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Jennifer Hahn

Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Bridgeseeker Productions LLC
Business type: Post-Production, Production Company, Production Equipment
Writer's Group works:
My Kingdom (Short Film)
SCREENPLAY (Adventure / Coming of age / Family)

Log line:
An independent, imaginative little girl is largely ignored by her family, and she disappears into her own world. When the family's lake house weekend becomes threatened, her imagination becomes the family's savior.

Maddy is a 6-7 year old city girl who lives in a world of curiosity, and remains impervious to society's conventional rules. She angers her parents by disregarding tradition, her older brothers treat her like she's nobody, yet Maddy stays cheerful living in her world of wonder. On a family vacation to their lake house, Maddy falls further into her "other" world, and as the family becomes threatened by burglars, she deals with the situation in her own way. The story presents themes of a female fighting for survival a man's world, and the need to encourage dreaming and wonder to thrive in a hardened world, and simply to have the freedom to be onself. The story is told from the child’s level, and no adult face is seen.

Searcher (TV Pilot/Feature)
SCREENPLAY (Action / Drama)

Log line:
In a dystopian future, while a young woman and her tech-savvy friends try to find out what happened to her kidnapped mother, they stumble upon the large story of what happened to Earth.

The Bridgeseekers (Webseries Pilot)
SCREENPLAY / TV MOVIE (Drama / Suspense / Teleplay (TV script) / Web series)

Log line:
A group of friends gather for a hometown reunion, when they suddenly find the entire town cut off from the rest of the world. Determined to find out why, the friends find they are not only cut off, but their town has disappeared from the world.

What if your town suddenly disappeared off the grid - literally? No phone, no internet, no way in or out and no one will tell you why. What would you do? The pilot episode of this 30 minute drama webseries introduces a 20-something group of friends who return to their hometown to welcome back one of their friends recently returned from his Army tour of duty. The town is suddenly thrust into martial law, the friends are arrested, but no one explains what’s going on. The town descends into panic, communication completely cut off from the outside. Sean, de facto leader of the group, concocts a plan to contact one of their friends outside the town to find out what’s going on.

The Show Goes On (Feature)
SCREENPLAY (Drama / Romance)

Log line:
After years of hiding from bad life experiences, bitter New Yorker Sara struggles from the bottom toward her dream of becoming a filmmaker. On a chance trip to Ireland, when both love and success are dropped right in her lap, success becomes priority and nearly kills her and her relationship. While also living her new life in front of a documentary lens, she has to decide what is truly important.

When jaded New Yorker Sara changes her career to become a filmmaker, her choices are weighed down by her past experiences. On a trip to Ireland for her best friend's wedding, she meets and falls for charming actor Brian, and also finds success with an Irish production company which picks up her TV pilot. When Sara is promoted to a US network as showrunner, and thrust in front of a behind-the-scenes documentary camera, her relationship with Brian is tested in this pond-crossing drama, as Sara has to decide what is more important: love or career. Partially presented as a pseudo-documentary within the film, the story emphasizes that true success will only come when you realize what is most important to you. Recent scorecard analysis summary about "The Show Goes On" from the Creative World Awards: "There is no doubt that The Show Goes On is a solid and thought-provoking script that deserves attention. This particular script is clearly the work of an experienced screenwriter who has a knowledge and love of the craft. The concept and premise is original and the narrative is engaging and thought-provoking. Solid dialogue and good action featured throughout makes for an engaging read. The tone of the work is edgy and fun, a somewhat rare thing these days. The work is appealing to a wide audience and certainly more than enough to hook the reader. Great job!"

little things (Short Film)
SCREENPLAY (Drama / Suspense)

Log line:
In this dark thriller, when rookie Detective Moses meets the mysterious Detective Garber, he is forced to investigate his new partner in order to save him from his personal demons, as well as solve a child kidnapping case.

The Drive (Short)
SCREENPLAY (Drama / Tragedy)

Log line:
(6 pgs) A little boy and his teen brother go on a pilgrimage from the Bronx to Brooklyn, while an upper east side woman is annoyed by her holiday toy drive obligations. When the little boy and the woman meet in a gypsy cab, they are confronted with the harsh reality of life in the city.

Scandinavian Rhapsody (Feature)
SCREENPLAY (Drama / Romance)

Log line:
When an American woman ends up in Sweden in search of her long lost father, she befriends a group of misfits, whose dysfunctional adventures lead her to question her motives.

Hill of Souls (short)
SCREENPLAY (Coming of age / Drama)

Log line:
A protestant, small-town little girl wishes to be a catholic priest, but learns one of life's hard lessons - that what you think you want isn't always what you truly believe.

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