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Diana Amsterdam

Educator, Writer
Screenwriter, Playwright, Writing Coach
Diana Amsterdam
Writer's Group works:
The Other Woman
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Romance)

Log line:
A practical young woman who works as a stripper is offered a small
fortune to seduce another woman's husband

Shreveport Jones is 21 and she'd rather not be stripping, but she has to feed, clothe and care for 6 younger brothers and sisters. Shreve accepts a truly hard job: to seduce millionaire Nick Winslow-Waxler -- Shreve is hired by Lara, Nick's wife, who plots to divorce him on the grounds of adultery. Shreve tries her level best to get Nick into bed, but he's not having it - or her - until she reveals her vulnerable "other" side, and they fall in...that old rose-colored magic called love.

TV MOVIE (Comedy / Romance)

Log line:
(currently optioned, Big Fish Productions, UK, Eoin O'Callaghan & Wendy Finerman, Producers)Is it possible to have mad passionate sex with a truly attractive "other" for months on end without falling in love?

Chloe has been jilted at the altar, and she won't stand for that sitting down, so she decides to give up on love, but she can't seem to do without loving. So she chooses Mr. Wrong, a cocky construction guy from Brooklyn, and she seduces him and takes him to wild and wonderful places. But she's not falling in love, no, she's not, and he's not interested in commitment, so what is going to happen? When it slowly dawns on him first, then her, that someone who seems wrong for you can be totally right, and besides, you've got to keep having those sexy Thursdays.

Iken’s Perversion

Log line:
A famous white painter whose "signature" is that he has sex only with his paintings is confronted by a passionate young black woman who insists that he
look at how damaged he really is

Michael Iken is a totem of the New York art world - successful, in demand, mythic, and known as a notorious womanizer. But Iken has one little problem: he's impotent, except when he masturbates on his paintings. In one single intense night, in his loft, Iken is confronted by Omana Jones, a performance artist as damaged as he is. Iken gives up the secrets of childhood abuse that led to his impotence, as Omana insists that he realize that his blocking love is a way of
protecting himself from more harm.

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