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Teri Daniels

Business Development Manager
SDDco Group
Writer's Group works:
Making Tony Over
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance)

Log line:
When a pipe dreaming inventor gambles away his dead mom's car, a tough new love and some feisty elders help him cope with a difficult death and sell a big idea.

What happens when a hovering mom dies a sudden, freak death and her work-in-progress isn’t done? The Premise: A 20-something dropout—still derailed by his hovering mother’s freak death—mooches off his sister, chases easy girls, and runs on pipe dreams that don’t pan out. When a high-stakes poker game puts body parts at risk, Tony is forced to work at his aunt’s senior home in the sticks. There the resilient residents, a tough new love, and his loser roommates help him bury his past, revive his talent, and launch a life-changing product with a killer name. - The dramatic comedy, Making Tony Over. showcases a young adult male lead, a multicultural cast, and layered female influencers.

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