Sending a Bulk Email - Step by Step


  1. Overview
  2. How to create/change a mailing list by uploading from FileMaker Pro
  3. How to create an article to be used as the email
  4. How to add a link to an article on the website to your email/article
  5. How to send your article/email to an existing mailing list
  6. Viewing the current status of a mailing, or past mailings


Overview of creating a Bulk emailing
Bulk emailings are done by creating an article such as you would normally do, and then sending that article to a mailing list.

The mailing list comes from FileMaker Pro and is uploaded to the website and saved so that any number of bulk emails can be sent to the same mailing list. You can even store several mailing lists on the website for your mailings.



Creating and uploading mailing lists from FileMaker Pro
You can upload as many different mailing lists as you wish. Your bulk emailings can then be sent at once to one or more of these mailing lists. Any names that appear in more than one list selected will only receive one email. Follow these steps to create the mailing list in FileMaker Pro, save it on your computer, and upload it to the website.

  1. From FileMaker Pro do an export of names and details of the individuals you would like to include in your mailing list. Choose the following fields IN THIS ORDER, and choose to save it as a Tab Delimited file. Save the file on your computer somewhere you will remember.
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Membership ID
  2. Log into the NYWIFT Admin Page on the website and choose Manage Mailing Lists from the Bulk Emails menu.
  3. If you are creating a new mailing list then click on the New Mailing List link; otherwise if you are updating an existing mailing list click on the Edit/Update link next to the mailing list of your choice.
  4. In Step 1 of the Update Mailing List screen give your mailing list a descriptive name, or if you are updating a mailing list either leave it as it is, or change it as you wish.
  5. In Step 2 of the Update Mailing List screen click the Browse... button to locate the file you created for your mailing list on your computer.
  6. Click OK   (Depending on how large your list is this may take a while to upload)
  7. You will be brought back to the Mailing Lists screen where you can view the members of your mailing list by clicking on the mailing list name.


How to create an article to be used in a bulk emailing
Articles are used as the model for the email. The first thing to do is create an article the same as you would any other article, but in this case keep in mind it is going to be emailed. Follow these tips/steps when creating your article:

  • To create an article click the Write a New Article link on the Admin Page.
  • Give the article a title by clicking the Start Visual Editor button in the Article Title area. (Remember to click the "Save" button on the edit screen when you are done)
  • Enter the text of your email by clicking the Start Visual Editor button in the Body Text area. (Remember to click the "Save" button on the edit screen when you are done)
  • Add pictures to your article as you would to any article by clicking on the Photos link and adding from the Photo Gallery.
  • NOTE: The email will only show the Body Text, Title, and photos included in your article. It will not show any related events (as an article does at the bottom). it will also not show Related Links and create a Table Of Contents.
  • In most cases you will want to create a separate article for your bulk emails, however, you can if you wish email any existing article.
  • PREVIEW your email by clicking on the Preview Bulk Email link.
  • You will likely want to include links to the articles on the website. To do this follow the instructions below
  • When you are satisfied with the email follow the instructions below on sending it out.


Adding a link in the text of your article that points to another article on this website
What are Page Codes? - Page Codes are codes given to every article to refer to them easily. The Page Code for an article is shown on the screen when you are editing that article. Page codes can be words or just numbers.

  1. Type the following in your article body:   #InsideLink:
  2. Follow that by the Page Code of the article you want to point to. Click here for a list of Page Codes.
  3. Then close it by typing in another pound sign:  #
  4. Save and preview that it worked by clicking the Preview Bulk Email link. If it didn't work go back and make sure it exactly follows the style shown below with the pound signs "#" on both ends, and verify that your Page Code is correct.

 Visit our Calendar of Events: #InsideLink:CALENDAR#

You will get the following in your article: "Visit our Calendar of Events: Upcoming Events"
"Upcoming Events" is the text used for the link because that is the current Article Title for the CALENDAR Page.


Sending your email/article to an existing mailing list
If you are satisfied with how your email looks by previewing it with the Preview Bulk Email link you are ready to send it. Follow these steps:
  1. Find the article you would like to send and edit it
  2. From the "Edit Article" screen click the Send as Bulk Email link
  3. In Step 1, choose one or more mailing lists that this should be sent to.
  4. In Step 2, give your email a subject line and a return email address. The return email address will receive any replys to the email as well as all of the un deliverables caused by incorrect email addresses. This email may receive many messages due to undeliverables. For this reason the default is set to be This can be changed, but you may not want to use your own email address.
  5. In Step 3, enter an email address where you would like to have a test email sent.
  6. Click the TEST>> button. An email will be sent to the test email address, and NOT sent to the entire mailing list yet. You will be brought to Step 4 and it will indicate who received the test email.
  7. Wait to receive the test email in your inbox. Look it over and make sure it is what you want. If you need to make changes to it you can click on the Return to Article link at any time to go back and make changes.
  8. In Step 4, we ask you to verify that the mailing lists chosen are correct. To change the mailing lists you have selected click the << Back button.
  9. In Step 5, asks you where you would like the completion notice sent, this defaults to the email address given for the test email.

    Depending on how large your bulk emailing is it could take a while before the entire mailing is sent. When the last email in finally sent a completion notice will be emailed to this email address stating that the email has completed and indicating any problems that might have occurred in the process.
  10. When you are satisfied with everything indicated on this page click the Send! button and the physical process of sending the emails will begin.
  11. You will be brought to the Bulk Mailing History screen where you can view the history and progress of your mailings. Your current mailing will have a status of In Progress until it is done. You do not have to stay in this screen, or even leave your browser open. The mailing will go on behind the scenes and the Completion Notice will be sent when it is done.

Viewing the current status of a mailing or the past history of mailings
You can view the details of past mailings by logging into the Admin Page and clicking the Bulk Mailing History link in the Bulk Emails section. If there is a mailing in progress it will be indicated with a Status of "In Progress".