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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Your Opportunity to Film in an Infinity Green Screen Studio

NYWIFT member Carol Dorn, owner of GloPaul Media, is offering investment opportunities and advanced bookings for a new infinity green screen studio being built just 60 miles from midtown Manhattan. This campus will offer the following:

  • A studio with 22’ high clearance, unobstructed views measuring at 20’ x 22’
  • 4k live streaming
  • A second, smaller green screen studio with 10’ clearance that can serve as a playback & screening room
  • Another rehearsal/classroom studio measuring 15’ x 20’ with 9-11’ clearance
  • A hair/make-up/wardrobe room with two stations
  • A kitchen for craft services
  • An avid editing studio

In addition to providing all these services to established professionals there will be a series of 8-week long classes in acting for the camera, directing, screenwriting and a fourth for youth that encompasses all three disciplines. Through the process the 3 groups will converge to produce their 10-15 minute shorts with FULL CGI effects produced by an area technical school. Even if you are an experienced person you could produce your own short with F/X for only $600 (the cost of the class), which could qualify for festivals and possible development deals.

The total needed for the entire project is only $600K. 46 weeks of rental at the introductory rate would pay for more than half the budget and she is offering the 7th day free on any week-long bookings.

Carol created a short 5-question Survey Monkey, which she is also asking NYWIFT members to take.

From this current survey there are already 16 film makers interested in booking time. So, if these film makers each booked 3 weeks this would fill half the budget and they would get their 4th week of filming for free! The investors will make a 15% return on investment.

Check out the business plan

In order for this offer to go through at least two thirds of the budget ($400K) needs to be raised by December 15th.

Carol writes: "The new trend in filming is green screen. The new direction of short films is virtual reality. The demand for this style is already growing significantly. And in light of the huge success of Wonder Woman the hunt for more storylines and skilled women directors will most likely be on the rise. This studio will easily function for sizzle reels and virtual reality based projects. This is an exciting time to be part of establishing a new wave in production!"

Watch her promo video.

From Carol: “This fund raiser will help my business go from one-woman band to full functioning professional studio with new jobs for more people, training and classes. The need to raise these initial funds is crucial to the rest of the budget needed which totals $600,000. The deadline is immediate! These funds will go towards inspections, closing costs and legal fees.(Your help will also show the larger investors the great support for investing in this business!)

Book your studio time to support this project and ensure other women have the opportunity to take advantage of the space!

Donate via IFundWomen.

Join the conversation on Twitter: #nywift | @nywift

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