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"Home" by Dawn Scibilia
NYWIFT Members at Movies4movies Film Festival: Short Films by Women

Movies4movies Film Festival is back August 19th! Movies4movies is held in Dobbs Ferry, NY, just a short ride up the Hudson via Metro North. The festival is run by NYWIFT member Natalie Sena Murray. This installment of movies4movies celebrates women: 48% of this festival's entries were from female filmmakers and there is a special category celebrating short films by women.

Films by NYWIFT members Bethany Jacobson, Marta Renzi and Dawn Scibilia are official selections.

Admission to all programs is FREE!

Schedule and more information can be found at movies4movies.com.

Featuring: Plow Plant Reap by Marta Renzi (winner of movies4movies best local film award): An all-female community comes together, joins in a baptism and a roundelay, all against a majestic landscape of rolling farmland. Arriving and leaving like sun and shadow, Plant Plow Reap celebrates the joy and order that culminate in harvest.

In Hotel Bleu by Bethany Jacobson Jackie Sands, a washed-up comedian, finds refuge at Hotel Bleu, where she rediscovers her passion as a singer, and realizes that aging isn't such a tragedy as long as she can sing the blues.

And Home by Dawn Scibilia (winner of movies4movies best feature documentary award): Young Dubliner Alan Cooke reflects on recently immigrating to New York City. Exploring such universal themes as nostalgia, the journey and the concept of home, the film includes interviews with immigrants, native New Yorkers, and a host of prominent New Yorkers.


Each block will be followed by a short Q&A session with the filmmakers.

10:30am Doors Open 

11 am Student Documentaries
Black and White Filtered Rainbows
The Sculpto
(Vanlife): Dirtbagging in Joshua Tree National Park
Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: How Did I End Up in Prison?

Noon Feature Documentary
Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: Chill, Teal Soldiers, The Circus According to Cecil, Connections, Mononykus crest

2pm Short Documentaries
The Sons of Mapes
Concrete and Crashpads: Stunts in New York
Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: Borsch

3pm Student Short Films
Matter of Time

Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: My First Love, Light Study, Study Buddy

4pm Comedy Short Films
Kat Vs. Alison
My Head
Blackwell Summer Mysteries
The Vibe Detector

Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: Happy Places, The Chronology Protection Case, Literal, Spit

5pm Feature Film
Long Island Love Story
Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: HH, Window Dressing, Awake, Regulate, CTRL ALT DEL

7pm Women’s Stories Part 1
Plow Plant Reap

Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: Bryant’s ode, TORMENTS OF LOVE, Mwah

8pm Women’s Stories Part 2
Riding with Sunshine
[The Bracket Theory]
Hotel Bleu

Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: Morning After, Hoods, Mirror, Bathroom Ballads

9:30pm Noir Short Films
Chump Change

Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: Health Nut

10:30pm SciFi/Horror Short Films
The Audition

Featuring Trailer(s) from Finalists: Posi-Traction

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New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and New York State Council on the Arts