New features implemented January 2008

  • New Frequently Asked Questions section
    This section is for members only. You'll find a link to it in the top menu under Member Center and on the Member Center page itself.

    NOTE: if you try to log in as a member you may get redirected to the site instead of back to the version of the site. To fake logging in as a member use the Log In As Member link on the Adminpages.
    • Use the Edit FAQs links in the BULLETIN BOARDS/FAQS section of the adminpages to create FAQs, Edit exiting FAQs.
    • Each FAQ can be categorized into one or more groups. You can create these groups, remove groups, and change the names of groups using the Edit FAQ Groups link.
    • When you are logged in as an administrator and you are viewing the FAQs you will see links Add an FAQ and Edit This FAQ at the top of the page. You can use these to manage your faqs as well. When you log out these links will dissapear.

  • Video
    Videos will be hosted and streamed from Google Video. Google allows you to set up an account for free and upload as much video as you like of any size and then play them on your own website! Create an account and get familiar with the process of uploading videos through Google. (

    • To add video links to your articles: 
      1. Upload your video clip to Google Video at
      2. Back on our website go to the Video Library from the Adminpages.
      3. Click the Add Video link and answer the questions about the video you uploaded to Google. Directions are on this page for how to find the information we need about the video.
      4. Submit the form and now the video should be listed in our Video Library. You can view and edit the video library from the Video Library link on Adminpages.
      5. Then when editing any article click on the Documents & Video link and choose one or more videos from the Video Library.
      6. Links to the videos will automatically appear in a new Related Videos section in the article.
      7. When readers click on the video link from an article the video will play in a NYWIFT customized window.
      8. If there are more than one videos attached to an article the videos will all be listed in the viewer that pops up as an index. This makes it easier for the person to view the other videos without having to go back and forth to the article each time.
    • If the article is bulk emailed the video liks will be included in the email.

  • Articles
    • You can now center text in the body of an article using the Center button on the button bar.
    • When there is more than one of the same URL in an article it will correctly convert them to links automatically. All links and email addresses in an article will automatically get converted to clickable links when the article is viewed.
    • You can enter a carriage return in the title of an article now and the Article Browse feature will still work. Although it is not advisable to use too many carriage returns in an article title.
    • Searching for an article should be easier in many instances with the new Article Picker pop-up window

  • Photo Gallery
    • The process of uploading images is slightly different. You will be able to upload many other types of images other than JPG and you will be given an edit screen after it is uploded where you can crop and adjust your image before it is finally uploaded. You can also choose to have larger images appear in the body of an article. This is helpful for large logos (like the GM one), and for other large images of invitations. However, on a regular basis you should stick to choosing the smallest picture whenever possible. The instructions should be clear as you try the new upload proceedure.
    • You can enter a description of each picture as it's uploaded. The description wil be shown next to the picture in the Photo Gallery.
    • The image description as well as the last caption used for that picture is now displayed in the photo gallery.
    • A search feature has been added to the Photo Gallery. Enter a search term and click the GO button. Aside from searching the captions of pictures and descriptions of pictures it will search the articles where pictures were used. In this way you are able to easily search for any picture already in the Photo Gallery without having to go back and enter descriptions for each one.

  • Invitations
    • You can now choose often used pictures from the Photo Gallery to use in the invitation.
    • Uploading images to invitations used the new method which will allow you to upload different image types and manipulate them before uploading.
    • The ability to choose the colors (Red or Black) for each section in an invitation has been added
    • The ability to choose font sizes (Small, Medium or Large) for each section in an invitation has been added

  • Attaching Documents to Articles  (Click on the Documents and Video link when editing an article)
    • A sorting number has been added to the Document Downloads section. The old version sorted documents in alpabetical order. Now if you enter a sort number for each document it will sort by that number first, then alphabetically.
    • The document library has been enhanced to allow for searching and sorting of documents.

  • Bulk Email
    • A Locate Article link has been added to the Bulk Email History screen to allow you to open the article that was emailed. NOTE, If the article had since been deleted it will not be found.
    • Document Downloads attached to articles will be included in bulk emailings as a link directly to the document.
    • Videos added to articles that are bulk emailed willbe included in the email as a link to the video.

  • Professional Associations Section (Resources Menu)
    This new section is for members only. It lists professional organizations and/or non-profits that might be of help to members. You can reach it under the Resources menu, or from the Member Center page.

    • To add/edit the listings click the Professional Associations link on the adminpages screen.

  • Members Work -- Podcasts and Blogs (Resources Menu)
    This new section allows members to list their podcast websites and their blog websites along with a description and details of the site. Members can enter their information by going to the Member Center and clicking on the Manage Your Featured Projects link.
    • On entering the Podcasts and Blogs page the most recent are listed.
    • Clicking on the View Full List link on the Podcast and Blogs page shows all the listings. The Blogs have further categories that the listings can be broken up into. Categories are only shown if there are actually blogs listed in them. To create more groups let me know and I will create them for you.
    • An email is sent to any itme an entryis updated in order to check for acceptable content.
    • Administrators can edit any of the entries by logging into the adminpages and logging in as a memebr. If you do not have a member account you can use the Log In As Member link on the adminpages. After logging in as an admin and as a member go to the Member's Work section (Resources Menu) and find the entry you want to edit. Click on the Edit Entry link. This link will only show up if you lare logged in as an administrator.

  • Crew Up!
    This section allows any visitor to search a listing of talent in New York or other cities specifying specific criterias thay are looking for. The process starts with the members adding their profiles to the Crew Up database. They can do this by clicking on the Edit your Crew up! profile link in the Member Center.
    • Members only have one profile per member
    • Once a profile is created it is immediately listed in the Crew Up listings. An email is sent to any time a profile is created or updated so it can e reviewd for acceptable content
    • Administrators can edit any profile by logging in as an administrator, then go to the Crew Up! section by clicking the link under Resources. Search for the profile in question and click on the "Edit Profile" link under the listing. Only administrators will see this link.
    • Let me know of any questions and occupations you need to add.
  • Statistics
    There is a new Statistics Reporting website that will be used from now on. This new version will help report on which articles are viewed more often within the past 7 or 30 days.

    Click on the "SmarterStats Statistics" link in adminpages. Then click on the "Favorites" section and choose your report. In the report you will see the Page Codes of the articles. For example, you may see ID=402 which means article number 402 is being referenced. To see which article this actually is, go to the url (or use whatever number is shown).