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Debi Calabro

Business type: Labs, Museum, TV Channels
Writer's Group works:
Out of Brooklyn
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Family / Romance)

Log line:
An average Brooklyn family surprisingly inherits five million dollars - only to find out after they've spent it all that the money was given to them by mistake.

Out of Brooklyn is a comedy which could be described as Analyze This meets A Family Stone. This is a story about Tony Saccamento and his typical Brooklyn family. Tony, oldest son of Donato and Cookie is a firefighter, a job he’s wanted since he was a kid. He’s engaged to a beautiful Irish girl who's mother doesn't approve of him because he's not rich like she is Tony's parents, Donato and Cookie, own a restaurant in Brooklyn. Brother Frankie works with them. The restaurant’s not doing very well and they're in financial trouble. But even with all the stresses they're facing their love and support for each other is apparent. Then one day out of nowhere, they get this suitcase filled with $3M dollars cash. Allegedly some fifty years earlier the Grandfather and patriarch of the Saccamento family saved the life of a Mafia bosses baby. This Mafia family is now back rewarding the Grandfather for this great deed. So, without much thought or consequence the Saccamento family start to spend the money like a bunch of manics The money changes them. They're not this nice little Brooklyn family anymore. Donato and Cookie move down to Florida thinking it will be Utopia. They hate it but neither one wants to admit that until they almost kill each other. Younger son, Franky and his wife, move to a swanky neighborhood on Long Island and just don't fit in. But Tony really takes a turn for the worse. He starts acting like a complete idiot trying to impress his fiancee's mother and this good looking rich guy who has a thing for Tony's fiancee. He gets so impossible that his fiancee calls off the wedding. After a few weeks of spending insanity, the Mafia Don, who was the baby that was saved fifty years ago, finds out that the money went to the wrong person and wants it back, NOW. The Saccamentos don't have it all to give back so the mobsters, of course, have to kill someone and threaten the Grandfather's life. But right before the trigger is pulled they realize the building they're in is on fire and they have to jump out the third story window to safety. Everyone but the Mafia Don is okay with this. He fears only one thing, heights. He refuses to jump and holds a gun on Tony and his brother Franky telling them to go. Tony, being the brave firefighter that he truly is, winds up tricking the mobster and throws him out the window and he falls into a net firefighters are holding below. The Mafia Don quickly realizes if Tony didn't act quickly he would have burnt to a crisp. So he lets the family keep the money since, after all, now they really did save his life. Tony's fiancee, who was watching the burning building and Tony being Tony the firefighter that he is , falls in love all over again especially when he tells her he doesn't care about the money, he just wants her back. She forgives him, they get married leaving the wedding reception on the back of a firetruck.

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Life in the Fast
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Drama / Teleplay (TV script))

Log line:
A diverse group of New York racehorse fans intermittently cross paths causing unforeseen circumstances prompted by living life in the fast lane.

