan, Cheryl
Producer, Publicist
Cheryl Duncan & Company Inc.
Duncan, Jos Duncan, Jos
Producer, Writer
Mile Media LLC
Duncan, Kelly Duncan, Kelly
Production Coordinator, Production Services
Duncan, Rabiah Duncan, Rabiah
The Corcoran Group
Duncan, Teresa Duncan, Teresa
Costume Designer
Duncil, Allison Duncil, Allison
Helen Uffner Vintage ClothingLLC
Dunetz, Mark Dunetz, Mark
Academy for Careers in Television and Film
Dunigan, Patricia Dunigan, Patricia
Creative Director, Marketing Executive
Dunlap, Theodora Dunlap, Theodora
Holland Park Pictures
Dunn, Evelyn Dunn, Evelyn
Nutmeg Recording
Dunn, John Dunn, John
Costume Designer
Bootleg Productions, Inc. (Boardwalk Empire)
Dunn, Marty Dunn, Marty
Dunn, Sandra Dunn, Sandra
Program Director
Hagedorn Foundation
Dunne, Siobhan Dunne, Siobhan
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Dunoyer, Tony Dunoyer, Tony
Development Executive, Writer
IncuBeta Films
Dunsky, Ron Dunsky, Ron
Public Relations
Lehrer Newshour
Dunung, Sanjyot Dunung, Sanjyot
Atma Global
Dunye, Cheryl Dunye, Cheryl
Temple University Film & Media Arts Dept.
Dupont, Jeanne Marie Dupont, Jeanne Marie
Costume Designer
Dupre, Isabel Dupre, Isabel
Elle Magazine
Dupree, Jeffrey Dupree, Jeffrey
Fidelity Investments
Duque, Sandra Duque, Sandra
Producer, Production Supervisor, Researcher
La Negrita Productions, LLC
Duran, Sarah Duran, Sarah
Beyond Borders Productions
Durand, Marjorie Durand, Marjorie
Make Up Artist
Durant, Karen Durant, Karen
Consultant, Music Supervisor, Personal Manager
Durbin, Karen Durbin, Karen
Elle Magazine
Durden, Lisa Durden, Lisa
Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions
Durell, Sandi Durell, Sandi
Examiner Theater
Durham, Diane Durham, Diane
Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts
Durkin, Rich Durkin, Rich
Ice Tea Productions
Durra, Zeina Durra, Zeina
The Seventh Dog
Durst, Anita Durst, Anita
Artistic Director
Dury, Barbara Dury, Barbara
Retro Report
Dury, Barbara Dury, Barbara
Producer, Writer
Dusay, Marj Dusay, Marj
Actor, Producer, Writer
Savon Productions Inc.
Dusenberry, Philip Dusenberry, Philip
Chairman CEO
Dusenbury, Kara Dusenbury, Kara
Director, Producer
Dutruit, Anouk Dutruit, Anouk
Actor, Attorney
Dutt, Mallika Dutt, Mallika
President & CEO
Duval, Aristides Philip Duval, Aristides Philip
Magic Orbit Productions
Duvall, Buff Duvall, Buff
Buffy Inc.
Duvall, John Duvall, John
Documentary Sound Recordist
Duvall, Kristin Duvall, Kristin
Line Producer, Still Photographer
DuVernay, Ava DuVernay, Ava
Duvivier, Drunia Duvivier, Drunia
Producer / Director
Dvorin, Sheila Dvorin, Sheila
Filene Center for Work & Learning
Dworkin, Jennifer Dworkin, Jennifer
Chilmark Productions
Dworkin, Stefanie Dworkin, Stefanie
Editor: Film/Video
Dwyer, Sean Dwyer, Sean
Film Junk
Dwyer-Dobbins, Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbins, Mary Alice
Executive in Charge of Productions
Televest Daytime Programming
Dyane, Mellicent Dyane, Mellicent
Casting Director
Dyane*Foster Film & Casting
Dybal, Vivien Dybal, Vivien
Actor, Director, Writer
Fabiola Films
Dydzuhn, Anna Dydzuhn, Anna
McGraw Hill Financial
Dykes, Deniece Dykes, Deniece
Development Manager
VH1 Save The Music
Dylan-Robbins, Sky Dylan-Robbins, Sky
The New Yorker
Dylan-Robbins, Sky Dylan-Robbins, Sky
video journalist
The New Yorker
Dymitruk, Kristin Dymitruk, Kristin
US Magazine
Dysinger, Carol Dysinger, Carol
Educator, Writer
One Bullet Afghanistan
Dysinger, Carol Dysinger, Carol
One Bullet Afghanistan
Dyson, Esther Dyson, Esther
EDventure Holdings Inc.
Dzlina, Vizma Dzlina, Vizma
Mercedes Benz