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Barbara Berney

Contact: Barbara Berney
Email: bberney1@gmail.com
Posted: Thu, 10/18/12
Documentary on Desegregation of Hospitals under Medicare
Seeks Intern

Barbara Berney has teamed with award winning director Charles Burnett and writer Anna Reid Jhirad to produce a documentary on the rapid and dramatic desegregation of hospitals under Medicare. The desegregation of American hospitals in preparation for the rollout of Medicare in 1966 was characterized by commitment at the top and passion all around. Medicare provided an opportunity for the federal government to use the President’s signature piece of legislation as a tool to desegregate hospitals by offering long term funding to every hospital that would agree to abide by the Civil Rights Act as written into the Department of Health Education and Welfare’s (HEW) non-discrimination regulations. HEW recruited a small army of inspectors and worked closely with the civil rights movement to insure that only hospitals that truly desegregated were certified to get Medicare funds. While the process appeared quiet and uneventful from afar, it was fraught with intrigue, personal acts of courage, remarkable on-the-ground data gathering, and a fierce bureaucratic commitment to achieving equity not matched in the federal government before or since. So far, we have interviewed 27 participants in these dramatic events. Now we need your help.

We seek interns to help with the following:
• Search for archival footage and photos
• Scan, Digitize and Log Photos
• Log photos and moving images we have already identified and/or shot
• Identify and find appropriate visuals by reading interviews
• Check interview transcripts for accuracy
• Research desegregation process especially looking for newspaper and TV coverage
• PA on additional shoots
WHEN: As soon as possible and over the next few months
Contact: Barbara Berney
Email: bberney1@gmail.com
Tel: 646 872 6335