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Valerie Peterson

Valerie Peterson
Writer's Group works:
The Jane Austen Syndrome
SCREENPLAY (Buddy / Family / Historical)

Log line:
If Jane Austen had gotten married, would she have written her novels?

When Professor Anne Eddington’s career is threatened, that’s the question that drives her to time-travel back to 1796 for answers. But, romantically disappointed herself, Anne’s profound sympathy for the young, love-struck writer compromises her academic objectivity, causes her to inadvertently encourage Jane’s engagement to the wrong man — and threatens to change the course literary history.

The Maid of Honor

Log line:
Being asked to be a member of the wedding party is a cherished distinction… But when she’s driven to the limits of her patience, how far will a dutiful Maid of Honor go to save herself?

Narrative comedic short (wrote and directed)

Reconciling Jimmy - Pilot: Cash Bar
SCREENPLAY (Suspense / Teleplay (TV script))

Log line:
A repressed good-girl accountant must reconcile what is good with what is right when she is compelled to walk (awkwardly) on the wild side in order to solve the cases her shady Private Investigator uncle left behind.

Pilot: Cash Bar - After her Uncle Jimmy's murder, Katie secretly defies her grandmother's wishes to keep out of his business, and uses her financial skills to help solve the killing of the Estelle, a local bookkeeper.

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