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Meghann Wu

Consultant, Television Executive, Writer
Co-founder & Owner
Multiplied Pictures
Business type: Internet, Production Company, TV Channels
Writer's Group works:
Wall Huggers

Log line:
A corporate drone finds unexpected grace and community, even among backstabbing colleagues, when she decides to face her fear of swimming.

This story is inspired by my down-and-out friend who decided to sign up for adult swim classes to fill her unemployed time. Her first description of the class was "there are no white people." Immediately I was drawn to the visual of a ragtag group of adults who are all struggling to learn how to swim at the local YMCA. Caroline is an up and coming media executive who first signs up to swim to cover up a lie to her boyfriend, catalyzed by an invitation to go on vacation with him. She is immediately thrown into a world that is the complete opposite of the blue shirts and white men she is typically surrounded by in the office. Her once stable work life is soon complicated by a conniving assistant whose jealousy and insecurity cannot be contained. She struggles to stay afloat in both arenas and finds redemption in pushing past her fears. Learning how to swim and understanding how to make a decision for herself.

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