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Mara Lesemann

Producer, Writer
Owner and Manager
Surviving Family Productions, LLC
Business type: Financial Services
Writer's Group works:
About Us
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Drama)

Log line:
A newly-divorced woman relocates for her dream job, and travels south with her widowed dad, her mom's ashes in a coffee can, and a GPS with a mind of its own.

Jennifer Giraldi's husband has finally announced what everyone except her seems to know: he's gay. And he wants a divorce. Spurred on by her best friend - who thinks Jen's real problem is that she needs to get laid - she takes a new job in Florida. When she stops at her widowed dad's house before hitting the road, she finds that he is still hoarding his dead wife's ashes in a coffee can in the kitchen, 2 years after the successful author was killed in a car crash.

Jennifer impulsively invites her near-recluse dad to hit the road with her, and they set off on a road trip led by a GPS named Joe who has his own ideas as to where they should go.

Surviving Family
SCREENPLAY (Drama / Family)

Log line:
You can't escape the family tree

(produced screenplay)

Terry Malone is smart, beautiful, and about to marry a terrific guy. But life in her dysfunctional family - marred by alcoholism, mental illness, and suicide - has left her unprepared to build the happy life that she yearns for. A visit to her family home forces Terry to face the truth about her mother's death, her father's life, and the half sister she never knew she had.

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