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Sona Robbins Cohen

Producer, Writer
Writer's Group works:
Going Home
SCREENPLAY (Drama / Romance)

Log line:
An octogenarian finds new life with a new love.

When Lillian's home in a scenic, historic NY State hotel is about to be razed, she is forced to move and leave a lifetime of memories, especially of her beloved, late husband and ballroom dancing partner. In denial, Lillian refuses to adjust to her new apartment nearby. All she wants is to go home, but when she does, she sees only rubble, a shock that jars her to accept reality and a budding
romance with a new dancing partner.

The Sofa

Log line:
A family heirloom reveals all about the eccentric and shady history of a New York family from the early 1900's to the present.

A battered, stained sofa has been in the same parlor of a New York City brownstone since 1912. On its last night before thrift shop pickup, Steve stuffs the sofa's crevices with its personal history of his off-beat family roots revealed through the unconventional events that took place on its cushions. The sofa's creative new owner uses this story to give it an exciting, updated identity with a global future.

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