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Own Your Voice, Own Your Self   

Our fears keep us from being and having all we see for our self.

Voiceworks is designed to offer a system that breaks barriers with new techniques that produce and sustain the vital sound of the human voice.

Most breathe just enough to stay alive: Faced with conflict, anxiety, obsessive thinking or angst, we stop breathing and impulsively or compulsively react or avoid responding. To hold back your breath holds back your feelings and holds back your voice. How can you possibly be in the moment?

Physical exercises and traditional vocal exercises release the tension that strangulate the voice while developing relaxation, proper breathing, breath control and range. The clarity and beauty of words and mastery of language is worked through diction and poetry.

During this workshop:
  • Learn to breathe fully and deeply     
  • Work with the cutting edge techniques: Body Work (release tension), Breathing Exercises and Visualization
  • Find out about vocalization and language
Because there are many physical exercises and because the voice might open the emotional life, there might be some emotional release with the work. The work is carefully monitored.

Lynn Singer
has given workshops in the U.S. and Europe. Singer’s intuition is her genius. She is able to quickly identity blocks, inhibitions and the habits that limit  the voice. Her training incorporates bodywork (bioenergetics, yoga, feldenkrais), emotion memory exercises, visualization and poetry. Voiceworks awakens the vocal power and intuitive sense of language through investigation of breath, sounds and text. Singer's current and past and students include Adrian Grainier (Entourage), Chris Riggi (Gossip Girl), Jennifer Westerfeldt (Friends with Kids), and Emmy Award winners Maia Danzinger and Kevin Cusick. Among her many projects, Singer helped prepare Clara Mora for Carmen’s Sisters on Broadway and Linda Eder for a reading of Camille Claudel
Produced by Lynn Singer.

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