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Bailin, Bob Bailin, Bob
Feature Systems Inc.
Baillou, Margarethe Baillou, Margarethe
M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, LLC
Baldwin Mallory, Joanna Baldwin Mallory, Joanna
Corporate Executive, Executive Producer, Producer
Science and Society Center/Weldon Communications
Barach, Sabina Barach, Sabina
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Barash, Susan Barash, Susan
Shell Toss LLC
Barbagallo, Terri Barbagallo, Terri
Editor: Film/Video, Executive Producer, Producer
SunScreen Post
Barclay, Carey Barclay, Carey
Production Finance
Al Jazeera America
Barker-Froyland, Kate Barker-Froyland, Kate
Director, Writer
Barnett, Judith Barnett, Judith
Actor, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
Barnett, Sarah Barnett, Sarah
President and General Manager
BBC America
Barone, Jeanine Barone, Jeanine
Barringer, Gail Barringer, Gail
Producer, Production Finance, Production Manager
Barringer, Tanya Barringer, Tanya
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Bartos, Marlene Bartos, Marlene
Producer, Production Executive
Bautis, Marta Bautis, Marta
Tiempo Azul Productions
Bavli, Madeline Bavli, Madeline
Production Finance
Beatts, Anne Beatts, Anne
Director, Producer, Writer
Anne Beatts Inc.
Beck-Friedman, Tova Beck-Friedman, Tova
Curator, Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video
Becker, Cindi Becker, Cindi
Consultant, Coordinating Producer, Production Finance
Behr, Felicia Behr, Felicia
Executive Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Beiser, Stacie Beiser, Stacie
Programming, Television Executive
Showtime Networks Inc.
Benabe, Patricia Benabe, Patricia
Director, Producer, Writer
Rayuela Films
Bendell, Jamie Bendell, Jamie
Composer, Producer
Benedict, Barbara Benedict, Barbara
Producer, Writer
Bennett, Jana Bennett, Jana
Television Executive
A&E Networks
Bennett, Linda Bennett, Linda
Business Affairs Executive, Production Finance
Grey New York
Benzing, Kiira Benzing, Kiira
Actor, Director, Producer
Double Eye Productions
Berg, Elisabeth Berg, Elisabeth
Corporate Executive
City National Bank
Berger, Dara Berger, Dara
Anchor/Reporter, Director, Producer
Say It Loud Productions
Berler, Caroline Berler, Caroline
Camera Operator, Director, Producer
Riverhouse Pictures
Berman, Shari Berman, Shari
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Berney, Barbara Berney, Barbara
Hunter College
Berney, Kerri Berney, Kerri
Production Coordinator, Researcher, Writer
Berry, Bronwyn Berry, Bronwyn
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Ruby Rocket Media
Berry, Laverne Berry, Laverne
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Producer
Betancourt, Nicole Betancourt, Nicole
Distributor, Nonprofit Administrator
Parent Earth Foundation
Biaggi, Carol Biaggi, Carol
Bianchi, Linda Bianchi, Linda
Actor, Corporate Executive, Producer
Ribico Inc.
Bieler, Suri Bieler, Suri
Eclectic/Encore Properties
Bien, Rima Bien, Rima
Bien Productions
Billings, Rose Billings, Rose
Still Photographer
Birleffi, Bobbie Birleffi, Bobbie
Director, Producer, Writer
TV Gals, Inc.
