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Shae Fontana

AKA: Shae Fontana
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services, Writer
Post Producer
Business type: Advertising, Post-Production, TV Channels
Writer's Group works:
If Wings Should Fail

Log line:
In a small town, three lives are about to get entangled. With a fine line between love and obsession, will they save or destroy each other?

The fading broadway star, Sam Collins, has just moved to Brooklyn to take care of his sick wife and their medical bills. Working as a community theater teacher he meets Eleanor and Tommy. Friends since they were kids, both are stuck in difficult situations. Eleanore gave up the chance of going to a prestigious college in order to take care of her grandfather and Tommy is stuck in an abusive home with a bad drug addiction. Both friends see Sam and his program as a way out of their lives and Brooklyn. As the trio gets closer lines become blurred. Lust and passion take over and not everyone will come out alive.

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Occupying Williamsburg

Log line:
After twin brothers inherit an apartment in Williamsburg and fall for the same girl , it'll take the whole complex to fix this family war!

Occupying Williamsburg is a screw ball comedy. Twin brothers, playboy Christian and book worm Jason have just inherited their grandmothers apartment and cat in Brooklyn. Despite their overbearing mothers protest they move to be closer to college. The apartment is that of a crazy cat lady and they soon find the tenants to be just as wacky. With personalities like Henry the Hippie and Vietnam Vince. They even have an elderly couple who loves to get kinky. It's like living in an insane asylum, except for Peggy, the prettiest hipster girl next door. Both brothers instantly fall in love with her. Soon all becomes fair in love and war. The question is will this battle destroy these two brothers?

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Log line:
Rebecca's family just moved into a old house, in a old town, with old secrets. She'll soon learn the things that go bump in the night also bite.

Rebecca has just moved to a small Long Island town with her mother and brother. She starts noticing immediately strange occurrences and starts finding creepy messages. Teaming up with her good looking next door neighbor she finds out the house was the stage for not one but two gruesome murders and most of the neighborhood is keeping secrets. When her brother Mikie goes missing it's a race to prove that the house has taken him before it's too late.

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