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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Nella Conderlli's The Shameful Story

NYWIFT member Nella Condorelli is crowdfunding for her film The Shameful Story, movie about the mass migration to America in the early 1900s told through a return journey of today. Based on true stories and new unpublished movie pictures, La Storia Vergognosa - The Shameful Story is a movie about the great Italian emigration in early 20th century to America, the largest European mass migration of that time. The story is narrated by a group of street artists that crosses the travel path of a young lady, descended from a Sicilian family that emigrated to America, driven by a strong desire to go back her mother country and discover her family roots.

Fiorella, a fourth-generation descendant of Sicilian immigrants and renowned model in the high-fashion world, returns to Sicily to learn about the land from which her great-grandparents emigrated to discover the reasons they were forced to leave, along with millions of Italians, for an unknown continent. By chance, she will encounter an almost magical theater and a crew of street artists preparing a show about the Italian Mass Migration in the early 20th century, inspired by letters, photos and fragments of pictures. The emerging cinema of the time starts to deliver the story, taken from a secret diary of a young and aspiring journalist, an immigrant himself. By following these artists through their journey between the past and present, Fiorella will learn about the most censored details of the great exodus that Italy prefers to forget.

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The deadline to donate is March 15.


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Nella is a well-known documentary director in Italy and Europe. She is a Sicilian who has dedicated years of her life to social and historical documentary film, and the narration of the "Invisible History"- the migration of peoples, specifically women. In 2010 she founded the independent film production company Factory Film, with the goals of supporting the production of documentaries, following the national school of historical documentation, and ethnic anthropology. With her latest documentary film, "1893. The Investigation" (1893. L’inchiesta), based on the articles of the Venetian journalist Adolfo Rossi, she presented for the first time the movement of the Sicilian Workers' Fasci, an a peasant and popular movement (Sicily, 1891-1894) considered by international historians as the most important European social movement of the 20th century. "1893. L’inchiesta" has been successfully presented at the International Venice Film Festival in 2015. Before devoting herself to directing, Nella worked for many years as an independent reporter. She is a National Journalist Award winner and recipient of the Great Communicators Award prize for innovation in narrative languages. Nella lives and works in a small town on the slopes of Etna with three cats, from where she started to film and present her films in the world.

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