Stag Party

by Sami Bass

HARP (cont’d)
Jamie... I’m sorry. I didn’t know
you were so upset. I was just
playing around! Shhh... Don’t cry.
It was a joke.

Harp keeps stroking her hair and starts wiping tears from
her face with his thumb.

Why are you doing this?


Why are you doing this to me? You
don’t think knowing you’re getting
married is difficult enough for me
as it is? This isn’t funny anymore!

Harp searches her face trying to make eye contact with her,
but Jamie keeps looking through him to the ceiling.

I’m sorry. I don’t know. I love
you. I got scared I’d never be with
you again.

Please stop... please, please stop.

Harp jumps up, out of the closet, and stands at the edge of
the bed looking down on Jamie. She wipes the tears from her
face as she continues to weep taking deep sighs of
frustration every few moments.

Harp is unsure of what to do... Finally he stretches out his
hand to help her up. She doesn’t take it, but sits up
slightly on her own.

Harp tries again, this time making a grand gesture, bowing
with one hand behind his back and rolling his other hand
out, as if inviting her to waltz with him. Jamie laughs a
little and this time accepts his hand. Harp jolts her up
with a strong yank, the force pushing her right up against
him. He then gently guides her out of the closet to the open
space in the bedroom, guiding her head with his hand to rest
against his chest and wrapping his other arm around her,
slowly swaying, as if to music. With his free hand he
strokes her hair, kisses her on the head, then rests his
head atop hers. After a few moments Jamie relaxes curling
her arms in and adjusting her head to find a more
comfortable resting spot. They sway in silence for a minute.
Jamie silently tears up.

I remember when you used to have
really bad days. You used to sit in
the bathtub until I got home. I
would turn some music on to get you
out of the bathroom, then dance
with you until you wanted to talk
about it.

I miss that.

Me too. I miss being able to make
it all better.

Jamie smiles a little. Harp kisses her on the head again.

HARP (cont’d)
But then I started being a reason
you were upset in the first place.
And I didn’t know how to make that

Harp begins to cry. Jamie looks up at him.

It’s because there wasn’t anything
to make better. Things just weren’t

I know. No matter how hard I tried-

No matter how hard either of us
tried... Harp... You didn’t do
anything wrong. We just...

Jamie swallows tears.

JAMIE (cont’d)
We just weren’t.

Harp’s eyes meet Jamie’s.

Just weren’t.

The two of them have stopped swaying. They’re now standing
in silence. Jamie shrugs. Harp holds Jamie by the shoulders,
an attempt to physically hold her focus. Jamie takes Harp’s
hands off her shoulders and holds them in hers, yet takes a
step back, looking at him even more seriously, reading his face.

Writer's excerpt courtesy NYWIFT (NYWIFT.ORG)