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Susan Resnick

Director, Interpreter, Writer
Writer's Group works:
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Drama)

Log line:
When an eccentric, old woman teams up with an ambitious, young hairdresser to revive her failing hair salon, they learn a few new tricks from each
other about the business of life.

Former circus bareback rider, Elsa, entices Darlene into a partnership to revive her old fashioned, little hair salon on a street now filled with chic, modern buildings. They recruit some local "working girls" to staff the shop. Just as the little salon becomes a neighborhood attraction, it is threatened with demolition. As Elsa searches to find the deed to save her property, Darlene accompanies Elsa on her journey back to the world of her youth. With Darlene's help, Elsa confronts her past traumas and disappointments and finally accepts the love of a man who has courted her for five decades. In turn, Elsa's resourcefulness and caring opens Darlene's heart and mind to life's unexpected detours and a deep bond develops between them.

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BOOK (Romance)

After spending her whole life pleasing others, Amanda treats herself to a European trip and a facelift. She awakes in the Belgian clinic, imagining that her surgeon is in love with her. While visiting her ex-patriot cousin in Brussels, Amanda is swept up into a sophisticated and decadent world of artists and aristocrats. She witnesses a bizarre suicide in England. At a Belgian seaside resort, she meets a younger Frenchman and risks the security of her thirty-year marriage to pursue him. Is she becoming self-possessed or just possessed? Determined to make life more meaningful in her own imperfect way, she heads for the French Riviera to teach her unfaithful, young lover some of the new lessons she's learned.

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