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Laura Edwards-Ray

Assistant Director, Sales, Writer
Brain Dead & Cooking, Inc.
Business type: Advertising, Nonprofit, Production Company
Writer's Group works:
Walking on Lily Pads - Based on a True Story, Unfortunately
BOOK / SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Drama)

Log line:
A young, naive Jewish woman marries and divorces a man with five children, realizing he's an abusive alcoholic too late, escapes with their two daughters and finds the love of her life at an urban record store.

A drama mixed in with hilarity, about a young, naive Jewish woman who falls quickly for her very handsome, very charismatic customer who has five children from his first marriage. Unfortunately, she has seen 'The Sound of Music' one too many times, thinking she would love his kids, they would love her and make their clothes out of drapes, and after a whirlwind romance, they get married. He quickly morphs into an abusive alcoholic who threatens suicide if she leaves him. Finally after having two daughters by him, she escapes with her kids, rebuilds her life, and finds true love at an urban record store.

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