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Donnaldson Brown

Attorney, Writer
Running B Productions, LLC
Writer's Group works:
Love in the Time of Prozac
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Drama / Romance)

Log line:
A 30-something documentary producer struggles to keep her life on track after the sudden death of her fiancé.

Emery Davis, a Midwestern documentary producer, lands in NY for the job of her dreams with a reigning media mogul, which comes complete with paparazzi at the door, bickering co-workers and a Dachshund named Zeus. Days later, her financé is killed. While juggling her grief, the maelstrom of NY, an eccentric staff, and the unintended side effects of the antidepressants she's encouraged to try, she almost misses entirely the sweet, tentative advances of a former war correspondent she hired who believes the loss he witnessed abroad left him
incapable of love...until he meets Emery.

The Foreseeable Future
TV MOVIE (Drama)

Log line:
(Based on the novel by Reynolds Price) (Attachments: Campbell Scott, Robin Wright Penn; Adrienne Weiss, dir.)A young father returning from World War II struggles to put the war behind him and resume his role as father and husband.

Sergeant Whit Wade returns from WWII, haunted by the violence and loss. When a visit to the uncle who raised him only increases his feelings of guilt, Whit leaves his Raleigh home. Amidst the desolate beauty of Carolina's Outer Banks, he meets several courageous, eccentric characters coping in their own way with the legacy of war, including a fatherless boy, a beautiful, lonely widow, and a vet with no family to return to. They help Whit in unexpected ways rediscover his lost self -- his humor, his charm and irreverence, his rage and tenderness. Will he make it home,
though, before he loses his family forever?

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