by Jaclyn Powell

EXT. ROOM 1705 - DAY

ANN, in her late 30’s, early 40's, waits outside a quaint
restaurant/bar beside the picture window. She is dressed to

Her back is to the window. She looks both ways down the
street, looks at her watch, then looks at the screen of her

She turns to face the window and uses her reflection to
adjust her hair.

She tries to look casual, sighs and adjusts her posture.
Anxious, she goes into the restaurant.


Ann gestures to the WAITER for the table by the window. She
shows him two fingers, and sits in the chair facing the door

The Waiter comes over and puts down two menus and two water
glasses and walks away.

Ann puts her phone on the table on her left side.

As she takes off her coat, she knocks her gloves to the floor
and does not notice.

She looks at the screen of the phone again, nothing.

MAN No. 1, ROBERT, walks in and takes a seat against the
wall, which faces Ann and the window.

Ann sees Robert and looks at her phone


A picture of a man with brown hair

She looks at the man for comparison. It's not him. She puts
the phone down on her right, where her gloves were.

MAN No. 2, the DATE, stands outside the restaurant, almost at
Ann’s shoulder, but just out of her eyesight as she looks at
the menu.

The Date looks at Ann, then at his phone. He looks at Ann
again, looks at his phone. He shakes his head: “no way”. He
makes a wide swing around as he turns to walk away.

As the Date turns, Ann turns in her chair and catches sight
of him turning away.

Their eyes meet and Ann intuitively knows that he’s supposed
to be her date.

Ann’s hand goes up as though to stop the Date from
leaving. She turns back in her chair.

Ann catches her breath and sits upright. Hurt, crushed, her
posture crumbles.

Robert has been watching Ann with interest since he sat down.
He sees what took place outside the window and realizes Ann
has just been stood up.

Robert gets up and walks over to Ann. He picks up and hands
her her gloves. Robert gestures to the empty seat.

Ann nods her head. She slips the phone off the table and onto
her lap.

Ann smiles, lifting her frame as she invites Robert to sit.

Robert gestures and the waiter comes over with two glasses of

Robert and Ann smile shyly as they tap their glasses in a

Writer's excerpt courtesy NYWIFT (NYWIFT.ORG)