Birnbaum, Marguerite Birnbaum, Marguerite
Town Real Estate
Bishop, Phyllis Bishop, Phyllis
Marketing Executive, Producer, Production Executive
Bishop Group PR
Black, Teri Black, Teri
Actor, Producer
Break A Leg Productions
Blacklock, Belinda Blacklock, Belinda
Executive Producer
Passion Pictures
Blackstone, Wendy Blackstone, Wendy
Sound For Images
Blake, Grace Blake, Grace
Coordinating Producer, Executive Producer, Producer
Blau, Georgette Blau, Georgette
On Location Tours
Blaylock, Alana Blaylock, Alana
Production Coordinator
National Geographic Wild Channel
Block, Doug Block, Doug
Copacetic Pictures
Bobbe, Robin Bobbe, Robin
Boccio, Reyna Boccio, Reyna
Il Sole Productions
Bolet, Adela Bolet, Adela
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Bolet Language Services
Bongiovanni, Mia Bongiovanni, Mia
Ponte Sisto Productions LLC
Bowerman, Jeanne Bowerman, Jeanne
Script Magazine
Bowman-Bullock, Jevonne Bowman-Bullock, Jevonne
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
JAB New York, LLC
Boyle, Caitlin Boyle, Caitlin
Executive Director
Film Sprout LLC
Bradley, Jacqueline Bradley, Jacqueline
Actor, Line Producer, Producer
Drury Design Dynamics
Bradshaw, Diane Bradshaw, Diane
Actor, Attorney, Producer
Helfand and Helfand
Bragan, Christine Bragan, Christine
Vice President, Communications & Marketing
AMC Networks Inc.
Brand, Susan Brand, Susan
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Braxton, Keayr Braxton, Keayr
Tremendous Entertainment
Breard, M. Blair Breard, M. Blair
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Breton, Ana Breton, Ana
Camera Assistant, Researcher, Script Supervisor
Breton Films LLC
Brew, Kathy Brew, Kathy
Independent Curator/Producer
Brewer, Kelsey Brewer, Kelsey
Director, Writer
Brewster, Katherine Brewster, Katherine
Corporate Executive, Fundraising/Development, Production Coordinator
BC Voices, Inc.
Brigantino, Lisa Brigantino, Lisa
Composer, Music Director, Music Supervisor
Hidden Pond Productions, Inc.
Brillhart, Rebecca Brillhart, Rebecca
Director, Producer
Elephant Cinema // Lovett Prouctions // Ark Media
Brockman, Mirra Brockman, Mirra
Director, Producer, Writer
Brod, Heidi Brod, Heidi
Brooker-Marks, Joan Brooker-Marks, Joan
Director, Producer, Writer
Midtownfilms, inc
Brooks, Marsha Brooks, Marsha
Brooks & Distler
Brooks, Michelle Brooks, Michelle
Camera Assistant, Writer
Brosnan, Sheila Brosnan, Sheila
Luminous Productions
Brouk, Tricia Brouk, Tricia
Choreographer, Director, Writer
Brouk Moves, Inc
Brown Fisher, Christina Brown Fisher, Christina
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Journalist
Brown, Donnalldson Brown, Donnalldson
Attorney, Writer
Running B Productions, LLC
Brown, Janet Brown, Janet
FilmBuff/Cinetic Rights Management
Brown, Lamonia Brown, Lamonia
Marketing Executive, Writer
Brown, Lamonia Brown, Lamonia
Program Coordinator
New York Women in Film & Television
Brown, Nora Brown, Nora
Festival Administrator
Rochester/Finger Lakes Film and Video Office
Bruno, Raquel Bruno, Raquel
Consultant, Television Executive
Drive Entertainment Group
Brutout, Kristin Brutout, Kristin
Senior Development Manager
Leftfield Pictures
Bucco, Chickie Bucco, Chickie
Fundraising/Development, Sales
Buechel, Holly Buechel, Holly
Cinematographer, Editor: Film/Video
Mad Hatter Media Group
Bukovics, Edith Bukovics, Edith
Actor, Producer
Liquid Entertainment Ltd.
Burke-Hennessy, Martha Burke-Hennessy, Martha
Consultant, Television Executive, Writer
Burnham, Dondrie Burnham, Dondrie
Actor, Coordinating Producer, Nonprofit Administrator
Rules of Engagement
Bussey, Jacqueline Bussey, Jacqueline
Producer, Writer
Butler, Duana Butler, Duana
Program & Events Coordinator
New York Women in Film & Television
Bye, Kristin Bye, Kristin
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video
Byrd, Michelle Byrd, Michelle
Nonprofit Administrator
Run It By Byrd