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Marjorie Rosen

Critic, Journalist, Writer
Writer's Group works:
What Nigel Knew
BOOK (Comedy / Suspense)

Sarah Nightingale, a feisty, young Wellesley grad and movie lover, works as an assistant to the venomous movie critic Nigel Whitty. When Nigel is suddenly found strangled with an old-fashioned typewriter ribbon at the NY Film Festival, Sarah joins forces with cynical New York cop, Michael Connelly, to find Whitty's killer. Together, they investigate an egotistical and colorful assortment of movie types.

SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Suspense)

Log line:
An infamous, retired cat burglar teams up with a down-at-the-heels 30-something bombshell to perform one last, brilliant caper just to show that the old
guy still has what it takes.

Sam the Shadow is a dapper alter cocker who hasn't pulled off a job in years. Tanya is a frayed beautician with three unruly kids and a brute for a boy friend. They meet through the Miami personals and develop an Odd-Couple attraction. But sparks really fly when they plan the most impressive jewel heist in
Miami history.

The Sorrow of Leo Frank
TV MOVIE (Drama / Historical)

Log line:
Atlanta, 1915. The true saga of the only Jew who was ever murdered by a lynch mob.

When a little girl is murdered in an Atlanta pencil factory on Memorial Day weekend, Leo Frank, the Jewish factory manager, is falsely accused of the crime. His trial becomes a three-ring circus, selling newspapers while his conviction resurrects flagging careers. Neither expensive legal counsel nor information from the black community that an itinerant black night watchman actually confessed to the murder can save Frank. Convinced of Frank's innocence, Georgia Governor John Slaton commutes his death sentence, but an unruly mob carries Frank from his Marietta jail cell and hangs him.

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