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Charlie Gillette

Actor, Director, Producer
Business type: Digital, Post-Production, Production Company
Writer's Group works:
Echo Helix
SCREENPLAY (Action / Adventure / Coming of age / Drama / Teen / Teleplay (TV script) / Web series)

In an alternate present day America, nuclear fallout has decimated the population and left many of the survivors barren. As a result, the government has enacted the Bona Dea Project. The goal: to maintain the population and protect the limited survivors. In the city of Bethel all 18 years olds must undergo a biometric test to determine their destiny. Those who are fertile will remain inside the city to procreate. Those who are infertile will contribute to society by working in the outer Wards providing agricultural, industrial and military service to the City. When ELLE is mistakenly selected for military service, she expects a quick end to her life. During her first mission, she falls into the hands of a terrorist organization known as The Colony, but quickly learns that things aren’t what they seem. With the help of prodigious twins, LUX and ASTOR, she discovers a growing conflict that threatens to unravel her seemingly perfect society. Fed up with lies and oppression, the three combine their skills and hatch a devastating plan to wake the citizens to their authoritarian regime’s hidden and corrupt agenda. A dystopian thriller meets coming of age story layered over an ethereal narrative that grapples with the socio-political turmoil in modern America.

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