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Cecilia Copeland

Director, Producer, Writer
Writer, Director, Founding Artistic Director
Business type: Digital, TV Channels
Writer's Group works:
SCREENPLAY / TV MOVIE (Teleplay (TV script))

Log line:
In 5515, on a massive spaceship, a young woman and her older brother try to escape The Prophecy that tore apart their world by learning to harness their powers as students enrolled at TALATRICS the College of the Art in Science aka Magick.

On the first day of class RT manages to make a lot of enemies and perhaps a couple of friends while discovering that somebody has it in for her. On top of that, she needs to pick a study partner who she'll have for the next year, but it seems like the best partners are also the most dangerous.

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SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Teleplay (TV script))

Log line:
WOMG is GIRLS meets WKRP in Cincinnati. At City College on WOMGfm student radio, freshman Lena (all serious) and Allie (all sarcasm) are forced to team up to host a show together. Despite their instant dislike of one another, and the rules, their ratings couldn't be higher.

Allie Garfunkel and Lena Cruz get a notice that their old radio show time slot has been changed. When they show up along with their booth sidekicks Savone and Brad, all four of them realize they have to share the new hour. They disagree the whole way through, but the show is the most listened to ever in the history of the school. All of them get called into the Dean's office to field complaints about lewd content and they lose the show. As Garfunkel and Cruz are left to sadly contemplate life without a show, there appears to be a final hour save! THINX, the period panties and subject of the show they hosted, called the school and offered to be a sponsor for Garfunkel and Cruz. With a second chance ahead of them the girls agree to team up and give Cruz the Funk their best.

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