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D'Antonio, Toni D'Antonio, Toni
Actor, Producer, Writer
Shake the Tree Productions, LLC
D'Apolito, Lisa D'Apolito, Lisa
Actor, Director, Executive Producer
3 Faces Films
Da Silva, Kathleen Da Silva, Kathleen
Director, Producer, Writer
Dagle, Michele Dagle, Michele
Consultant, Writer
Dailey, Beth Ann Dailey, Beth Ann
Dakich, Daniela Dakich, Daniela
Actor, Caterer, Writer
Damani, Meghna Damani, Meghna
Assistant Editor, Director, Writer
Treasure Tower Fllms LLC
Damashek, Sandy Damashek, Sandy
Interactive Media, Writer
Sandy Damashek
Damon, Summer Damon, Summer
Trilogy Films
Danglades, Virginie Danglades, Virginie
Editor: Film/Video
Daniel, Peggy Daniel, Peggy
Daniels, Demetria Daniels, Demetria
Danka, Krisztina Danka, Krisztina
Director, Producer, Writer
Media Development International
Danowitz, Maxine Danowitz, Maxine
darly, lydia darly, lydia
Actor, Associate Producer, Writer
Das-Mittal, Rita Das-Mittal, Rita
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Interactive Media
Genesis Multimedia Communications
David, Heidi David, Heidi
Producer, Writer
Davidoff, Norma Davidoff, Norma
Consultant, Executive Producer, Producer
Sante Communications
Davis, Cheryl Davis, Cheryl
Davis, Judith Davis, Judith
Interactive Media, Writer
Writerjudy, Inc.
Davis, Lynne Davis, Lynne
Davis, Sharon L Davis, Sharon L
Actor, Assistant Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
Dawson, Imani Dawson, Imani
Producer, Writer
Day, Onika Day, Onika
Actor, Producer
De Leon, Perla De Leon, Perla
Director, Writer
De Vine, Kelly De Vine, Kelly
Consultant, Programmer, Producer
de Weerd, Liza de Weerd, Liza
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Dean, Leesa Dean, Leesa
Animator, Producer, Writer
DeKoven, Lenore DeKoven, Lenore
Director, Educator, Producer
Del Valle, Elaine Del Valle, Elaine
Casting Director, Producer, Writer
Del Valle Productions & Casting, Inc.
Deldeo, Diana Deldeo, Diana
Line Producer
Delibes, Jacqueline Delibes, Jacqueline
Actor, Director, Writer
Dembitzer, Beth Dembitzer, Beth
Director, Producer, Writer
Arena Pictures, Inc.
DeMers, Paula DeMers, Paula
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
Demetuis-Thomas, Pam Demetuis-Thomas, Pam
Editor: Film/Video, Editor: Sound, Sound Recordist
Dennis, Tracy Dennis, Tracy
deRoy, Jamie deRoy, Jamie
Anchor/Reporter, Composer, Producer
Jamie deRoy & friends, inc.
Devine, Leigh Devine, Leigh
Director, Producer, Writer
Leigh Devine Productions
Devlin-Weiss, Irene Devlin-Weiss, Irene
Dua Co.
Devon, Valerie Devon, Valerie
Actor, Writer
Diamant, Starlie Diamant, Starlie
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Dietz, Sharon Dietz, Sharon
Production Coordinator, Production Supervisor
Dilley, Elizabeth Dilley, Elizabeth
Actor, Writer
Dillon, Cheree Dillon, Cheree
Editor: Film/Video
Dillon-Cavette, Brenda Dillon-Cavette, Brenda
Production Executive, Production Services, Television Executive
DiNardo, Anne Marie DiNardo, Anne Marie
Consultant, Interactive Media
The Manoff Group
Diouf, Khadijah Diouf, Khadijah
Producer, Production Coordinator
DiPasquale, Lisa DiPasquale, Lisa
Festival Administrator
DiRubba, Heather DiRubba, Heather
AE TV Networks
Disney, Abigail Disney, Abigail
Corporate Executive, Producer, Writer
Fork Films LLC
DiTosti, Carole DiTosti, Carole
Carole Di Tosti
Doherty, Ellen Doherty, Ellen
Director, Producer, Writer
Dollinger, Joyce Dollinger, Joyce
Dollinger, Gonski and Grossman
Domico, Vanessa Domico, Vanessa
Acquisitions, Distributor, Production Executive
Outcast Films
Domini, Stephanie Domini, Stephanie
Actor, Producer, Writer
A Cool Dark Place Productins
Donahue, Colleen Donahue, Colleen
Union/Guild Staff
IA 161
Donahue, Mary Ann Donahue, Mary Ann
Donnell, Patrice Donnell, Patrice
Consultant, Producer
Dotson, Rolsyn Dotson, Rolsyn
Director, Producer, Still Photographer
Tapwe Production Projects
Douglas, Paulette Douglas, Paulette
Director, Producer
Red Paw Productions
Douglas-Israel, Eileen Douglas-Israel, Eileen
Producer, Writer
Douglas/Steinman Productions
Doumanian, Jean Doumanian, Jean
Producer, Writer
Jean Doumanian Productions
Doumbe, Veronique Doumbe, Veronique
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Ndolo Films,llc
Downes, Joelle Downes, Joelle
Marketing Executive
Joelle Downes
Downie, Mark Downie, Mark
Ryamar Productions
Drazek, Carrie Drazek, Carrie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Carrie Drazek Productions, LLC
Driver, Sara Driver, Sara
Director, Producer
Drogowska, Agata Drogowska, Agata
Director, Set Decorator
Polish Filmmakers NYC
Dubuc, Nancy Dubuc, Nancy
Sr. VP Non-Fiction and Alternative Programming
A & E Television Networks
Dukan, M. Asli Dukan, M. Asli
Director, Producer
Mizan Media Productions
Duncan, Cheryl Duncan, Cheryl
Producer, Publicist
Cheryl Duncan & Company Inc.
Dunne, Siobhan Dunne, Siobhan
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Durant, Karen Durant, Karen
Consultant, Music Supervisor, Personal Manager
Durden, Lisa Durden, Lisa
Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions
Dworkin, Stefanie Dworkin, Stefanie
Editor: Film/Video