Life in the Fast Lane is a one hour TV pilot about three very different families who cross paths due to their involvement in the sport of horse racing. Though this is an ensemble show, it is lead by beloved, Sal Mancuso. Sal could have had it all. In high school, though not much of a scholar, he was a star athlete, especially in the sport of baseball. In his senior year he was being scouted by the Yankees but unfortunately was in a car accident, due to his own stupidity, which left him lame. Of course that was the end of his baseball career. After bouncing around from job to job he settled working as a cashier at Belmont Race Track. His daughter Jessie, a seventeen year old wild child, starts to like the track and gets an itch to handicap the races. Between this and the fact that she’s choosing to go to cosmetology over college is driving her mother Sonia crazy. Sonia is Sal’s ex-wife and she is blaming Sal for Jessie’s wild and insubordinate behavior. Sal blames it on the fact that Sonia is way to hard on Jessie which is causing their daughter to rebel. Sonia, daughter of Cuban immigrants, knows what it is like to be poor. When she married Sal she assumed, because of his charming ways, he would make it big someday. But when she realized this was never happening, she starts having an affair with a wealthy Long Island doctor and sees what it is like to really have money. Getting a taste of this, she divorces Sal and expects Jessie to go to college and get a great job and not be a poor slop like her dad. This causes tons of conflict between this already broken family. Our next little family is gay couple Michael and Ryan. Ryan, a music teacher, was recently laid off because the music program at the high school he was teaching at was scratch. He now tunes in daily to his favor sport, horse racing. He’s not a gambler but an admirer of the thoroughbred racehorse and is enamored by their beauty and grace. He would love to own a racehorse one day. This day comes when Michael, a real estate agent on Long Island, sells a multimillion dollar home and with some of the commission they plan to purchase a racehorse. While at the track Jessie, who was a student of Ryan’s, sees her ex-teacher there. Sal, Jessie, Ryan and Michael wind up having dinner at a swanky restaurant at the track after they all won a big stakes race thanks to Jessie’s handicapping pick. Ryan tells Sal and Jessie that him and Michael are planning to go to an auction to purchase a racehorse in a couple of days. Jessie insists on going with them since her passion for horse racing is growing leaps and bounds. Sal knows this is not such a good idea since Sonia would all but kill him if she knew about this. They wind up going without Sonia’s knowledge which is totally against the divorce agreement. Then we have mega wealthy couple James and Maria Pavese. They’ve known each other since high school and were married soon after graduation. James started a small business in his parents garage when he was fifteen making granola bars. By time he was nineteen he was a millionaire, by thirty, a billionaire. They have a string of the finest racehorses money can buy and everyone at the track knows and admires the wealthy couple. But things are not all happy in paradise. Maria, who was once a frumpy teenager, now a beauty due to the knife, is tired of being in her husbands shadows. She feels their wealth is as much her doing as it is his but she never seems to get the same recognition. There’s also a strong possibility that James is gay but prefers to stay in the closet. The only one that might know this is Maria. One day Maria runs into Sal at the track. It so happens they graduated together from the same high school. She notices him but it took him a few seconds to recognize her due to her overhaul. She gives him her number and they do eventually get together for dinner. The story takes a turn when Ryan and Michael are in the paddock one day watching their horse getting ready for the next race. Ryan, who is aware of the Paveses, sees them in the paddock. He insists on introducing himself and Michael to them. Michael’s gaydor immediately goes up and tells Ryan that James is gay. Ryan and Michael’s horse comes in second to the Pavese horse which is a pretty big feat since Pavese horses are the best money can buy and Ryan and Michael’s horse gave the Pavese horse a good run for its money. The next day when Ryan and Michael are visiting their horse at the stable they run into James. James asks Ryan if he’d like to help him pick out his next racehorse. Ryan is thrilled by this offer. Michael isn’t. He totally believes James is hitting on Ryan. In the meantime Sal and Maria are on their second date and wind up going to bed together. Jessie gets a job at an upscale hair salon which really puts Sonia over the edge. And now Sonia is starting to wonder whether or not her hotshot doctor will ever leave his wife for her.

The Immaculate Deception

Log line:
A comical-satire about the Christmas story told by the Arch Angel Gabriel who wants to set the record straight, or does he.

For hundreds of years Christians and maybe some Jews who want to keep their stores open for last minute shoppers, celebrate Christmas as a blessed event recognizing the birth of Jesus. Gabriel, on the other hand, has been harboring the truth and can’t take it anymore. He needs to fess up and let the world know what really happened before he explodes and feathers fly. What actually happened according to Gab, who was actually there so he should know, is that he was told to deliver a message to Elizabeth telling her she will be immaculately inseminated with the Son of God and then let her cousin Mary know she’ll be having John (Irving) the Baptist. But due to an accident with a large vase falling on his head, Gab got confused and reversed the messages. Now, long-in-the-tooth, holy roller Elizabeth believes she is conceived with the Baptist who will pave the way for Jesus, and Long Island Jewish type, not so virginal Mary will be the proud mother of the Son of God. We see Gabriel, along with his partner in crime Arch Angel Michael, relive the story the way it really happened witnessing, Gab’s accident, Mary’s big mouth, Joseph’s makeshift casino in back of his woodworking shop, three wise kings who really weren’t very wise, or kings and Herod who is more of an American Southerner then a Jewish King. The story unfolds with lots of twists and turns that were left out of the Bible which would leave one to believe that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. In the end when Gabriel is ready to spill his guts The Little Drummer boy stops him by delivering a speech, Linus from Charlie Brown style, convincing Gab that things are better left as is. So, Merry Christmas?

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