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Autumn Tarleton

Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Writer
Producer, Writer
double wide media
Writer's Group works:
Drifted Asunder
SCREENPLAY (Comedy / Drama / Family)

Log line:
DRIFTED ASUNDER follows a sarcastic, disenchanted Brooklyn children's photographer who must return home to Florida to relieve her caregiver stepmother, watch over her dementia-afflicted father, and decide if she's running away from her life in New York City or finally stepping up to her familial responsibilities. DRIFTED ASUNDER is registered with the WGAe.

DRIFTED ASUNDER is registered with the WGAe. We meet April, a woman in her 30s, and Paul, her father in his 50s, on the dark front porch of a Florida mobile home. Paul begins to describe to his daughter that he’s fearful of her upcoming move. He can’t articulate it, but we see that it has scared April. A few years later, April agrees to a last minute school portrait assignment in Manhattan. We see a series of her mistakes – the photos that don’t work out. April struggles with a testy kid. She smokes a joint behind the school. Franklin, a kid of about 16, sulks around the corner and surprises her. Franklin is weary of April and they bicker. The two come to an understanding and April offers to tie Franklin’s necktie. April and her husband Harry get into a cyclical argument about semantics and old grudges while at their couples therapy session. When she awakes the next morning Harry is gone and she packs up her belongings and leaves. April arrives to her parents’ house and finds them fighting. Paul swings a garden tool at Carrie’s car as she tries to drive away. She yells out the window to April that he’s her responsibility now. April calms Paul down and they crack open some beers and talk. Hung over, April wakes up the next morning and suggests to her father that they go tubing but forgets to give him his medication. They pack up the car and head to the river where they float down a Floridian oasis. April unloads on her father, telling her about her failing marriage but her want to get pregnant and her unhappiness. She opens up knowing Paul may not remember it all tomorrow. On their way back to the house she stops at The Barn – Paul’s local saloon. Paul walks in and old biker buddies and their ladies alike enliven with his presence. Everyone comes to April and tells her how much her dad means to them and what a great guy he. April loses Paul in the woods behind the bar after he becomes inebriated and urinates on himself. She finds him in the brambles, shaken but not injured. That next morning she gets someone to watch her dad while she heads back to the bar to pay her tab. She has some more time to kill so she heads to an old friend’s pool hall in the college town she used to live in. She meets Dylan, a local professor, and they have a few drinks. Dylan offers to drive a now drunk April home and they walk through campus to his car, talking about Paul. April is feeling drawn to Dylan. Harry is at her dad’s home when April returns and he yells at her for leaving Paul with a neighbor and forgetting his medication. Harry and April rekindle for the night. She asks him to leave in the morning. April escorts her Dad to his appointments at the Veteran’s hospital. April drives to the university to see Dylan again. She drops in on him unexpectedly but he’s happy to see her. April, Paul, and Dylan take his sailboat out on the water. There is a scare when Paul falls and cuts open his shin. Then Paul dances up on the bow of the boat. Paul is still Paul, and it makes April laugh through her tears. Dylan drops off the family and tells April she should go see a Creek Indian who is a healer. April acquiesces. Carrie returns finally and April and Carrie start forming a foundation that will help them deal with the slow loss of Paul. The next morning, April rises early and starts her drive south, deeper into the wilds of Florida, continuing her search.

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